The Cross A Moment In Time 09


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The cross was just a moment suspended in time but its impact has lasted over 2000 years

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The Cross A Moment In Time 09

  1. 1. The Cross, a Moment in Time
  2. 2. • A moment so sacred that God took off his robes and covered the sun
  3. 3. <ul><li>A moment when all heavens activities stopped , when the singing </li></ul><ul><li>and the praise stopped for a moment as every eye focused on a piece </li></ul><ul><li>of rugged wood and three rusty nails and wondered how they could </li></ul><ul><li>hold the one who created them. </li></ul>
  4. 4. • A moment when those he loved spoke evil of him while those who loved him stood by and wept. • A moment when head wagers wagged and finger pointers pointed at a dying man and mocked God.
  5. 5. • A moment when our great High Priest went into the holiest of holies in rags covered in his own blood instead of the blood of animals.
  6. 6. • A moment when God wore a peasants garment instead of a priestly robe • A moment when he wore a crown of thorns instead of a golden crown with &quot;Holiness Unto the Lord&quot;
  7. 7. • A moment when a king was crowned not with jewels but with thorns, and had spittle running down his beard plucked face instead of anointing oil.
  8. 8. • A moment when the burden bearer bore the heaviest load ever carried by man. <ul><li>A moment when the sin of the whole world was placed upon his shoulders, a weight that even Samson could not have carried, </li></ul>
  9. 9. • A moment when Christ solved a problem that even Solomon in all his wisdom could not solve.
  10. 10. • A moment when the one who planted rich veins of Gold and silver in the earth could not find a penny in his pocket anymore than he could have found a comforting word from those around him.
  11. 11. • A moment when the second Adam, Christ the perfect sacrificial lamb, became the red heifer, the scapegoat, the dove whose breast was dipped in blood and became the once and for all sacrifice for sin forever.
  12. 12. • A moment when every imperfect priest would stand down from his duties as the Great High Priest took his rightful place A wooden cross became the place where mercy and truth met together and where righteousness and peace kissed each other. Psalm 85:10
  13. 13. • A moment when Christ became the perfect priest bringing the perfect offering. • A moment when the every prophet and king stood down and gave way to the perfect Prophet and King.
  14. 14. • A moment when weakness took on the power of sin and defeated it with Holy blood instead of man's wisdom, strength and self righteousness.
  15. 15. • A moment when evil laughed and self righteous men mocked while death became the fool and the grave the once and for all defeated foe.
  16. 16. <ul><li>A moment which still rings out a message of hope </li></ul><ul><li>to those in despair and pain. </li></ul>• A moment which sealed eternity for mankind, which declared freedom for those who would simply believe on the one who gave his life rather than live for eternity without them.
  17. 17. • A moment frozen in time and eternity, a moment which predates sin because it was conceived before the foundation of the world, a moment which Christ lived for.
  18. 18. • The longest moment in history, it pre-dates man because it was birthed before the foundation of the world and because of this one moment man can live forever and forever and forever and……….
  19. 19. • A moment when curses were cursed, a moment when sickness was to take its last struggling victim, a moment when death stood ready to be cheated. • A moment that hell had feared for millenniums.
  20. 20. David Robinson The Cross, a Moment in Time A moment made just for you and I A Studio 18 Production 2009 ©