Sami f al rushaid's presentation slides from the 2010 World National Oil Companies Congress


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Sami f al rushaid's presentation slides from the 2010 World National Oil Companies Congress that took place in June in London.

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Sami f al rushaid's presentation slides from the 2010 World National Oil Companies Congress

  1. 1. Strategies to Sustainably Fulfill Energy Needs London 22nd June 2010
  2. 2. www.kockw.com1 Expected Energy Demand Growth 1 Significant energy demand growth expected in any scenario China, India and ME Oil & Gas will continue to be main sources of energy, even in more environmentalist scenario Increasing importance of biofuels and renewables Coal consumption will significantly decrease if relevant achievements are made on controlling CO2 emissions Source: IEA World Energy Outlook 2009 MTOE
  3. 3. www.kockw.com2 Who will supply Oil & Gas Needs? 1258 Billion Barrels 185 Trillion Cubic Meters Oil Natural Gas Source: BP Statistical Review 2009
  4. 4. www.kockw.com3 Oil Production Growth 3 OPEC remains as main source of crude production growth in any scenario, particularly from countries in the Gulf Significant decline of non- OPEC production, with the exception of Brazil and Russia Canada Oil Sands growth will be affected if more controls on CO2 emissions are in place Source: IEA World Energy Outlook 2009 MBD
  5. 5. www.kockw.com4 Natural Gas Consumption Trends 4 Source: IEA World Energy Outlook 2009 Power Generation will drive natural gas consumption increase
  6. 6. www.kockw.com5 Middle East: Main source of energy supply Significant investments will take place in the coming years to supply world and local energy needs: KSA: Saudi Aramco to Invest $90B in O&G Projects to 2015 Iraq: recently awarded 11 mega contracts to IOC’s that may allow to at least double current production capacity in 10 years time Qatar: Several joint ventures with IOC provides access to latest technologies, paving the way to significantly increase oil & gas production Iran: Plans aims to increase oil production capacity to 8 MMBD by 2015. It will also become a top player on the natural gas business in the region Kuwait: Strategy in place to increase oil production capacity to 4 million barrels per day by 2020
  7. 7. www.kockw.com6 Illustrative KOC Way Forward Strategy focused on the achievement of sustainable crude oil production capacities in Kuwait Commitment to security of supply for market stability, stable production growth and OPEC quota compliance Production Capacity at 4.0 MMBD by 2020
  8. 8. www.kockw.com7 7 • 3D Seismic • Dynamic Pre- And Post Processing Techniques • Horizontal Drilling / Multiple Laterals • Game changing technologies – Smart Fields More Barrels from Matured Fields CO2 Injection
  9. 9. www.kockw.com8 Heavy Oil Development Kuwait South Ratqa Heavy Oil: Main source of growth Significant reserves of 11-15 API located in North Kuwait Main source of production growth Targets: 60 kbpd in 2015 270 kbpd in 2030
  10. 10. www.kockw.com9 Onshore & Offshore Gas Optimize the production and utilization of associated gas Maximize production of non- associated gas, both onshore and offshore Support the energy requirements for the State of Kuwait and its objectives to protect the environment
  11. 11. www.kockw.com10 Our Challenges 10 Human Resources Unprecedented skills shortage worldwide Insufficient expertise on EOR, unconventional oils, offshore gas Technology Shift from “easy” oil to more difficult oils A structural, upward cost shift Access to latest technologies Environment Increasing CO2 emissions Need to increase HSSE standards for safer and reliable operations
  12. 12. www.kockw.com11 Opportunities – Human Resources Employment and career opportunities in KOC We want to become employer of choice in the Gulf Region We have a plan in place to recruit and retain talented people We provide a highly performance- oriented environment that motivates and supports development of leadership and technical capabilities
  13. 13. www.kockw.com12 Key technologies available for projects development Well Testing IT Infrastructure, Asset & Data Management Artificial Lift & Completions 4-D Seismic Directional Drilling & Measurements Reservoir Studies Wireline Logging & PerforationCementing, Coiled Tubing & Stimulation Integrated Project Management Unconventional Reservoirs
  14. 14. www.kockw.com13 Opportunities: Sustainable partnerships www.
  15. 15. www.kockw.com14 Environmental and Carbon Agenda Full implementation of HSSE Management System in KOC to achieve highest standards on safe and clean operations Significant reductions on gas flaring and CO2 emissions Implementation of CO2 capture and sequestration technologies from all major stationary CO2 sources in Kuwait through agreements with specialized companies Implementation of Air Quality Monitoring Services Project
  16. 16. www.kockw.com15 Conclusions 15 By implementing a comprehensive strategy to effectively manage current energy trends, KOC will continue to be a leading energy company in the Middle East KOC will develop oil & gas production capacity to supply market needs, in both local and international markets Several challenges lies ahead. Partnerships and cooperation with IOC’s and Service Companies will be a key success factor to overcome challenges and to develop opportunities Corporate Social Responsibility and highest HSSE Standards will support KOC contribution to Sustainable Development