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Karnataka State is Located in the Deccan Plateau in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent. Karnataka is one of the larger states in India and a popular destination among the foreign and Indian tourists. It is a land blessed with many fascinating worlds. Discover ageless monuments, world heritage sites, lush green forests, amazing wildlife, spectacular waterfalls, romantic hill stations, timeless temples, pristine beaches, exhilarating adventure sports and vibrant art & culture. And, as you traverse through the length and breadth of Karnataka, be spellbound by every facet of this amazing land.

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Destination karnataka - The Other Home

  1. 1. The Other HomeDestination KarnatakaThe Other Home(Vacation Rental | Homestays | Outdoor Adventure)Travel Blog - Photo Blog - Travel Books
  2. 2. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)About KarnatakaKarnataka State is Located in the Deccan Plateau in the southern part of the Indiansubcontinent. Karnataka is one of the larger states in India and a popular destination amongthe foreign and Indian tourists. It is a land blessed with many fascinating worlds. Discoverageless monuments, world heritage sites, lush green forests, amazing wildlife, spectacularwaterfalls, romantic hill stations, timeless temples, pristine beaches, exhilarating adventuresports and vibrant art & culture. And, as you traverse through the length and breadth ofKarnataka, be spellbound by every facet of this amazing land.
  3. 3. Places to visit• Agumbe Sunset view• Belur• BR Hills• Brindavan gardens• Chamundi hills• Halebid• Hampi• Jog Fall• MM Hills• Iruppu Falls• Abbey Falls• Sathodi Falls• Badami• Mysore Palace• Srirangapatna
  4. 4. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Agumbe Sunset view• Agumbe Sunset View is one of the peak point in western ghats. Sunset view attracts manytourists to visit this place. People visiting Agumbe can also visit Shringeri as it is very nearby.• On a clear day, one can see the sun setting over the Arabian Sea, though the sea is at quite adistance from Agumbe. Its located on the 14th hair pin bend on the mountain ride toAgumbe.• The visiting period is from November to January as the sky will be clear during this period.
  5. 5. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Belur• Belur is one of the famous tourist destination in Karnataka and is well known forChennakeshava temple which was a capital during Hoysala kingdom for a short duration. Beluris situated on the banks of river Yegachi.• There are so many art and sculptures to see in Channakeshava temple. The star shapedGarbhagruha, Navaranga and Sukanasi Pillars, the image of Vijaya narayana (Keshava), morethan 80 sculptures of Madanika in the temple.
  6. 6. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)BR Hills• Biligiri Rangana Hills belongs to Chamarajnagar district of Karnataka state. BR Hills are famousfor hilly area with beautiful scenary. The temple premises is famous for its valley view. Thisplace is also known for wild life sanctuary.• During February-March, there will be a car festival in BR hills and attracts lot of devotees acrossseveral Southern states of India. The normal visiting period is from October to March.• The main key attraction is the Hundred years old Champaka tree.
  7. 7. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Brindavan Garden• Brindavan Garden is located by the side of the Krishnarajasagar Dam built across the riverKaveri. It is one of the most beautiful laid out terrace gardens in the world.• The garden is enriched with innumerable fountains decorated with coloured lighting andilluminated running waters and fountains with changing colours of lights is an event that thetourists can look forward to in the evenings.• The Musical and dancing fountain, is the main attraction of the visitors.• The visiting hours for Brindavan garden is from early morning 7.00 am to night 9.00pm. Lightingwill be on from 7.00pm to 9.00pm.
  8. 8. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Chamundi hills• Chamundi Hill is located just outside the city of Mysore within a distance of 12 KM. ChamundiHill is one of the landmark tourist attractions of Mysore, and it never fails to fall on the itineraryof those visiting Mysore.• The famous goddess Chamundeshwari and the temple is located at the top of the hill.• The visitors can visit Lalith Mahal Palace while returning from Chamundi Hill. Lalitha mahalpalace is located at the ground level of Chamundi hill.
  9. 9. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Halebid• Halebid was also called Dwarasamudra in ancient times and is located in the Hassan district ofpresent day Indian state of Karnataka.• Halebid was the capital of Hoysala Empire during 12th and 13th centuries.• This place attracts visitors from all part of the world for the famous Hoysaleswara andKedareshwara temples.
