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The Mobile Conference



Full set of slides from The Mobile Conference 2011 held at the Eden Project in Cornwall on October 12th 2011

Full set of slides from The Mobile Conference 2011 held at the Eden Project in Cornwall on October 12th 2011



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The Mobile Conference The Mobile Conference Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome   @_TimBryant  
  • Tim  Bryant   @_TimBryant  
  • Ask  a  ques7on    Twi9er:  @themobileconf  Twi9er  Hash  Tag:  #themobileconf  Email:  SMS:  Text  FIRETEXT  +  ques?on  to  64446  Facebook:  Pen  &  Paper:  To  Andrea  Voice:  Please  ask!  
  • Toby  Parkins   @tobyparkins  
  • So  where  is  Mobile  now,  in  2011?    Every  year  has  been  the  “the  year  of  mobile”  since  2004                   @tobyparkins  
  • So  where  is  Mobile  now,  in  2011?                     @tobyparkins  
  • So  where  is  Mobile  now,  in  2011?    • The  whole  mobile  industry  has  been  obsessed     • SMS   • Ringtones   • MMS   • Push  email   • Apps                 @tobyparkins  
  • So  where  is  Mobile  now,  in  2011?    App  downloads  per  month  • Apple  IOS  –  1Bn  • Google  Android  –  500M  • Nokia  Ovi  –  180M  • Blackberry  –  90M                     @tobyparkins  
  • So  where  is  Mobile  now,  in  2011?    Apps:  4th  Ranked  Apps  developer  Magma  Mobile    8/12/2010  to  8/1/2011  –  4,900,000  Android  app  downloads  (800  paid  for  app  downloads)    1  in  4  apps  downloaded  are  never  used  again                 @tobyparkins  
  • So  where  is  Mobile  now,  in  2011?    Mobile  Internet  Usage:  •   Real  web  stats  indicate  growth,  not  hype  •   Over  85%  of  new  handsets  support  mobile  web  browsing  •   77%  of  world’s  popula?on  have  mobile  phones  •   13.8%  have  mobile  web  access  (46%  in  Europe)  •   45%  of  UK  use  mobiles  for  internet  access  •   2014  more  internet  access  via  mobile  devices  than  desktop.                 @tobyparkins  
  • What  do  we  do  about  it?    Consider    •  device  capabili?es  •  user  experience  •  content  strategy  •  complete  mobile  strategy     @tobyparkins  
  • Device  Capabili7es  Screen  widths  (pixels)  –  2004    95  96  101  120  128  176       @tobyparkins  
  • Device  Capabili7es  Screen  Widths  (pixels)  -­‐  2011      64   116     160     256     640     80     118     162     300     800     95     119     174     320     854     96     120     176     324     1024     98     123     177     345     1280     100     125     178     352     1600     101     128     208     360       102     130     216     384       104     132     220     400       108     136     222     432     110     140     230     450     111     144     232     480     112   150     240     600     @tobyparkins  
  • Device  Capabili7es    Rota?ng  Screens    Event  triggers     @tobyparkins  
  • Device  Capabili7es    Flash  vs  JQuery    iPad,  iPhone  and  iPod  Touch  simply  don’t  display  flash  content.  The  solu?on  is  either  JQuery  replacement  or  JQuery  content.  In  the  future,  HTML5  may  be  the  answer    However  you  display  your  content  now,  may  need  to  change.       @tobyparkins  
  • Device  Capabili7es    •  Check  Google  Analy?cs  •  Catering  for  every  possible  device  varia?on  will  be  too  expensive  to   achieve  •  Use  your  Analy?cs  data  to  establish  which  devices  provide  goals  and   sales    •  Which  devices  provide  general  traffic?   @tobyparkins  
