What the celebs had to say about rhcc


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Feedback from the celebrities who participated in Road Hockey To Conquer Cancer.

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What the celebs had to say about rhcc

  1. 1. What the celebs had to say about…Road Hockey toConquer Cancer
  2. 2. Alan Thicke TV star“I had a ball, then took onein the mouth! All In a day’s work. I’m ok with a little extra makeup. Acquittedmyself respectably - won abig draw, got an assist, tooka lot of photos, and made it to matinee. Thanks for including me”
  3. 3. Melissa TancrediOlympic Soccer Star “Thank you for having me. It was an incredible day for a great cause, matched with perfect weather and endless fun! I just wish I was a little better at Hockey ;) I hope to see you again next year!”
  4. 4. Darryl Sittler Hall of Fame NHL star“I really enjoyed the day and congrats to you and all the people who did such a tremendous job on making it the huge success it is. Hope to see you again sometime soon...... thanks for inviting me to take part.”
  5. 5. Dave Schultz former NHL star“Thank you for havingme at your event. Greatevent!!! I had a greattime.”
  6. 6. Mike Keenan Former NHL coach“You should be proud of the job you are doing!Just excellent! We are all pulling for my daughterGayla, who is going through cancer treatmentright now. Please count me in next year! Best!”
  7. 7. Cheryl Pounder Olympic hockey star“I just wanted to passalong mycongratulations on afabulous event. I had ablast! My team wasgreat and I was veryimpressed with theorganization and energyof all involved! Glad tohear it was such asuccess!”
  8. 8. Scott Morrison SportsNet“Thank you and congrats on another greatevent. I am glad to help and to try and findpositives from a devastating turn in our lives.Having Kathys name on my back was inspiring.”
  9. 9. Jeff Marek SportsNet“$2.2m, wow, take a bow sir. Only too glad to bepart of this first class event. You run a greatshow. Count me in every time.”
  10. 10. Elizabeth Manley Olympic figure skater“Count me in for next year xoxoxo”
  11. 11. Bryan Lewis Former NHL referee“What a GREAT & ENJOYABLE day on Saturday atthe Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer event. Ienjoyed every minute of the camaraderie of myteam and all participants (even those whochallenged my officiating). I congratulate all onthe organizational work that went into theplanning and to the Volunteers who made theday go by in such an efficient manner. ”
  12. 12. Dean Blundell EDGE 102.1“Dude. Thanks forletting me be partof it. It was a greatway to teach mykids about an uglysubject. “
  13. 13. Jennifer Botterill Olympic hockey star“CONGRATULATIONS on a super event! It was anhonour to be a part of it.”
  14. 14. James CybulskiTSN Radio 1050 “You guys put on a great show. So well run and organized...really had a blast too. Congrats on the $2.2M...that is insane!!! Count me in next year!”
  15. 15. Michael Del ZottoNew York Rangers “Thanks so much for having me. Glad I could be a small part of the amazing event you guys put together. Fantastic news with how much money was raised. ”
  16. 16. James Duthie TSN“Unbelievably impressed withwhat you do. I attend a lot ofcharity events...this is one ofthe most impressive and well-run Ive ever done. Happy tobe back as long as you wantme.”