  10. 10. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Hampi• Hampi is the most extraordinary construction of India witnessing the 14th century ruins locatedin the Bellary district of Karnataka. The nearest city to reach Hampi is Hospet.• Every part of Hampi is an attraction in itself Step into the city and you are greeted bymagnificently carved Dravidian style temples and forts. The place had been a tourist attractioneven in the 15th and 16th century.• The main key attractions are Vithala Temple, Hazara Rama Temple and Virupaksha Temple.
  11. 11. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Jog Fall• Jog Fall is located at southern state of Karnataka and is Indias highest waterfall. Its height is 830feet and is located on Sharavati River. There is an hydro electric power generating station nameafter Mahatma Gandhi.• The place is almost resides in the border of Western ghats of mountain ranges. Afternoon is thebest time to watch the fall as sunlight will directly fall on the water fall.• The best time to visit water falls is when sufficient water is available in the river. Usually fromJune to September is the best time as monsoon remains active during this time of the year.
  12. 12. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)MM Hills• MM Hills belongs to Chamarajnagar district in Karnataka state. The surrounding is totally hillyarea and the temple is situated at the center of 7 hills.• MM Hills is surrounded by dense forest. The temple here is dedicated to Lord Mahadeshwara.The temple here attracts not only the pilgrims but also nature lovers.
  13. 13. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Iruppu Falls• Iruppu water falls is located at a distance of 50 km from Madikeri. The Iruppu waterfall issurrounded by lush green Western Ghats.• The roaring waters of the Iruppu falls and the picturesque surroundings make it a favorite picnicspot. Iruppu Falls presents a stunning sight during the monsoon.• The Rameshwara Temple attracts a large number of pilgrims during the festival of Shivaratri.
  14. 14. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Abbey Falls• Abbey Falls is located at a distance of 10 km from Madikeri. The gushing waters of the Abbeyfalls, dropping down a rocky ravine, results that the roar of the falls can be heard from the road.• This waterfall is also known as the Abbi falls, is amidst of lush spread of coffee plantation.• The ideal time to visit the falls is during the monsoon, when they are at their best.
  15. 15. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Sathodi Falls• Sathodi falls is located at a distance of 32 km from Yellapur. It is situated in the midst of denseforests makes Sathodi falls an ideal tourist destination of Karnataka.• Sathodi Falls is locally known as the "mini-Niagara.• It is the perfect venue for picnics and excursions. You can also try your hand at some adventuresports such as trekking, river rafting, bird watching, etc.
  16. 16. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Badami• Badami is located in the Bagalkot district of North Karnataka, was the capital of the ChalukyaDynasty. It is situated at the mouth of a beautiful ravine, flanked on either side by beautifulsandstone hills.• It is famous for rock cut and is full of cave temples, entryways, fortresses, dedications andcarvings.• Badami attracts a lot of tourists every year for its cave temples and its architecture.
  17. 17. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Mysore Palace• Mysore Palace is located in the heart of the city. It is the most fascinating monument of Mysorecity.• Mysore Palace is one of the most visited monuments. And its one of the largest palaces in thecountry, also known as Amba Vilas Palace.• The Mysore Palace is stunningly lighted every Sunday nights and in the Dussehra month.
  18. 18. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Srirangapatna• Srirangapatna is city of historic, religious, and cultural hub situated in Mandhya district ofKarnataka, just about 13kms from Mysore.• Srirangapatna is enclosed by the river Kaveri to form an island.• The main attractions of the town is Sri Ranganathaswamy temple.
  19. 19. Key Cities And Town• Bangalore (Capital)• Mysore• Gulbarga• Belgaum• Davanagere• Mangalore• Tumakuru(Tumkur)• Shimoga• Bijapur• Raichur• Hospet• Bidar
  20. 20. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Bangalore• Bangalore is a booming city and considered fifth largest and the fastest growing city in Asia.• Bangalore combines a quaint old world charm with the hustle and bustle of a modernmetropolitan city. The city is very interesting and provides a varied sightseeing experiencewith Palaces, museums, temples, churches and gardens.• It has the most pleasant weather througout the year which got itself the name "PensionersParadise".
  21. 21. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Mysore• Mysore is the second biggest City in the State of Karnataka. It is the erstwhile capital of theMysore Maharajas, who ruled Mysore State from this royal city.• Mysore is famous for sandalwood and rose wood carved articles. Mysore is a city of palaces,gardens, shady avenues and sacred temples and retains some of the charm of the old worldwith its many institutions that propagate Carnatic Classical music and dance.
