StumbleUpon Mobile Advertising Webinar Recap - Oct 2012

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On Wednesday, October 10th, StumbleUpon hosted a free webinar sharing some key insights about capturing the mobile audience. …

On Wednesday, October 10th, StumbleUpon hosted a free webinar sharing some key insights about capturing the mobile audience.

Focused on strategies for creative directors and media planners/buyers, the webinar discussed:

+ Optimizing content layout and selection given limited screen real estate

+ Providing a seamless experience using the in-flow advertising approach

+ PSY's dance moves in 4 simple steps

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  • 1. OP OP OP Mobile Advertising! !#SUGangnamStyle! Jack Krawczyk ! Rishvika Kumar! ! ! Head of Monetization! Marketing Associate! October 10, 2012  
  • 2. Todayʼs PSY* Lessons! op State of Mobile! ! ! op The User Experience Equation! ! ! 4 Steps to mobile advertising op #SUGangnamStyle!* PSY is in no way / shape / form endorsing this… officially!
  • 3. #SUGangnamStyle!
  • 4.   PSY: ! Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy! Mobile: ! Big Reach,! Personal Touch!
  • 5.   Mobile sales outpacing desktop!
  • 6. 24%!% traffic from mobile!2%! 11%!2010! 2011! 2012!
  • 7. Itʼs not a fad.! !Mobile is growing everywhere.!
  • 8. PSY: Noble at day time, crazy at nighttime!   Mobile: Used on the go, used only by you!
  • 9. Mobile is more of apersonal connection.!
  • 10. …with a focus ongetting to the point.!
  • 11. Thatʼs why we believein native monetization.!
  • 12. Native Advertising! Advertising thatintegrates with the nativeuse case of the platform.!
  • 13. What do people   do on their mobile devices, anyway?!
  • 14.  Everything!!
  • 15. “Weʼre now seeing traffic at rapidrates where users are moving to mobile, so we have to take advantage.” ! ! Solmon Masch!Director of Mobile Sales & Strategy, Time Inc. !
  • 16.   The Bottom Line! ! Optimize your 
 ad campaigns for mobile devices!!
  • 17. So, what can advertisers do toeffectively reach a mobile audience? ! op op op Mobile Advertise #SUGangnamStyle!!
  • 18. PSY: !A guy who seems calm 
but plays when he plays!Mobile: 
Advertisements mustbe seamlesslyincorporated into theuser experience –within the flow ofaccomplishing thetasks at hand!
  • 19. Psy taughtBritney Spears, and now 
 itʼs your turn. ! ! Ready?!
  • 20. PSY: 
 Put your sunglasses on!#1! Mobile: ! Get your ad ready!
  • 21. #2! PSY: 
 Do the cowboy! Mobile: !Use rich visuals to make sure 
 your content stands out!
  • 22. #3!PSY: 
Ride the horse!Mobile: !Once your grab theaudienceʼs attention,youʼve got to keep
them engaged!
  • 23. #4! PSY: 
 Grand finish! Mobile: ! Provide the user with
a seamless experience!
  • 24.!
  • 25. Q & A!#SUGangnamStyle! ! Follow Us:! @PaidDiscovery! @StumbleUpon! @JackK! !
  • 26. Thank you! !