  • Detec7on  and  redirec7on    HTTP  Headers  provide  informa7on    Mozilla/5.0  (iPhone;  U;  CPU  iPhone  OS  4_2_1  like  Mac  OS  X;  en-­‐us)  AppleWebKit/534.24  (KHTML,  like  Gecko)  Version/5.0.2  Mobile/8C148  Safari/534.24    Detec?on  libraries  like  Tera-­‐WURFL  and  similar  provide  vast  device  informa?on  resources:    e.g.  Screen  resolu?on;  colour  depth;  javascript;  flash  support;  flash-­‐lite;  browser-­‐CSS-­‐bugs;  etc.   @tobyparkins  
  • Detec7on  and  redirec7on    Provide  links  to  “normal”  full  website  view     @tobyparkins  
  • Detec7on  and  redirec7on  eDigital  study  2010  found  most  liked,  ahead  of  mobile  op?mised  sites  e.g.  M&S.   @tobyparkins  
  • Content  Strategy  Decisions  and  dilemmas    •  How  much  content  is  the  right  quan?ty?  (Quality?)  •  Mobile  devices  are  used  in  “mobile”  situa?ons  •  Remember  you  are  the  least  objec?ve  observer   (Except  when  you  ask  someone  for  their  opinion)  •  Use  Analy?cs  to  see  what  mobile  users  actually  do.  •  Drop  unvisited  content  to  simplify  naviga?on.  •  Full  or  Par?al  site  content?     @tobyparkins  
  • Content  Strategy  Generalised  guidance    •  On  the  move  situa?ons  require  less  content  •  Simple  facts  with  click  for  more  info  links  •  Direc?ons  pages  for  physical  businesses  •  Postcodes  for  Satellite  Naviga?on  systems  •  Use  hyperlinked  Telephone  numbers  •  Watch  out  for  +44  (0)  numbers     @tobyparkins  
  • Naviga7on    •  Simplicity  is  essen?al  –  less  content?  •  Touch  screen  buuon  size  •  Tab  sequences  •  No  hover-­‐over  func?onality  on  touch  devices       @tobyparkins  
  • Tes7ng    •  Select  all  target  devices  from  Analy?cs  •  Test,  test  and  test  on  all  target  devices  •  Review  your  target  device  list  every  6  months   @tobyparkins  
  • Toby  Parkins    Web:    Email:    Twi9er:    @tobyparkins    Facebook:    LinkedIn:  
  • Geoff  King   @zenith_mist  
  • Engaging  mobile  conversa7ons   Convert  clickers  into  consumers   @zenith_mist  
  • ‘Some  brands  will  win  big  with  mobile.   Others  will  wonder  –  what  just   happened?’Mary  Meeker   @zenith_mist  
  • Quick  Facts  •  Mobile  searches  are  up  216%  YoY   •  90%  of  UK  people   Q2  2011  (   send  text  each  •  Mobile  sales  x2  over  3  years   month  (Ofcom  2010)   (   •   Consumers  almost  •  91%  of  UK  consumers  have  used   as  happy  to  receive   their  mobile  for  shopping  (   text  from  brands  as  •  Approx  40%  of  UK  mobile  phones   friends/family   are  smartphones     •  62%  read  messages  •  UK  smartphone  users  are  63%   in  5  mins  from   more  likely  to  engage  with  m-­‐ senders  they  don’t   commerce  (IAB)   know  (DMA,  IAB  2010)    •  More  than  40%  of  UK  merchants   •  67%  of  O2  customers   expect  to  have  a  transac?onal   are  likely  to  engage   with  a  mobile  offer,   mobile  site  or  app  within  the  next   year  (IAB)   O2  Customer  World   2010.   @zenith_mist  
  •  doubles  mpayments  forecast  to $3bn   @zenith_mist  
  • 1. think BIG start small 2.  Ideas need insightful inv€stm€nt3. fail fast, fix flourish 4. ...continuously...improv e don’t await P E R F E C T I O N O5. Be pen not... 6.   share @zenith_mist  