  22. 22. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Gulbarga• GULBARGA was known as KALBURGI in former days which means stony land in Karnataka.Gulbarga district is situated in the northern part of Karnataka State.• Gulbarga also has a number of imposing tombs of Bahmani kings.• The main key attractions are Gulbarga Fort, Haft Gumbad and Museum.
  23. 23. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Belgaum• Belgaum was earlier known as "Venugrama“. It has now become one of the important districtin the state of Karnataka.• Belgaum is one of the old, strong, prominent and well cultured historical place nestling high inthe Western Ghats. Belgaum has an enviable heritage and offers much to be discovered.• The main key attractions are Gokak Falls, Yellamma Temple and Belgaum Fort.
  24. 24. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Davanagere• Davangere is a city with self styled culture, yet inherited from generations and is famous fordelicacies like Benne Dose, Mandakki-Menasinakaayi and Gulladaki Undi.• The best time to visit Davangere is between the months of October and March.• The main key attractions are Kunduvada kere, Soole kere, Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary andForest College Museum.
  25. 25. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Mangalore• Mangalore is located near the backwaters formed by the converging Netravati and Gurpurrivers. The city derives its name from the presiding deity Mangaladevi, the goddess of fortune.• The city has a modern port now. The major home industries are Beedis, Tiles, cashew andcoffee curing and fishing. It has a panorama of palm-fringed beaches, lush green fields andenchanting forests.• The main attractions are Mangaladevi Temple, Light House Hill-Garden and Mahatma GandhiMuseum.
  26. 26. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Tumakuru(Tumkur)• Tumkur is one of the busiest industrial towns located in the state of Karnataka. The towncomprises of various hills, streams, valleys etc., which enhances the beauty of the place. It is aparadise for nature lovers, who want to enjoy their time in seclusion.• Though being an industrial town, Tumkur is still reckoned as one of the major tourist placeslocated in Karnataka.• The main key attractions are Pavagada Fort and Devarayana Durga.
  27. 27. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Shimoga• Shimoga is a city located in Shimoga district in the central part of the state of Karnataka. It isknown as ‘the rice bowl of Karnataka.• It lies on the banks of the Tunga River and is the administrative headquarters of the district.The name of the city is derived from the term Shiva-Mukha , meaning Face of Shiva.• The main key attractions are Shivappa Nayak Palace, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and KalthgiriFalls.
  28. 28. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Bijapur• Bijapur is a historically important city of the state. There are many excursion options fromBijapur. Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal are all located around 100 Km from Bijapur. All theseplaces are famous for the temples of Chalukyan style.• Bijapur was the construction of many exquisite structures that would be counted among thebest in the world.• The main key attractions are The Gol Gumbaz, Jumma Masjid and Aihole.
  29. 29. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Raichur• Raichur is one of the most backward districts in the state of Karnataka. The major areas wherethe district lacks in terms of development is primary education, primary health, agriculturedrinking water and sanitation.• Raichur is known for producing good quality rice. It has also received acclaim as producer ofcotton and oil seeds.• The main key attractions are Ranganatha Temple, Pampa Sarovara, Kamal Mahal andHuchchappayana Matha.
  30. 30. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Hospet• Hospet is known as the gateway to Hampi. It is famous for its close proximity to Hampi, thefamous site of the great Vijayanagar kingdom. It is located about 13 km from Hampi.• The pilgrims believe that the dip in the river here will cleanse them of the sins because of anassociation between Lord Vishnu and the Tungabhadra River.• The main key attractions are The Tungabhadra Dam, Lotus Mahal and Vithala Temple.
  31. 31. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Bidar• Bidar is an important historical city located in the northeastern part of Karnataka. Bidar was apart of the Bahamani Kingdom which comprised of Bijapur, Gulbarga.• The name of Bidar appears to be derived from bidiru which means bamboo. The place seemsto have been known for bamboo clusters in the past.• The main key attractions are Bidar Fort, Bahamani Tombs at Ashtur, Bidar Tower Clock andNarasimha Zara Cave Temple.
