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Glenn's Valley Elementary School September Bulletin

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Glenns Valley Elementary bulletin

  1. 1. GLENNS VALLEY ELEMENTARY 8239 Morgantown Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46217 Keary Rininger - Principal September 28, 2012 Bulletin No.9 Rebecca Staats - Asst. Principal "EmpoweringStudents to Grow Attendance: (317)789-2802 Academically, Socially, and Behaviorally. " Cafeteria: (317)789-2845 Fax: (317)865-2685 DATES TO REMEMBER Sat., Sept. 29 Fri., Oct. 5 Oct. 8-19 Mon., Oct. 22 Coach Hathaways Running South and MSDPT Health Fair Report cards sent home IntersessionITwo Week Break School Reconvenes l6 #(. i~··································· ,•• Page 4 ofthe student handbook: •••• •• I"" I~ I. I- School Breakfast and Lunch Breakfast is served at Glenns Valley Elementary School each school day from 8:35 - 850 a.m. The cost IS $1.25 and $0.30 for students qualifying •• • at a reduced rate Nutritious student lunches will be "00 in the cafeteria at the price of$2.20 per day 0<$I LOO per week and $0.40 for students I~ -: qualifying at a reduced rate (checks payable to M.S.D. of Perry Township). Parents may also prepay via the Food Service Website at: : 1=1 Milk will be sold at $0.50 per carton for students who want extra milk or for those students who! i I bring their lunch from home. Free and Reduced Price Lunch students have to pay $0.50 per carton of milk if they do not take a full lunch or bring i, i i their lunch from home. Students have an account established through the cafeteria and each day the student enters a code number to access their I lunch money. Please pay in advance for the week (send the money on the first school day of the week and include your childs cafeteria code 11 number on the check). Paying at the beginning of the week helps the lunch line to move more quickly and students will have enough time to eat -, their lunch. Students may purchase ala Carte items Please discuss with your child if you want them to make extra purchases from the •• .?fr lunch account and budget accordinoly Students may not bring cans of soda pop or candy to eat at lunch ...juice boxes are acceptable. NO - . GLASS CONTAINERS MAYBE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL FOR SAFETY REASONS. Students are expected to eat lunch each day unless: I.- [.parents send a note to the contrary. Parents and grandparents arewelcorne to have lunch with their student. The charge for an adult lunch is $3.00. The charge for a visiting child lunch is $2.45 Please call the cafeteria at 789-2845 by 9:00 a.m. on the day you plan to be visiting for lunch so a lunch can be ordered for you. • • • (Parents, please send a note to the classroom teacher telling of the planned visitors.) You may order a salad tray, but only if it is ordered in ad- vance. Students and visitors alike pay the cashier in the cafeteria. • •~ We cannot allow food from Taco Bell, Hardees, Wendys, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subwav, etc. to be brought to school at lunchtime by parents for their child. This activity causes too many well as hurt feelings among students. Parents may pick-up their children and take them out for lunch, as long as the child returns before the end of the recess period. ~ ., • IIA ••••••••••••••••• ••• •• •••••••• •••••••••••••••• •• • • • • • "III! - Holiday Party Policy The staff at Glenns Valley would like to express our gratitude to the parents and volunteers for the excellent classroom parties. The students enjoy the games, activities, and most of all, the food! We want to continue these parties in the years to come. How you can help with successful classroom parties: l. If you want to help sign up to volunteer with the head room parent or classroom teacher. 2. If you cannot attend, give at least a day or two notice so your spot can be filled. 3. Please arrange child care for younger siblings. Do not bring olderlvounger siblings to the parties. 4. Sign in at the front office. This allows the school to know who is in the building in case of an emergency. Always wear your visitor sticker while in the building. 5. Always sign out at front office. If you are taking your child home from school with you, make the appropriate arrangements with the classroom teacher. ~;-o. 1 ~ Thank you in advance for your cooperation! C .~ (.;)CA, -- VlVio! ~ " Room Harvest Parties (2:50 - 3:20) October 26h --;:" -e.. ~ ~ ~ " ~ • @ Room Holiday Parties (2:50 - 3:20) December zo" Room Friendship Parties (2:45 - 3:30) February 14h ~-O~ G ")CI,.~ V>~"~.( Dress Code for Cooler Weather As weather turns cooler, please remember our dress code. Solid color sweaters and sweatshirts may be worn, but must be worn over a solid color, collared or turtleneck shirt. Spirit wear t-shirts may be worn over collared shirt any day. Hooded sweaters and sweatshirts or other outerwear may not be worn in the building. Shorts and Capri pants may not be worn after Fall Break. Notes from the Clinic Weather Reminder-Weather permitting students will be going outside to recess as long as the temperature is 25 degrees or above (this includes the wind chill factor). Please dress your child in winter coats, hats and gloves so they will be warm. Lice- With hats and coats for colder weather comes the potential for students to transmit head lice to lach other: We stress to students that they should not share any items that come in contact with the head or hair (hats, coats, scarves, pony tail holders, brushes, combs, etc.). If you find that your child has head lice please let us know as soon as possible. We make every attempt to minimize the spread of lice but we need your help to do this.