  • A  customer’s  life  with  mCRM  -­‐  automated  (1/2)   Any RBSG card Promote acct benefits Text “CREDIT BAL” Or “DEBIT BAL” to 82NAT O2 Load & Go Text REG to Visa Prepay 82NAT Text “Balance” to Txt 2 shop 10202 MMS 2-4-1 Cinema Tix 1. Card Dispatched 2. Card Activation 3. Credit Card Welcome 4. Credit Card Payment Registration “Your card has been message “Welcome to your new Credit “You can mange your Credit Card by Appointment Reminders dispatched” “Activate your card Card. To make a balance transfer signing up for balance & payment alerts now by texting on your account, reply BAL TRAN using credit care. To register for Credit ACTIVATE and…” to and an advisor will call you back” Card Payment Services go to Retail Diary 82NAT”Mobile # 07898298293 Natwest: This is to remind u of your appt tmrw @ 2pm with Mortgage Gary. Application Tracking Alerts 1. AIP subj to 2. Survey 3. Loan offer posted 4. Mortgage loan released conditions “Ref: 1234567890 we have “Ref: 1234567890 your “Ref: 1234567890 your mortgage loan “Ref: 1234567890 to instructed our panel to mortgage loan offer has funds have been released to you today. progress your arrange a survey on your been posted today. Congratulations on your new loan. Reply mortgage loan we mortgage property within 5 INSURANCE for a quote” require you to supply days. xxx.” @zenith_mist  
  • A  customer’s  life  with  mCRM  moving  to  RM-­‐led(2/2)   Lost my card! I’ll text to get some EMERGENCY Your £200 200 emergency cash emergency cash PIN before I catch my code is plane. 2344 1. Customer texts in 2. Receives PIN 3. Customer 4. Customer to 82NAT for £200 enters PIN at withdraws cash “Emergency 200” ATM 2 3 4 5 Claire: Yes Mr Yes please. This Q Can you tell afternoon would Smyth, Time Inc me the Time is at $29. Would be ideal. Msg from RM using share price?1 you like your Contact Manager relationship et: FT twe e manager to in Magaz plan contact you? hers publis store: digital c is Time In n Use SMS abroad. + Use IM in UK ga leadin ide… Avoid data costs 6 ind ustry-w .ly/ Texted to 82NAT it http://b Text Q and v8KNU your Payment message Balance Mr Smyth, would Reply from question to Mobile Instant Messaging sent to the customer message sent to you like me to LiveAdvisor 82NAT and an advisor the customer subscribe you to will help this stock or Text LiveAdvisor / Black Card PA send you our stockbroker application? @zenith_mist  
  • NatWest     Mobile  •  Profiled  O2  customers  by   their  bank  sort-­‐code  •  Segmented  by  opted-­‐in   iPhone  owners  •  23%  CTR  on  SMS  •  Top  of  financial  app  sec?on   in  4  hours   @zenith_mist  
  • Iden7fy  your  revenue  model   1   2   3   4   5   Free   Adver7sing   Freemium   Micro   Subscrip7on   Transac7on  Free  to  end-­‐ Free  to  end-­‐ Restrict  free   Charge  the   Charge  the  end-­‐user   user access   end-­‐user  on  a   user  a  standard   pay  as  you  use   fee,  on  a  regular   basis     basis  Leave  the   Generate   Charge  for   Charging  fixed   Launch  as  a  door  open  for   revenue   full  version   increments  for   companion  (free  future   with  ad-­‐ or   discrete  pieces   add-­‐on)  to  a  mone?za?on   supported   enhanced   subscrip?on  opportuni?es   model     features   product     The  Mobile  Conference  2011   @zenith_mist  
  • Some  good  examples  from   the  industry...  mountain?   @zenith_mist  
  • AutoTrader  Mobile  (seller  pays)    Ø   2.7m+  car  searches  /  month  Ø   45%  on  dealer  forecourts  Ø   Personalisa7on  the  key  to  success  Ø   Best  Use  of  Mobile,  AOP  2010         @zenith_mist  
  • Hearst  Magazines  UK  increases  brand  depth  (Freemium  –  Free  then  pays)  Ø   Wide  stakeholder  consulta7on  to  develop  mobile  strategy  for  leading  magazine  publisher  Ø   First  applica7on  for  Men’s  Health  just  launched           @zenith_mist  