  32. 32. Activities you should not missSummerWinterRain
  33. 33. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Activities you should not missIn Summer:- The mercury starts rising from March and lasts till the end of May. An ideal way to beat the heatis to pack your bags and head to cooler climes, which Karnataka offers in abundance. Here, you have theoption to choose from cosy hill stations, pristine beaches and raw wildlife.Must Visit:Hill Station: Coorg, Chikmagalur, Kudremukh, Agumbe, Kemmanagundi, Kundari, Kodachadri, BR Hills, andNandi Hills.Beaches: Gokarna, Karwar, Murudeshwara, Marawanthe, Malpe, Kaup, Mangalore, St. Mary’s Island.Wildlife: Rajiv Gandhi National Park (Nagarahole), BRT Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandipur National Park, DandeliWildlife Sanctuary, Anshi National Park, Kudremukh National Park.
  34. 34. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Activities you should not missIn Winters:- The Karnataka winter is usually moderate and lasts between November to February. You canchoose to visit a hill station where the hills are at their misty best.Must Visit:Heritage Trail: World Heritage Sites of Hampi and Pattadakal, Aihole, Badami, Belgaum, Lakkundi, Chitradurga,Halebeedu, Belur, Bangalore.Hill Station: Coorg, Chikmagalur, Kudremukh, Agumbe, Kemmanagundi, Kundari, Kodachadri, BR Hills, andNandi Hills.
  35. 35. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Activities you should not missIn The Rain:-Monsoon lashes Karnataka with rains between June and September. You have the option ofvisiting the Western Ghats where the monsoons are legendary.Must Visit:Hill Stations: Agumbe, Coorg, Chikmagalur or other hill stations of the Western Ghats.
  36. 36. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Wildlife in KarnatakaKarnataka has a variety of wildlife habitats and a rich diversity of plant and animalcommunities. The habitats of Karnataka include montane grasslands and short stature valleyforests (sholas), wet-evergreen, semi-evergreen, moist decidous, dry decidous, thorny scrubas well as riverine, mangrove and other wetland vegetations. Wildlife sanctuaries arenothing less than a treasure of nature to Karnataka. Besides its natural splendor, Karnatakais also bountiful of its wildlife habitat, housing some of the rare and endangered species.BandipurNational ParkBR HillsSanctuaryRajiv GandhiNational ParkCauvery WildlifeSanctuaryKaggaladu HeronryBannerghattanational parkBhadra wildlifesanctuaryDubareelephant camp
  37. 37. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Adventure in KarnatakaWhite Water Raftingat Kali river at DandeliRock Climbing is 50kmfrom Bangalore on theBangalore-MysorehighwayTrekking at Ghat districts of Uttaraand Dakshina Karnataka -Shimoga,Chikmagalur, Hassan and Kodagu.AnglingAerosports atBangalores Hebbal LakeYana at Western Ghats inUttara Kannada district
  38. 38. Home stays• Aahan Group Stay• Aahan Hills Cottage• BB Estate• Bird of Paradise• Carmel Luxury Homestay• Chahan Homestay• Chamundi view Home Stay• Chida Homestay• Coorg Naladi Holidays• Daffodils | Dreamland Holiday Resorts andHomestays• EcoHabitat• Gowri Niwas• Holiday Home• Jagale Home Stay• Kabbe Holidays• Mels - 2BHK & 3BHK Service Apartment• Mels - Serviced Room• Nakor Vlkot Estate• Soans Island Resorts• Swarga• Villa Camelot• Elephant Corridor Coorg
  39. 39. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Aahan Group Stay (Kodagu)• The Estate stay rooms situate in the midstof coffee plantation near Aahan HillsCottage.• Kootuhole is 5 km from Madikeri town.• Aahan Group Stay has well furnished 4rooms with TV, attached bathroom. Eightpersons can be accommodated in oneroom.• The amenities provided are Doctor on Call,Postal Services, Laundry Facility, Taxi on Calland Cook on call.Read More..
