Mobile Marketing for Hotels


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Mobile Marketing for Hotels

  1. 1. The Mobile Web Colm Grealy, CEODigital Reach Group (DRG)
  2. 2. Setting the Scene – PC Focused to Date2009….. We spent over 100 million euros promoting our businesses on the web. We did so for a version of the web that was almost 100% PC based.
  3. 3. We are connecting in new ways….2009… CasualOn the move Browsing“Within 2 years 60% of digital advertising worldwide will be directed to mobile platforms – compared to 2% today” IDC July 2010 New Publishing formats New Advertising platforms New Marketing challenges
  4. 4. The Irish Smartphone Market
  5. 5. Emerging Formats – Tablet OS
  6. 6. Your visitors carry different phones dependingon where they live
  7. 7. The Average Traveller?• 40% of international travellers own a smartphone with internet & email access• 57% have a feature phone• 40% of smartphone owners use their devices to get destination information.• 34% of business travellers and 26% of leisure travellers use them to make booking changes during their trip• 37% of international leisure travellers use mobile social networks – facebook, flickr etc.
  8. 8. iPhone & Android Snapshot 2,41414,053
  9. 9. iPad App Store Snapshot 2,677
  10. 10. A flood of travel apps......• Trip advisor was the most downloaded travel app for a year (from launch in 2007) due to it’s useful content
  11. 11. iPhone App Examples
  12. 12. Android App Example Bloomfield House Hotel
  13. 13. Mobile Websites Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel
  14. 14. JETSETTER
  15. 15. JETSETTER
  16. 16.
  17. 17. KAYAK
  18. 18. QR codesQR CodesQuick Response (QR) codes are smallinteractive icons which when read by amobile phone send the user directly to amobile destination where they can:• access special offers• shop online• enter a competition• play videos and games• download contact information• and much much more...
  19. 19. QR Codes – How they work1. Call to action 2. Direct Response 3. Customer Engagement See a code, Application reads and data capture open the code application User is sent to a mobile destination where they interact with your offer/message
  20. 20. QR Codes – How they workWhere:Newspapers, flyers, brochures, billboards, websites....Mobile Destination:Landing pages give more information and special features –video clips, maps, contact info, coupons and specialdiscountsLink to mobile coupon to drive bookings and salesLink to mobile feedback surveysLink to download new app
  21. 21. Engaging with a mobile audience DRG Publishing; RTE App, Audi Site DRG Marketing; QR Codes, Creative DRG Advertising; on RTE, Carzone etc.
  22. 22. Warner Music In Store / PrintOnline Outdoor
  23. 23. Chelsea Piers - NYC
  24. 24. Manhattan Mini Storage
  25. 25. ‘The Counter’ Mobile Coupons
  26. 26. Extending our Webservices to mobileCreating a presence for our internet business on devices, using:1. Mobile Internet Sites2. Apps optimised for specific platforms • iPhone • Android • Blackberry • Windows Mobile • Nokia....
  27. 27. There are a number of options to considerIn 2011 there will be three dominant formats:• A mobile Internet site working across all phones old and new• Mobile apps optimised for key devices e.g. iPhone, Android and Blackberry …app store• Browser based apps – designed for the browsers on latest smartphones …HTML5…design once for many phones. Benefits of app but delivered in the browser.
  28. 28. Which one should you choose?Technically apps are complex and mobile web is easierApps deliver better performance and speedWebsites can be found through search (50% of all mobile activity starts here)
  29. 29. Designing a mobile site – Key considerations• Focus on the key messages - the user has limited time and a small screen• Flash elements of your website will not render on most mobile devices, notably the iPhone• Mobile offers unique possibilities: touch screens, Voice location click to call• Auto-detect and re-direct from your website• Promote through offline channels
  30. 30. Key issues to consider for Mobile StrategyThere are a number of elements to consider – one size does not fit all:Who are my target audience?What devices are they likely to be carrying?How will they find me? Search? Appstore?What are the objectives – Awareness? Branding? Transactional?Is this a mobile campaign or an ongoing website?Do you want to use the native features of the phone e.g. GPS / cameraDo you want in-app payment?What is my budget for build and for on-going maintenance and updates?Who will take care of the asset and how much time do they have?
  31. 31. Thank You