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Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Social Media Guidebook

Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Social Media Guidebook






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    Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Social Media Guidebook Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Social Media Guidebook Document Transcript

    • presented byNational GuardRecruiting & RetentionSocial Media Guidebook APRIL 2011 POCs MAJ Tawnya Evans ARNG Social Media Program Manager tawnya.evans@us.army.mil 703.607.5825 Rachael King Social Media Account Executive rachael.king@iostudio.com 202.664.3711 Michael Schaffer Director of Social Media michael.schaffer@iostudio.com 202.531.30092
    • Table of Contents ° Building a Community Œ Introduction ° Measurements ° What Is Social Media?  YouTube ¬ Why Should the National Guard Use Social Media? ° Overview ° Community Management ° Goals ¬ What Is It and Why is It Important? ° How to Create a Channel ¬ Rules of Engagement and Moderating ° Rules & Regulations ° Operations Security (OPSEC) Guidelines ° Content ° NGB PAO Guidelines ° Building a Community ° General Guidelines and Tips for Social Media ° Advertisements ¬ The 3 C’s ° Measurements ¬ How to Create and Maintain a Unique Voice ¬ How to Create a Content Calendar  Measurement & Tracking ° Promoting Your Social Media Sites ° CIDs  Facebook ° bit.ly ° Overview z Conclusion ° Goals ° Creating a New Page { Appendix ° Your Page’s Picture ° Your Page’s Information ° Online Resources ° Aesthetics ° Crisis Post Guidance ° Content ° Glossaries ° Tagging Partners ° Style Guide: Grammar ° Building a Community ° Advertisements ˜ Additional CD Containing: ° Measurements ° Electronic Copy of Workshop Slides Ž Twitter ° Electronic Copy of Guidebook ° Content Calendar Template ° Overview ° Copy & Paste Word Document ° Goals ° DTM 09-026 ° Creating a New Account ° National Guard Style Guidelines ° Content ° How to Tweet 3
    • What Is Social Media? What is social media, and what does it mean in the scheme of technology and the way society interacts today? Many people immediately think of a businesses began to incorporate social particular website when they’re asked, media into their marketing strategies. “What is social media?” In actuality, While these reasons are still the“Social media is media a website is just one type of social foundation of why we use social media, for social interaction, media platform. Facebook, Twitter and both individuals and businesses have YouTube are all social media sites. taken it to a new level. People are using highly accessible Actually, people have been using social now much more likely to research and and scalable publishing media for thousands of years — ever seek information about brands they techniques. Social since the first postal system was consider purchasing, and companies created. Considering the countless and organizations they consider using. media uses Web-based other forms of media that have evolved Businesses are not just creating a technologies to turn since then, we can assume that people presence in the world of social media, communication into will continue to seek out more efficient they are creating a personality! and effective ways to engage and share Whether you’re selling the simplest of interactive dialogue.” information with each other. products or an entire lifestyle, social - Wikipedia media is your opportunity to be their Social media started as a way influencer (as a recruiter, sales rep to connect with family, friends and or general support) when they are anyone with common interests. Next, seeking guidance. Why Should the National Guard Use Social Media? There are thousands of statistics that many people without leaving your supporting why the National Guard office or your home? should be involved with social media as a marketing strategy and tool. In fact, Social media is scalable, effective the world of social media is growing and real. at such a record pace, those stats will have changed before you finish this And it’s going to be around whether you sentence. Facebook alone is growing participate or not. So the real question at a rate of 50 MILLION new users a is, do you want others — people outside month — nearly 70,000 new users per of your control — representing your hour! How else could you connect with state Guard when a potential recruit is6
    • seeking information, or considering a Your objective should be to makemilitary career? Being active in social the National Guard name synonymousmedia is your way of connecting with with “military,” so that it is oneyour audience, controlling the image of of the first things people think ofyour state Guard in the online world and when they consider such a career orultimately, recruiting. lifestyle. In the minds of the American public, “National Guard” should be to Understanding your big-picture goal “military” as “Coke” is to “soda”!for creating a social media website iscrucial. Remember that it’s ultimatelyabout branding, and becoming the “go-to” place online for anyone who wantsto seek or share information about theNational Guard. Focusing ONLY on leadgeneration may get you short-termresults, but building a community willresult in long-term lead generation. Community Management What is Community Management? Social media outlets give people by asking questions that inspire with common interests the opportunity engagement, posting relevant content to come together and share ideas, and providing information in real time trade knowledge and interact with each — thereby becoming the ultimate other more easily than ever before. online resource about your state Guard. Community Management is about facilitating the relationships between It is also important to note the these people who all have one interest significant role that moderation plays in common: the Guard! The best way in managing a community, especially to do this is to create conversations a large one. Although relatively 7
    • infrequent, conversations may get out or otherwise dealt with to ensure that reported. Because you are an activeof control within a thread, sometimes your social media site remains a clean part of your page, you will learn whichresulting in Fans insulting one another. and relevant page that your Fans/ strategies increase engagement(It is much easier for people to forget Followers can enjoy. numbers and which ones do not.how to “play nice” when they’re hiding Managing your community has instantbehind a computer screen.) You might Another benefit of Community feedback and high success rates, andalso experience spammers or scams Management is that your interactions is a great way to track progress towardthat feed off social media. When these — and the interactions of your the goals of your state Guard’s socialoccur, they should be monitored, deleted participants — can be tracked and media presence. Rules of Engagement • Always remain professional • Know when it is best not to respond and polite — remember, you’re to a comment. representing the National Guard! Don’t fuel the fire. Most instigators on social media sites are just • Avoid confrontation. waiting for someone to take the When a Fan is angry, provide facts bait and will simply disappear if rather than opinions in your answer. ignored. (And be 100% correct in your responses!). • Respect privacy. Know when to take the conversation to a private message8
    • format (or ask them to send an Agreement” for each site, and do the Page is posting too many email) if someone requires more not violate it. updates. Make sure your postings information than is appropriate to are interesting, valuable and timely! post on the Wall. • Know the difference between “engaging” and “spamming.”• Know the “Terms of User Studies show that the #1 reason Fans unfollow a Page is because Rules of Moderating • Don’t delete comments simply it’s listed in your Page’s “Rules and because you don’t agree with Regulations” on your Information them. Expressing an opinion is OK, tab. attacking is not (this will have to be a judgment call for your moderator • OPSEC — Educate your Fans if it happens). (Soldiers, Family, friends and supporters). • Allow Fans to debate, as long as it doesn’t turn into an argument. • Who, When and Where — Use these as a guide for what to avoid • Never allow Fans to insult each posting. other. • Be patient; a majority of your • If you have to delete a Fan’s Fans, including Soldiers, don’t fully comment, consider sending them a understand OPSEC. message regarding the reason for deleting. • Many Fans use profanity in otherwise positive or supportive posts without understanding that it may offend other Fans, even though 9
    • OPSEC and Security Concerns Operations Security (OPSEC) Example: concerns with social media are very real. In order to keep your social media Operations Security (OPSEC) profiles clear of any security concerns, includes any information including, but do not post (and remove postings by not limited to, the movement of Soldiers OPSEC concerns with others if necessary): in and out of theaters of operation, current and ongoing military operations, social media are very real. » Detailed information about the or tactics, techniques and procedures. mission of assigned units Posting these on a public website » Details on locations and times of poses a security risk to Soldiers. This unit deployments risk needs to be mitigated at all times, » Details on locations and times of and any information containing dates, upcoming drills complete names, and the locations of » References to trends in unit Soldiers or their immediate family, and morale or personnel problems military operations needs to be guarded » Details concerning security and kept confidential at all times. This procedures is a public website and as such there is no way to control whoever may view To prevent outsiders from posting the information that is posted. content that may be a security concern, create a section in your Facebook (Text available for copy & paste Page’s Info tab (under the “General in the C&P Word document on the Information” section) that addresses included CD.) OPSEC guidelines.10
    • You can also have a canned operations needs to be guarded andcomment ready to use when a Fan has kept confidential at all times. This isposted a comment that may violate a public website and as such there isOPSEC. This does happen, since Family no way to control whoever may viewand friends do not fully understand the information that is posted. This iswhat information could potentially put our way to control potentially sensitiveour Soldiers in harm’s way. information from falling into the hands of known or potential enemies of theExample: United States. Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate your comment.Unfortunately, due to Operations (Text available for copy & pasteSecurity (OPSEC) concerns, we had to in the C&P Word document on theremove your post. OPSEC includes any included CD.)information including, but not limitedto, the movement of Soldiers in and outof theaters of operation, current andongoing military operations, or tactics,techniques and procedures. Postingthese on a public website poses asecurity risk to Soldiers. This risk needsto be mitigated at all times, and anyinformation containing dates, completenames, and the locations of Soldiersor their immediate Family, and military 11
    • PAO Social Media Guidelines • The NGB Public Affairs Office • All Facebook postings must has provided guidelines to help abide by OPSEC guidelines and keep the National Guard brand should not include: consistent throughout its social media sites. » Detailed information about the mission of assigned units • All Facebook Pages run by the National Guard must be cited » Details on locations andAll Facebook Pages run by as being “Official” in their times of unit deployments Information tab’s description.the National Guard must » Details on locations andbe registered with NGB’s • All Facebook Pages run by the times of upcoming drillsPublic Affairs Office. National Guard must be open to the public. No closed Pages or » References to trends in Groups are permitted. unit morale or personnel problems • All Facebook Pages run by the National Guard must be » Details concerning security registered with NGB’s Public procedures Affairs Office. (Approval authority has been delegated • All Facebook Pages run by the to the NGB PAO according to National Guard must contain the DTM 09-026, attached in the rules and regulations for Appendix.) Submit your official posting on the Page’s Wall in the social media sites for approval General Information section of at: http://www.ng.mil/features/ their Page. Social_media. • All Facebook Pages run by the National Guard must contain a disclaimer addressing OPSEC in the General Information tab of their Page.12 133
    • • Recruiters are not permitted to have personal Facebook PAGES*. They may, however, have profiles, and are encouraged to interact with their state ARNG’s recruitment Facebook Page using their profiles. * Facebook PAGES are for businesses and organizations. Facebook PROFILES are for people. Read more about the difference here, on Facebook’s blog: http://www.facebook.com/blog. php?post=324706977130 13133
    • General Guidelines and Tips for Social Media Sites The 3 C’s are the crux of our social 3. Conversation: Listen and learn! media strategy. Everything we do in the social space is guided by these Throughout the day and night, three concepts. They are not a process visitors engage in conversations in and of themselves, but they are directly with staff to learn about principles that should guide your social the National Guard. Listen to media goals and shape your marketing what they have to say, and strategy. incorporate their comments intoThe 3 C’s your marketing strategy. As you read through this Guidebook, refer to this page often, as you will see how they permeate everything we do. 1. Consideration: Establish brand awareness with our audience. All of our social sites work to accomplish this goal: promoting the National Guard brand through a cohesive look, voice and content. 2. Clicks: Create measurable recruiting opportunities. Each of our social sites should help to drive people to the Pre-qualification Form, track comments and provide a discussion forum.14