  40. 40. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Aahan Hills Cottage(Madikeri)• Aahan Hills Cottage is situated in the midstof coffee plantation near Abbe Falls atSapthagiri Estate Kootuhole, Madikeri. Ithas all the amenities to Guarantee theguest a Luxurious stay.• It has 2 rooms with spacious bedroom, Bathroom with Bath tub facility, a Grand fullyfurnished Kitchen, a Spacious Verandah andCamp fire facility etc.• A beautiful view of hills, river, sun rise, sunset and can also enjoy the rejuvenatingwalk inside the coffee plantation.• The amenities are television and internetaccess.Read More…
  41. 41. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)BB Estate(Kodagu)• BB Homestay is a Premium category locatedin coffee plantation farm. The house issituated just 6 kms from the beautiful townof Madikeri.• The guests have options of staying in theEstate Bungalow or the 175 year oldancestral house.• The Estate Bungalow has 2 suites which areconsisting of bedroom, dining, bathroom &sit out. There are 3 bedroom in ancestralhouse has attached bathrooms, a hall, sitout and dining cum kitchen.• The other key attractions include wild lifesafari, trek, play golf, or go angling. Thespiritually inclined can follow the buddhisttrail.Read More…
  42. 42. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Bird of Paradise(North Kodagu)• The bird of Paradise Home-stay is spreadacross a sprawling seven acre estate andwill entice you with best of both worlds. It’sa place like no other untouched and pure.With nothing but nature all around you.• With all the comforts of home andsurroundings that resound with peace andcalm, the Bird of Paradise Home stay makesa perfect holiday or weekend destination ofchoice.• The key attractions around the propertyinclude Nisargadama Wildlife park (6 kms),Dubare Elephant camp (15 kms), TibetanGolden temple (7 kms) and Harangi dam (6kms).Read More…
  43. 43. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Carmel Luxury Homestay(Bangalore)• The Homestay is built in the traditionalKerala style of architecture ,it has an opencourtyard covered with baked Mangaloeantiles, the centre courtyard with a varppu,the pot traditionally used by families inKerala to cook for guests.• The interiors are decorated with authenticrosewood furniture, lamps, a tanjore veenaand an ethnic swing. The bright colours,abstract art murals and knick-knacks give ita very contemporary feel.• If you just want to relax, then you have awide variety of options, whether you justwant soak in the sun on the lawns, or playsome indoor games like snooker or chess.• If you have pets, you can leave them in thesafe hands of hosts who are animal loversthemselves. For a nominal fee, they willlook after your pets while you tour the city.Read More…
  44. 44. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Chahan Homestay(Kodagu)• Chahan Homestay is a 3BHK property inMedikeri, Kodagu district.• There are 3 bedrooms and accommodationis suitable for 8 people.• The amenities provided are Doctor on Call,Laundry facility, Housekeeping ,Televisionand Fridge.Read More…
  45. 45. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Chamundi view Home Stay(Mysore)• The Chamundi View homestay is registeredas “Grade A” accommodation by KarnatakaTourism. The homestay is located in thebeautiful town of Mysore just 5 kms fromthe main town.• The property is run by the Nanjappas andhas two bed rooms. The hosts areextremely friendly and hospitable. The hostserves traditional Indian, Continental andChinese food.• The homestay has all modern amenitiesand ensures that the guests havecomfortable stay at the property.• The rooms are basic but neat and youllalways find the bathrooms dry and clean.There is ample natural night and ventilationin the rooms.Read More…
  46. 46. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Chida Homestay(Kodagu)• Chida Homestay is a beautiful 2 BHKproperty, has 2 bedrooms which canaccommodate up to 5 people.• Madikeri is a hill station town in Karnatakastate, India. Also known as Mercara, it is theheadquarters of Kodagu district.• The amenities provide are Satellite TV,Internet access, cook on call, doctor on calland housekeeping.Read More…
  47. 47. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Coorg Naladi Holidays(Coorg)• Naladi Holidays is built on 15 acres ofcoffee plantations on a river bank in therainforests. The homestay is located in ainterior village called as "Naladi" .• The house is situated conveniently at thefoothills of Thadiyandamol peak and servesbest as a base camp for trekkers.• The guest accommodation will be insidethe spacious villa with 4 huge doublebedrooms overlooking the estate andmountains. The guest rooms are at the firstfloor which is exclusive for the guest andhas a separate entrance.• The sangam of 2 mountain rivers are knownas ‘Ambala Pole’ and is only 50 meters awayfrom the bungalow.Read More…
