IntroHello everyone, I would first off like to say thank you all for taking the time to read over mythread. If you’re an o...
sorts of thing things, The reason why I have my slave do such tasks is because it’s not alwaysabout pleasure when given th...
slave, and seeing how the slave acts to the master. This process of learning can teach asubmissive what to expect in the l...
Being a masochist (big bonus)Small talkText talking e.g. I wnt 2 b ur slveShowing lack of interestResponding at long perio...
About YouRequirements:• Age Limit: None• Sex: Female (only)• Location: Anywhere.• Race: Any• Language: English (broken is ...
===================                             Submitting Your Application(Required)Below is a small and detailed questio...
• Are you a virgin:• Do you have another master:• Do you like to role-play:• Have you had another other masters?• Willing ...
serious. If I am not what you’re looking for then I hope you do find your master soon in thefuture. Looking forward to tal...
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  1. 1. IntroHello everyone, I would first off like to say thank you all for taking the time to read over mythread. If you’re an online slave or someone who is interested in being an online slave and wantsto bypass all of the "games" or "reason to get-off" then keep reading as I might be what you’relooking for.I know this ad may be very long, but if you’re serious about this lifestyle (I will get to that lateron) then I highly suggest you read this post to its entirely and read it over again after you haveread it once to make sure you understand everything clearly. I made it long and descriptivebecause I would like for all of you who are interested to know exactly what you are gettingyourself into, and that you are sure that I am what looking for in a master. As your reading thisad, I welcome you to ask any questions that you might have and PM me them in my inbox and Iwill read them and reply asap. Enjoy. About MeGeneral InfoMy name is Gin Maskinharn and I am 21 years old. I currently live in California (United States)and I have lived in California for about 15 years of my life, the other 5 years I lived in Nevada. Iam currently attending a Junior College and working on getting my Major in the field ofcomputer science, but as of right now just getting my AA. I do spend a lot of my time oncomputers and have developed computer graphics as a hobby of mine alongside computergames, my offline hobbies usually are spent playing role-playing games such as D&D, but I dontmind occasionally sitting down, burning the mid-night oil, and playing Monopoly from time totime. I am not a very uptight person, and in general I can be very calm, laid-back, andwelcoming.My ExperienceYes, I know, I am very young, but I can promise you that I have had my share of experiences ofthe lifestyle involving bdsm on and off line, and that’s why I feel confident enough in myself tofind the right slave for me. I know how to treat a slave with love and compassion, but all at thesame time with the strong sturdy hand of master.My TeachingsUsually in today’s world, I see people who think of a slave, as nothing more than someone to usefor sexual pleasure, and as that is part of the job, that’s not all there is to being involved in amaster/slave relationship, and that’s where a lot of people get that confused. Now, you mayalready know that, if so then that was merely a reminder. I will treat my slave with love andcompassion, as stated above; being my slave you should always expect the unexpected. Onething you may be interested in knowing is this, about a good 45% of the things we do may nothave anything to do with anything sexual or physical at all. Being my slave is all aboutobedience and discipline, and that’s what I strive for in a slave to teach and have them learn. Asmy slave, you should also know that I will constantly strive to obtain obedience and disciplineusually by having my you do things such as writing long passages of text, learning how to speakproperly upon giving respect, looking up information on the internet for knowledge, and all other
  2. 2. sorts of thing things, The reason why I have my slave do such tasks is because it’s not alwaysabout pleasure when given the power of being a Master, and I understand that, I believe a slave isto do whatever her/his master sees fit even if it may be something that the slave does not want todo (respecting all limits of course), because it’s not about what the slave wants, it’s about therespect and obedience that the Master gets. Another big teaching that comes very important tome are limits. If you are a new slave and dont quite understand and know what your limits arethen that is great, because I am more than willing to show and teach you how to grow up to be aloyal and wonderful slave and will teach you what your limits are and are not, so that you will beprepared to take on this wonderful lifestyle and wherever its path may take you. If you are wellexperienced slave and understand what your limits are then I will give you my word that I willrespect your limits and will pressure you into something that you are unsure of or unwilling. Iwill never put my slave into a situation where law informant, serious health issues, or any otherunethical practices will be involved. Privacy is also another thing that I respect with my slave.Privacy is probably one of the biggest things I practice safety with my slave. As a Webcam, Mic,or camera are very much welcome in this relationship but is it not required, but if you feel thatyou would like to explore that area, I can give you my word that pictures and message historiesare and will never be saved. I will never ever ask you for your address, phone number, or anyother personal information such as Credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and such. Thatis completely unethical and will not be tolerated and/or practiced under any circumstance. Mymain priority is to keep this a safe and fun relationship.My views about the lifestyle of BDSMI believe that BDSM is not for everyone. It