    • How to create and maintain a unique voice: Although social media may be resources for your audience. new territory for your organization, it is important to remember that your But remember that people want social media presence is as much a to feel there is a person behind the representation of your organization as computer when they’re talking to a your primary website. With social media brand, especially on a social media site.... It is important to maintain continuing to grow in popularity and So make sure your state Guard “voice”a level of professionalism in importance, many users are searching is humanized, as well as professional. these platforms first, before a brand’s The whole point of social media is toyour content to ensure your official website, and even before search create a conversation, so type likesites are credible resources engines like Google. Your presence you talk.for your audience. on a social network will often be an individual’s first impression of your With this in mind, if multiple people organization online. are going to serve as administrators of your social media sites (which can While the rules of social media may be a great way to manage your social be more flexible and informal than those media presence efficiently), it will be of traditional marketing channels (and important to establish guidelines for they are!), it is important to maintain content and interactions with users, in a level of professionalism in your order to establish a consistent voice for content to ensure your sites are credible your state Guard. How to create a content calendar: First, decide how often you’ll be accordingly for different time slots. (The posting on your social media platforms. national page schedules six Facebook While Twitter can be updated dozens and Twitter original posts per day, with of times a day without being obtrusive, additional unscheduled replies regularly too many Facebook updates can be posted in response to audience perceived as “spammy” to users. You’ll interactions.) want to determine a number of posts per day or per week, and schedule them It will be helpful to schedule content 15
    • to be posted on different social media one administrator with writing content valuable purposes of social media —platforms at the same time, and to for the upcoming week’s posts, and giving real-time news to your audience,consolidate all social media content someone else with scheduling/posting straight from the official source. In yourin one place (e.g., one column for it (another reason a content calendar is calendar, leave an “Open Post” time slotFacebook posts, another for Twitter, necessary). for your various social media platforms.etc. — see example below). This way,an administrator can see when and Some content, like breaking news,where content needs to be posted and cannot be scheduled ahead of time,update the different sites accordingly. but is important to your social mediaTo help divide responsibilities, task audience. This is one of the most Sample content calendar: Please see the sample content calendar located on the attached CD for a reference and suggested template.16
    • Promoting Your Social Media Sites Guidelines from social media sites state that you may use their approved, official logos (found on their individual sites) on any of your marketing materials without submitting for approval. In addition to using only site-approved logos, be careful that your materials do not present the specific site as a co-sponsor of an event (unless Facebook or Twitter actually IS co-sponsoring one of your events, of course!). The one exception to this rule is for Facebook, and involves promotion via broadcast. For broadcast promotion, or if it falls outside the guideline provided on Facebook’s site, you will need to submit it via the permissions request form on Facebook’s brand permissions site (http://facebook.com/ brandpermissions), which then goes directly to their brand marketing team for approval. 17
    • 18
    • FACEBOOKBuilding an online community and resourcewhere your target audience already exists
    • Facebook: Overview Facebook is the largest social networking utility worldwide, with teens and young adults making up nearly 50% of the total users. 30% of users are 18-to-25-year-olds, which is in line with NPS recruiting initiatives. From a marketing standpoint, it’s also a perfect media platform for engaging with users who have similar interests, and who are active in seeking and sharing information. By developing a platform for Fans to share and communicate, you have the ability to turn your Fans into advocates. What does a Page’s “number of Fans” mean? It is what you do with your Fans, not simply how many Fans you have on your Page. A Facebook Page with 500 very active and engaged Fans who haveThe name of the game is become advocates for that organization is far more valuable than a Page withquality vs. quantity. 5,000 Fans who never interact or pay attention to the content being posted on a Page. The name of the game is quality vs. quantity — all the Fans in the world don’t mean anything unless you’re engaging with and utilizing them!20
    • What are the rules of basic Facebook etiquette? Be professional, knowledgeable and respectful to your Fans, as they are on your Page for a reason — toHave the knowledge of a enlist in or support the National Guard.Soldier with the personality Remember, they are asking questionsof a civilian. to seek an answer in a non-threatening environment, and you want them to feel comfortable talking to you. Have the knowledge of a Soldier with the personality of a civilian. Facebook: Goals What do you want to achieve with your Facebook Page? Your ultimate goal is selling the politely corrects misrepresentation and National Guard to each Fan, whether misinformation that may be posted they’re a new recruit or a mother about the Guard in a public forum. who is apprehensive about her son or Additionally, with the interesting daughter joining the Guard. The path content you post and apps like Get to ultimately achieving recruitment is Ready and the Practice ASVAB, you’re through community, engagement and creating a “go-to” resource for all things Fans. Guard in your state. Social media is an easily Your Facebook Page also represents accessible tool for obtaining an opportunity to give your state Guard information, therefore requiring a voice in the online world, and to proper Community Management connect with an enormous audience to ensure that the user is receiving you’re less likely to reach through the correct information about the traditional media. Most importantly, National Guard and the state-level it provides a forum for a two-way programs. Community Management conversation, which traditional media just can’t do. 21
    • How can you make your Page a RESOURCE — a reliable source for info, guidance, answers and all things National Guard? Create a resource file for your that consistently post content you find admins that allows them to find shareable, and use them as resources. answers to FAQs quickly (an FAQ is also By sharing others’ content, you’ll also something you might consider making be building a partnership with them, one of the tabs on your Page, for Fans). and they’ll be more likely to share your By sharing others’ content, You can also refer Fans to your state content, too. website or to www.NATIONALGUARD. you’ll also be building a com to give them more information on When it comes to creating your own partnership with them, and a particular topic. If you direct them to original content, we have lots of tips they’ll be more likely to a different site, let them know they’re and tricks for that coming later in this welcome to return with additional section. But a good rule of thumb is to share your content, too. questions or for further advice or see what kind of tactics are working guidance! on other successful Facebook Pages, and make those work for your own. Now, how do you go about finding The key to this is inspiring engagement great content to share with Fans to and interactions by using open-ended keep them engaged? Keep a list of questions, multiple choice, trivia, photo relevant websites and Facebook Pages caption contests ... the list goes on and on! Facebook: Creating a New Page Where do you start? Since Facebook is continually The most important part of creating making their site more and more user- a new Fan Page is preparing your friendly, creating a new Fan Page is strategy and what your goals are before now a simple three-step process. Even you start. What do you want out of better is that Facebook now walks you this Facebook Page? Whom are you through it when you click the link below hoping to reach, and what do you want — it couldn’t be easier! to achieve with it? Keep these goals in mind at all times when filling out your22
    • Page’s information, posting content and have access to all of the Page’s settings, exist in your department to ensure yourinteracting with your Fans. and will create the personality and the Page’s success! “voice” of the page. Most importantly, The next step is deciding who will try to choose a team of people who arebe the administrators, or “admins,” of already involved in social media, andyour Page. Choose carefully, as they will who like it. Use the talents that already OK, you’ve got your goals and your team in place — now what? Now we create the actual Page! It it is — it should be categorized as an can be very basic at first — even just “Organization ---> Government.” Title your logo and address to get started it something simple like “Indiana — and then we’ll have a place to work National Guard” (you can change it later from. You need to be logged into a if you want), so it will appear in as Facebook account to create a Page. many searches as possible on Facebook. You can use your personal account (which will NOT show up on the Page Once you’ve created your Page, anywhere — and you can add or delete make sure to bookmark it in your admins at any time), or if you would browser so you can return to it easily. prefer to not have it associated with You can also navigate to it at any time your personal account, you can create by clicking “Account” at the top right of a dummy profile with the name ”[State] Facebook, selecting “Use Facebook as Army National Guard,” for example (all Page,” and then clicking on your Page’s it requires to do so is a legitimate email link in the box that pops up. address, so that you can confirm the profile from your email). Then, while logged into the dummy profile account, you can create the Page. Here is the link to create your Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ create.php When you are creating it, Facebook will ask what kind of page 23
    • What is a custom URL (or “username,” as Facebook calls it)? Why is it important to have one? Once your Page has 25 Fans, This also shows up in Google you will be able to create a custom and other search engines, so make it Facebook Uniform Resource Locator something likely to show up in a search! This also shows up in (URL), known as your “Page address” or “username,” for your Page. Choose a Create your username here: http:// Google and other search name that is specific to your Page and www.facebook.com/username engines, so make it one that everyone will recognize (e.g., something likely to show TennesseeNationalGuard). Remember, You can change it only ONE time this name is what you can share after you create it, so make sure you up in a search! with others to promote your Page, pick the one you want! Remember, this especially on your print media, so brand is the link you’ll be using on all of your recognition is imperative. posters, brochures and business cards, so you shouldn’t change it again if you can help it. Facebook: Your Page’s Picture Your Page’s profile picture is very all of your Page’s other sections, which important, as it will help people to will come next.) determine who are you are, and if your Page is official. Make sure to use the Choose “Profile Picture” from the proper state logo you use on all of your menu on the left, and upload your logo. other promotional materials, so that your branding is consistent on all of Once your picture shows up, you’re your marketing. almost done! Now you need to edit your picture’s “thumbnail,” which is To upload your Page’s profile picture, what will accompany your posts and navigate to your Page and click the comments on your own Wall and around “Edit Page” button at the top right. (This all of Facebook. Choose the “Edit will also take you to your menu to edit Thumbnail” option underneath your24
    • new picture, and move the thumbnailaccordingly until you like the squareimage shown in the thumbnail preview,and click “Save.” Facebook: Your Page’s Information How to fill out the Information section: The Information section of a really apply to your Facebook Page!) Facebook Page is a great place to describe your organization. The new Use the “Category” drop-down format of Facebook Pages provides menus to label your organization on clearly labeled sections. To fill out all Facebook. These labels will appear of these sections may be redundant, when people search for your Page. and some may not apply to your Choose “Companies & Organizations” organization. Sections that are left in the first drop-down menu and blank will not appear when users click “Government Organization” in the the Information link, so there is no second. need to fill out each one. (For example, you might want to leave “Hours of Consolidate the “About,” Operation” blank, since those don’t “Description” and “Mission” sections 25
    • into one concise paragraph explaining posted on NGB’s Page’s Info tab as a your organization: who you are, what template: http://www.facebook.com/ you do and why you do it. Post this nationalguard?sk=info paragraph in the “Description” section. (Sample Rules & Regulations text Use the “General Information” available for copy & paste in the C&P section to establish rules of conduct Word Document on the included CD.) for your Facebook Page. Make sure to include your Page’s “Rules and Finally, provide primary methods Regulations,” as well as OPSEC of contact for your users, such as guidelines for posting. Feel free email addresses, phone numbers and to use the Rules & Regulations websites. Facebook: Aesthetics What should the overall impression of the Facebook Page be? Your Facebook Page should be get their attention, so make sure you consistent with your website and focus on designs that call out to them print advertising. Remaining uniform and encourage them to want to know throughout all of your sites will more. Remember that visual stimulation encourage branding, which will help is going to be more successful than your Fans know your sites by just a lengthy written material — pictures glance. and videos are KING on Facebook. You have only a few seconds to What are tabs? Tabs could be thought of as separate • Info Tab — Your “About “Pages” within your Fan Page, much like Us” Page, to describe your on a standard website. For example: organization • Wall Tab — Your • Photos Tab — A showcase of all “Communication” Page, for you your pictures and albums and your Fans26
