Dimoso - Mastering the dark arts of promotion


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Dimoso - Mastering the dark arts of promotion

  1. 1. mastering the dark artsthoughts on app marketing and promotion
  2. 2. “hope is not a strategy” Rudolph Giuliani• $000’s spent - little thought given to marketing• promoting apps is new skill requiring a hybrid of PR & Marketing skills, typically outside of the scope of traditional digital and PR agencies• large companies need campaign coordination across multiple agencies and stakeholders• with so many apps launching, how can yours rise above the noise?
  3. 3. quality, quality, quality user engagement with an app over time (data from Flurry Analytics) benchmarking your app against the market is crucial: understand why yours is different to the competition. What is your USP? How will you keep your customers interested? Quality is often more effective than brand in driving engagement
  4. 4. first impressions count• customers make snap decisions and rely heavily on visuals to make a decision “It’ time t s unfortun come o dow ate, b t s out… nload and ut I don’t h mperfec and c . te av ttom line: i an be A video tak st every ap e “T he bo o work the di e p that rce sh oppers t nloads. longe fferen s just seco app n ames fo fewer dow r look .” Ba ce in nds to ill mean develop ing the Chief rbara wheth watch an d that w put into , at A Holbr er an harder, time you e added ppcra ver ook, E ditor app g ets a For all of the worth th in he name ap p, isn’t t terbrand ef fort?” In
  5. 5. spread the word• you should use as many communication touchpoints as you can- so don’t forget bloggers, fan sites and forums as well as news and review sites• for brands, it’s essential to use a full mix of marketing to cross- promote apps• social media can be very powerful for building and maintaining a community of fans - but is resource-intensive• don’t discount using a specialist PR and marketing agency - it can save time and money
  6. 6. super-powered app store ratings• apps can live or die by consumer reviews and comments, so encourage people to review your app• thinking about how to encourage reviews should be part of your launch (and development) strategy• beware fake reviews - app stores are wise to it and have punished people - and its also illegal!
  7. 7. the stuff that costs money• paid-for activity can be really effective - especially in giving a boost to app rankings on the stores• mobile advertising - blind and premium networks, traditional and rich ad formats• cross-promotion across your whole family of apps is essential - or using a publisher who can do this for you• more and more developers are realising that they can’t do it all themselves - you need proper marketing and PR if you plan on building a long-term apps business
  8. 8. things we have learnt• the more polish you can add to your game, the better• planning to make money? start thinking about your marketing before you even start development• downloads are often driven by word of mouth recommendation above all else• there are lots of new non-conventional outlets for games and app reviews but they can be quite hard to reach• taking a traditional approach does get coverage - teasers, announcements, traditional games press outreach - but that doesn’t necessarily mean downloads• incentivised marketing can kick-start the marketing and PR• your existing fans are your best marketing tool - work out how to use them
  9. 9. get in touchwe’d love to hear from you if you are looking for a freshapproach for your business - or even if you just want to sayhello.dimoso107 Drysdale StlondonN1 6ND+44 20 7033 2660www.dimoso.com@dimosoAgency