The Radiologist's Guide to Meaningful Use


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The Radiologist's Guide to Meaningful Use will help you prepare, develop, execute, and sustain a successful meaningful use strategy—this guide is a road map for diagnostic imaging professionals as they tackle meaningful use and addresses the challenges associated with these incentive programs.

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The Radiologist's Guide to Meaningful Use

  1. 1. THE RADIOLOGIST’S GUIDE TO MEANINGFUL USE A step-by-step approach to the Stage 1 CMS EHR Incentive Programs Jonathon L. Dreyer Keith J. Dreyer, DO, PHD, FSIIM "Simple, direct ,and invaluable... The Radiologists Guide to Meaningful Use cuts through the clutter—successfully educating thereader, providing strategic direction, and o ering pragmatic and useful recommendations to help radiologists achieve meaningful use." John P. Glaser, PhD, Former Senior Advisor, ONC, HHS Buy the guide today!
  2. 2. About the BookDid you know that most radiologists areeligible for the CMS EHR IncentivePrograms? Are you prepared formeaningful use? Not sure where to begin?The Radiologists Guide to Meaningful Use will help you prepare, develop, execute, andsustain a successful meaningful use strategy—this guide is a road map for diagnosticimaging professionals as they tackle meaningful use and addresses the challengesassociated with these incentive programs."#$!%&()*)+(,"-,!+.($!")!/$&0(0+1.*!.,$!!"#$%&()#$%&"*&&+,*-."$,"$.%"/$*0%"1"23/"456"78-%89:%";+,0+*<#"!
  3. 3. About the AuthorsJonathon L. Dreyer is a senior health care marketing professional in Boston,Massachusetts. His deep understanding of medical imaging technology and health care IThas contributed to the development and successful deployment of technology across anumber of healthcare verticals. He has authored several articles on clinical decisionsupport, radiology reporting, speech recognition, business intelligence, electronic healthrecords, meaningful use and mHealth and is an active blogger and contributor tostandards and interoperability projects.Keith J. Dreyer, DO, PhD, FSIIM is the Vice Chairman of Radiology Informatics atMassachusetts General Hospital and Assistant Professor of Radiology at the HarvardMedical School. He is a Diagnostic Radiologist, certi ed by the American Board ofRadiology with a PhD in Computer Science. Dr. Dreyer holds, and has held, numerousboard and committee positions with the ACR, RSNA, SIIM and other national medicalsocieties and has authored numerous scienti c papers, articles and books, as well aslectures worldwide on digital imaging, medical informatics, clinical languageunderstanding and electronic health records."#$!%&()*)+(,"-,!+.($!")!/$&0(0+1.*!.,$!!"#$%&()#$%&"*&&+,*-."$,"$.%"/$*0%"1"23/"456"78-%89:%";+,0+*<#"!
  4. 4. What’s Inside?The Radiologists Guide to Meaningful Use has everything you need to be successful. Itexamines the complex set of one-size- ts-all requirements that make up the program,discusses how these initiatives impact radiology, o ers guidance for building yourmeaningful use strategy, and provides guidance for the diagnostic imaging community.•! Provides a detailed explanation of what meaningful use is and how it applies to the eld of medical imaging•! O ers an overview of program incentives, penalties, objectives, measures, and the product certi cation process•! Outlines an easy to follow 10-step approach for achieving meaningful use and reaping the nancial and patient care bene ts of the program•! Presents insight from the eld through experiential interviews with industry leaders•! Discusses advocacy e orts and a takes a brief look at future stages of the program•! Provides countless additional resources to assist you along the way…"#$!%&()*)+(,"-,!+.($!")!/$&0(0+1.*!.,$!!"#$%&()#$%&"*&&+,*-."$,"$.%"/$*0%"1"23/"456"78-%89:%";+,0+*<#"!
  5. 5. Praise for the Guide"A practical and e ective road map to help imaging professionals navigate the HITECH Act—this book gives you the con dence and know-how to be successful with the CMS EHR IncentivePrograms.”John A. Patti, MD, FACRChairman, ACR Board of ChancellorsThoracic Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital"An articulate voice in radiology concerning meaningful use—this book provides acomprehensive and much needed overview of the topic. A well-written guide by well-versedexperts.”Burton P. Drayer, MDPresident, RSNA Board of Directors, 2010-11Radiologist-in-Chief, The Mount Sinai Medical CenterExecutive VP of Risk, The Mount Sinai Medical Center"#$!%&()*)+(,"-,!+.($!")!/$&0(0+1.*!.,$!!"#$%&()#$%&"*&&+,*-."$,"$.%"/$*0%"1"23/"456"78-%89:%";+,0+*<#"!
  6. 6. Praise for the Guide"This timely book will serve as a beacon for those searching for answers to meaningful usequestions. Administrators, vendors, and front-line radiology practitioners will appreciate thisstep-by-step model for navigating a confusing topic.”George S. Bisset III, MDPresident, RSNA Board of Directors, 2011-12Edwards B. Singleton Chair of Pediatric Radiology, Texas Childrens HospitalProfessor of Radiology, Baylor College of Medicine"This is essential reading for anyone trying to understand meaningful use—a detailed andcompelling how-to book for the radiology community.”J. Raymond Geis, MD, FACRChair-elect, Society of Imaging Informatics in MedicineNeuroradiology, Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants, PC"#$!%&()*)+(,"-,!+.($!")!/$&0(0+1.*!.,$!!"#$%&()#$%&"*&&+,*-."$,"$.%"/$*0%"1"23/"456"78-%89:%";+,0+*<#"!
  7. 7. Online Companion MaterialTo enhance your experience we have incorporated QR codes and direct URLs throughout thetext of the guide. These codes will direct you to speci c areas of this online companion websitewhere the most up-to-date information can be found. In order to use the QR codes, you willneed a smartphone with a camera and QR code software. 78$%0+*$%@"A6"-,@%#" 2,<&*8=,8">,+?#.%%$#""#$!%&()*)+(,"-,!+.($!")!/$&0(0+1.*!.,$!!"#$%&()#$%&"*&&+,*-."$,"$.%"/$*0%"1"23/"456"78-%89:%";+,0+*<#"!
  8. 8. Book Information. Title: The Radiologists Guide to Meaningful Use Subtitle: A step-by-step approach to the Stage 1 CMS EHR Incentive Programs Author(s): Jonathon L. Dreyer and Keith J. Dreyer, DO, PhD, FSIIM Page Count: 240 pages Binding Type: US Trade Paper Trim Size: 6"x9” Language: English Interior: Black and White ISBN/EAN13: 0615563163/978-0615563169 Related Categories: Medical/Radiology & Nuclear Medicine"#$!%&()*)+(,"-,!+.($!")!/$&0(0+1.*!.,$!!"#$%&()#$%&"*&&+,*-."$,"$.%"/$*0%"1"23/"456"78-%89:%";+,0+*<#"!
  9. 9. Learn more! Go to to discover even more. Buy the guide today! Buy it direct from the O cial eStore: Buy it from"#$!%&()*)+(,"-,!+.($!")!/$&0(0+1.*!.,$!!"#$%&()#$%&"*&&+,*-."$,"$.%"/$*0%"1"23/"456"78-%89:%";+,0+*<#"!