  48. 48. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Daffodils Dreamland Holiday Resorts and Homestay• Daffodils Homestay is set amidst the mistywoods of Coorg. Warm hospitality isassured, and the accommodation facilitiesare comfortable and efficient, allowing therelaxation. It is an excellent retreat fromcity life, and meets all the requirements ofleisure and business travellers with aplomb.• Daffodils contain 5 deluxe rooms with allmodern facilities. The guest can opt forrooms or for complete bungalow.• All our rooms are properly ventilated andbuild as and according to the old vasturituals. All rooms are provided with cotsand comfortable mattresses, bed spreads,blankets, towels, floor mats and more allfor your luxury.Read More…
  49. 49. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)EcoHabitat(Kusalnagar)• Eco Habitat believe in reintroducing cityfolk to the wonders of nature in its purestform.• We always take people to unheard ofplaces and provide them with new,uncommon experiences, that’s why wemake use of offbeat retreats set amongsome of the most naturally beautiful,remote Coorg locales.• Eco Habitat is situated very close to riverKaveri. It is a beautiful coconut farmintercropped with Vanilla & Cardamom.There is small dairy farm in Eco Habitatwhich takes care of all the dairy needs.• There are 4 rooms which include satelliteTV, private pool, solar power lights andinternet on request.Read More…
  50. 50. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Elephant Corridor Coorg(Mysore)• Elephant corridor is a plantation homestayin Coorg. It offers refreshing experience tothe guest with the beautiful sceneryaround. It is the best place to sit, relax andDO absolutely Nothing!‘• Elephant corridor has three spaciousrooms, two on ground floor and one on firstfloor, with attached bathrooms. There isseparate open kitchen for those guests,who like to cook their own food.• The guest can enjoy the ambiance throughcomfortable cushions, hammock,magazines, board games, wind chimes andsmall miniatures in and around the guestrooms.• There are other interesting places like theDubare Elephant camp, Abhi Falls, andNagarahole Wildlife Sanctuary. The guestcan visit the magnificent Tibetan BuddhistMonastery. Read More…
  51. 51. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Gowri Niwas(Kodagu)• Gowri Niwas is situated at the heart ofMadikeri, the capital of Coorg, the guestshave the luxury and comfort of home.• Gowri Niwas has been rebuilt meticulously,is an ancestral home known for itslegendary hospitality to family and friends.• The guest can enjoy the solitude of naturein all wild untouched beauty, listen to themusic of the wind and have a picnic by thebrook in the heart of Coorg.• There are 3 rooms which are well furnishedwith cable TV, hot water kettle, attachedbathroom and running hot and cold water.Read More…
  52. 52. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Holiday Home(Mysore)• Holiday Home is 2BHK Fully Furnishedapartment in a very centrally located areain Mysore. It provides guest the comfort ofa home away from home to get away fromthe extreme summers/winters come toMysore where the weather is moderatethroughout the year.• The place is best suited for corporate andpeople who are traveling for long duration.The apartment is available on monthlyrental. The guest will need to book thesame for one month period and can beextended.• The guest only need to carry their personalclothes and the rest is provided, withcutlery linen to microwave, washingmachine and also gas and a part time maid,along with ironing man on the premises.
  53. 53. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Jagale Home Stay(South Coorg)• Jagale Homestay, nestled amidst lush greencoffee plantations that border theNagarahole forest in south Coorg, is theideal holiday spot.• There are two wooden cottages and a roomon the roof of the house are offered with allthe basic facilities and an attachedbathroom.• The guests walk into a house to a livingroom well furnished with wooden flooringtastefully decorated giving you a completehome atmosphere.• The guest will be offered all kinds of Coorgdishes and the regular Indian dishes. Theguest can plan a long walk through thecoffee estate and watch the sun set acrossthe paddy fields or walk down to the riverto fish.Read More…
  54. 54. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Kabbe Holidays(Kodagu)• Kabbe Holidays is perfectly situated in thepicturesque foothills of the Kabbe Hills,Somakundu and Thadiyandamolu in Kodagudistrict Coorg. The place offers a beautifulview of valleys and mountains.• The best season to visit Kabbe is betweenOctober and May. The monsoons, from Julyto September, are heavy and restrictoutdoor activities - a perfect time of yearfor overworked corporates andhoneymooners.• There are 5 rooms fully furnished with allmodern facilities including postal services,taxi on call and doctor on call.Read More…