    • Which tabs should my Page have? This goes back to your initial Page Make sure to remove any tabs you’re strategy and goals that you have set for not utilizing from your menu, as you your Page. Facebook has default tabs don’t want any distractions from the to get you started, or you can go a step tabs you are using. further and design tabs that will make your Page creative and eye-catching.What info should be under each tab? Any and all information that would like your YouTube, your Twitter and relate to the tab. It is also important your state’s ARNG website. Keep them that you have a standard format that involved by giving them visual call-to- will direct your Fan to your other sites, action options.What are apps? What’s the difference between a “tab” and an “app”? Applications, or “apps,” are a way on your Page as tabs. However, not for any outside developer to create an all tabs are apps — the Photos, application that will benefit a Facebook Discussions, Wall and Info tabs are all user. These applications can range examples of regular tabs that are not from silly to useful tools. An important applications. distinction between apps and tabs is that all apps are tabs, and are displayed 27
    • How to “borrow” apps from NGB’s Facebook Page: Example: Practice ASVAB On the top left, click “Add to My Page,” and follow the instructions. Now First, you must have the link when you go to your Page, it will be to the application’s Page. The available on your “Menu” on the left Practice ASVAB’s link is: http:// under your Page’s icon. facebook.com/apps/application. php?id=148734361817371&v=info28
    • Facebook: Content How to produce quality original content: It is important to create content Engage your audience in that your audience will find relevant conversation. Ask open-ended questions and worth sharing. Users are now that your users can relate to and will turning to Facebook as a resource for want to answer. It’s often helpful to information just as often as they go to ask your audience for feedback about Google. Consequently, more and more your Page, as it promotes audience organizations are recognizing this need engagement and provides you with and addressing it by being proactive and helpful suggestions for the direction providing helpful content on Facebook. your Page should take. What kinds of questions do your users wantSocial media content is Social media content is more answered? Provide them with themore personal and informal personal and informal than content information. that may appear on an organization’sthan content that may primary website. Social media Ask yourself questions like these toappear on an organization’s allows organizations to engage in help get you started:primary website. conversations with their audiences, and your content should reflect this » What is our capacity conversational tone. (manpower) to produce content? » What knowledge do we have to The best guideline for producing share? content is to write for your audience. » What can we explain to our Think of the users who “Like” your audience that they may not Page—what are they there for? otherwise understand (or even (Your Facebook Insights can help you know about)? determine your users’ demographics, » What content from others can and the types of posts that get the we share with our audience? most views and reactions.) Many of » What content will interest our them are there to show their support audience? for your organization or to find out more » What topics are off-limits? information. These basic guidelines will » What topics are fun and brand- be helpful when producing content. appropriate for our audience? 29
    • Here are a few examples of content » What was the most challenging » What Guard specialty schoolquestions that have been effective and rewarding part of Basic would you be interested inat getting Fans to interact on NGB’s Combat Training for you? attending?Facebook Page: » What Military Occupational » What is your favorite Guard Specialty (MOS) did you choose gear? as your Guard career, and why? » Who inspired you to become a » Have you participated in disaster Soldier in the National Guard? relief in your home state? How to post a status update to your Page’s Wall: Posting a plain text update is fairly through creating a question or poll to simple; just navigate to your Page, and post on your Wall. type your update in the “Share” status bar at the top of your Page’s Wall. Facebook walks you through photo and video posts as well. But links are Posting a “question” is also a little bit trickier, as Facebook lets fairly easy (and great for inspiring you choose the thumbnail you want to engagement from your Fans!). Use accompany them. “Question” to let Facebook walk you30
    • How to post a link and choose the appropriate thumbnail: Choose the “Link” option on the “Status” box near the top of your profile. When prompted, enter your desired If you choose to add text, do so in link and attach. Use the right and left the “Say something about this link” box. arrows to scroll through your options for Then click to “Share” to with your Fans! the thumbnail of the photo. 31
    • Uploading photos: Choose the “Photos” tab located under your profile picture. Choose the “+ Upload Photos” box in the top right corner of the Page. When prompted, “Select Photos” the Wall individually to get maximum from your computer. Name the album interactions! and add any information that you desire. Once the upload is finished, “Publish” To upload a single photo as content, them for your Fans to see. choose the “Photo” option in the Status box. Tip: When you have a whole new album of pictures, upload photos one or Upload your desired photo and add a few at a time and promote them on optional text.32
    • Tagging photos and videos: Tag someone immediately after The same is true for video. You can you upload a photo by clicking on the tag a person/Page in a photo or video at picture and choosing the person or Page any time by navigating to the picture or that you would like to tag. video and clicking the “Tag this Photo/ Video” button Facebook provides. 33
    • Organizing photo albums: To change the order of the photos in useful when you notice one an album: photo receiving more comments then the rest. You can showcase • Choose the album that you it by allowing fans to see it would like to change. first as they scroll through the album.) • When you see the photos in the album in a grid-style view, click a photo and drag it to the desired location. (This may be To delete photos in the album or • Choose the “Edit Photos” tab. change the album cover: • Under each photo in this tab, • As you are viewing an album, you can choose to delete the choose the “Edit Album Info” photo, use as album cover or option below the photos. (You even move it to a different can change the name of your album altogether. album and many of the other details in this section as well.)34
    • • You can edit the captions to the left and tag them as described above. Be sure to SAVE your changes at the bottom of the screen before exiting.Guidelines for borrowing and sharing with NGB and other resources: One of the new features made this feature, your state Facebook Page available with the recent Facebook can repost content from other Pages Pages refresh is the ability to operate (very similar to ReTweeting someone as your Page itself, rather than as else’s update on Twitter). a user profile with administrative capabilities. This new feature will be extremely useful for sharing content originally posted on other Pages. With 35
    • How to use Facebook as a Page: Navigate to your Page. At the top right of the Page, near the “Edit Page” button, choose the option “Use Facebook as (State Page).” When operating as the Page, clicking “Home” redirects you to a news feed that aggregates the posts of all other Pages your Page “likes.” From here, you can easily scan for content that applies to your audience and would be worth sharing on your own Page. Simply click the “Share” link at the bottom right of the chosen content, say a few words about what it is you’re sharing, and post it to your Page.36
    • Using Facebook as your Page: In this setting, you can also comment on the Wall or in threads of other Pages that you “Like,” such as the National Guard Facebook Page.How to receive email notifications of Fan interactions on your Page: Select the “Edit Page” box at the clicking on “View all email settings.” top right side of your Wall. Next, select (Note: You may want to create a specific “Your Settings” from the options on the email account your administrators all left side of the screen. Finally, select to have access to so they can all receive send notifications to a designated email these email notifications, and so all of address when Fans post or comment on the emails are in one place.) your Page. You can edit the details by 37
    • How to optimize content for SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is interaction numbers (“Likes” and the process of improving the visibility comments), links, videos and pictures of a website or Web page in search can all add visibility to your content. results. SEO is all about keywords, and Use calls to action in your content to in the case of Facebook, that means encourage users to like, comment, posting links, pictures and videos. In click or share your content, increasing order to increase the visibility of your interaction and visibility. content in Facebook (on news feeds), How to schedule your posts: Time management is essential in basis, moving to a monthly calendar creating and maintaining a successful if necessary. A content calendar is a social media presence. Scheduling great way to keep track of any ongoing content in a calendar, as discussed in promotions or recurring features, like a the General Guidelines and Tips section Photo of the Day or trivia questions and of this Guidebook, is a great way to answers. ensure that your Page stays active without the last-minute rush of figuring It will be helpful to fully develop out what to post. content posts, including links, pictures or videos, ahead of time. If content Tailor your content calendar to the for your organization needs to be needs of your organization—make it approved before posting, having all as specific or as general as needed. content produced ahead of time will be Begin scheduling content on a weekly important.38
    • How to target the desired demographic with choice of content: First of all, remember to produce Facebook Insights provides clear content that will appeal to social demographic information in the “Users” media users. In general, this means section. With this tool, you can see the relevant and conversational content. If percentage breakdowns for gender, age they “Like” your Page, they do so for a and location of your audience. This may reason — they want to know what you give you a better idea of what kind of have to say, and/or they want to engage content to produce. In general, high- you in conversation. energy, positive National Guard content is well received.Using Facebook Notes vs. having a separate blog: Facebook Notes (which will be Notes allows you to post more one of your “default” tabs when you content than can be shared in status first create your Page) is a great way updates, which allow a maximum of to share large amounts of content 420 characters. Notes can also include with a social media audience. If pictures and be posted to the Wall of your organization already has a blog, your Page. Users can provide feedback reposting blog content in Facebook by “Liking” your Notes and/or writing Notes will help you reach a larger comments. audience. If you don’t currently blog, Facebook Notes could be a good way to test the waters. 39
    • How to promote local events: Having a social media presence It can be helpful to use content for a specific geographic location will posts to promote events listed on your generally result in a primarily local Facebook calendar. Remind people to audience. This targeted demographic check the calendar for updates and to lends itself well to the promotion of RSVP. It will also be helpful to link the local events. Events can be created event with all people and businesses on Facebook using the Events tab (one associated with it. If you have a partner of your “default” tabs when you first helping to organize or sponsor the create your Page). Facebook events are event, tag them in your status updates easy to create and can include date and about the event. Use the @ symbol to time, location, description, an event link to their Page or profile in a status photo and a guest list. update, or, operating as your Page, post an update about the event on their Administrators of the Page can Page’s Wall. select guests to invite to Facebook events from their own friend lists. (In order to do this, you must If a Facebook user receives an “Favorite” or “Like” your partner’s Page, invitation, they can RSVP, allowing and they must “Favorite” or “Like” event organizers to get a clear idea yours in return — then the two are of attendance. If the event is public, connected, and you can tag each other any user — even someone who in posts.) is not connected to the Page or an administrator — can see the event and may also RSVP. Open Facebook events will show up in any Facebook search for events in your area.40
    • Facebook: Tagging PartnersWhat is @mentioning, or “tagging” someone in a post, and how can you do it? • Facebook Pages can promote or you want to promote, you will be promoted (@mentioned, also see a drop-down list that allows known as being “tagged”) within you to choose the Fan Page you a comment. Note: You can only want. mention Pages that you “Like.” You cannot (yet) @mention/ Example: tag a personal profile of a Fan, unless the person you are @ “Congratulations @NationalGuard for mentioning is a friend of your reaching 1 million Facebook Fans!” personal profile account. • You can also ask others to • To promote/mention another Fan help promote your Page by page in your content post, go mentioning it in their posts. Both to the “Status Update” bar and Fan Pages and people’s profiles compose your update. Where can mention or “tag” your Page. you want to tag a person or Page in the sentence, type the • Having your Page “@mentioned” symbol @ then begin typing the on another’s Wall is a great way name of the Page you want to to increase your presence on mention immediately after the Facebook, as it vastly increases @ symbol (no space between @ your Page’s visibility by being and the name). Once you begin promoted on other Pages for typing the name of the Fan Page their Fans to see. 41