  • Free  to  download  mcommerce  app   600k+     downloads  After 4 weeks... 6 weeks later... 12 weeks later... Over  500,00  Downloads     Reached  #1  Free  Travel  app   -­‐iTunes   Gross  Revenue  over  £1M  across  Plazorms   @zenith_mist  
  • Bezair  in  the  news  •   Q1FY12:  7.4  million  bets  on  its  mobile  products,  leading  to  £4.2m  of  revenue  •   one  third  of  sports  customers  using  a  mobile  device  to  place  a  bet   @zenith_mist  
  • Ted  Baker  is  poised  to  double  its  digital  spend  in  the  next  year  in  a  strategy   that  could  see  the   installa7on  of  Wi-­‐Fi   networks  in  its  retail   stores.   @zenith_mist  
  • @zenith_mist  
  • @zenith_mist  
  • Gik  or  Buy  with  PayPal  then  Share    @zenith_mist  
  • Brand  Selec7on  Stores  Features  •  Custom  selec?on  of  apps  •  Skinned  to  brand  (eg     shoponthebeach)  •  Ads  can  be  posi?oned  to  cross-­‐link/ sell  back  on  retail  site  in  new-­‐pop  up  Benefits   •  Brands  show  apps  that  match  their  values   with  no  need  to  create  many  bespoke   •  Vogue  press  appeal  as  it  shows  modernity   in  social  media  mix     •  Drives  sales  on  original  retail  sites   •  Improves  brand  SEO  ranking   •  Generates  poten?al  rev  share  on  paid-­‐for   apps   •  CRM  improves  significantly   @zenith_mist  
  • Making  it  stand  out  •  Interac7ve  -­‐  It’s  not  just  about  consump?on.     It’s  also  about  discovery  •  Social  –  It  should  empower  the  user  to  share  •  Connected  –  it  works  everywhere  •  Open  Dialogue  –  open  to  feedback  from  the   users  to  improve,  update  and  personalise  the   offering  •  Prac7cal  &  Safe  –  by  providing  a  POS  that  is   easy  and  secure  to  use  and  visible  opt-­‐in   @zenith_mist  
  •   Geoff  King  Web:    Email:    Twi9er:    @zenith_mist      LinkedIn:­‐king/16/11b/1b8  
  • Andrew  Walker   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Content  Marke7ng  Why  content  is  so  important  for  your  mobile  website?   @ramemarke7ng  
  • The  primary  purpose  of  a  website   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Is  to  hold  all  of  your  valuable   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Why  is  content  so  important?   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Supports  your  business  plan   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Matches  the  buying  cycle     @ramemarke7ng  
  • Op7mised  for  search  and  share   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Is  where  your  audience  are     @ramemarke7ng  
  • Content:  Targeted  to  a  mobile  audience   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Why  are  we  talking  mobile?   Technology   @ramemarke7ng  
  • The  take  up  of  technology   1  billion  reading  email  on   mobile  devices  by  2013   Source:  Radica?  group/2010   In  2010  20%  of  Google   searches  were  on  a  mobile   device   Source:  Google   $5billion  in  iPad  sales  in   first  3  quarters  of  2011   Source:  Apple/2011  So  far  in  UK  -­‐  2011:  •  45%  of  internet  users  used  a  mobile  phone  to  connect  to  the  internet  •  6  million  people  accessed  the  internet  over  their  mobile  phone  for  the  first  ?me   in  the  previous  12  months  •  The  use  of  wireless  hotspots  almost  doubled  in  the  last  12  months  to  4.9  million  users      Source:  ONS   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Mobile  plamorms  are  the  future  @ramemarke7ng  