  55. 55. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Mels-2BHK & 3BHK Service Apartment• Mel’s Serviced Apartments offers fullyfurnished luxurious serviced apartments. Itoffers complete privacy to guests, whereentry and access to the apartment areexclusive.• A bedroom flat is an apartment with 5bedrooms, each with twin / double beds, aTV and private attached bathrooms• Each serviced apartment is equipped withtelevision, STD/ISD facility and a kitchenfully equipped with utensils, stove, fridge,microwave oven and electric kettle.• Complimentary Indian or continentalbreakfast and newspaper are also provided.Read More…
  56. 56. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Mels - Serviced Room(Bangalore)• MELS Serviced Rooms are centrally locatedon HAL Airport road, Bangalore. It offers acomfortable stay to guests at competitiveprices.• Serviced room are fully furnished that canbe shared by two adults and a child up to12 years of age. Each serviced room isequipped with television, and wifi facility.• Complimentary Indian or continentalbreakfast and newspaper are also provided.• The homestay is close to the walkingdistance to Manipal Hospital, majorshopping districts, restaurants and nightlife.Read More…
  57. 57. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Nakor Vlkot Estate(North Coorg)• The Nakoor Volkot Estate is a cozy family-run vacation home that lies in a coffeeplantation spread over 12 acres of land. Inaddition to the coffee, you’ll also findpepper and orange spread out all over theestate.• A small lake and the five minute walk fromthe back waters of the Harangi Dam,complete the picturesque setting and otherkey attraction includes Harangi Dam whichis just five minutes walk away from thehomestay.• There are two bedrooms with a drawingroom, all with attached bathrooms. There isalso a full-size kitchen attached with thedining area. The kitchen has all the basicamenities, so the guests can also cook theirown food or alternatively, the host canarrange the food for the guest.Read More…
  58. 58. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Soans Island Resorts(Kundapur)• Soans Island Resorts is located on theprivate Island in Coastal Karnataka.• It is a beautiful strip of land situated right atthe mouth of Varahi River, 6 kms fromKundapur in the sleepy town of Basrur.• There are 3 modern cottages near theshoreline where one can dive into theinviting waters from the balcony or feedfish from the steps. The guest can bask inthe sun, watch a glorious sunset, take a dipin the river, go for long walks and cyclerides.• The surrounding water is home to severalfresh water fish. The guests forget all theirtroubles as they listen to the soothingsound of waves, and the swaying of tropicalpalms. Surrounded by nature in its owntropical setting, one gets the feeling thatone is miles from nowhere. Read More…
  59. 59. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Swarga(Hassan District)• Swarga is a luxury homestay, situated onthe banks of Hemavathy River amidst thehillocks and coffee plantations of theWestern Ghats Range at 25 km fromSakleshpur of Hassan District, Karnataka.• Swarga offers 5 cottages designed aroundthe 5 elements of nature. Each cottage hasbeen tastefully designed with the intentionof bringing the guests closer to nature.• During the monsoon months of June, Julyand August the river runs in all its glory andthe forest is beautiful and lush. After themonsoons the water starts to recede toreveal wide sand banks where you can layback and rejuvenate yourself.• The weather is cool and pleasant betweenthe months of September and February andis the best time to visit.Read More …
  60. 60. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Villa Camelot(Bangalore)• Villa Camelot is a Family run B & B. Thehomestay is nestled in a quiet and greenresidential layout in Whitefield. The SathyaSai Baba Ashram, International Tech Park,Forum Value Mall are a few landmarksunder 2 kms from the villa.• The homestay has two well appointedrooms, each with its own theme, inspiredby the myriad states of India, to make theguest stay pleasant and memorable.• Villa Camelot is a fusion of Internationalmodernity blended in with culturally richIndian Interiors and an unforgettable IndianHospitality.• The places is for everyone, whether you arehere on Spiritual Tourism , Medical Tourism,Leisure vacation or a Business visit!Read More…
  61. 61. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Travel Facts• By Air- Bangalore International Airport is 40km from the city and is also well connectedto all major airports in India.• By Rail- The City Railway Station is 8km from MG Road, Cantonment Railway Station is3km from MG Road and the Yeshwanthpur Railway Station is 10km from MG Road.Bangalore is well connected by rail to all the major cities of India.• By Road- Kempegowda Bus Stand (Inter State) in Bangalore is the Central Bus Stand, a24-hour hub for buses plying all over South India.
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