    • Facebook: Building a Community Engagement Just because you build it doesn’t Give your Fans a reason to want to mean they will come. You will need to return to your Page! Be informative and promote and support your Facebook creative with your content and apps. Page. The best part is that it will be one Facebook users want to tell “their” Once your Fans are actively of the easiest promotions. Everyone story, so ask questions in your content posting in your content knows about Facebook — all you need posts, giving them the opportunity to to do is add the logo to your current make the post about them. Once your threads, your page is on its advertising material, invite your “Circle Fans are actively posting in your content way to going viral. of Influence” to become Fans of the threads, your Page is on its way to Page, engage with your Fans, and going viral. acknowledge them. You need to create a “personality” for your state, and Facebook is your largest audience to do this. Create content people will share: Creating content that is easy to share certain content by clicking on the share has a lot to do with your audience “Share” option under the post! This and what they find interesting. Many will increase interactions and allow fans share news and videos. There the content (and your Page!) to become are times that you may ASK them to viral.42
    • This is what it looks like in the user’sand user’s friends’ news feed when apost is shared: How and when to respond to a comment or post? • Create a Standard Operating • Ensure that your response is Procedure (SOP) on response 100% accurate and for the time. Since these are real- general public. Many questions time posts, it is important to may have an answer that varies respond to questions as soon as per individual, so be sure to possible. clarify this in your response. Remember that your response • Address the Fan by their name in is visible to everyone, including your first comment to their post. users who are not Fans of your This will make it more personal Page. and not automated. “It would be our pleasure to assist you with • Engage the Fan and keep the your questions, John.” conversation going. Listen to what they are saying, and make them feel comfortable. Sell the Guard. 43
    • • Be creative with your responses, to your main website or contact and avoid sending the same information (more about this response multiple times. later). Facebook is a socially focused site where the Fans want to have a personal experience with your Page. • Keep them involved after you have answered their question. Provide them with a tagged link How to drive traffic to your Facebook Page: This is not only one of the easiest Facebook logo; now all you need to forms of marketing that you will be do is add it to ALL of your marketing able to do, but it will also be one of efforts, including your state ARNG the most efficient and effective forms website, all print and media ads, and of marketing. Everyone knows the your other social media sites. Creating partnerships to increase traffic to each other’s Pages: This is a great way to help build partnerships are the organizations that your community. Each state may have are your biggest support system. Ask different organizations that they would yourself, “Who would produce content consider to be good partnerships. that supports our Strategy and Goals?” As a general rule, your influencers/44
    • How to put a Facebook “Like” box on your other websites: This feature is a social “plug-in” that Once you have completed the allows you to gain “Likes/Fans” from information, you will receive a code to your other websites. Here is the link to give to your website developer. create one: http://developers.facebook.com/ docs/reference/plugins/like-boxHow can you get more Fans? • #1 thing you can do: produce • Add the link to your email great content! Be an interesting, signature, personal profiles engaging resource people will and business cards (recruiters want to return to. should, too!). • Ask recruiters, coworkers, • Use apps on your Page, like the friends to “Like” your Page, and Practice ASVAB and Get Ready to suggest it to their friends. apps from NGB’s Facebook Page. • Add the Facebook “Like” box on • If recruiters have a professional your other websites. Facebook profile (not Page, as this is not permitted) that they • Invite your email subscribers to use for recruitment, encourage join your Page, and include your them to interact with the main links on all of your emails. Page and help to answer Fans’ questions. • Have your social media sites linked on everything you send • Post pictures, videos and links out, including print media. (You often (and “tag” them) — don’t need Facebook’s approval Facebook ranks these higher in to use their official logo on your its Top News Feed algorithm print marketing.) than plain text updates. 45
    • • Make sure to vary the types of • Use questions, surveys, polls • Stay up-to-date with tips on posts on your Page to keep Fans and contests to engage Fans. how to get your content to show engaged. up as “Top Posts” in your Fans’ • Use popular keywords (Facebook news feeds. • Use the “@” tag to mention Pages and their content show up other Pages and build in Google searches!). partnerships. • Learn from your Facebook • Run targeted Facebook ads (point Insights, and leverage that them either to your Facebook information into your Facebook Page to get more Fans, or to your marketing. state’s ARNG website). Facebook: Advertisements Why use Facebook ads? Facebook ads allow any business generating Page Likes. You can also link or organization to get their marketing to external websites, like your state’s strategy and goals up and running in homepage or www.NATIONALGUARD. a matter of minutes. The enormous com. potential that Facebook marketing has is because it targets specific ages, iostudio recommends that states genders, regions and more, so your ads drive traffic to their Facebook Page, will appear only on the pages of users start a conversation and then link who meet your set criteria. And you end people elsewhere. Keeping users up paying only for the ones who click on Facebook can help incite them to — the rest are free impressions to your engage, build trust and ask questions. targeted group of choice. This flow may also contribute to a better response and more shares of Facebook ads are excellent at driving your content. traffic to your Facebook Page and46
    • If you think you are ready to test the Facebook has an exhaustive helpwaters on a Facebook ad campaign, section that can guide you through allthere is relatively little risk to trying aspects of the ad buying process, andthings out. A credit card and admin it’s available here:access to your state’s Facebook Pageare all you need to get started. http://www.facebook.com/ adsmarketing/ When is it smart to use a Facebook ad? Facebook ads are great for Fans, or it might just be one ZIP code or increasing your brand awareness city if you’re promoting a local event.) and your Fan base, and for promoting particular events or highlighting one of Buying and targeting a Facebook your promotions. ad means you’re gaining Fans, which will increase your Page’s visibility on You’ll want to target the most Facebook. Then, it’s up to you to engage relevant and appropriate audience to your Fans, as they will be your #1 get the most out of your advertising (in promoter to their circles of friends when some cases this could be your whole they interact with you and share your state if you’re simply trying to increase content with their friends. Set a budget: You can set a daily or lifetime ad until its budget is exhausted. Expect budget of any amount, from a few about $1.00 per click (though you can dollars to many thousands. Evaluate bid less), and plan your budget and what you can afford to spend monthly expectations accordingly. on your ads. Discuss this budget with your team and decide when to begin. Note: Be very careful when Start small and then expand. scheduling campaigns! Because credit cards are required and the system will Ads are charged by click, not by auto-bill on a regular basis, you have impression (view), so your ad will run to be sure you set finite ranges for your 47
    • ads. Otherwise, if left unattended or improperly configured, they could bill indefinitely, until your card’s limit is reached or the card expires. Check your work and make sure things are set properly. If you need help, contact iostudio and we’ll help you out. How to create an ad: To start your ad, go to: http:// an advertisement itself, and keep going facebook.com/ads/create about their Facebook visit. While we of course prefer them to click through and Ads targeting Facebook Pages are check out your Page, a “Like” is still a very simple to create. Those who view “Like,” and the easier it is to get one, them can even “Like” your Page from the better!48
    • Use Insights to select demographics to target: No one knows the perfect mix of • Tailor your ad copy: Make it variables to use, so it is recommended engaging and give it a strong that you try multiple things. call to action. • Target individuals who are not • Try different groups of already Fans of your Page as a individuals, male and female, general rule. age groups, and see what garners positive results for you. 49
    • Monitoring your ads and adjusting fire: • iostudio recommends a 30- • After running your ads for a day evaluation cycle for your week or two, evaluate your Facebook ad campaigns, with gains in Likes and Interactions. daily to weekly checks into what Are you seeing spikes? If so, is or is not working. There is you may want to allocate more nothing wrong with turning off money toward your advertising an ad that is not performing for to see if money spent can drive you after a day or two. more Likes. • Facebook will provide you with • As usual, iostudio is available reports on how your ads are to assist you in brainstorming faring, but only you can keep an approach to your Facebook track of how your advertising is ad campaign. Just let us know benefiting your Page. Are Likes what we can do to help! of the page increasing? Are you experiencing more interactions with your content?50
    • Facebook: Measurements This section will cover how to Finally, this section will cover how view, analyze and supplement tracking to tag links to www.NATIONALGUARD. your state’s social media efforts on com using a Campaign ID (CID), which Facebook. It offers fairly robust tracking can track an individual from a click on capabilities and makes its Insights, your link to their potential contract with detailed below, available to Page the National Guard. admins. In addition to these Insights, this section will also cover how to track the links you share on your Facebook Page using bit.ly or other URL shorteners so you can track link clicks. Facebook Insights Facebook provides basic information To get to the Facebook Insights for about your Page and interactions you your Page: have with individuals who “Like” your Page. These insights are exportable Be sure you are logged in to as an Excel file and can be viewed Facebook as an account with adminInsights are available and downloaded at any time. Insights access to your Page. are available in a simplified form as ain a simplified form as a dashboard and also as a downloadable Once on your Page, look on thedashboard and also as a Excel file. right side of the Page and locate a linkdownloadable Excel file. labeled “View Insights.” Click this link to go to your Page’s Insights Overview. 51
    • Dashboard The Facebook Insights dashboard is composed of three sections: Page Overview This is an at-a-glance report of Daily and Weekly Active Users. Users Deeper demographic data on your users and Page visitors, including those who haven’t “Liked” your Page yet.52
    • Interactions Daily Story Feedback, Post Views contact Rachael and she can put you and other interesting metrics. in touch with iostudio’s reporting and analytics department. Note: All sections are accompanied by call-outs, which will tell you more about what they mean and how to interpret them. If anything is unclear,Insights Download (Excel or CSV) Facebook Insights records dozens of and uncover effectiveness in your different metrics about your Facebook efforts. Data within Insights is broken Page. This data is especially useful into two types of data: Lifetime Total when you are seeking to analyze trends and Daily/Weekly/Monthly New. 53
    • The download can be found on the • Daily Internal Referrers • Lifetime Gender/Age, top right of the Page when viewing Internal referrers are items Language, Countries and “Page Overview,” and a date range internal to Facebook.com that Cities for the download can be set. refer to your Page, like apps and Four separate tabs that cover other Pages. This can be useful demographic information about • The File for finding other Pages you could those who Like your Page. Information in the file is form alliances with. organized into tabs that Data is recorded in two different encompass general page stats • Daily External Referrers ways in the file, as lifetime totals and demographic or location These are sites and sources that or as daily/weekly/monthly “new” data. refer to your Page that are not records. housed on Facebook servers. • Key Metrics This is useful for finding where Info in this tab covers top-level your Page might be getting stats like Daily Active Users promoted on the Web. and Daily New Likes, as well as cumulative daily information on Lifetime Total Page Likes. Lifetime Total This type is recorded daily as a cumulative number, so the values in the Excel file cannot be added up, column by column. However, this data can be easily plotted on a line graph to show trends without much effort. This data can also be used to show daily growth percentages and correlate advertising efforts to a gain in “Likes,” if present.54
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly New These types of data can be added together to generate a total for a time span. This type of data should be plotted as a bar graph so that daily totals can be compared.Data Lag At some times, data lag can be present in these files, but does usually not exceed a few days. For example, downloading the file on 1 MAR, you may discover that the last date recorded was 27 FEB. Do not be alarmed: This happens from time to time. 55