  • It’s  not  just  Smartphones   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Mobile  users  need  to  be  treated  differently   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Less  is  definitely  more   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Design  your  content  for  an  audience  on  the  move   •  Smaller  screens   •  Smaller  keypads   •  No  mouse   •  Bandwidth  issues   •  Different  search   objec?ves  70%  of  mobile  search  is  acted  upon  within  the  hour  Source:  Google  2010     @ramemarke7ng  
  • Mobile  needs  a  new  approach   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Think  small    •  Less  is  more  •  Kill  the  jargon  •  Take  short  cuts  •  Be  crea?ve   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Design  for  on-­‐the-­‐go    •  Create  content  for   mobile  needs   –  Large  fonts  (Apple     recommend  17  to  22   point)   –  Scale  to  fit     –  Shorter  content  bursts   –  Video  and  audio      
  • Design  for  on-­‐the-­‐go    •  Images  and  large  files   –  Try  to  limit  to  around   20k   –  Affect  download  ?mes   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Design  for  on-­‐the-­‐go    •  Encourage  sharing   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Design  for  on-­‐the-­‐go    •  Claim  your  business   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Repurpose  exis7ng  content      •  Chop  up  ar?cles  into   200  word  pieces  •  Video  Q&A  •  Video  case  studies  •  Video  sales  demos  •  5  minute  audio   podcasts  •  Interview  your  experts   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Create  new  content  •  SMS  alerts  around   industry  news  •  Company  announcements   when  new  ar?cles   published  (sign  up)  •  Event  centric  content   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Finger  versus  mouse  •  Design  for  finger   surfing  •  Buuons  at  least  44   x  44  point  •  Opt  for  longer   pages   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Not  all  plazorms  are  the  same  •  Consider  all  op?ons  •  Choose  one  size  fits  all  •  Auto  detect  •  Be  aware  of  limita?ons  
  • Track  and  op7mise  •  Track  usage  pauerns  •  Test,  Test,  Test   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Test  your  site  on  the  big  3   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Tes?ng  sites  hup://­‐tools  hup://    
  • Mobile  social  media   •  Mobile  and  social  media   reinforce  one  another   and  drive  your  content  @ramemarke7ng  
  • Bringing  off-­‐line  and  on-­‐line  together  
  • Where  else  can  we  use  QR  codes?   QR  codes   •  Connect  to  a  URL   •  Offer  a  menu  of  op?ons   •  Ini?ate  an  email   •  Ini?ate  a  call  on  phone   •  Download  a  document   •  View  a  video   •  Receive  a  mul?media   file  via  SMS/MMS   @ramemarke7ng  
  • How  does  the  process  work?   @ramemarke7ng  
  • QR  code:  examples   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Augmented  reality   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Summary  •  Create  a  mobile  friendly   •  Re-­‐purpose  exis?ng   websites   content  •  Op?mise  your  content   •  Create  new  way  to  •  Think  Video   engage  •  Think  Audio   –  QR  code  campaign   –  Augmented  reality  •  Use  bite  sized  ar?cles   •  Track  results  •  Claim  your  business  on   Loca?on  Based   •  Test   Applica?ons   @ramemarke7ng  
  • Andrew  Walker    Web:    www.ramemarke?    Twi9er:    @ramemarke?ng    Email:    andrew@ramemarke?      LinkedIn:          
  • Rob  Edlin   @robedlin  
