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Eric Lawrence frazier

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the power is now Media powerpoint v1.3

  1. 1. | Info@ThePowerIsNow.comStay Connected!
  2. 2. The Power is Now is the premiere venue to educate and inspire real estateprofessionals nationwide to pursue excellence in their profession by providing accessto leaders in the real estate industry that will enable them to act NOW.About the Power is Now Radio ShowThe Power Is Now Radio and was created to empower and educate real estateprofessionals in Orange County California but the news about it soon spread all overthe country. The Radio Talk Show is supported by National and State real estateassociations in addition to National and State minority real estate trade associationsthroughout the United States.The Power Is Now Radio is accessed online and by telephone and can accommodateup to 1000 live participants each week. The number of actual participants dependson the guest speaker and subject matter that day. The Power Is Now talk showconducted its first teleconference on August 20, 2009 with the purpose to be aresource for real estate agents who are trying to go to the next level. The Power IsNow Radio has achieved a milestone in recording its 125th talk show on April 27,2012.Guests on The Power Is Now Radio include real estate industry leaders, local andnational government agencies and politicians, CPA’s, Attorney’s, Marketing experts,Economist’s, all three Minority Trade Associations, National and State Associationsand more. Each talk show is recorded and available for replay and
  3. 3. How do Listeners find The Power Is Now Online RadioShow?Twice a week promotional flyers are emailed to over one millionagents and to real estate trade associations nationwide who haveendorsed the Power Is Now. These same promotional flyers areplaced on FACEBOOK, Twitter, LinkedIn and other socialnetworking sites. In addition, press releases are sent out everyweek to major newspapers nationwide promoting the speaker ofthe week.Membership in The Power Is Now Network is free and willalways be free. All real estate agents and consumers can listen tolive talk shows every week with industry leaders and experts.The Power Is Now Online Radio site with Blog Talk Radiolaunched April 14, 2011. The Power Is Now TV launched April25th, 2012. We are now able to conduct live an pre-recordedvideo interviews with industry leaders and experts. Our first livesession will be at the Region XV Conference June 14 and 15.
  4. 4. Proposal for NAREB and the Power Is Now RadioThe National Association of Real Estate Brokers is fullyendorsed and embrace by the Power Is Now. The Host EricFrazier is the President of the Orange County Realtist achapter of the NAREB and currently uses the Power Is Nowto promote all conferences, events, and meetings in both theLocal, State and National level.The Power Is Now conducts most of it’s programing onThursdays from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM. The Power IsNow is not limited in the number of shows it can have eachday and is capable of putting on shows every day.
  5. 5. Proposal for NAREB and the Power Is Now RadioI am proposing that the Power Is Now Online Radiobecome the communication’s platform for all Radio andVideo communications for NAREB. As the communicationPlatform for NAREB any special announcements comingfrom the National Office, or National teleconferencemeetings conducted by the President or National Committeeleaders would be conducted on the Power Is Now Radio.Teleconference meetings could be private and or public.The callers can be screened or not screened. The Power IsNow Radio is fully capable of complying with any meetingspecifications.
  6. 6. Proposal for NAREB and the Power Is Now RadioI am also proposing that all National events are broadcast live viaOnline Radio and Live Streaming Video through Facebook andthe Power Is Now Online TV. The National Conference,Legislative Meetings in Washington, and other special events.What makes this collaboration such natural fit for NAREB is thatThe Power Is Now is already known and established byNAHREP and AAREA and many local and state real estateassociations. Many NAREB members listen to the Power Is Nowfrequently. NAREB’s collaboration with the Power Is NowRadio will result in additional exposure to other agents whichwill increase membership in addition to building and expandingthe NAREB Realtist brand nationwide.
  7. 7. Cost for NAREB and the Power Is Now RadioThe cost to NAREB depends on programing conducted on aweekly and monthly basis:1. Weekly NAREB show called “The Realtist Network”. This show would provide updates on all things NAREB and have an open question and answer period.2. Monthly National President’s meeting with all local Board Presidents called, “The Realtist Leadership Roundtable”.3. Monthly President’s State of the Realtist address called the “The Realtist President Report”.4. Monthly National Women show called “The Realist Women’s Network” would provide updates and recognition on all things NAREB Women’s Council and have an open questions and answer period.5. Annual National Conference s and Events6. Special Events and Press Releases and Announcements7. Onsite Radio and Video interviews live and pre-corded to play on the Power Is Now TV and NAREB TV.
  8. 8. Cost for NAREB and the Power Is Now Radio Variable Cost include the following but is not limited to:• The production staff • Very important to have a professional and organized Radio or Online TV event.• Pre and post production personnel,• Video and Audio editing,• Show set up both on location or in studio, • This involves script writing and planning.• Desktop publisher for printing and design of flyers,• Sending Email blast & contacting stake holders distribution,• Capable Show host,• Production assistant,• Sound and board engineer,• Project Management to make sure it all comes together.• Show hourly rate would be billed at $500 dollars per hour.• Pre-show work would be billed at $350 per hour. Minimum 2 hours of preshow work on each show or event.
  9. 9. Cost for NAREB and the Power Is Now Radio I am open to discussions on how to reduce cost or to payfor the cost. The Power Is Now will not participate in anysponsorship that NAREB is able to generate on there own.Sponsorship and advertisers during each NAREB event orShow could pay all the cost.Lets make it happen. It’s just money.
  10. 10. About our HostEric Lawrence Frazier is the founder, and Executive Producer of The Power Is Now Radio. In additionto being the Host and Executive Producer of the Power Is Now Radio, Eric Frazier enjoys a verysuccessful career in Mortgage Banking His career includes a total of 31 years in sales and operationmanagement. Eric Lawrence Frazier has an MBA with an emphasis in Finance and a BS in BusinessAdministration and Management from the University of Redlands. He has been married for 30 yearsand has 4 daughters. His wife and daughters own and operate Frazier Group Reality in Riverside, CA afull service Real Estate Company. In addition to mortgage banking, Mr. Frazier is a real estate Investor,a California Real Estate Licensed Broker, and is affiliated with many community organizations: Orange County Realtist President California African American Museum President AAREA Advisory Board Member Black Chamber of Commerce Advisory Board Project Tomorrow Director OC NAHREP Former VP & member Open Door Institute Advisory Board California Association of Real Estate Brokers (CAREB) Director REOMAC Member Pacific West Association of Realtors (PWR) Member Orange County Association of Realtors (OCAR) Member California Association of Realtors (CAR) Member National Association of Realtors (NAR) Member Women Council of Realtors MemberMr. Frazier is also a minister, singer, poet, songwriter, motivational speaker and Community Leader. He is a a businessconsultant and personal coach. He strives to be a role model and leader in his community.
  11. 11. Contact Information: Erica Beuster, VP of Communication(800) 401-8994 ext. 702erica.beuster@thepowerisnow.comJacob Navas, Chief Technology Officer(800) 401-8994 ex 707jacob.navas@thepowerisnow.comSherri Jackson, VP of Production(800) 401-8994 ext. 709sherri.jackson@thepowerisnow.comEric L. Frazier, Host & Executive Producer800-401-8994 ext.