    • Daily/Weekly Analysis and Application of Metrics To stay on top of trends in your Fanbase, iostudio recommends the following approaches to minding your metrics: • Check your Interactions report for information about what motivates your users to respond. • Use Insights for steering content, and ask yourself the following types of questions: » What is causing the spikes in responses/Likes, etc.? » Is some of your content falling flat? If so, why? » Is your page more popular with a particular demographic group? » Can you directly address a specific demographic group and get them motivated to share your message or content? • Watch your bit.ly (a free link- tracking tool explained in the Measurement and Tracking section of this Guidebook) click report from Facebook and see what is performing.56
    • 57
    • TWITTERBeing a contributor to the online conversationand exchange of information in real time
    • Twitter: Overview Why do you need a Twitter account? Facebook is a social network, promote it for you. Twitter also gives whereas Twitter is informational. It is you the opportunity to seek out users the perfect platform for getting your who are Tweeting about considering a message out in real time. Twitter also military career, a way to pay for college,Facebook is a social allows you to connect with people or needing to make a change in theirnetwork, whereas Twitter is outside of your network based on life. This is your opportunity to let them interest in a way that no other platform know what the Guard has to offer them.informational. does. Additionally, it’s one of the best ways to drive people to your Facebook and ARNG sites, so that they become part of your network. You can share important news about your state and let your Followers What are the rules of basic Twitter etiquette? • Create a Bio – This tells the successful Twitter is creating story about your state Guard and content people want to share!). lets potential Followers know you are “official.” • Don’t Spam – Posting the same messages repeatedly will be • Respond to @ Mentions – This perceived as “spammy.” If you’re is your opportunity to network. not offering new or interesting information, people have no • ReTweet (RT) – Share incentive to follow you. information from others that supports your goals (and build • Real Time – Twitter is by far the partnerships in the process). biggest “real-time” site. If a Follower sends you a Tweet or • Creative Tweets – Encourage private Direct Message (DM), users to follow you and SHARE you need to respond as soon as your content (the key to a possible.60
    • Twitter: GoalsWhat do you want to achieve with your state’s Twitter account? Ultimately you want to increase your number of Followers, in order to get your message out and encourage them to support you by “ReTweeting” your posts. The more Followers you have, the bigger your reach, or influence, is. Followers vs. Following Followers are people that who message out and being ReTweeted. It is chosen to receive your Tweets in their important to understand that you should timeline, allowing them to “Follow” should be “Following” only people, you. The more “Followers” you have, organizations or businesses that you the better chance you have to increase feel are an influencer or partner to your your opportunity of getting your organization.How to become a RESOURCE — a reliable source for info, guidance, answersand all things National Guard in real time? Keep up on all news that involves your state and the National Guard. You always want to try to be the first one to send out a message or report on relevant events, due to the immediate “viral” effect that Twitter has when it comes to news. This not only will make you a “social influencer,” but it will also prevent incorrect news from being propagated, as well as increasing the chances of your content being shared. 61
    • Twitter: Creating a New Account How to create an account: 1. Navigate to http://twitter.com 4. Enter a secure password. Make and click the yellow button on sure your password contains the right side of your screen, letters, numbers and symbols. or simply navigate to https:// twitter.com/signup. 5. Enter your email address. 2. Fill in the first field with your 6. Fill in the Captcha to prove full name (example: Washington you’re human, not a machine! Army National Guard). 7. Pick sources that interest you 3. Select a username. Pick a name (more on this below). that is going to best represent you. One that your community 8. Search for influencers, and will recognize (example: follow them. As you follow more WAnationalguard). accounts, Twitter will learn what you’re looking for and make suggestions for “Who to Follow” — this will be very helpful. Tip: Choosing a Username Your username is the name your Followers use when sending @replies, Direct Messages or ReTweets. It will Usernames must be fewer also form the URL of your personal than 15 characters in length. timeline. Usernames must be fewer than 15 characters in length. Source: Twitter Help Center — “How to Create an Account”62
    • Twitter: Content How to fill out your Twitter bio (160-character limit): Describing your organization in 160 Including a location, while characters may seem difficult, but the potentially obvious, may provide bio is an opportunity to help potential opportunities for connecting with otherA Twitter bio is a great Followers understand your organization. local influencers. Include the URL toplace for a slogan, motto, your current website or a relevant Web (To give you an idea of what 160 page (like your Facebook Informationor brief mission statement characters look like, the single sentence tab, for example). This gives Followersthat provides some insight above is 155.) the opportunity to learn more than caninto what your organization be said in 160 characters. It’s important to be concise with adoes. 160-character limit. A Twitter bio is a Example: great place for a slogan, motto or brief mission statement that provides some “Always Ready, Always There. insight into what your organization The [State Name] National Guard does. If a potential Follower can easily was founded in ____. Follow us for understand what your organization news, info, pictures and videos. Link to is about, and what kind of content website.” to expect, they will be more likely to follow you. 63
    • Why your Facebook should not feed into Twitter, or vice versa: It is possible to link your Facebook While Twitter can also be a great and Twitter updates, so that your platform for interaction, it lends itself Tweets appear as status updates more to clickable content like links, Conversations on Twitter on Facebook, or Facebook posts pictures and videos. Conversations on often require more steps appear as Tweets. However, different Twitter often require more steps than on platforms warrant different kinds of Facebook. than on Facebook. posting. Facebook and Twitter are not interchangeable, and what works Post length and the frequency on one site may not be successful on of posting should also be taken another. (Additionally, users on the sites into consideration. Tweets have a can see that you’re doing this — they’re 140-character limit, and Facebook posts less likely to engage with an account have a limit of 420 characters. Twitter is when it doesn’t seem like a human is a site that lends itself to more constant actually there!) updates, with dozens of Tweets per day (or more) being acceptable. On The focus with Facebook content Facebook, however, users will see should be engaging the audience and constant posts as obtrusive. promoting conversation and interaction. How to produce quality original content: The key to producing successful When Tweeting links, pictures or content for Twitter is including things videos, be sure to include a short but that your Followers will want to share. accurate description of what your Twitter is a great platform for sharing Followers can expect to find when they links, pictures and videos. It is ideal click the link. Promote whatever it is for posting news items and events, you’re Tweeting, and make it exciting/ especially when many of your Followers interesting in order to encourage clicks are local. and drive traffic.64
    • Be the FIRST to share news about your state’s Guard. You have to be committed in order to become and remain a reliable news source on Twitter. When yourMake sure your Tweets are state receives news, you should be100% accurate, because the first one to Tweet about it. Your Followers will expect this and trustthey will circulate quickly! the information that you are Tweeting, instead of hearing it from unreliable sources. Guidelines for borrowing from and sharing with National and other resources: Sharing content has become a staple The content from the Twitter users of Twitter. ReTweets, the process of you follow will appear on your home reposting another user’s content, serve page, where it can easily be shared as a means of measurement and a way with your own Followers. By clicking to reach a wider audience. ReTweet, the full content of a Tweet will appear on your profile, including the Sharing or ReTweeting content you original user’s name and profile picture. find in your influencers’ timelines, such Another option for ReTweeting is to as @NationalGuard, is another great copy and paste the relevant portion of way to provide news, information and a Tweet, and Tweet it from your own stories to your Followers. This is a profile. Twitter etiquette in this case time-efficient way to help maintain a is to include “RT @username” so your consistent presence on Twitter without Followers will understand it is not your always having to create unique content. original content. 65
    • Twitter: How to Tweet How to Tweet: Since you have only 140 characters to work with, you’ll want to be concise and clear. Try to include a link when you can to refer to the ARNG website, and use hashtags for any common keywords you use that people may be searching for (see below). What is a “hashtag” (you may know it as the “#” symbol)? Definition: The “#” symbol, called Tweets containing that same hashtag. a hashtag, is used to mark or tag For example, clicking on a Tweet that keywords or topics in a Tweet. It contained the hashtag #military would was created as a way to categorize pull up all the Tweets containing messages. “#military.” Hashtags help you find relevant Hashtags can occur anywhere in the Tweets, as people use the hashtag Tweet (but a Tweet should not contain symbol # to mark keywords in their more than three at most). Hashtagged Tweet. Clicking on a hashtagged word words that become very popular are in any message shows you all the other called trending topics and are featured on Twitter. What are “@mentions”? A mention is any Tweet that response to someone.) This means that contains @username in the body of the the Tweet will appear on the homepage Tweet. (Replies are the most common of each person mentioned using @ type of mentions, with @username username. The Tweeter is talking either at the beginning of the Tweet as a about you or to you.66
    • What are Direct Messages (DMs)? A Direct Message is a private message sent via Twitter to one of your Followers. In turn, people you follow can send you a private message. You cannot send a Direct Message to a user who is not following you.What are ReTweets? ReTweeting is Twitter’s version among thousands of users, which is of “sharing” another user’s Tweet. incredible! There is no news media If you like a post of another Twitter outlet that can reach that many user, you can choose to ReTweet and individuals in such a short period of share it with all of your Followers in time. your own timeline, attributing it to the original poster. The idea is that sharing This is also the perfect tool for is reciprocal — as you share others’ getting your Twitter account to go posts, they will return the favor down “viral” to a large number of users who the line, giving your account exposure have not become Followers of your to all of their Followers. account yet. Post content people want to share, and your Followers will climb You can find out what users steadily! ReTweeted your posts, and how many times. This allows your news and information to be shared instantly 67
    • Twitter: Building a Community Whom to follow: Follow users whose content would the “timeline” on your home page. also be relevant to your Followers. Having all of this content in one place (Military organizations, government allows you to find content that can agencies, news sites, military-related be ReTweeted and shared with your charities, etc.) The content from Followers. the users you follow will appear in What is “following back”? You should follow users whose Be careful about who you follow content would also be relevant to your in return. Make sure their content is Followers. (Military organizations, something that the National Guard government agencies, news sites, would endorse, because it is possible military-related charities, etc.) The that your “Follows” will be perceived content from the users you follow will that way! A rule of thumb is to follow appear in the “timeline” on your home only “official” accounts, like news page. Having all of this content in one accounts and other military accounts or place allows you to find content that personnel. can be ReTweeted and shared with your Followers. (When you share others’ content, they are more like to follow you and share yours.) What is engagement? There are different ways to engage Guard and start a conversation, or with users on Twitter beyond just search for users who have interests that posting content. You can ReTweet would initiate a conversation about the content that you find interesting or that National Guard. will promote your organization, seek out users who have mentioned the National68
    • Why is engagement important? Engaging with your current Followers and people you want to follow you shows that you are dedicated in developing a relationship. It also gives your Twitter account a personality behind it.How to engage in conversation on Twitter: The “@Mentions” tab on your Twitter homepage is an easy tool to see who is talking to you on Twitter. Click the “@Mentions” tab to see the Twitter users who have sent you a Tweet. To respond, simply click the “Reply” button and type your response after their username, which will be filled in automatically.How to search Twitter to find conversations about theARNG outside of your established community: Twitter users are Tweeting • ARNG information that you are able to search • Recruiter, or talk to recruiter for and engage the user. First, put together a list of words that “potential Be creative and use common recruits” may possibly be Tweeting abbreviations and even misspellings, about, like: such as “gaurd.” Twitter will then display any user who has Tweeted • Becoming a Solider those words, and you can respond to • Joining military or army their Tweet. This is also a great way to get them to follow you. 69