  • Mobile  Search  •  77%  of  mobile  users  have  used  their  mobiles  for  search  in  the  last  week  •  Search  engines  are  the  most  visited  websites  on  mobiles   (greater  even  than  Social  Networking  sites  and  Retail)  •  Most  popular  searches:-­‐   –  News  (57%)   –  Dining  (51%)   –  Naviga?on  (51%)   –  Entertainment  (49%)   –  Shopping  (47%)   –  Sports  (40%)   –  Games  (37%)   –  Food  (36%)   –  Technology  (32%)   –  Travel  (31%)   –  Finance  (26%)  •  Consumers  seek  quick  &  convenient  informa?on  when  searching   (72%  whilst  on-­‐the-­‐go)  •  90%  take  ac?on  as  a  result  of  a  search  •  53%  purchase  as  a  result  of  a  search  (in-­‐store  and  online)        (Source:  The  Mobile  Movement  Study,  Google/Ipsos  OTX  MediaCT,  April  2011)   @robedlin  
  • What  drives  mobile  searches?  •  Word  of  mouth  (61%)  •  Saw  something  in  a  shop  (44%)  •  Saw  an  Online  Ad  (18%)  •  Tradi?onal  Media  (68%)   (TV,  Radio,  Magazine,  Newspaper,  Billboard,  Mail)  •  Mobile  Ad  (27%)            (Source:  The  Mobile  Movement  Study,  Google/Ipsos  OTX  MediaCT,  April  2011)   @robedlin  
  • Google  on  handheld  mobile   @robedlin  
  • Google  “more”  on  handheld  mobile   @robedlin  
  • Google  Places  on  handheld  mobile   @robedlin  
  • Google  Shopping  on  Desktop   @robedlin  
  • Google  Shopping  on  handheld  mobile   @robedlin  
  • Bing  on  handheld  mobile   @robedlin  
  • Bing  local  search  on  handheld  mobile   @robedlin  
  • Mobile  website  structure  •  Dedicated  mobile  websites  •  Plugins  for  exis?ng  CMS  and  ecommerce  sites  •  Off-­‐the  shelf  standalone  solu?ons  •  Apps  •  Geo  META  data  •  Mark-­‐up  Language  •  Hyperlinked  Telephone  numbers  •  Flash  •  XML  Sitemaps  for  mobile  websites  •  Test  pages  with  Googlebot  mobile   @robedlin  
  • Mobile  domains,  sub  domains  and  directories  (same  URLs)   @robedlin  
  • Key  phrase  research  -­‐  Desktop   @robedlin  
  • Key  phrase  research  -­‐  Mobile   @robedlin  
  • SERPS  (Search  Engine  Result  Pages)  –  Desktop/Laptop   @robedlin  
  • SERPS  -­‐  Tablet   @robedlin  
  • SERPS  –  Handheld  mobile   @robedlin  
  • Content  op7misa7on  for  mobile  websites   •  Use  shorter,  more  general  phrases   •  Include  loca?on/geo  META  data   •  Include  address  on  all  important  pages   •  Make  sure  your  Google  Places  lis?ng  is  up  to  date   •  Make  sure  your  Bing  for  Business  lis?ng  is  up  to   date   •  Make  content  lighter   •  Make  images  smaller   •  Make  buuons  bigger   •  Generally  improve  experience  for  the  mobile  user   @robedlin  
  • Monitor  and  Modify   @robedlin  
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  • Rob  Edlin   @robedlin  
  • Paid  Search  for  Mobile   @robedlin  
  • Campaign  Basics  •  Split  Campaigns  •  Bid  more  aggressively  •  Set  loca?on  and  language  targe?ng  
  • Paid  Search  for  Mobile  -­‐  Tablets  Click  to  Call   Loca?on  Extension   @robedlin  
  • Paid  Search  for  Mobile  -­‐  Handhelds  Click  to  Call   Loca?on  Extension   @robedlin  
  • Paid  Search  for  Mobile  Sitelink  Extension   @robedlin  
  • Device,  Operator  &  Wi-­‐Fi  Targe7ng   @robedlin  
  • Ad  Extensions  •  Call  •  Loca?on  •  Sitelinks   @robedlin  
  • Ad  Extensions  -­‐  Call   @robedlin  
  • Ad  Extensions  -­‐  Loca7on   @robedlin  
  • Ad  Extensions  -­‐  Sitelinks   @robedlin  
  • Geographic  targe7ng   @robedlin  
  • Key  phrase  research  •  Choose  more  general  keywords  •  Choose  shorter  phrases  •  Include  loca?ons  •  Include  incorrect  spellings  •  Use  the  “All  Mobile  Devices”  op?on  in  the   Keyword  Tool   @robedlin  
