Successful entrepreneur - the 7 habits of highly effective people


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If one is to become a successful entrepreneur, he/she is required to become effective in making decision and taking action. Over the years, any successful entrepreneur possesses a string of specific habits that makes them highly effective.

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Successful entrepreneur - the 7 habits of highly effective people

  1. 1. 5, 2013Successful Entrepreneur: The 7 Habits of Highly EffectivePeopleU.S. President Bill Clinton read the book and invited Covey to CampDavid to counsel him on how to integrate the book into his presidency…What does being an successful entrepreneur mean?It means that one is ready to take a full ownership of his/her own financial life independent ofothers, and that includes working for somebody else.Being an entrepreneur means being daring, adventurous, bold and risky, simply becauseyou’re owning your own business, which means you have to abandon all sense of certainty.There is no certainty in being an entrepreneur, and only those who are ready to embrace theuncertainty can become successful entrepreneur.If one is to become a successful entrepreneur, he/she is required to become effective in makingdecision and taking action. Over the years, any successful entrepreneur possesses a stringof specific habits that makes them highly effective.Successful Entrepreneur: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleThe writing of this article will be based largely on a book of the same title by Stephen R.Covey.The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, first published in 1989, is abusiness and self-help book written by Stephen R. Covey. It has sold more than25 million copies in 38 languages worldwide, and the audio version has sold 15million copies, and remains one of the best selling nonfiction businessbooks. Covey presents an approach to being effective in attaining goals byaligning oneself to what he calls “true north” principles of a character ethic that hepresents as universal and timeless. In August 2011, Time listed Seven Habits asone of “The 25 Most Influential Business Management Books”.U.S. President Bill Clinton read the book and invited Covey to Camp David tocounsel him on how to integrate the book into his presidency.- WikipediaRead more…
  2. 2. Think about it.If you’re the president and you invite an author of a self-development book, asking him tosuggest how you should run your presidency, doesn’t that guy have something very importantto say?Which is why if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you will be required to acquirethese habits.
  3. 3. Successful Entrepreneur: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People1. Be ProactiveAs I said before, being anentrepreneur means that youtake a full ownership over yourfinancial life. When you take fullownership over your financial life,you are taking responsibility overeach decisions that you make.Don’t be passive and don’t beafraid of making mistakes.Yes, you have to takeresponsibility for your owndecisions, and yes, that’s whyyou need to take an informeddecision. But you can not be passive either! Being passive gets you no where.It’s much better to make a mistake and learn from it, rather than not taking anyaction and not learning anything at all!Successful entrepreneur makes mistakes a lot of time, but they learned from their experiencesand become more educated than the rest who are not making any decision.Which one are you?2. Begins with The End in MindIt is based on the principle that all things are created twice. There is a mental (first)creation, and a physical (second) creation. The physical creation follows themental, just as a building follows a blueprint.- Stephen R. CoveyWhat it means is that you have to have a clear vision – not just intention, or focus – of whatyou want to accomplish in your mind when you begin your entrepreneurship. As Covey said, thephysical accomplishment follows your mind accomplishment.The key is: Visualize!David Wood, the founder of Empower Network, teaches this 24/7. He teaches that one has to
  4. 4. visualize his/her goals as vividly as possible in the mind that the goal almost becomes presenttense. It has to be so vivid that you can see, hear, touch and smell the environment you’re inwhen you have accomplished the goal, in your mind.This is not magic, by the way. What this habit creates for you is the commitment, focusedintention, and the readiness to take all the risks and dangers (so long as it doesn’t harm others)it needs to achieve success.Make it a habit that you visualize your goal everyday first thing in the morning! Take note thatpeople who make this a habit are 10 times more likely to become a successful entrepreneur.3. First Thing FirstYou have to put whatever is the most important thing in your life in the first slot of your dailyagenda.This habit is about time management, but more importantly about your personal values andpurpose. If you invest the first hour of your day everyday on doing one thing, your life willdefinitely be directed towards that one thing in your life.If you think being a successful entrepreneur is the most important thing in your life, then you willhave to, first thing in the morning, start an activity that will make you a successfulentrepreneur.If you’re in Empower Network, David Wood always beats into our mind that wehave to blog daily.If succeeding inside of Empower Network is your big goal at this point in your life,then you have to commit the first hour of your day, everyday, blogging!4. Think Win-WinBeing a successful entrepreneur, one can not be be selfish in building a relationship with others.Realize that we don’t live alone in this world, and whatever decisions that we make, it will affectothers.Do not think in terms of competition, but in terms of cooperation.Competition minded people think that if I win, you lose; If you win, I lose. And I will make surethat you lose.Cooperation minded people think that life is about mutual symbiosis between other peopleand themselves, with both party benefit from each other, thus forming a solid system.To think win-win is to be mature, not over-compromising. It means that you’re matureenough to reject somebody when you think it won’t benefit the system, but also emphaticenough to compromise the weakness of others.
