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Presentation for SHRM Talent Management in Las Vegas, April 17th 2013.

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  • There are 135MM Members on LinkedIn; 80% are decision makers
  • 2012 marks the first year in Pew Research’s surveys that over 50% of all adults have reported using Social Media.
  • The Social Recruiter

    1. 1. The Social Recruiter:Going Beyond #OldSkool Recruiting
    2. 2. I WorkBrand
    3. 3. Recruitment is...•Marketing•Sales•HR
    4. 4. Social Media: Little Black Dress A Must in Todays Recruiters Wardrobe “Nearly 92% of companies areused/planned to use Social Media toFind candidates & LinkedIn usage upby 15% by recruiters to 93%.1.Connects You With The Right People2.Increases Credibility So People AreMore Likely to Respond To You3.Helps Give You Info You Need to TailorMessage For Positive Response Jobvite Survey 2012 & Jason Seiden, Ajax Social Media
    5. 5. Social Media Fast Facts 92% of Companies used Social Networks in Recruiting in 2012 4.6+ Million Job Seekers used Social to find their last job & 86% plan to use it to find a new job in 2013 Social Recruiting is the leader in budgeted increased spending (55% reported increase) Keeping a candidate on the same platform throughout process increases their level of engagement – by approx 4x From Jobvite, Forbes & Master Burnett
    6. 6. Engage Your Workforce: They’re On Social Media, Anyway Current Employees •67%American Workers use social technology •Social Networking is the 4th most popular online activity •66% of the Internet population visits social networks Potential Employees •7 hrs/week = average time Job seekers use social media Let Them Help You Share: 1.Your Open & Upcoming Roles 2.Good News1. Pew Research Center’s Internet & American-Life Survey 12/2012 3.What’s Ahead for Your Company
    7. 7. “Brand-Building” Across All Channels
    8. 8. •FOR YOUR PROFILE:• Optimize Every Field w/ Links back to CAREER SITES, CONTACT INFO, & MICROSITES• Use Good Keywords in Your Job Titles to Increase SEO• LinkedIn Applications are Gone – Now Use Media Linking: Learn More at
    9. 9. : Keys to Maximizing• Use LinkedIn Updates Regularly – Share More Than Just Positions – News, Articles, Happenings, Events – LinkBacks to Company Page Discussions/Updates – Wordpress/Blogs – Pictures, Infographics, Polls• Links back to your Corporate Newsite & Careers Page• Groups – recruiting benefits, engagement, community• Ensure your Company Profile is compelling & complete
    10. 10. Company Pages• The Basics: Banner Photo 646x220 (same as FB) – Make It Interesting. POP!! Product Page can host white papers, assessments,• Point of Impact: 150 followers=tipping point for engagement. • Start w/ current employees. Post Regular Status Updates – NOT just jobs.• The Inter mediate: Status Updates, Career Tabs – • Multi-Media, Polls
    11. 11. Company Pages• The Advanced: Building Campaigns, Cross- Promotion =Engagement & SOCIAL PROOF • Product Recommendations: Work with Sales/Marketing to gain customer recommendations. This has “called-out” visibility on right side of page. • Employee Recommendations: Allow managers/Ees ability to recognize each other’s service & good work via Status Updates • Build Campaigns around compelling question that will interest your audience, or company initiative
    12. 12. LinkedIn Marketing Key to Marketing to Groups is to see them for what they are: Community. Participate Regularly. By integrating Twitter, you can increase statusupdates & visibility across your network. Klout+
    13. 13. Do you “Like This??”Gaining Comfort with FB Marketing
    14. 14. Facebook = higher Influence on Decisions• The Average FB User: 67% of onlineAmericans (57% of all adults)• Accesses both mobile (75% under40, 40% across all adults, 28% daily) & PC• 67% of members make more than $60k (up 9% from 2011)• 43% College or Grad School educated• Actively connected to 80+ pages, events, groups; 130 friends• SPENDS 25 MINUTES PER VISIT ON SITE; 41% uses multiple times a day. Pew Internet Research, Forbes
    15. 15. : Keys to MaximizingFan Pages:• Engage with Fans, create Community• Send “updates” to Fans - database of interested users• Link back to your Corporate Website/Careers Page• Fan Pages index well in search engines• Fan interaction is shared in their News Feed• Promote Events, Recognize Teams, Birthdays, Service Anniversaries, Promotions, New Hires, Life@, Important Business Milestones/History
    16. 16. • 100 Million Active Users –Usage has doubled since 2010• 1.6 Billion Tweets PER DAY• Can market by location, keyword, & existing community, & networks.• 42% College or Grad School educated (down from 55% in 2011)• Have Contact Info in Your Profile Description• The Hashtag # - Is a MUST – Dewey Decimal System of Twitter – you can create your own, as well!