    • Other than original Tweets, how often should you engage or reply? You should not limit your number questions, they expect you to respond. of engagements or replies, as long Acknowledging your Followers is a way as you are following basic Twitter of building their trust. etiquette. If your Followers are asking How to use Twitter to drive people to your Facebook Page and ARNG website: Since Twitter is primarily a platform for sharing information, it becomes a great place for you to promote your Facebook Page, ARNG website and YouTube channel. Create Tweets that have links to each of these, to keep them engaged in your organization. What is an “influencer” on Twitter? An influencer is a brand ambassador from the community, an organization that has the same concepts and goals as you, a supporter who has Followers who would benefit by following you.70
    • How can we measure influence to know who’s “influential”? Free online tools like Klout and good indicator that theirs is a reputable TweetLevel will give you a numerical account with something to offer). When assessment of someone’s influence, but you consider all these factors together, these are not perfect. A better route is you should be able to determine to examine their profile, recent Tweets whether an account is “influential” and Follow-to-Follower ratio (someone within your industry. with more Followers than Follows is aHow to reach out to influencers strategically: Once you have identified someone to share with their Followers, it’s you’d like to build a relationship OK to send them a Direct Message with, RT some of their relevant and (DM) asking them to do so. Because quality Tweets. @Mention them, and they’ll recognize you as someone they when you have a specific Tweet or interact with on Twitter, they’ll likely piece of information you’d like them be happy to do so. 71
    • Twitter: Measurements Twitter measurement: Twitter doesn’t offer much in the • Listed: Total number of lists your way of tracking, as it does not make account is a part of (created by its insights available like Facebook or other users). YouTube. To collect information about your efforts on Twitter, create an Excel Collect this information at about spreadsheet to manually track the the same time each day or on the following daily, collected from the feed: same day every week. You can find this information on your Twitter page in the • Tweets: Cumulative total of space denoted by the orange box. posts. • Followers: Total individuals following your feed.72
    • Other things you can (and should) track proactively: You can also track the following • Links posted to YouTube/ separately: Facebook • Proactive post responses (times • Snapshot of an example you sought out a post and spreadsheet is below. (This responded to it) covers both items we have discussed: the information • Links posted to NG.com Twitter logs and the items you would be tracking proactively.)Daily/weekly analysis and application of metrics: To stay on top of trends in your • Watch your Follower count for Followers, iostudio recommends the spikes, and try to determine the following approaches to minding your cause. metrics: • Watch your bit.ly click reports for • Run searches daily on Twitter to links from Twitter and see what is check for content related to your performing well. state. 73
    • YOUTUBESharing original videos with your visual community
    • YouTube: Overview Definition of YouTube: YouTube is a video sharing service uploaded during 2010 — 35 hours of that allows users to watch videos video are uploaded every single minute. created by other users and upload YouTube reached over 700 billion original videos of their own. More playbacks in 2010 alone. than 13 million hours of video was How can YouTube further the goals of the Guard? YouTube can reach an audience that personally connect with your company, might not otherwise use Facebook or and gives new recruits a visual of what Twitter. Even so, the videos that are they can expect as a Soldier. As people uploaded to YouTube can easily be view your videos, you can keep an kept and shared with (“embedded” on) accurate record of how many times it other social media sites. Creating these has been viewed and more! videos builds a brand, allows users to What makes a successful YouTube channel? Getting plenty of views is one of whenever you post a new video. When the most obvious ways to become people view that user’s profile, they willCreating these videos builds “successful” on YouTube. Generating see your state’s YouTube channel listed “Subscribers” is also key; these are among that user’s subscriptions.a brand ... and gives new the users who request to be notifiedrecruits a visual of whatthey can expect as a Soldier.76
    • YouTube: GoalsCreate content that resonates with the local community and state. When creating content, utilize your relate to. Keeping a local focus will local resources. Find subjects in your resonate well with your demographic, local community or across your state, providing them with a new way to view creating content your audience can familiar subjects.Add a visual and sensational perspective to the Guard and being a Soldier. Ask yourself: What video would you show to a potential recruit that would make them want to join the National Guard?Provide a better understanding of what life is like in the Guard. Your fans want to see what changes they will be making in their lives. They want to hear it from real Soldiers! 77
    • YouTube: How to Create a Channel Steps to setting up a new account: 1. Go to http://www.youtube.com/ recognize (example: create_account. MissouriNationalGuard). 2. Enter the email address you 5. Fill out all required information. want to use for this account. 6. Select “Let others find my 3. We recommend creating a new channel on YouTube if they have email address/account for my email address.” your new YouTube channel, as this avoids any conflicts with 7. Read the “Terms of Use.” attaching to your personal email account. 8. Click the “I Accept” button. 4. Enter a username that 9. If the email account you chose your community will is already a Gmail account, then it will attach to that account. Otherwise, you will need to create one.78
    • YouTube: Rules & RegulationsWhat is the Guard’s guidance on YouTube? The branding on your YouTube present the National Guard and its channel should be consistent with your Soldiers. Think about the message you other social media sites, including using want to convey, and always ensure that your official state National Guard logo. your content stays on message. The Videos posted should not violate OPSEC general goal should be to promote the by giving away locations or dates Guard and present your organization of military drills or trainings. Videos and Soldiers in a positive light. Focus should not contain profanity and should on training and missions, and highlight conform to all of YouTube’s restrictions. success stories and human interest stories when they arise. The branding of your social media presence will determine how youWhat are YouTube’s rules and regulations? YouTube has more restrictions than for everyone. These videos may be age- the other social media sites, especially restricted. Accounts are penalized for when it comes to copyrights. Make Community Guidelines violations and sure you are familiar with them so your serious or repeated violations can lead videos don’t get taken down. to account termination. If your account is terminated, you won’t be allowed “YouTube staff review flagged to create any new accounts. For more videos 24 hours a day, seven days a information about how the Community week to determine whether they violate Guidelines are enforced and the our Community Guidelines. When they consequences of violating them, please do, we remove them. Sometimes a visit the Help Center.” video doesn’t violate our Community Guidelines, but may not be appropriate – YouTube Community GuidelinesWho is responsible for quality control on videos posted? Like Facebook and Twitter, this should be decided on a state-by-state basis. 79
    • YouTube: Content What topics do we know work? Videos are a great way to get a Popular topics: real idea of what life in the National Guard is like. Potential recruits want to • Recruit Sustainment Program see the kinds of things they’ll be doing (RSP) if they enlist. For this reason, videos about training and different MOSs tend • Basic Combat Training (BCT) to be popular. • MOS spotlights • Success Stories—interviews with Soldiers • National Guard equipment, weapons and vehicles Best strategies for creating content: As in all media where content Don’t just wait for news items to is being produced, it is important to produce videos—get creative. Think remember your audience. What kinds of about topics that will be popular with people are going to view your YouTube your audience (Guard careers, missions, channel videos? Your YouTube channel training, etc.), and use the resources is an opportunity to give viewers a look at your disposal to create fun, lasting at what life as a National Guard Soldier content. in your state is like. When to post: Upload new videos as often as new videos. If your channel is known possible, but spread them out. Rather for consistently having new content,Use other social users will be more inclined to check it than uploading seven new videos onnetworks to promote ... a Monday, upload one a day, and use regularly.new videos. other social networks to promote the80
    • What topics to avoid: Determine what the goals of your serve your purpose. If your focus is social media platforms are. If your more news-heavy, fewer topics will be focus is on recruiting, certain topics off-limits. like deployments or casualties will notVideo descriptions, tags and categories: It is important to utilize the video The tags are keywords, which information options for your YouTube will help your video get visibility in videos. The description box should search results. YouTube populates tag clearly indicate to your viewers what suggestions, but ensure that these to expect from your video. It is also a are relevant before including them. useful place to include a link, whether The video category is another way to it’s to another of your social media sites classify your video content for search or your primary website. queries.How to use data to strategize for future content: YouTube has features that allow “liked” videos appear in the top-rated you to see which videos are the most section. viewed and which are the top-rated. Organizing the videos into these Pay attention to this data. Learn categories provides a clear way to what topics are popular with viewers analyze popularity. Each video has a of your channel and what topics are thumbs up “Like” button and a thumbs unsuccessful. Use these guidelines down “Dislike” button. The most when developing future video content. 81
    • YouTube: Building a Community How to get users to become “Subscribers” to your channel: • Produce quality action videos – • Content – Describe your video Know what the users want. in a way that will make them want to view it. • Name your videos – Be creative and intrigue the users; make • Keywords – When you them want to watch based on upload a video on YouTube, title alone. you have the option to fill out the “Keywords” that • Thumbnail photo – Make sure would suggest your video to your “Thumbnail” photo of the users if they were to search video gets the right message that word. This is another across. (You choose this form of SEO (Search Engine image when you’re uploading Optimization), meaning it your video and editing the increases the likelihood of your details.) video showing up in Google searches. When do you engage with your Subscribers? YouTube usually does not require If any of these are questions, then you much engagement on your part. should respond. All comments require Subscribers can comment on your your approval before they will post to your videos, make a comment about your channel for others to see. channel or send a private message.82
    • YouTube: AdvertisementsShould you advertise your YouTube channel? Advertising of your channel doesn’t to you — you just increase the video’s need to be paid. Simply embed your exposure and the chances that it will YouTube videos onto your Facebook be shared by more and more people, Page (by choosing “video” on the status increasing the “viral” effect that social update bar, and pasting the link to your media is so great at achieving. video to post to your Wall), post on your ARNG site and share the link with your Paid advertising is possible, but Twitter Followers. Even when people YouTube videos catch on because click to watch the video on an outside there is great content and the public site, YouTube still records that viewing loves them, not because they were and adds it to your video’s statistics, so advertised. If a YouTube video is going you don’t lose any numbers by sharing to go viral, it will happen organically. the video on every medium accessible 83
    • YouTube: Measurements Understanding your YouTube Insights: To access metrics about your and select “Account” from the options YouTube account, click the name of presented. your account in the top right corner Next, select the item called “Insight” from the navigation along the top of the page.84
    • Insights From there, you will be deposited below). The CSV download, discussed on your Insight page, which has a later, is denoted by the orange box and dashboard view. Along the left side are is the same file, no matter which page the insights available to you (blue box you choose to download it from. 85
    • Dashboard Summary: This section features Demographics: A snapshot view an overview of your page for the range of who is watching your videos. As selected (which you can change as you far as we are aware, this is based on like using the sliders that accompany data that YouTube collects from its the Total Views of All Videos graph). visitors, not just on your Subscribers This section is a good daily stop for at- themselves. a-glance stats. Community: The Community Views: This section offers a deeper section shows you which videos are the view into the performance of specific most engaging to your audience. This videos. Information in this screen is information is based on shares, ratings, similar to what you would find on favorites and comments, coupled with “Summary” in the middle of the screen. views. Discovery: A very useful screen, Subscribers: This section tells you the metrics on this page are centered about those people who have chosen around how people access your content to subscribe to your channel. These (directly, through another YouTube individuals have made it a point to video, via a mobile device, etc.). connect to your channel, as anyone can watch anything on YouTube (for the most part) without subscribing. The ‘Community’ section shows you which videos are the most engaging to your audience.86