  5. 5. Pay attention to what Covey has to say about this.A person or organization that approaches conflicts with a win-win attitudepossesses three vital character traits:1. Integrity: sticking with your true feelings, values, and commitments 2. Maturity:expressing your ideas and feelings with courage and consideration for the ideasand feelings of others 3. Abundance Mentality: believing there is plenty foreveryone5. Seek First To Understand Then To Be UnderstoodSo in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sumsup the Law and the Prophets.Matthew 7:12What Jesus said didn’t just apply 2,000 years ago. It applies now too.Most of us seek to be understood first, instead of to understand first.To be a successful entrepreneur, in one way or another, one will have to fulfill the needs ofothers. To understand others means that you have to know what the need of the mass. Youcan’t become a successful entrepreneur without first understanding others.Do not assume that you understand people. That is the mistake of many people.Learn the art of empathy: Putting yourself in other people’s shoes.When someone talks to you, most of the time you will start to compare his story with your ownstory. The thing is, by doing that you’re assuming that you understand what he feels whenyou’re still in his shoe. That’s when you say, “I know how you feel”, when you don’t.If you master the art of empathy, probing the need of the mass won’t be a problem, and that’swhen you’re not just a successful entrepreneur, but also a good listener. And in my opinion, agood listener wins 100 times over a successful but unethical person.6. SynergizeTo synergize means to work as a team. Remember the saying, “Two heads are alwaysbetter than one”?Working as team with other people with a shared vision is more efficient than working alone.Plus it’s a good learning ground, especially when you’re just starting out.
  6. 6. To synergize means to share your knowledge, and to listen to others’ suggestions. Thus as ateam, you are not only working but also learning, which is a never ending process. Life is alearning.Work with as many people as you can, but the most important thing, you want to work withpeople that will lift you up higher, not those that will drag you down, if you aspire to become asuccessful entrepreneur.This is exactly what David Wood means when he was talking about leverage in EmpowerNetwork. Leverage simply means, in his terms, the power of community that is able to lift eachindividual up and to create new successful entrepreneur.We have over 100,000 members who are lifting each other up to success.How fast do you think each individual will grow and become successful entrepreneur?7. Sharpen Your SawOften times when you are working on something with an intention in mind, but for some reasonyou just get stuck and you can’t move on. Then, you should probably go back re-evaluate whatgoes wrong.Your saw might have gotten blunt.Don’t keep ramming your head on the wall. You have to go back rethink of what have gonewrong.Most of the time, though, the reason is the lack of knowledge.I can’t stress the importance of investing time and money in education enough, as it reallypropels one even faster to the goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.Most people are too preoccupied by the mistake they do and they keep on doing what theyhave done before, which yield nothing but more mistakes and frustration.If that’s the case for you, stop whatever you’re doing right now. You need to educate yourselffurther. Don’t be afraid of investing money in your education, as any kind of education ispriceless, as long as they’re of high quality.I Can Help You…… on your way to become a successful entrepreneur.The journey to become a successful entrepreneur is a long and arduous one, but should youhave the right education and the right person to help you, that path will become shorter.In fact, if you’re in a financial pinch right now, and you’re thinking of earning money becomingan entrepreneur, building your business while having a life,YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.
  7. 7. YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.What if I tell you that we are a community that is designed to empower you?Empowering you to become a successful entrepreneur!And that’s why we are called the Empower Network. (Click here for more info about EmpowerNetwork).Simply because our mission is to create an army of online entrepreneurs that are successfuland also able to enjoy their lives.I know you also desired that.And I know I can help you.That’s why you need to Join Us!Remember the part about being proactive?This is the part where you are asked to become proactive, because your active decision rightnow to join us will be crucial in determining whether you have what it takes to earn you first6 figures income and become a successful entrepreneur.Make a Decision,Take Action Right This Second,And JOIN US NOW!And I look forward to help you become a successful entrepreneur!