  •   Wri7ng  mobile  Ads  •  Include  a  relevant  call  to  ac?on  •  Match  Ads  to  appropriate  key  phrases  •  Send  to  relevant  landing  pages  •  Google  now  rewards  you  for  having  mobile   op?mised  landing  pages  •  Enable  Loca?on  Extensions  for  hyperlocal   distance  informa?on   @robedlin  
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  • Social  Media  &  Mobile  Marke7ng  Aren  Grimshaw  
  • Hands  Up,  if  you’ve  ever...  •  Asked  a  friend  to  recommend...  A  good  bar,   restaurant,  motor  mechanic....?  •  Shared  with  a  friend  a  good  or  bad  experience   with  a  shop,  restaurant,  garage....?  •  Talked  about  your  weekend,  holiday  or  last   business  trip  with  a  friend  or  business   colleague...?   @arengrimshaw  
  • Social  Media  Marke7ng  “Using  Social  Media  to  engage  with  online  communi?es  in  order  to  generate  exposure,  opportunity  and  sales.”    “Social  Media  tools  allow  the  sharing  of  informa7on  and  crea7on  of  communi7es  through  online  networks  of  people.”   @arengrimshaw  
  • One  World...Online  &  Offline   •  Mobile  phones  will  overtake  PCs  as  the   most  common  web-­‐access  devices   worldwide  by  2013   •  iPhone  traffic  now  accounts  for  around   4.5%  of  all  UK  website  traffic   •  Facebook  is  the  top  site  visited  by  total   number  of  minutes  spent   •  66%  use  mobile  search  while  watching  TV   &  61%  said  they  use  it  at  work.  @arengrimshaw  
  • Upda7ng  Your  Status  Facebook  Applica?on   Hootsuite  Applica?on   LinkedIn  Applica?on   @arengrimshaw  
  • Upda7ng  Your  Status  Loca?on  data   @arengrimshaw  
  • Upda7ng  Your  Status   Privacy  Se}ngs   @arengrimshaw  
  • Upda7ng  Your  Status   Add  Media  or  Links   @arengrimshaw  
  • Upda7ng  Your  Status   Include  friends  or  contacts   Hanging  out  with  @arengrimshaw   @arengrimshaw  
  • Check-­‐Ins  See  who’s  there   @arengrimshaw  
  • Check-­‐Ins   ‘Gamifica?on’   @arengrimshaw  
  • Access  Informa7on   • Find  popular   venues     • Access  Tips  &     To  Do’s     • Leave  Tips  &     To  Do’s   @arengrimshaw  
  • Sharing  Experiences  /  Comments  events   ...out  and  about   ...on  loca?on  or  passing   @arengrimshaw  
  • Get  it  out  there...   @arengrimshaw  
  • Foursquare  Specials   @arengrimshaw  
  • Facebook  Deals   @arengrimshaw  
  • Network  &  Connect   @arengrimshaw  
  • The  Stats...  •  350m+  ac?ve  users  currently  accessing   Facebook  through  their  mobile  devices  •  55%  of  all  ac?ve  Twiuer  users  are  ac?ve  on   their  mobiles  •  LinkedIn’s  mobile  usage  has  skyrocketed  400%   percent  in  the  past  year  •  381m  check-­‐ins  on  Foursquare  during  2010   (including  1  from  Space)   @arengrimshaw  
  • So  what  about  your  business?  •  Ensure  everyone  in  your  company  is  on  board  •  Issue  a  clear  Social  Media  Policy  to  staff  •  Invest  in  training  for  your  teams  •  Develop  a  clear  strategy  •  Integrate  your  approach     @arengrimshaw  
  • So  what  about  your  business?  •  Professional  Businesses   –  Empower  your  teams  to  use  the  technology   –  Arm  them  with  the  right  kit   –  Get  them  networking  (online  &  off)   –  Put  informa?on  at  their  finger?ps   –  Ensure  they  follow  up   @arengrimshaw  
  • So  what  about  your  business?  •  Loca?on  Businesses   –  Get  yourself  listed  or  claim  your  lis?ng   –  Auract  foozall  with  deals   –  Reward  loyal  customers   –  Take  any  comments  seriously   –  Resist  ‘orders’  or  Spam  posts   @arengrimshaw  
