5 Keys to Brand Discovery from StumbleUpon


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On January 31, 2012, StumbleUpon hosted a webinar to highlight major themes on how to improve brand discovery across the social media landscape.

The presentation highlights strategies for brands to engage in the creation, design and distributions of their online campaigns.

Reach out to advertisers@stumbleupon.com to learn more or follow along at @PaidDiscovery

Keep in touch with Jack: @JackK

Links to the content included in the presentation can be found here:

- Intel Museum of Me: http://www.intel.com/museumofme/en_US/r/index.htm
- Nike Better World: http://www.nikebetterworld.com/
- Creator's Project - Coachella 2011: http://thecreatorsproject.com/videos/the-creators-project-coachella-2011
- Sponge Bob Squarepants Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/spongebob
- Paid Discovery Lead Form: https://www.stumbleupon.com/pd/index/lead/
- Chicken of a Raft: http://www.chickenonaraft.com/

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  • Man...i only saw the 11:45am time and got on at 11:35am to make sure i had a seat...only to find out it started at 11:00AM bummer.
    Any way to get the audio for the slides?

    I have been making a video campaign for SU ( paid ) and want to make sure i get the presentation right.

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  • http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/online_mobile/july-2011-top-us-web-brands/
  • 5 Keys to Brand Discovery from StumbleUpon

    1. 5 Keys to BrandDiscovery…and gimmicky weight lossclichés to make it feel like Q1 Jack Krawczyk @JackK Product Marketing StumbleUpon January 31, 2012
    2. What are we sweatin’ today?1 Do the Basics2 Avoid Burnout3 The Zero to Hero Trap4 Impossible is the Opposite of Possible5 Keep a Balanced Diet
    3. Today’s Twitter Handle #BrandDisco
    4. Hours Spent per Month (average, per person) 7.0 StumbleUpon 5.3 Facebook 1.5 Google 0.5 AmazonSource: Nielsen, US, July 2011; StumbleUpon Internal Data #BrandDisco
    5. Social BookmarkingThe moment after you experience good content and share it. #BrandDisco
    6. Social Bookmarking a.k.a.
    7. Social DiscoveryThe moment where you find somethingawesome, based on who you are. #BrandDisco
    8. Social Discovery a.k.a. What we’re talking about today. #BrandDisco
    9. Do the Basics 1 Make content social by design
    10. Empower your content. #BrandDisco
    11. Make sharing your content easy. #BrandDisco
    12. 20 WebsitesHow many have social links or plug ins?
    13. How many have social links or plug ins? 20 WebsitesSource: BrightEdge, “Social Share Analysis: Tracking Social Adoption and Trends,” Aug 2011
    14. Add social buttons! #BrandDisco
    15. 388k 25% lift in traffic #BrandDisco
    16. Avoid Burnout 2 Don’t overwhelm the user
    17. < 1% of Top Viewed URLs Drive to Home PageSource: StumbleUpon Internal Data #BrandDisco
    18. Don’t overwhelm the discovery. #BrandDisco
    19. Social media = Do not drive toyour home page. #BrandDisco
    20. People want thework to be done for them. #BrandDisco
    21. Drive to yourcontent pages. #BrandDisco
    22. Case Study 1)  Grow New ReadershipGoals: 2)  Increase Time Spent #BrandDisco
    23. Case Study Strategy 33% 1)  Drive to multiple More likely to return to properties using Aol after 3 months Paid Discovery 2)  Target properties 1.7x with corresponding Longer time spent per interests visitSource: AOL internal data, compared against all external traffic sources (Jun-Nov 2011) #BrandDisco
    24. The Zero toHero Trap 3 Provide value before you sell
    25. Invite them to coffee first… #BrandDisco
    26. People want to share content.Not landing pages. #BrandDisco
    27. People want to share content.Not landing pages. #BrandDisco
    28. Reasons for Sharing: 1) Shape how others perceive you 2) Maintain and grow relationships 3) Share content that others find valuable 4) Source informationSource: “The Real Life Social Network,” June 2010 #BrandDisco
    29. Impossible is theOpposite ofPossible 4 Don’t fear text heavy campaigns
    30. Have no fear,heavy text can find a home. #BrandDisco
    31. Text!
    32. Dissect your content. #BrandDisco
    33. Include richinformation
    34. Capture attentionwith rich visuals
    35. Above-the-foldcontent, not ads
    36. All that works for search doesn’t work for social. #BrandDisco
    37. Avoid the majorinstincts of SEO. #BrandDisco
    38. Avoid quick calls to action
    39. Avoid distracting text & graphics
    40. Build original content
    41. Keep a BalancedDiet 5 Compare your campaigns across platforms
    42. Content is not made equal onsocial platforms. #BrandDisco
    43. This is bestpromoted on Facebook. #BrandDisco
    44. Rich executionsrequire multiple platforms. #BrandDisco
    45. Evaluate performanceon all platforms. #BrandDisco
    46. Source: Adapt.ly, April 2011 #BrandDisco
    47. All content is not made equal. #BrandDisco
    48. Q&A#BrandDisco Follow Us:@PaidDiscovery@StumbleUpon @JackK
    49. Thank You