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Foodie Uttar Pradesh
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Foodie Uttar Pradesh


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If you want to taste the food of Uttar Pradesh, then must visit Uttar Pradesh with

If you want to taste the food of Uttar Pradesh, then must visit Uttar Pradesh with

Published in: Travel, Self Improvement, Business

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  • 1. Cuisines ofUttar Pradesh
  • 2. Kundan Kaliya• Kaliya is a mutton preparation withgravy along with the compulsoryinclusion of turmeric or saffron.• This was a delicacy designed by thebawarchis and rakabdars to pleasetheir Nawabs.• The carefully carved mutton pieceswrapped in gold leaf, placed on a bedof rich gravy shimmering with goldamalgamated in it, is a stimulant forjaded appetites.
  • 3. Shami Kabab• A formal spread in any Nawabi banquetof a nawab in Awadh was consideredincomplete without the inclusion of theShami Kabab.• Made from mince meat, the kababs areround patties filled with spicy surprisesand the tangy `kairi or raw green mango.• The texture of the kabab is extremelysoft and simply melts in the mouth.
  • 4. Kakori Kabab• The Seekh has long been considered a piecede resistance in the Awadhi dastarkhwan.• The beautifully executed kabab is whatevery Lucknowi is proud of.• It is said that these kebabs were inventedby the chefs of Kakori for an old andtoothless Nawab of Awadh. Nawab askedchefs all over his kingdom to prepare specialmeat for him and this is how these kebabscame into existence.• Ands these kebab “just melts in the mouth”
  • 5. Gulnaar Kababs• The Gulnaar Kabab is agourmets delight.• The blending of tomatoeswith spices andchicken, with a garnish ofred rose petals is one of themost aesthetic dishes of thebawarchis of Awadh.
  • 6. Nehari Khaas• the Nehari, interestingly, is also derivedfrom a Hakimi Nuskha and it is especiallysuited to the body constitution in thewinter months as it keeps the body warm.• It has a mild flavor unlike the pungentunseasoned mustard oil, and is also lesshot. Mustard oil is used in the cooking ofcurries and even dry vegetables.• The Nehari is invariably cooked in mustardoil and is a hot favorite of all the princesand paupers, the high and low, the rich andpoor.
  • 7. Nargisi Kofta• In Urdu poetry one finds frequentreferences to the "Narcissus-like eyes"(Nargisi aankhen) of the beloved.• And sure enough, the bawarchis of Awadhdesigned the Nargis Kofta, extending thesimile to the dastarkhwan!• The Nargisi Kofta is essentially a hard boiledegg, wrapped in mince and deep fried, whenhalved lengthwise it resembles the eye!Purists go to the length of selecting eggswhich are more slim than round to get theperfect shape!
  • 8. Patili Kabab• This particular kabab is preparedespecially well by Begum of Kurkiwho still maintains high standardsof gastronomy.• The cooking of mince on slow firewith ghee and spices infuses themeat with a subtle aroma, andthe superbly soft texture of thekabab makes partaking of it apleasurable experience!
  • 9. Pasanda Kababs• The raan or mutton offersnumerous possibilities for thedaskarkhwan. The PasandaKabab is one such mouthwatering preparation.• The pasanda is a two inchsquare boneless cut flattenedout by beating with the bluntside of knife. It can either beskewered or cooked in avessel.
  • 10. Shab Deg• . "Shab Deg" is a beautiful blend of wholeturnips, Kashmiri ver, mutton balls andspices cooked in a `deg through the nightor "shub".• The treatment of turnips with saffron, thespecial Kashmiri vers brought all the wayfrom Kashmir with the distinctive aroma ofsaffron and Kashmiri onions, and thekoftas, cooked on the slow fire in a sealeddeg till the break of dawn, lend this dish itsdistinguished status.
  • 11. Zamin Doz• An old recipe for cooking fish is the `ZaminDoz Machhli‘.• Apart from the carefully crafted ingredients,pieces of fish are also cooked in the gravy.• they are cooked to the perfect texture.
  • 12. Lucknowi Biryani• The method of cooking the Biryani isthe `Dum Pukht method whichimparts a typical Awadh flavour to thisrice preparation.• Biryani literally means fried or`bhuna, and in this preparation, therice is lightly fried before beingcooked in the mutton stock. Hencethe name, differentiating it from thepulao where the rice is parboiled.
  • 13. RoomaliRoti• The `Roomali Roti is suggestive of the scarf orhandkerchief like appearance of this bread.• Shaped without rolling on a board and cooked on aconvex iron griddle, this bread is very special toAwadh.• The fine texture of the bread makes it an excellentaccompaniment for delicate kebabs and kormas.
  • 14. Sheermal• The `Sheermal, invented in Lucknowby an ace bread-maker by the name ofMuhammadan, is a rich breadconsisting mainly of flour, milk, fat andsaffron.• Though traditionally cooked in an irontandoor, it can be cooked in a mahitawa also by covering with a lid andapplying heat from the top andbottom.
  • 15. Come tingle your taste buds!!!
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