is a way of live, and not everyone is born with thequalities and desire to take the role of being a master or slave, but to the people who have theburning desire to serve as a slave or control as a dominate they should grow on their passion andnot hide it from being ashamed as being different, because what different is, is something thatmake ever person unique in their own way. Bdsm is a wonderful way of live and should only bepracticed if the person is absolutely sure it is for them and that is what they want, and not justthink of it as a sex game, because there is so much more to it than that. Sexual actives areincluded in bdsm, but bdsm is not strictly the only thing practiced in being a Dom or a Sub.BDSM is an art, and no art just should judge through the closed minded people, as BDSM isfrowned upon by so many people. If you feel the desire and passion to take on the role of a Domor Slave, odds are you should experience the style at least once and try it out. I believe everyoneis born with the role of being a Dom or a Sub, but does not strictly refer to bdsm, as it is beingexercise though: work, school, and relationships.What I personally believe the role of a submissive is.The role of a submissive implying that this term is is referring to bdsm, is to learn. A submissiveshould follow up on her/his desire of filling the role of being a masters slave, but in order to doso, the submissive should take some time and find out what he/she is looking for in a master.There are a wide verity of people who have their own way of being a dom, and not just anysubmissive can be a slave to a master. It takes the process of trial and error. A submissive couldgo about learning how to be a slave and finding the right master in a few ways. The first waycould be research, looking at porn. Yes, I said porn. Porn is a great way to see firsthand of whatother people are doing in the role of being a master and slave and they could take some mentalnotes and find out what seems appealing and what does note, seeing how the master acts to the
  3. 3. slave, and seeing how the slave acts to the master. This process of learning can teach asubmissive what to expect in the lifestyle of a slave and while all at the same time have thepleasure of finding out what the submissive might be interested in trying out or being objectivetoo, e.g. figuring out limits. Another way a submissive could learn is to just start off finding anonline master and seeing how it works out, but with limited trust. This will allow a submissive tofind out what it feels like to be under the control over a dom or a master, but all at the same timebeing in complete control. This process of finding the right online master may take years butthrough trial and error, it will allow the submissive to learn and grow. After the submissive hasgot an idea of what it means to be a slave, the submissive should then take the step in searchingfor the right master; again this process may take years with trial and error. When found, thesubmissive should then OBEY. Being a slave is all about submitting. Obeying should be the firstthat comes to his/her mind and do whatever it is that is instructed and giving 110% to makehis/her master as happy as possible, so that the master at the end of the day could say that he ishappy to have the slave under his ownership. Now of course a slave should not do anything thatis above his/her limits, but he/she should be open minded to new things. Giving respect! This isvery important as well. No one wants a snobby disrespectful slave. A submissive shouldunderstand that and do his/her job of being as respectful to anyone as much as possible ratherthey are his/her master or not by calling them sir or master. Listening is also very important partof being a submissive. When master gives his/her slave strict instruction, her/she should nevergive the master any excuse to why that task could not be done, assuming is follows the limits. Ifthe submissive should have a reason, then she should inform the Master ahead of time before thetask is due. While all of the above things are important aspects of being a submissive, asubmissive should love and respect his/her master, as that is what really brings the Sub and Domtogether.What I personally believe the role of a Dom is.The Dom should first off, have some idea of what he/her is doing before having a slave, and ifthis is in real life, I would highly suggest the dom experience the pain or pleasure beforeperforming it on someone else. Being a Dom is not an easy task. It takes a lot of responsibilities.A Dom who is a master should not take the job lightly. Having a slave is having the life ofanother in your hands; a Dom should not treat the irresponsible by having her performimpossible task. A Dom should treat the slave with love and compassion so that the slave willfeel safe and secure. A dom should be strict of course, but also be fair. Sometimes a slave willnot be able to fulfill every task, especially if it is online, and a dom should understand and expectthat. If the slave is out of alignment, then the dom should punish the slave accordingly, butshould never ever pass the slaves limits at any point rather it is out of a punishment or not. Limitsare to never be broken.Likes and Dislikes:Showing obedienceShowing IntelligenceBeing descriptiveAsking questionsFollowing DirectionsWanting to know all you can about the lifestyle
