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Chandni chowk is the one of the popular markets in Delhi. It was basically established by Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan. He is the same King who had built world famous Taj Mahal, Red Fort and Jama Masjid. …

Chandni chowk is the one of the popular markets in Delhi. It was basically established by Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan. He is the same King who had built world famous Taj Mahal, Red Fort and Jama Masjid. Visit Chandni Chowk with Theotherhome.com

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  • 1. OVERVIEWOne of the oldest and busiest markets in Old Delhi hasaround 2500 shops.
  • 2. Built in 17th century bythe Muslim emperorShah Jahan.The favourite daughterof Shahjahan, Jahanaralaid the foundation oftoday Chandni Chowkwhich is the largesttrading centre of NorthIndia.Market was once dividedby canals to reflectmoonlight hence thename.ORIGIN
  • 3. LOCATIONChandni Chowk runs through the middle of the walled city,from the Lahori Darwaza (Lahore Gate) of the Red Fortto Fatehpuri Masjid.Situated opposite the Red Fort, the bazaar has several galis(lanes). Each of these galis represent a specialty of this marketLocated in Central Delhi.Easily accessible due to Delhi Metro Connectivity.Close to ISBT and Old Delhi Railway Station.
  • 5. Shri Digambar Jain MandirOldest and bestknown Jain temple inDelhi built in 1656.Known for anavian veterinaryhospital in a secondbuilding behind themain temple.
  • 6. Jama MasjidThe principalmosque of OldDelhi.Built by Shah Jahanin 1650 AD.25,000 people canpray here at a time.Cost of theconstruction inthose times was 10lakh.
  • 7. GurudwaraSheesh GanjEstablished in 1783 by BaghelSingh to commemorate themartyrdom site of Guru TegBahadur.The trunk of tree under whichthe Guru was beheaded ispreserved here.
  • 8. Gauri ShankarTempleThe 800 year old GauriShankar Temple is aHindu temple.Temple was built byApa Ganga Dhar, whosurvived a severe battleinjury after praying tolord Shiva.
  • 9. RED FORTThe Red sandstone of the massive Red Fort rise 33 metres above theclamour of Old Delhi as a reminder of the magnificent power andpomp of the Mughal emperors. The walls, built in 1638, weredesigned to keep out invaders, now they mainly keep out the noise andconfusion of the day.
  • 10. EATING JOINTSThe eating joints in Chandni Chowk are famousnot only in Delhi, but all over India. Most ofthese date from the last century, some even earlierthan that. Here, with every bite, one samples notonly a delicacy but also a piece of history!Handed down from father to son, many of thesebusinesses are now being managed by the 4th or5th generations. They include halwais(confectioners), namkeen (spicy savories) shops,chaatwalahs and many others.
  • 11. PARANTHE WALI GALIGali Paranthe Wali or Paranthe waliGali (गली पराँठेवाली),(literally "thebylane of fried bread") is the name ofa narrow street in theChandni Chowkarea of Delhi, India , noted for itsseries of shops selling paratha, afried Indian bread, and now apopular culinary destination.Famous gourmet locality in theworld.Famous for Various kind ofParanthas including Fried Paranthas,Stuffed Paranthas, etc.Open till late in the night
  • 12. KARIM’SThis place specializes in Mughlai food , turning a century old this year,age alone in this case can vouch for the popularity and the level ofawesomeness of the food served. It is made the same way with thesame ingredients since over 100 years.
  • 13. GHANTEWALA HALWAIThe Ghantewala Halwai in Chandni Chowk in Delhi, establishedin 1790 CE is one of the oldest halwais (traditional sweet shop) inIndia. Check out Sohan Halwa, Motichoor ladoos and Pista burfi.
  • 14. GIANIJI KA FALOODAGianiji ka Falooda famous for Rabri Falooda, established around 1947. Ihavent tasted stronger thick shakes anywhere in India. There are variousbranches of Gianiji all over the Delhi but the taste at the original shopsurpasses way beyond anything you have ever tried.
  • 15. NATRAJ’S DAHI-BHALLEIt sells one of the bestversion of dahi-bhalla in thecity. The cream is creamyand thick, the bhalla iscoarsely brown and thechatni is poured with arestrained hand so that allthe elements are in perfectharmony. It is very near toChandni Chowk metrostation.
  • 16. JALEBI-WALAThe shop was established around 1890. Jalebi is localdelicacy which are fried in pure ghee (clarified butter).Thick and juicygolden colored ringof deep fried maidabatter, soaked insugar syrup.This is one famousshop inChandni Chowk. Itstands at the turningto Dariba Kalan.
  • 18. KINARI BAZARKinari Bazaar is very famous forzari and zardozi work, of any andevery kind. It can offer anythingand everything that one may needfor an Indian bridal trousseau.
  • 19. DARIBA KALANFor silver jewelry shopping in Chandni Chowk, Dariba Kalan is the perfectplace. Once a place full of gold and silver jewelers, it now specializes insilver jewelry. Today, most of the shops in Dariba Kalan trade in silver and costumejewelry. Some also deal in authentic itar, a special variety of perfume andattar.
  • 20. CHHATTA CHOWK BAZAARA covered bazaar, dating back to the 17th century, was meant for ladies in veil. Inthis covered thoroughfare leading up to the Red Fort, the caravan traders would layout their wares and move away. The ladies could then come and make their choicewithout being observed. Today, the market has 40-odd shops selling artificialand semi-precious jewellery, embroidered bags, hand-painted wall hangings andantiques with dubious authenticity.
  • 21. NAI SARAKA popular book-shoppingdestination in Old Delhi is NaiSarak. Connecting the mainChandni Chowk Road withChawri Bazaar, Nai Sarak hasnumerous wholesale and retailshops selling college andschool textbooks. Just a leftturn from the famousParanthewali Gali will take youto Nai Sarak. You will also findshops that sell only stationeryitems. The market remainsclosed on Sundays.
  • 22. DARYAGANJBOOK MARKETBe it the latest best-seller or an out-of-print book, Delhi is a hotdestination for buying books.Stretching for more than a kilometre,the Daryaganj Old Book Market isoften referred to as the worlds largestweekly book market. It is organisedevery Sunday.Most of the books available hereare used. Besides the throwawayprice, the availability of a widevariety and out-of-print, difficult-to-find books draws buyers here.From fiction to medical sciences,architecture to cookery, comics toatlases, classics to magazines, andmanagement to hobbies, name anygenre and you can find it here.
  • 23. CHOR BAZARLocated near the Red Fort andLajpat Rai Market, Chor Bazaarliterally means "ThievesMarket". From electronic itemsto designer clothes, you can findeverything here. Prices areenticingly low but the life of theproduct cant be guaranteed. Youhave to depend on verbalassurances and on your ownjudgement.
  • 24. BHAGIRATH PLACEBhagirath Palace issupposed to be thelargest electricalgoods market inAsia. Apart fromthat, it is alsofamous medicalequipments andallopathic medicines.
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