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  • Portal/Table of Contents
  • Navigation Slide (Click on the colored window to navigate through different sections)
  • MY DIGITAL LIFE CONCEPT (Detail slide for each icon to follow)
  • Slide 5 – Make yourself irresistibleIdentify Suppliers - colleagues, Corbin Ball, Eventstechnologyindex.orgDevelop an RFPOrganisation background, and existing solutionsList functionality and prioritiseSupport & servicesTechnical platform, industry standards, & securityPricingReferencesFinancials, no of employees
  • Abu Dhabi provides easy access to 2.8 Billion consumers in three regions….
  • 800 Million People in Europe … 1.6 Billion in Asia … And 400 Million in the Middle East and North Africa All within four time zones … where overlapping operating hours facilitate international transactions and encourage business growth
  • With access to 400 million consumers, 40 Million of whom are in the GCC alone… Abu Dhabi is in a prime location within the MENA region too.
  • 00000004
  • 00040011
  • 00110444
  • 04446624
  • 662424/7
  • On Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai, Byrne powers over 38 billboards with an annual vehicle audience of 127,750,000 (350,000 per day)
  • 24/724Byrne Sweeper contracts sweep a total of 245,000 km per year.. or could travel the circumference of the Earth.Total distance travelled annually by Byrne Sweepers - Equivalent to travel the circumference of Earth.
  • 255 megawattsPower generated by Byrne generatorsEnough to power up 77000 homes in UK
  • 16.5m lumens of lightGenerated by Byrne lighting towersEnough to light 10 football fields
  • 129,000 CFMProduced by byrneCan fill 2000 hot air balloons


  • 1. BEFORE & AFTER Presentology
  • 2. Mirage Promotions – Our services • Event Creation Mirage Promotions creates, promotes and manages its own events • Event Management Mirage Promotions professionally manages 3rd party events • Talent Booking Mirage Promotions sources talents for 3rd party events (one-off events, festivals, Corporate, private appearances) in the field of entertainment, theatre, sports and media • Artist Management and Representation Mirage Promotions exclusively represents all Music World Entertainment in Russia, Greece, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Qa tar and all other Middle East territories. The roster includes Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and more…. • Sponsorship Consulting We can help sponsors to maximize their impact of their sponsorship by consulting and developing tools and communication campaigns We also consult brands in long-term approach to penetrate the entertainment world by brokering endorsement deals with international artists • Venue Management Mirage Promotions is looking for venue management and event-bookings at existing and new venues in the region. MP is in discussions with international venue operators to provide the region with turnkey solutions to venue management and long-term booking commitments
  • 3. Event Event Management Artist Representation Sponsorship Venue Management Our Services Organisation Structure Talent Booking
  • 4. Mattar Al Tayer Vision Trust & Team Work Influence Technical Management Right Decisions at Right Time Momentum & Follow-up Attitude Leadership in the Dubai Metro
  • 5. Leadership in the Dubai Metro influence trust & teamwork vision momentum & follow up attitude right decisions at right time technical management
  • 6. Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) Establishment ADPC was established in 2006 by Abu Dhabi Government Emiri Decree to: Own, operate, maintain, manage and develop all port related facilities in Abu Dhabi (excluding Oil & Gas and military) Develop, manage and operate industrial, commercial & services zones Vision "To be the preferred provider of world-class integrated ports and industrial zone services." Mission Fulfill ADPC’s role into realization of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 Develop and maintain long-term relationships with leading local and international customers Achieve sustainable development while supporting community needs and preserving local values Increase shareholders value and satisfy other stakeholders’ expectations Be the employer of choice that attracts and retains high caliber staff
  • 7. Establishment ADPC was established in 2006 by Abu Dhabi Government Emiri Decree to: Own, operate, maintain, manage and develop all port related facilities in Abu Dhabi (excluding Oil & Gas and military) Develop, manage and operate industrial, commercial & services zones
  • 8. Vision To be the preferred provider of world-class integrated ports and industrial zone services
  • 10. Table of Contents • Investment Thesis • Financials • Shareholders • The Investment
  • 11. Investment Thesis The investment Financials ShareholdersCase Study anayou21st century digitalArabia
  • 12. Sharjah Tourism Presentation Sections • Business • Education • Heritage • East Coast • Leisure • SCTDA
  • 13. Projected Cargo Growth – Dubai 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 2002 2009 2015 Total Growth EK Growth DNATA Growth
  • 14. Source: DWC Total Growth EK Growth DNATA Growth Tones (Million) 2002 2009 2015 0,84 2,09 0,49 1,49 3,00 0,35 0,75 1,03 4,03 Projected Cargo Growth – Dubai
  • 15. MORE ANIMATIONS Presentology
  • 16. broadband connectivity government broadcasting
  • 17. broadband connectivity government broadcasting
  • 18. who we are Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC (Yahsat) is a private joint stock company fully owned by Mubadala, the investment arm of the Government of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Pioneering initiatives for progress
  • 19. Anayou is about your digital life.. 23
  • 20. Sync and Vault 24 Digital Vault Sync Anayou secures your Contacts and SMSs
  • 21. INTEGRATED SERVICES Many different skill sets are required to successfully deliver a major project, ranging from project managers, structural engineers, finance, construction, sales, mar keting and customer relations, leasing, infrastructure services – to mention just a few. Brookfield Multiplex is uniquely placed as an international contractor, who offers internal expertise, encompassing the full project life cycle. Concentrating the necessary expertise under one roof streamlines the delivery process and optimises efficiencies for our clients. ONE COMPANY ONE SOLUTION CREATE, BUILD AND MANAGE - A COMPLETE COMMITMENT
  • 22. Make yourself irresistible Identify suppliers • Colleagues, • CorbinBall, • Develop an RFP • Organisation background,and existing solutions • List functionality and prioritise • Support& services • Technical platform,industry standards,& security • Pricing • References • Financials,no of employees
  • 23. an ADPC company 27Abu Dhabi an ADPC company AbuDhabi U.A.E -2 -1 0 +1 +2-4 -3 +3 +4 4.8 Billion customers within four time Zones
  • 24. an ADPC company Abu Dhabi kizad.coman ADPC company
  • 25. an ADPC company Abu Dhabi kizad.coman ADPC company
  • 26. tadreeb
  • 27. Disciplines digital media animation gaming journalism digital media PR & communication radio television broadcasting
  • 28. INFOGRAPHICS Presentology
  • 29. 012340 Countries00 33
  • 30. 0 Offices45678901100 34
  • 31. Workforce123456789012341234012340 35
  • 32. Units of Equipment42345678901234456789012456456789012340123456 56 36
  • 33. Switched ON4567 23456789/6789012 678901234 37
  • 34. 38 per day01234567890012345678900123456789001234501234012 Who Why What Where Byrne powers over 38 billboards (annual vehicle audience 127,750,000) Vehicle audience on Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai
  • 35. km / year 39 01234567890012345678900123456789001234501234012 Who Why What Where Total distance travelled annually by Byrne sweepers Equivalent to travel the circumference of earth 50 times
  • 36. megawatts 40 567890123455678901234523456789012000 Who Why What Where Power generated by Byrne generators Enough to power up 77,000 homes in UK
  • 37. 41 Lumens of light generated by Byrne light towers million 567890123450123456789.7789012345667890100 Who Why What Where Enough to light 10 football fields
  • 38. 42 Who Why What Where CFMofcompressedair 01234567890012345678900123456789045678901201 Can fill 2000 hot air balloons everyday Produced by Byrne air compressors