    • Downloadable CSV At the bottom of all pages is the The CSV features a demographic CSV that breaks down the information overview and a list of world locations, on the dashboards. Much of the referrers and views. information therein would require that someone use Excel to segment and sort the data into something usable.Daily/Weekly Analysis and Application of Metrics To stay on top of trends in your Fanbase, iostudio recommends the following approaches to minding your metrics: • Watch your traffic reports for spikes. • What content is garnering the most response? • Are there more ways to share your YouTube content across other networks to generate a greater response? 87
    • Tracking Your Efforts Many social media platforms have Here, we’ll walk you through how analytics built in to help you track your CIDs work, and then show you how With tools that help you progress within their site (like Facebook bit.ly, a free alternative, can do much“tag” your links and track Insights), but these tools tell you only the same for you at the state level. (If so much. You may be able to see your engaging CID services is somethingthem all over the Web, you demographics on Facebook or YouTube, you’re interested in doing for your state,can see the true reach of but it doesn’t give you the big picture of contact Rachael King at iostudio forthe links you post ... your social media outreach as a whole. more information.) With tools that help you “tag” your Here’s how they work: links and track them all over the Web, you can see the true reach of the links Components of a Link Using a CID you post, no matter where you post them or who clicks on them. Links using CIDs will always point to the main National Guard recruiting At the national level, we use website, www.NATIONALGUARD. Campaign ID tags (CIDs) to track all of com. If you are tracking a link that does the traffic from any link that’s “tagged” not point to this site, we recommend around the Web. We can often follow utilizing bit.ly so the click can be someone from their first click all the tracked. way through Path to Honor, or from “Click to Contract.” Links with CIDs attached will look like this:90
    • Tracking Your Efforts: CIDsComponents of a CID The CID structure we recommendusing for your social media efforts isrelatively simple and is composed offour parts.State Abbreviation Content/Intent The two letter call-sign for each This helps us see where the content All of these components arestate, always unique and easy for us to was pointing or what the intent of necessary to assign proper credit tocatalog efforts against. the link was. This information is links entering the system. From this useful when comparing links. These minimal information, iostudio is able toNetwork Used descriptions should be simple and create scheduled reporting for all states Important component that allows short where possible, but they help to using this system.us to see the benefit of the networks describe the intent or content of thecompared to each other on behalf of the post they accompany. It is very important that no part ofstates that utilize them. your CID is left out. Date Posted FB = Facebook This helps us keep track of the dates TW = Twitter in the system, and sort them according YT = YouTube to when they went live. We stress the use of the year in the first slot so that individual years roll up more easily, hence 20110401 being used in the example above. 91
    • Tracking Your Efforts: bit.ly When links lead someone away from a social site, how do I track them? bit.ly As a free alternative to CIDs, bit.ly is a remarkable online service that has made its business shortening linksYou can use [bit.ly] on to websites. They take verbose linksFacebook, Twitter and and shorten them into small number-YouTube. and-letter sequences. This technology is especially useful where space is at a premium (like in Twitter posts, when your character space is extremely limited), and most importantly, it allows users to track clicks on their links all over the Web. How to Create an Account bit.ly is just like any other site: You will need a valid email address and a password. Creating an account will allow you to keep track of the links you have created and compare them against each other.92
    • How to Create a Shortened Link All you need to do is log in, paste your link roster so you can watch it over the link you want to shorten into the time. box, click “shorten” and you’re done! The link is automatically collected intoHow to Use Your Links Use bit.ly to shorten your links as often as possible; this will allow you to track success on the fly. You can use them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Customize your bit.ly links sparingly — it’s easy to run out of custom names. 93
    • How to View and Analyze Click Reports Click reports cover Clicks, Conversations (Shares, Tweets, etc.), Daily Clicks and Referrer Details. You can view these metrics on a link-by-link basis, or you can view them for all your links at once via the “Analyze” link at the top of your admin area. Your bit.ly dashboard will give you all kinds of useful information about your links, beyond simple clicks. As a free alternative to a paid program, it’s far and away considered the standard of the link-shortening industry.94
    • Conclusion This Guidebook is intended to be This is an exciting time in marketing, a jumping off point for your state or not just because of the brand-new territory’s social media program. Once toolbox that’s been handed to us by the you launch your sites and want to digital world, and all the new avenues work with someone to figure out which social media offers to get in touch with platforms and strategies will work best potential recruits and National Guard for your state, make sure to engage supporters. It’s also exciting because your iostudio social media consultant the National Guard is the only branch of to take your program to the next level. the military currently working the way We intend to work with you every step we are to take advantage of this new of the way, so if you’re ever feeling set of tools. We are connecting with our overwhelmed or unsure as to which audience in a way that no one else is, direction to take, please don’t hesitate and this is something that will truly set to email (rachael.king@iostudio.com) us apart from all the other branches in or call (202) 664-3711. Remember that this digital age! building these communities won’t happen overnight; it is an ongoing project that requires time and energy, like any other outreach strategy. 95
    • Online Resources National Sites YouTube API (Application Programming Interface) and Tools National Guard Website http://code.google.com/apis/youtube/ http://www.nationalguard.com overview.html National Guard Official Social Media Social Media News Sites http://www.facebook.com/ Mashable nationalguard http://mashable.com http://www.twitter.com/nationalguard http://www.youtube.com/nationalguard SmartBrief on Social Media http://www.smartbrief.com/news/ Facebook socialmedia Facebook Help Center Social Media Examiner http://www.facebook.com/help http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com Facebook Terms Social Media Explorer http://www.facebook.com/terms.php http://www.socialmediaexplorer.com Twitter Social Media Today http://socialmediatoday.com Twitter Help Center http://support.twitter.com TechCrunch http://techcrunch.com Twitter Terms of Service http://twitter.com/tos Translation YouTube Google Translate http://translate.google.com YouTube Help http://www.google.com/support/ Terminology youtube Wiki-SMAC (Social Media Vocabulary) YouTube Terms of Service http://wiki.smac.org http://www.youtube.com/ static?gl=US&template=terms98
    • Crisis Post GuidanceActions to take when certain negative posts are made: Hate Speech Grief or Suicide Scenario: Someone comes onto our Scenario 1: Someone has lost a Page and announces that a different loved one in the National Guard and branch of the military is better than the needs to vent. ARNG, perhaps using profanity in the process. The National Guard Persona’s Response: The National Guard Persona’s Response: Condolences should be extended; however, it is not the Guard’s If the comment is derogatory, it responsibility (or place) to apologize for should be deleted: Hate speech will the actions that might have led to this not be tolerated. A private message situation. As in the previous example, should be sent to the offending user, the situation should be allowed to if possible, requesting better behavior. play out with the other members of If the comment is threatening or uses the group. Acknowledge the post by excessive profanity in a derogatory honoring the loved one who was lost manner, the administrator should ban (use their name if it was provided). the user from the Page. However, if the comment is only mildly provocative, Example Fan Post: “My friend SGT it should be allowed to run its course Doe lost his life while serving in Iraq.” with the other users in our network. The community at large has demonstrated Sample response: “SGT Doe will itself to be very tolerant and self- always be remembered as a hero for preserving, as well as protective. his dedication to our country’s freedom. Our thoughts are with his Family and friends.” 99
    • Scenario 2: Someone posts a The National Guard Persona’scomment that references the act of Response:suicide. The administrator should encourageThe National Guard Persona’s the user to speak to their recruiter aboutResponse: possibly resolving the situation. This must be responded to Scenario 2: Someone is upset orimmediately via private message. The questioning the payment of their bonus.post should be deleted from the Pageimmediately after the administrator The National Guard Persona’shas contacted the individual via private Response:message (this will help prevent otherfans commenting something to the The administrator should advise theperson that may intensify the situation). Fan that each individual contract andThe response should be a referral to the unit/state procedures vary, then instructsuicide prevention website or hotline: the Fan to review their contract thenhttp://militaryonesource.com or 1-800- contact their unit for specific questions.273-8255. Direct them to Hero on Call for help with general questions or if they need Frustration assistance with determining whom they should contact in their unit. Scenario 1: Someone took theASVAB and didn’t get a high enoughscore to be eligible for the career theywanted.100
    • Glossary: Social Media Source: http://wiki.smac.org/alphabetic-indexA a major reason why users visit social Buzz - Amount of “chatter,” or social networking sites. Applications can also discussion and interaction characterizedActive User - A social consumer be custom-made and branded to appeal by frequent expressed interest and/orinteracting with a platform over a to the audience of a specific advertiser. mentions of a subject among the onlinespecific time frame (i.e., Monthly Active community.Users, Weekly Active Users). Audience Profile - A collection of demographic or psychographic CAdvocate - A social consumer who attributes that describe the type(s) ofembraces and promotes a cause, issue people who typically use a particular Chat - A real-time, online conversationor brand. site or media property. between two or more individuals.Aggregator - A news aggregation Augmented Reality - A fusion of real Comment - A social consumer’s remarkwebsite is a website where headlines life and technology that provides a or response expressing an opinion orare collected, usually manually, by layer of digital content over real-world reaction to content on a social platform.the website owner. In computing, experiences.a feed aggregator, also known as a Contributor - A social consumer whofeed reader, news reader or simply B publishes in response to content on aaggregator, is client software or a social platform.Web application which aggregates Blog/Vlog - Short for weblog or videosyndicated Web content such as news weblog; a type of website used by Conversation - Communicationheadlines, blogs, podcasts and vlogs individuals, groups or business entities between multiple people in(video blogs) in a single location for to publish opinions and commentary on conversational media, including blogs,easy viewing. various topics. forums, discussion boards, social networks, etc.Amplification - The extension of an ad Bookmark - Creation of a digital flagcampaign through social media and the referring to a piece of content for easy Conversational Media - Media whichdegree to which campaign messages retrieval. enables discussions, such as blogs,propagate through social networks. forums, discussion boards, groups, Brand Profile - An authentic page micro-blogging, etc.Applications - Programs which are or profile that allows consumers tobuilt to run on an existing platform and make a connection or become a friend/ Conversation Marketing - Connectingutilize the attributes and data available fan of the brand. (Advertiser Profile - authors, audiences and marketers in anto that platform. Applications can MySpace) (Fan Page - Facebook) ongoing conversation.develop their own userbase, which canoften number in the millions and are 101
    • Conversation Monitoring - F IMonitoring of specific terms, brandsand sentiments occurring in online Feedback - Formal channel for Inactive - Social consumer who was atconversation(s) across various social response to content providing an one time active but is no longer activeplatforms. opinion or reaction to content on a with a specific social platform. social platform.Credibility - A combination of the Influencer - An advocate or detractorexperience, background and knowledge Folksonomy - The process by which who can impact sentiment and holdsthat a social consumer or brand has on many users add metadata in the form of a level of credibility with a group ora social platform. keywords to shared content. Also called connection. Social Tagging.Critic - A social consumer who rates, Interaction rate - The proportionreviews and/or comments on a social Follow - To subscribe to another social of users who interact with an ad orplatform. consumer’s content, sometimes without application. any other personal connection.D Invite - One social consumer or brand Frequency - The rate at which content asking another to join their social graph,Detractor - Social consumer who from a social consumer or brand a discussion, group, activity or eventrejects and/or condemns a cause, reaches a unique individual on a social online.individual, issue or brand. platform. LDispersion - The measure of how Gcontent propagates across the Web Like - A simple “thumbs up” responsebeyond the original paid endorsements Group - People with a shared interest to a piece of content that impliesand earned media. or affiliation who may or may not have agreement or endorsement. associations with one another; inclusiveE of “Pools,” “Webs,” “Hubs.” MEarned Media - Any effort by which a H Mashup - A Web page or applicationmarketer gains unpaid publicity. that allows a social consumer to quickly Hubs - A group of social consumers and easily combine data or functionalityEngagement - The level of with strong connections to a central from two or more sources to create newinvolvement, interaction, intimacy and/ figure and weaker associations with content.or influence a consumer has for or with one another. A charismatic figure isa brand or social platform over time. the key to this affiliation (the center Meme - A phrase, video or other of a movement, community and/or themed concept that spreads quickly via conversation). social media sharing.102
