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Presentation on Video for Learning workshop I ran at the Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference; April 2012.

Presentation on Video for Learning workshop I ran at the Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference; April 2012.



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Video for learning Video for learning Presentation Transcript

  • ONLINE VIDEO FOR LEARNING Workshop April 2012 Theo KuechelFriday, 5 October 12
  • 1 Ubiquitous Accessible Shareable Context Permeable Primary Sources C21st Texts Digital Literacies WhyFriday, 5 October 12
  • ANATOMY OF EDUCATIONAL VIDEO graphics hook text timing animation real audio examples archive film metaphor Video Link :, 5 October 12
  • VIDEO SCRIPT - JACK KOUMI, 5 October 12
  • Narrative Question Observational paint a picture Listen for... discover how to.... watch for... ask questions how many.. dangerous environments how long..... discuss faraway places predict other lives evaluate unseen worlds Learning Spaces whole class Critical Thinking group Affective Domain interpret individual empathise understand online walk in in the shoes difficult concepts of othersFriday, 5 October 12
  • WORKSHOP DISCUSSIONS What - (if any) are the properties and criteria for good ‘educational video? Search tools Discuss the Kuomi Model Tagging Can it be updated? Share Embed Remix Licence (CC) PersonalisationFriday, 5 October 12
  • 2 DiscoveryFriday, 5 October 12
  • WHERE DO EDUCATORS GET VIDEO? YouTube Other Internet (portals/archives) Purchased / Subscription (by institution) Broadcast (iPlayer etc) “  iPlayer  and  similar  services   “I  love  Espresso  but  our  school  cant   offered  by  other  TV  channels  are   poten8ally  excellent,  but  the   afford  it!”    or  “ The  cost  of  videos/DVDs   specifically  for  educa@on  through   29% 8me  limits  and  inability  to   companies  such  as  Classroom  Video  is   download  clips/programmes   extremely  expensive  and  it  is  not   limit  the  usefulness  of  such   feasible  for  us  to  purchase  such   services.” resources.” 47% Blocked  websites  within  school   I  spend  a  long  8me  looking   environment.    For  example,  in  my  school   on  the  internet  for   Youtube  is  blocked  and  unblocked  on  a   resources.  A  central   regular  basis  through  requests  from  various   educa8onal  search  machine   teachers  to  IT  technicians.    In  some  lessons   pupils  access  youtube  when  they  shouldnt   so  teachers  get  it  blocked.  On  the  other   which  filtered  out  rubbish   and  linked  content  to   9% curriculum  objec8ves  would   hand  teachers  themselves  want  to  use   be  great.  Smartkiddies  site   youtube  as  a  resource.    In  my  school  there  is   from  australia  has  a  liHle  of   only  one  level  of  access,  so  staff  and   this. students  can  access  the  same  material. 16% University of Hull 2010: sample n497 Burden & KuechelFriday, 5 October 12
  • PLATFORMS & PORTALSFriday, 5 October 12
  • YOUTUBE FOR SCHOOLS Video Link :, 5 October 12
  • YOUTUBE DEBATE YOUTUBE FOR SCHOOLS YOUTUBE safe....! walled Garden..... no distractions... misses 95% of V managed by content school who decides? moderated not instantaneous add extra videos no serendipity trusted contentFriday, 5 October 12
  • WORKSHOP DISCUSSIONS Where do you find good educational video - would you recommend any strategies? YouTube Edu debate...Friday, 5 October 12
  • 3 YouTube Ecosystem Curation Managing VideoFriday, 5 October 12
  • YOU TUBE ECOSYSTEM Subscriptions Playlists/Fav’s Video Editor Video Manager History linkFriday, 5 October 12
  • PLAYLISTS Thanks: Jamie Portman - @jamieportman Simon Widdowson - @xannovFriday, 5 October 12
  • Remixing Generic time line based video editing tools tools Creative Text Text Commons Please consider making your uploads CCFriday, 5 October 12
  • CURATIONFriday, 5 October 12
