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online laser printers

online laser printers



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Printers n plotters Printers n plotters Presentation Transcript

  • 11PrintersThe Printer Depot
  • 22What is a printer?An external hardware device responsible fortaking computer data and generating ahard copy of that data. Printers are one ofthe most commonly used peripherals andthey print text and still images on thepaper.
  • 33““ImpactImpact PrinterPrinter”” These printers have amechanism thattouches the paper tocreate an image.These printers workby banging a printhead containing anumber of metal pinswhich strike an inkedribbon placed betweenthe print head and thepaper.
  • 44““Non-Impact Printers”Non-Impact Printers” These printers createan image on the printmedium without the useof force. They don’ttouch the paper whilecreating an image.Non-impact printersare much quieter thanimpact printers as theydon’t strike the paper.
  • 55““Dot Matrix PrinterDot Matrix Printer ”” The term dot matrixrefers to the process ofplacing dots to form animage. Its speed is usually 30 to550 characters persecond (cps). This is the cheapest andthe most noisy printerand has a low printquality. Dot Matrix were1stintroduced byCentronics in 1970.
  • 66““Advantages/Dis-advatages ofDot-Matrix” Advantages: (1) In-expensive. (2) Low per page cost. (3) Energy efficient. Dis-advantages: (1) Noisy (2) Low resolution (3) Limited fonts flexibility (4) Poor quality graphics output.
  • 7“Ink-Jet Printer” It is a non-impact printerproducing a high qualityprint. A standard Inkjetprinter has a resolutionof 300dpi. Newer modelshave further improveddpi. Inkjet printers wereintroduced in the laterhalf of 1980s and arevery popular owing totheir extra-ordinaryperformance.
  • 8Advantages/ Dis-advantages Advantages: (1) High resolution output. (2) Energy efficient. (3) Many options to select. Dis-advantages: (1) Expensive. (2) Special paper required for higherresolution output. (3) Time consuming in case of graphicsprinting.
  • 9Thermal Printer Thermal printers are in-expensive printersmostly used in faxmachines. The Thermalprinters are furtherclassified into two types. (1) Electro thermalprinters: (2) Thermal Waxprinters:
  • 10“Laser Printer” Laser printers use very advanced technologyand produce a high quality output. Laser printerscan also produce high quality graphics images. Resolution is 600 to 1200dpi.
  • 11How Laser printer Works? (1) Paper is fed and the drum rotates. (2) A laser beam conveys information from thecomputer to a rotating mirror and thus an imageis created on the drum. (3)The charges on the drum are ionized and thetoner sticks to the drum. (4)Toner is transferred from drum to paper. (5)Heat is applied to fuse the toner on the paper.
  • 12“Multi-function printer” A multi function printerabbreviated as MFP is anall purpose device thatprints, faxes, copies andscans. A single multifunction printer canreplace several bulkydevices. A multi functionprinter is also known asAIO. These printers useinkjet technology andprovide high quality printbut at slow speed.