    • Micro-Blog - A shorter form of Publisher - A social consumer who has Social Community - A communityblogging (often with character or file registered with any social platform. built for social interaction — either by asize limits) that allows users to publish group of like-minded people, by a brandcontent both publicly and privately. R and its loyalists or non-loyalists, or between a brand enthusiast/detractorModerator - An individual or brand Rate - A scaled response to a piece and community of shared interests.with the authority to actively manage of content that represents a sociala conversation through commenting, consumer’s opinion or reaction. Social Consumers - People thatdeleting posts and/or updating/adding/ interact, view, engage and share inediting content. Reach - The degree of marketing social platforms. penetration within a given targetP audience. That degree of penetration Social Engagements - An (expressed either as a number of engagement is an action that is takenPaid Endorsement - Content that has individuals or as a percentage of by a social consumer or brand on abeen implicitly paid for by a marketer. individuals) is equal to the degree of social platform.In some but not all cases, the marketer exposure the target audience has had toinfluences the content. an intended marketing message. Social Equity - Refers to the level of influence or status accrued to a socialPass-Along - The number of people Relevance - A combination of the consumer or brand in their respectivereached through pass-along/shares, timeliness, dispersion and amplification social media platforms.word-of-mouth, conversations, of content produced by a socialforwards, etc., of the original message. consumer or brand. Social Measurement - The tools and benchmarks required to determinePodcast/Webisodes - Digital media S success in the various forms of socialcontent (video or audio) that is released media marketing.episodically and downloaded or viewed Sentiment - The perception of a brandthrough Web syndication and/or or social consumer that is influenced or Social Network - A online communitysubscription. manifested by emotions or feelings. of people (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) who share interests and/Pools - A group of social consumers Share - A “share of voice” is a brand’s or activities, with the purpose ofwith strong associations with a shared or group of brands’ advertising weight connecting with one another and/oractivity or goal, or shared values, and or buzz expressed as a percentage of a exploring the interests and activities ofloose associations with one another. defined total market or market segment others. in a given time period. The weight isPost - To publish content on a social usually defined in terms of expenditure,platform. Also: “Publish.” ratings, pages, poster sites, buzz, etc. 103
    • Status Update - Reporting of an Uindividual social consumer’s or brand’s Wiki - A website or social propertythoughts/activities/observations that Upload - Post an image, video or audio that allows users to collaborativelyare published to their social graph file to a social platform. add, update and edit content using theirand/or the entire community of social own Web browser, often times free ofconsumers. User Generated Content - Content moderation. that is produced by social users/Subscribe - Receive regular updates consumers. Word of Mouth - The act of consumersfrom or follow a service, group, blog/ providing information to other cosumerspublication, application or individual. User/Consumer - A person interacting organically.Subscriber - A social consumer who with any social platform.follows content on specific socialplatforms, often without actively Vcontributing. Velocity - The rate at which socialT media tools/apps are dispersed through a social media ecosystem.Tag - The act of adding keywords to apiece of content. Virality - The amount to which a social consumer or brand’s content is amplifiedTime Spent - The amount of elapsed and/or dispersed through earned media.time from the invitation of a visit to thelast user activity associated with that Virtual Worlds - Simulatedvisit. environments where users interact via avatars.Transparency - The level of visibilityinto the original publisher of content, be Wit a social consumer or a brand. Webcast - Content distributed viaTrending - The degree to which a topic streaming media technology. A webcastis increasing or decreasing in terms of may be distributed either live or onboth amplitude and dispersion in social demand.media platforms. Widget - Portable content that can be installed and/or embedded within a Web page or social profile by that page’s owner.104
    • Glossary: FacebookAdmin - This individual is the person Inbox - A mail application in Facebook. Facebook site intended for and createdthat has access to change and add by artists, musical groups, celebrities,anything to the page. They are in Insights - Facebook Insights provides businesses, brands and similar entitiescomplete control of content, design and Facebook Page owners and Facebook (not individuals). You can add pagesmoderating. Platform developers with metrics to your profile to show your friends around their content. By understanding what you care about. Only the officialAd - An advertisement to promote your and analyzing trends within user representative of an artist or businesspage with a fee included. growth and demographics, consumption can create and make changes to a page. of content, and creation of content,Application - Applications on Page owners and Platform developers Photos - A Facebook application thatFacebook are designed to enhance your are better equipped to improve their lets users upload photos and share withexperience on the site with engaging business with Facebook. fans.games and useful features like Eventsand Photos. Some applications are Like - “Like” is a way to give positive Profile - A “personal” account onbuilt by Facebook developers, but feedback or to connect with things you Facebook.most applications are built by outside care about on Facebook. You can likedevelopers who use Facebook’s APIs content that your friends post to give Status - Where a page posts content toand abide by Facebook’s Developer them feedback or like a Page that you share with fans.Principles and Policies. Applications want to connect with on Facebook.on Facebook allow you to play social You can also connect to content Tabs - Tabs mark the different sectionsgames with your friends, remember and Pages through social plugins or of a page or profile.friends’ birthdays, share your taste in advertisements on and off Facebook.movies, send gifts to friends and much The Photos tab displays profilemore. News Feed - A feed of comments that pictures and albums. have been posted by people that areChat - A feature that is used in personal friends of your personal profile or pages The Info tab displays basic informationprofiles that allows users to talk with that you “Like.” like birthday and hometown, as wellother users that are friends and are as interests and activities. The Infoonline at that time. Notes - Notes are like mini-blogs for tab also lists all groups the user is a your profile. member of, and all the pages the user isFan - A person who “Likes” a page and a fan of.will receive any content posts that you Notification - An “alert” that someonemake. has posted on your page. The Wall tab displays the user’s interactions with friends (comments andGroup - A group is not a page or profile. Page - A page is not a profile. It may messages) as well as status messages. look like one, but it’s not. The features The Photos tab displays profile photos and capabilities are different. It is a and albums. 105
    • Tag - Marking a photo or video by Video - A Facebook application that comments for everyone to see. It isclicking it and inputting the person’s allows pages to share their videos with also where they can go to read all thename that is in the photo or video. fans. posts that the page has made.Updates - News feeds sent to you from Wall - A featured tab/section on thepages that you have joined. Facebook page where fans can post Glossary: TwitterDirect Message (DM) - Direct @reply - The @reply means a Twitter anything else that fits in the charactermessaging is the way on Twitter for update (a Tweet) that is directed to requirements.you to send private messages. The only another user in reply to their update.way to send DMs is if the recipient is An @reply will be saved in the user’s Tweeter - Someone who posts afollowing you, and for them to respond “Replies” tab. Replies are sent either message on Twitter.with a DM, you would need to be by clicking the “reply” icon next tofollowing them. an update or typing @ username Twitter handle - This is the name message (e.g., @user I saw that that designates someone on Twitter.Follower / following - On Twitter, movie too). When someone asks what your Twitterblogs and other social media sites, a handle is, this means they are askingfollower is someone who subscribes RT – Retweet - A ReTweet is for your username.to receive your updates. On the Twitter basically Tweeting someone’swebsite, “following” someone means previous Tweet with @ symbol and URL Shortener - Since Twitter allowsyou will see their messages in your own his/her username. RTs are done only 140 characters, every singlepersonal timeline. Twitter lets you see because you find it interesting and character counts. URL Shortenerall the people you follow and also who you would like to share with your allows you to post weblinks moreis following you. friends and followers. Attribution of efficiently, and some will even offer the Tweet to the original Tweeter is tracking capability that lets you see#Hashtag - Hashtags are phrases or needed. how many Twitter followers click onkeywords that can be used to monitor the link. bit.ly is the most commonwho is saying what about a particular Tweet - Describes a Twitter update. shortener.topic. Standards for hashtags are one A Tweet is basically whatever youword (#Conference) or multiple words type into the Web box to answer thatstrewn together without any spaces question, using 140 characters or less.(#EventConferenceTheme). People Tweet personal messages, random thoughts, posted links, or106
    • Glossary: YouTubeChannel - A channel on YouTube is the channel. This allows you to keep Campaign - The overall structure forhome page for an account. It shows the up-to-date on that channel without online advertising run within AdWords.account name, the account type, the having to check it all the time.public videos they’ve uploaded and any Impression - The number of times auser information they’ve entered. Upload - To send a file from your promotion appears on YouTube. computer to YouTube to share withSubscribe - When you subscribe to your subscribers and friends.a user’s videos or favorites, you willreceive email notifications whenever Promotion - A promoted videothey’ve posted new content on their advertisement for a YouTube video. Style Guide: Grammar1. Plural v. possessive or things); or b) words unique to our 4. Guard programs: Know how rules, like Soldier, Family and Guard. they’re spelled and be consistent.NCO’s: This is the possessive. Use itwhen something belongs to someone. Wrong: Right: Hero on Call /Ex: The NCO’s report is on the desk. Welcome to the Guard Family and Wrong: Hero On Call Congrats on your ship date. Good Luck! Right: Advanced Individual Training /NCOs: This is plural. Use it when there Wrong: Advance Individual Trainingis more than one of something. (Congrats and Luck shouldn’t beEx: The entire group of NCOs met in the capitalized.) 5. Slang usage: Sometimes it’s OK,conference room. sometimes not. 3. Know the right word.2. Capitalization Here are two slang words not to use: Some commonly confused words — - “wanna” (use want to) -Always capitalize Soldier, Family and please know them: “gonna” (use going to)Guard (when Guard is short for NationalGuard). • affect / effect • than / then • 6. Commas: Know where they go, could have (not could of) • lie / lay and where they don’t.Never capitalize words that aren’t a) • all ready / already • compliment /proper nouns (formal names of people complement • it’s / its • their / there The most common mistake we see / they’re is people putting them where they 107
    • don’t belong. Before you use a comma, » After “yes” or “no”: Yes, you will Avoid “Guard-speak”—even includingask yourself: Do I know for a fact that take the APFT at least twice a terms like “MOS.”a comma goes here? If you don’t know, year. Use layman’s terms: Guard job; job;please look it up. Guard career. 1. Style Guide issues:Here are some basic rules about Ranks: Spell out rank on first use; oncommas. You should use a comma: Always refer to the National Guard site subsequent uses of same name, use correctly: www.NATIONALGUARD.com last name only. » After someone’s name: William, www. (lower case) - NATIONALGUARD First use: Captain John Doe we appreciate your inquiry. (all letters uppercase, no space) - .com Subsequent: Doe » Between adjectives: SGT Ken (lower case). And underline the entire has a comprehensive, motivating URL. Don’t capitalize rank if not used as a fitness program. (But notice title. there’s no comma after the Avoid acronyms or be sure to also spell second adjective.) out first use. Major Smith said, “Whether you’re a » After an introductory phrase: private or a general, we’re still proud of Before you attend Advanced “When you take your APFT (Army your service.” Individual Training, you’ll go to Physical Fitness Test), it may seem Basic Combat Training. tough. But after that, each successive APFT gets easier.”108
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