  4. 4. Being a masochist (big bonus)Small talkText talking e.g. I wnt 2 b ur slveShowing lack of interestResponding at long periods of timeBeing a smart assBeing disrespectfulBeing disobedientGiving excusesIf you show too many qualitys of my dislikes, you probably wont qualifyto my be slave...sorryMy favorite Kinks for a SlavePainHumiliationExhibitionism -------------A little background story------------How I got into the lifestyle may come familiar of relation to you. It all started when I got my firstcomputer around 11 years old. I was told to never go on to those "naughty" sights. Well beingthe little rebellious child that I was, I did. When browsing porn I found that most porn wasmainly all the same, and got board, until I stumbled upon a kinky website, and well pretty much Iwas so attracted to the art of style of bdsm that I made it into my passion.After awhile of looking though porn, I though to myself how wonderful it would be to becomeinvolved in bdsm rather than just watch it. So I started my searching online and found web-groups that shared my passion. I was surprised at first to see so many people were just like me. Igot my first online slave when I was young about 15 years old. I had no idea what I was doingand just started from there slowly and slowly building up my experience and learning new thingsabout this new life. I must say after the first slave I had, I loved every bit, even though I was soinexperienced at the time.I have had many other slaves in the past, some better than others. A majority of them not takingit to a serious extent through the lack of dedication or immaturity. (I have a few good stories toshare of past experiences, if you ever want me to share, let me know) On the other hand, I havehad some very good slaves who obeyed very well and had no problems. Time does go on andthings do change, so after so many years of being an online master, I now stand once again insearch of another online slave.Like I said, I know what it’s like to be with someone who does not take the role of being aslave/master seriously, and if your reading this and you just want to treat this as just a "game"then please DO NOT waste your time and my time and disregard my posting from yourconsideration. -----------------------------------
  5. 5. About YouRequirements:• Age Limit: None• Sex: Female (only)• Location: Anywhere.• Race: Any• Language: English (broken is okay)• Webcam: Not required*• Mics: Not Required*• Camera: Not required*• Source of communication: Online messenger (not e-mail or mobile)• Availability: Often• Must not have another master or be in any relationship*You must have at least one of the three resources available.Online Slave OnlyAs I am searching for an online slave, I am NOT searching for any other type ofboyfriend/girlfriend relationship rather than a friendship. If you are under the influence that aboyfriend/girlfriend relationship will emerge from this, I am sorry but I am not interested in thattype of commitment right now.What kind of slave am I looking for?Are you good at following rules? Taking order? Doing as you’re told? Having fun, while all atthe same time developing a long lasting friendship? Then you are exactly what I am looking for.What do I expect from a slave?I am looking for a slave who is willing to show me that they are serious about being a slave, andcan prove to me what it means to be a slave. I am not looking to play the game, where someonesays they are a "slave" plays it off for the first time and then never comes back online again. Ifthat is you, then stop reading this post and disregard me from your consideration.What kind of rules/actives will be involved?This is something that you and I should go over together, but I assure you that I will never allowmy slave to be involved in any activity that she cant handle. I do respect the limits that you asthe slave may have, and will never go beyond that boundary, but I do expect you to explore newthings.How much experience?None. Rather you are a beginner or have had experience; I will go slow and provide you with myteachings, so that you will discover what it means to be a slave and help you discover where youstand on the journey of being a slave, so that in the future you will be prepared wherever thislifestyle may take you.
  6. 6. =================== Submitting Your Application(Required)Below is a small and detailed questioner. Please fill it out to the best of your ability withoutleaving anything unanswered and submit it to me via PM. If you have any questions or problemsin regards that may prevent you from submitting this questioner please let me know via PM andwe will see what we can do.Basic Info• Name:• Age:• Sex:• State:• Country:Rate Yourself(1 being lowest 10 being highest)• Level of Experience:• Level of Discipline:• Level of Obedience:• Level of Respect:• Level of Stubbornness:• Level of Open-mindedness:• Level of following directions:• Level of Sincerity:• Level of Knowledge:• Level of Maturity:• Level of pain tolerance:Short Answers(20 words or less per answer)• Are you shy:• Are you easy to talk to:• Are you a playful type:• Are you a serious type:• Are you in a relationship:• Are you willing to serve multiple:
  7. 7. • Are you a virgin:• Do you have another master:• Do you like to role-play:• Have you had another other masters?• Willing to share pics:• Willing to share webcam:• Willing to share mic:• What are your limits:• What are your likes:• What are you dislikes• Would you rather respond short & simple or Long & descriptive:Descriptive Answers(20 words or more per answer)• What do you look like:• What made you apply to this ad:• What most interest you about becoming a slave:• What does it mean to be a slave:• What does it mean to be a master:• What do you look for in a master:• Why should I choose you to be my slave:Contact and availability• How often are you online:• How often would you be available:• How soon would you like to start:• How long do you want to be a slave for:• What is your online messenger screen name:(yahoo, msn, aim, live...ect)Additional information you would like to add:===================Thanks again for reading over this ad, if I am who you are looking for then please feel free tosubmit your application at any time, I will make sure I read them as soon as I can. When yousubmit your application, make the subject as "slave application" (required) If you do NOT putthat as your subject of your application, It will show me that you did not read this ad completely,and I will not even open up your pm to read it, as it will instantly be thrown out...yes its that
  8. 8. serious. If I am not what you’re looking for then I hope you do find your master soon in thefuture. Looking forward to talking to you soon.