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Open 2013:  Changing Campus Culture: DifferenceMakers at UMass Lowell
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Open 2013: Changing Campus Culture: DifferenceMakers at UMass Lowell



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  • 1. Changing Campus Culture: DifferenceMakers @ UMass Lowell Steven Tello, Assoc. Vice Chancellor Brenda Evans, Assoc. Dean of StudentsLearning with Purpose
  • 2. Presentation PointsDifferenceMaker ProgramMotivationVisionEngagementChallenges & Rewards
  • 3. What is the DifferenceMaker Program?Programmatic effort to introduce creativeproblem solving, innovation and entrepreneurialaction to students and faculty across thecampus and across all academic disciplines.Raise student awareness and understanding ofhow their UMass Lowell education can helpthem to make a difference in the world.Launched June 2012
  • 4. Goals of DifferenceMakersIntroduce UML students to creative problemsolving, innovation & social entrepreneurshipConnect current students to our alumni’sexperienceAccelerate purpose in students’ educationEncourage a Socially Responsible Ethos
  • 5. UMass Lowell Innovation Ecosystem ACADEMIC PROGRAMS STUDENT ACTIVITIES & LEADERSHIP COMMUNITY ECOSYSTEMYear I DifferenceMakers DifferenceMakers • MV Sandbox • Freshmen Seminars • Move-In Weekend * IdeaLaunch • Honors Program Arel Moodie, Climate Change * IdeaSpace • Faculty Fellows • Freshmen Convocation • New Incubator • Enterprise Coops $3000 student awarded Space • Living Learning Community Robotics, CS/Apps • $25K DM IdeaChallenge • Entrepreneurship • MV Sandbox – • M2D2 Incubator &Existin BSBA, MS ITE Campus Catalyst Venture Pitchg • MS Comp. Science, • MLSC Internship Challenge • CVIP Licensing/NVC Option • Faculty Seed Grants • SLICE - Engineering • Others
  • 6. Campus Initiatives ACADEMIC PROGRAMS STUDENT ACTIVITIES & LEADERSHIPDM DifferenceMakers DifferenceMakersYear I • Freshmen Seminars • Move-In Weekend 800 students Arel Moodie, Climate Change • Honors Program 1000 residents 50 students • Freshmen Convocation • Faculty Fellows $3000 student awarded 6 faculty 1200 students • Enterprise Coops • Living Learning Community 4 students 25 students • $25K DM IdeaChallenge
  • 7. Motivation for DifferenceMaker ProgramOur StudentsOur AlumniOur LegacyOur Chancellor
  • 8. UMass Lowell: A Public Enterprise for Entrepreneurship & InnovationLearning with Purpose
  • 9. Engagement Of Students, Faculty, Alumni, CommunityStudents• Through Course Participation• Through Student Activities & Leadership• Through Residence Life• Experience viewed as fun, rather than school workAlumni• Want to engage with with our students• Mentor & Judging opportunities• Financial support• Events & Activities help connect alumni
  • 10. Engagement Of Students, Faculty, Alumni, CommunityFaculty• Through Course Work• Faculty Fellows• As MentorsCommunity• Social Entrepreneurship focus links us• Strong Service Learning program on campus• Reach out to Foundations & Nonprofits• Partnership with Deshpande Foundation
  • 11. ChallengesParticipation beyond Business & Engineering• Entrepreneurship is a 4 letter word!• Connect with the Social MissionTop-level support important, but Bottom-uppressure is criticalSpace – as effort grows, more space neededFunding is available• Seed with grant or institutional funds• Effort attracts alumni supportBuilding the Team
  • 12. Challenges & RewardsStudents & Faculty are engaged• Introduced 1600 Freshman in Orientation and Intro. sessions• Engaged 45 student teams, 125 students in IdeaChallenge• 20 faculty from all 6 colleges• 30 Intro to DifferenceMaker class sessionsAlumni are engaged• $35 K support in Year 1, growth anticipated• 15 alumni volunteers for IdeaChallengeCommunity is engaged• Non-profits soliciting student teams• Foundation interest growing
  • 13. Resources NeededHigh-level Commitment• Chancellor’s Office, Student Activities & Leadership, Alumni DevelopmentAlumni support• Alumni love the concept, support it financially and in-person• Alumni support sways Deans & FacultyLots of Energy• Student, Facutly, Program-levelCommunity Connection• Projects & Support
  • 14. DifferenceMaker FutureAnnual DifferenceMaker IdeaChallenge• Grow Alumni support• Build electronic social networkComponent of all Freshman Seminar ClassesExpand Senior Capstone Activity acrossdisciplinesDifferenceMaker Student OrganizationDifferenceMaker Passport/Certification
  • 15. www.uml.edu/differencemaker