  • WORKSHOP & DISCUSSION Explore You Tube Video Manager (playlists / History / editor) Explore the curation tools What scope do such tools offer learning?Friday, 5 October 12
  • 4 Visualisation & InteractivityFriday, 5 October 12
  • VISUALISATION Video Link :, 5 October 12
  • SUBTITLES Prof. Stephen Hepple @ LWF2011 Video Link:, 5 October 12
  • TRANSLATION Video Link:, 5 October 12
  • ANNOTATION YouTube Annotations : PianoFriday, 5 October 12
  • COLLABORATIVE VIDEO Video Link:, 5 October 12
  • WORKSHOP & DISCUSSION There is a current trend of infographics, do video infographics communicate more? What scope do interactive video tools offer learning?Friday, 5 October 12
  • 5 Assessment & FeedbackFriday, 5 October 12 Text
  • Khan Academy - Metrics & Badges & The Flipped Classroom?Friday, 5 October 12
  • ENGAGES STUDENTS link to video : thanks to @DavidERodgersFriday, 5 October 12
  • FEEDBACKFriday, 5 October 12
  • FORMATIVE FEEDBACK Past £££££££ now pence... thanks to @KVMCL Video Link:, 5 October 12
  • WORKSHOP & DISCUSSION What unique affordances does video offer for assessmentFriday, 5 October 12
  • 6 Pedagogical FrameworksFriday, 5 October 12
  • Question Narrative “Knowledge of a time includes many things. Some are very small... What does Or, using the old "city directories" in your local "RMS" mean? If you heard the name "Titanic" or "Carpathia" would you automatically know Constructlibrary (these often pre-dated phone books and which steamship line owned which ship? listed residents and businesses both alphabetically and by address) to virtually Create scenarios by remixing original footage Ira Socol recreate a map of your community in 1912, with contemporary idioms - can be video / 1952, 1962 audio/ text ’ Ira Socol Observational Affective One could review a series of videos to compare objects represented within it with Critical Thinking Domaincurrent contexts - thes objects might be tangiblesuch as furniture or lifeboat design - to the more Many archive videos use a ‘stilted’ broadcast understanding history - actually sublte as objects thta denote roles in society commentary style - does the language and the understanding it - requires unlike text which identifies a object with a intonation convey a specific meaning - are there comprehending the motivations descriptive or figurative statement - moving inferences and fears of the people of a time. images allow the viewer to navigate the has this changed? It is all about empathy visual to the emphasis or are todays Ira Socol Friday, 5 October 12
  • EDMEDIASHAREFriday, 5 October 12
  • LEARNING WITH VIDEO FRAMEWORK Video Link, 5 October 12
  • Video Playlist :, 5 October 12
  • Friday, 5 October 12
  • WORKSHOP & DISCUSSION Can learning frameworks for video provide more opportunities for learning ? Might they increase the range of pedagogical contexts where video is used ?Friday, 5 October 12
  • 7 Where Next?Friday, 5 October 12
  • VIDEO MEETS THE WEBFriday, 5 October 12
  • SEMANTIC VIDEO The processes employed by the MediaMill semantic video search engine are an amalgamation of various branches of computer science including; “image and video processing, computer vision, language technology, machine learning and information visualization” (MediaMill 2010) Searchable on •Colour •Shape •Movement •Audio •Context, 5 October 12
  • DARIA MUSK & HANGOUTS Video Link: GAME CHANGERSFriday, 5 October 12
  • 8 Last WordFriday, 5 October 12
  • ASK THE USER.... Video link:, 5 October 12
  • Image Credits Slide 1             SuperKimbo            CC BY S Slide 1 Ant Mc Niell CC BY SA Slide 1 Richard & Gill CC BY Slide 2            MikeNielson            CC BY Slide 7            edebell            CC BY NC SA Slide 15           Universityymca       CC NC ND Slide 26           Martha M            CC BY NC SA Slide 36           P Medved            CC BY NC SA Slide 40           Kevin Dooley          CC BY NC SA Slide 47 Oliver Quinlan CC BY NC Apologies for any omissionsFriday, 5 October 12
  • THEO KUECHEL THANK YOU @theokk Workshop Doc : April 2012 Theo KuechelFriday, 5 October 12