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Why Some Churches Close
Why Some Churches Close
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Why Some Churches Close


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What to do when your church is closing.

What to do when your church is closing.

Published in: Self Improvement, Spiritual
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  • 1. ==== ====What to do when your church is closing? Find out here. ====As the Christmas day celebration comes to a close and families settle in for the evening, travelersare wondering if the roads will be safe to travel because of the predictions and forecast of snow.The news weather service reported the strong possibility of a white Christmas and indeed it was awhite Christmas. News stations also reported flight cancellations, but the roads did appear to besafe for traveling. As the evening progressed, alerts began to scroll across the bottom of the t.vscreen and the alerts named churches that canceled there services for Sunday. I wonder whatmany devout and religious folk will do on the Sunday after Christmas; church is canceled. Ourculture certainly has a way with words; "services canceled". The very notion of coming togetherto worship God is canceled. I can remember similar announcements Ive heard in the early part of2010, in reference to the church. Announcement such as:• Church closed• Church in foreclosure• The church burned down.Christmas evening, December 25th, 2010, many churches are announcing "services canceled".ÂCan the church close and service canceled? Is a church ever in foreclosure? Is is possible foe anychurch to burn down? When talking about the ecclesia, the called out ones or the people of God,we are never in foreclosure, closed and we can not burn down. It is a know fact amongbelievers, the church is made up of worshipers, born again believers; but you would never know itby the words we use to define and describe it. The building we often refer to as " the church" isonly a location in which the people of God fellowship.With all of the Bible studies we attend and with all the education many leaders receive, we yettreat the building with more reverence and respect than we do each other. The church is not aphysical place, but we certainly do meet in a physical place. We congregate and we fellowship in abuilding, a designated meeting place.  We, the people of God, never cancel our services. Weserve God in serving others and that service is not determined by the weather. Think about it,thats not a play on words. When the people of God, gather themselves together in corporateworship, we serve each other and rain, snow, sleet or hail has no bearing on our service to GodWe dont cancel, we simply adjust and adapt to changes. We worship God in sprite and intruth, we encourage each other, pray for each other. When the place that we meet in is notavailable or we can not get there, believers can worship together in their homes. Fathers,parents, mothers can assemble their families for prayer and worship.Church is not something you have, church is not something you attend, you are the body of Christ,you are the church. When church services are canceled, believers should not feel disappointed or
  • 2. relieved for that matter. We do not respond to the ringing of a church bell that tells us when toworship and worship is never restricted to a particular day and time. When the church is thoughtof as activity, a function or place, its possible to foreclose on it, burn it down and cancel itsservices, it all depends on what you believe and understand the church to be.Nathaniel Lewis invites you to visit Going Against The Grain at: where you will find hundreds of thought provoking andinspiring articles. You can find out more about this author at: Please feelfree to comment to this article or any article on our blog. Thanks for reading, hope to hear fromyou soon!Article Source: ====What to do when your church is closing? Find out here. ====