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  • Stafford  Sumner   @staffordsumner  
  • Email  on  the  move   Tips  for  op7mising  your  email   marke7ng  for  mobile  recipients    @staffordsumner  
  • What  we  are  going  to  look  at  •  Behaviour,  trends,  opportuni?es  and  threats  •  Design  considera?ons  for  mobile  devices  •  Content  crea?on  for  mobile  op?misa?on  •  Monitoring  and  analysing  mobile  performance   @staffordsumner  
  • Introduc7on  •  A  brief  history  of  email  •  Recent  developments  •  Engagement  dependent  on  factors  such  as:   –  Recipient  behaviour   –  Email  client  being  used   –  Time  of  send   –  Frequency   @staffordsumner  
  • Consumer  trends  •  42%  of  mobile  internet  ?me  is  spent  reading   and  responding  to  emails   (smarzocus  2010)  •  9.8  hours  a  week    •  Reading  emails  during  “down?me”  •  Less  reliant  on  ?me  of  send  (b2b  and  b2c)  •  Can  no  longer  assume  your  audience  is   viewing  your  email  on  their  desktop  computer   @staffordsumner  
  • Growing  trends  -­‐  marketers  •  Relevance,  segmenta?on  and  targe?ng  •  Behaviour  driven  emails  •  Technological  advancements   –  Automated,  triggered  emails   –  Tailored  content  and  display   @staffordsumner  
  • Opportuni7es  •  Improved  engagement  rates  •  Time  fused,  mobile  specific  offers  •  HTML5:  mul?-­‐media  integra?on  •  Mul?-­‐channel  integra?on  (on  &  off-­‐line)   @staffordsumner  
  • Threats  •  Aliena?ng  through  poor  usability/  rendering  •  Devaluing  brand  •  Being  le~  behind  in  the  market  place   @staffordsumner  
  • Immediate  Call-­‐To-­‐Ac7on  •  Limited  ?me  offers  •  Video  content  •  Short  Polls/  Surveys   Stressed  ?me-­‐fuse   @staffordsumner  
  • Design  Considera?ons:  •  Different  plazorm  rendering  capabili?es  •  Image  restric?ons  (e.g.  blocking,  alt  tags)  Ac?ons:  •  Readable  font  sizes,  spacing  and  contrasts  •  Scrolling  ability  •  Ensuring  accessible  ‘call-­‐to-­‐ac?on’  •  Single  column  layout     @staffordsumner  
  • Outlook   @staffordsumner  
  • Naviga?on   text  too   Large   small  for   banner   mobile   image  takes   screen   ?me  to  load   Facebook   and  Twiuer   buuons  too  Call-­‐to-­‐ac?on   close  buuons  too   together  to  small  to  read   touch  or  “click”   @staffordsumner  
  • No  re-­‐adjustment  (scrolling)   @staffordsumner  
  • Unreadable  when  images  switched  off   @staffordsumner  
  • Content  crea7on  for  mobile   op7misa7on  •  Clear  call-­‐to-­‐ac?on  buuons  &  text  •  Op?mised  image  and  text  for  mobile  screens  •  Op?mised  landing  pages  •  Simplicity  –  clear,  concise  and  to  the  point!   @staffordsumner  
  • Monitoring  and  analysing  mobile   performance   @staffordsumner  
  • @staffordsumner  
  • Other  considera7ons  •  Who  are  your  customers?  •  Mobile  website/  landing  pages?    •  Joining  up  on  and  offline  ac?ons/  promo?ons   –  QR  codes   –  Mobile  apps   –  SMS  marke?ng   @staffordsumner  
  • Summary  •  Create  campaigns  that  work  and  perform  for   all  recipients,  regardless  of  email  client    •  Combine  good  design,  relevance  and  technical   structure  for  op?mum  performance  •  Based  on  recent  growth,  mobile  op?misa?on   essen?al  rather  than  ‘nice  to  have’   @staffordsumner  
  • Stafford  Sumner    Web:    Email:    Twi9er:    @staffordsumner      LinkedIn:­‐sumner/1/948/48  
  • Ques7ons  
  • Thank  You  
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