    17. 17. : Keys to Maximizing•Balance promotional, personal and conversational tweets•Be a “real person” reflecting a real voice and authenticity – 4x’s higher engagement.•You Can Find Candidates to Follow on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn & then engage w/ them online•Regularly promote/highlight others (they’ll likely reciprocate when relevant)•Cross-Promote w/ other channels, esp LI, Instagram, 4Square, and Pinterest
    18. 18. : Keys to Maximizing•Share links of interest to candidates & potential candidates BEYOND SELF- PROMOTION•Link to videos & photos on Career Website, YouTube, or Facebook Fan page – higher share rate when link is in the middle of tweet•Hashtags to note: #jobs #career #hiring #employment #YouTern #HFChat #JobHuntChat #CareerAngels #[City]•Job Sharing: Follow 1:5 Content Rule
    19. 19. Blogging & Vlogging• 77% of active Internet Users read blogs• Average age 41 (up from 37 in 2011)• 69% of members make less than $60k• 63% College or Grad School educated• 45% Male / 55% Female (same since 2011)• This is a Credibility tool – Must be Tailored to Your Audience AND Your Area of Expertise – have guest posters (candidates, influencers, &/or current employees) talk about theirs Technorati, 2012 survey
    20. 20. : Keys to Maximizing• Boost Search Engine rankings with focus on SEO-Friendly Keywords (google AdWords can help with this, use in key content areas & pic. naming)• Establish expertise & post regularly – but that doesn’t mean HAS to be daily! You’re a recruiter/talent marketeer, not an author.• Foster relationships with Employees, Candidates and Customers• Recruit – post about cool job opportunities – just don’t spam them!• Share industry news & Link to media coverage• Address Common Questions/Process• Cross-Link to other social media efforts & careersites
    21. 21. Most Important: Be Human I Love These Brands – but no 2-way conversations! #norelationshipwithlogos In Social Media, people want to interact with Humans Not Buildings or a Logos – Only 9% report they WANT toengage w/ a brand & only 7% feel “invested” in brands they follow. Socialmediatoday 11/12
    22. 22. The Interest in Pinterest Use Pinterest to Share Your Blog Posts, Jobs,Create a Picture of Life at Your Company/Client’s Site& Have Another Area of Engagement w/ Candidates
    23. 23. Instant Engagement on Instagram??
    24. 24. :Keys to Maximizing•Easy way to share visual content – Don’t get too “busy”• Engage Followers by being consistent with posting• Engage Interaction by replying to their comments &regularly checking out their feed.• Create a Theme - want more? Make another account!
    25. 25. :Fast Facts • 37% of online adults report having used the G+ hangout feature and willing to use it again • 48% of Fortune 100 companies are now on G+ • Only 8% of Americans have a G+ page & only 12% report wanting to learn more about making one. • 40% of marketers use Google+, 70 percent want to learn more about it and 67 percent plan on increasing Google+ activities.• 47% of Hispanic consumers use Google+, compared to the U.S. average of 18 percent. USAMP, Hubspot, HuffPost
    26. 26. Keys to Maximizing• Not a recommended source for official interviews, but hangouts can be a great way for “ask the team” “open-house” style learning w/ college or for volume recruiting initiatives • Higher B2B engagement /consider this for B2B oriented roles or Fortune 100 sales/marketing roles• Small audience likely warrants smaller time/budgetary focus - really research prior to investing• Potentially a good channel for international & diversity B2C recruiting efforts USAMP, Forbes, Hubspot, HuffPost
    27. 27. Engagment tips• On average, marketers assign 20% MORE weight to connection w/ the brand any given social interaction than the user/audience does EXCEPT FOR proactive effort to learn more about the brand.What does this tell us? Interaction doesn’t necessarily equal engagement.SO WHAT = ENGAGEMENT??? PROACTIVITY.
    28. 28. What Resonates To Build To Proactivity?We look to consumer behavior for recruitment marketingadaptation:•Humor (94%)•Online Images: Video & Photos (53% - similarshare #s)•Loyalty Clubs (83%)•Discount Codes (85% search for “brand codes”)•Timing (44% more likely to engage when alreadyconsidering brand) Forbes Insights 2012, HBR, Inc 2013
    29. 29. Are You Ready?Here are some tips to “increase your speed” in the Social Recruiting Race:
    30. 30. Time Management Tips• Have a Strategy: Know what your goal/objective is for each platform going in.• PLAN in advance what you want to post/share on each platform before you log on.• Curate a minimum of 3-5 days worth of content in advance (ideal is 14) & schedule shares on appropriate platforms to maximize on time efficiency.
    31. 31. Time Management Tips• Set Time Limits – just like with anything else, schedule time blocks for Social Media Recruitment work. Don’t stray – when time’s up? Put it away & come back to it after hours.• Remember to set small blocks during the day (5-15 min) to engage in responding to things posted to you by your network.• Go through what your network has posted & post responses to them before & after work or during lunch/break times.
    32. 32. I WorkBrand/ PRSCamp