Kashmiri Cuisine Flavour


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Kashmiri cuisine is well-known for the ample use of spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, etc. Saffron is the signature spice of Kashmir, which provides a heavenly flavour to any dish. To know so many interesting and yummy Kashmiri Foods through Theotherhome.com

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Kashmiri Cuisine Flavour

  1. 1. Flavors of Kashmir
  2. 2. Kashmir, also called ‘Paradise on Earth’ and an inspiration for art, music andpoetry, is set in the lap of dazzling snow-capped Himalayas, like a crown Jewel onthe map of India, changing its magnificent colours with the all four seasons! Thecuisine of Kashmir is as decorated and colourful as the marvellous gardens of thevalley. This cuisine is characterized by its richness and aromatic flavours.Kashmiri cuisine is well-known for the ample use of spices like cinnamon, cloves,cardamom, etc. Saffron is the signature spice of Kashmir, which provides aheavenly flavour to any dish. Exotic dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, apricots,peanuts, raisins, cashew nuts, chest nuts, dates, etc. are used graciously in thecuisine of the valley.
  3. 3. WAZAWANWazawan is a core element of the cultural identity of the people ofKashmir. Wazawan is a multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine,the preparation of which is considered an art and a point of pridein Kashmiri culture and identity. Almost all the dishes are meat-based (lamb, chicken). It is popular throughout Kashmir and isalso served internationally at Kashmiri food festivals.Some of the most popular dishes forming part of Wazawan are: Rogan Josh Kashmiri Yakhni Murgh Musallam Kabargah Murgh Tikka Nadir yakhni Modur Pulao Dhanwal Korma Aab Gosht
  4. 4. KAHWAKashmiri people are tea loversand Kahwah is very popularamong the natives of thevalley. The tea is made byboiling green tea leaveswith saffronstrands, cinnamon barkand cardamom pods andoccasionally Kashmiri roses toadd a great aroma. Generally, itis served with sugar or honey,and crushed nuts,usually almonds or walnuts.
  5. 5. Rogan Josh Rogan josh (or roghanjosh) isan aromatic lamb dishand a staple Kashmiricuisine, originally itwas brought toKashmir by theMughals. It is one ofthe main dishes of theKashmiri multi-coursemeal (the "Wazwan").
  6. 6. KASHMIRI YAKHNIThis tasty rice dish is aclassic Kashmiri dish.It gets its name fromthe Yakhni (meatstock) it is cooked in.Kashmiri Yakhniis flavoured witharomatic Fennel seedsand Cardamom
  7. 7. MURGH MUSALLAMMurgh Musallam is awhole chicken stuffedwith a rich and flavourfulstuffing and cooked in arich gravy - fit for a king.Whole chicken is stuffedwith boiled eggs,vegetables , boiledpotatoes and nuts. Youcan not forget its taste ,colour and aroma
  8. 8. KABARGAHThe Kabargah is ascrumptious nonvegetarian treat fromthe Kashmiri cuisine.It is a gravy-less FriedMeat preparation,generally served as alast Meat Course byKashmiri Pandits, andis very delicious.
  9. 9. MURGH TIKKAMurgh Tikka is another of thosephenomenal Indian dishes prettywell known all over theworld. Murgh is Chicken and tikkas are the little morsels or bites;having originated in the northernregions of India these areimmensely popular as an appetizer.The little bites are tender andbeautifully flavoured. Thesucculent bites of chicken areusually served on a bed of slicedonions, with wedges of lemon juiceand a sprinkle of Chaat Masala
  10. 10. KASHMIRI DUM ALOOThis recipe uses favoriteKashmiri spices likefennel/aniseed and gingerpowder. Dum Aloo isnamed so because it iscooked under Dum orpressure. In this cookingmethod, the food is cookedunder pressure in its ownjuices. kashmiri dumaloo is one dish which isvery hot and if you are aspice junky then this is onevegetarian dish that willnot disappoint you.
  11. 11. NADIR YAKHNIThis is a quintessentialKashmiri dish and is thestar of a vegetarianfestive meal. The slender,long roots are mild witha great texture. It doesn’treally have a flavour ofits own, but takes on theflavours of the spicesand yet maintains itsindividuality.
  12. 12. MODUR PULAO Modur pulao is asweet condimental‘Pulao’ made ofBasmati rice. It is adelicious andaromatic recipe thatleaves you cravingfor more.
  13. 13. DHANIWAL KORMA Dhaniwal korma ismade with muttonand cilantro with agenerous amount offried onions thrownin. The citrus fresharoma of freshlyground cilantro, sweetfried onions andcreamy yogurt justleave you asking formore.
  14. 14. AAB GOSHTThis dish is made in severalways but the two popularversions are Kashmiri andIranian. The authenticity ofthis dish is because of thegravy that is made withmilk or coconut milk andall the flavourful spices.Hot and spicy curry -mutton cooked with chanadal, green chillies andcoconut milk. This dish isprepared with whole spicesand it is not very rich incalorific value.
  15. 15. RISTARista (Meat-balls inred gravy) is deliciousculinary delight witha ladleful gravy to beenjoyed with Naanand cumin rice.
  16. 16. GUSHTABAA delicacy – muttonminced with spices,shaped into balls andcooked in a flavourfulyogurt gravy. this is avelvety texturedmeatball in whiteyogurt gravy, aspecialty
  17. 17. SHUFTAShufta is a very delectableand yummy dessert fromthe Kashmiri cuisine. Alavish assortment of dryfruits andsaffron, shufta’s basicpurpose is to induce heatin the body, so wintermight be a good time totry this.
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