Victory44 Intl June 2014 newsletter


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news from the ministry of Phil & Michelle Parker in Thailand

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Victory44 Intl June 2014 newsletter

  1. 1. Dear  Friends, Greetings  from  Chiang  Mai!     We  praise  God  for  your   faithfulness  and  sacri<ice  for   the  ministry  in  Thailand.    We   are  excited  to  share  that  Sila   Christian  Church  is  making  an   amazing  impact  in  the   community  in  Chiang  Mai.     Most  of  the  people  that  walk   in  the  door  of  the  church  have   never  seen  a  Bible  or  heard   the  Gospel.    One  way  our   ministry  shares  the  Gospel  is   through  youth  group  at  1:00   pm  every  Sunday.    The  older   youth  in  the  church  come   together  for  fun,  prayer,   worship  band  practice,  and   Bible  study.    This  group  is  in   need  of  more  musical   instruments  such  as  acoustic   guitars,  drums,  bass,  bass   amp,  and  electric  guitars,  etc.     We're  trying  to  raise  about   $900  to  meet  this  need.    Over   the  years,  I  have  witnessed   real  change  among  the  older   youth  that  participate  in  the   youth  group.    Each  week  we   try  to  focus  our  lessons  on   presenting  Jesus  to  those  that   attend.    This  is  sometimes   dif<icult,  because  of  the   language  and  cultural   barriers,  but  Michelle  and  I,   along  with  Thai  ministers   Kim,  Yui,  and  Eve,  teach  and   try  to  show  the  love  of  Christ   during  every  meeting.    We  are   building  a  better  Thailand   with  young  people  that  are   focused  on  Christ  as  a  result   of  these  activities. If  you  can  help  out  with  the   instrument  need,  it  would  be   appreciated  so  much.  You  can   visit donate  in  order  to  contribute   via  credit  card  or  send  a  check   to  "Victory44  International"   PO  Box  447,  Max  Meadows,   VA  24360  USA  and  write   "youth  worship  band"  on  the   memo  of  the  check.      Thank   you  for  your  sacri<ice. church Planting - Thailand Victory44 International "helping people see, experience, and respond to the love of God through Jesus Christ around the world." June 2014 Update Letter Sila Christian Church Youth Worship Band with Ajaan Kim leading Psa. 43:4 “Then will I go to the altar of God, to God, my joy and my delight. I will praise you with the harp, O God, my God.” Michelle leading worshipNathanael having a blast with Jai Michelle with Flook, a young lady in the church youth group
  2. 2. Pang In our last newsletter we wrote about Pang, the little girl who lost her father, Nopadon, in July of last year. Pang began living in our home in July 2013. Recently, Pang’s mother decided that Pang will begin living with her grandmother in Chiang Kham, Thailand about 4 hours north of Chiang Mai. Pang moved to her new home and started a new school in March of this year. Our family was sad to see her go and really miss her sweet smile. In April, our family traveled to visit with Pang, her grandmother, her aunt and uncle, and cousin in Phayao province during the Songran Festival. We were able to celebrate the festival of giant water fights in the streets with Pang and her relatives. She was in good spirits and received several gifts from our ministry including a Bible and children’s Christian book in Thai. We also took Pang and her cousin to Chiang Kham First Church nearby their home and introduced them to some of the other kids in the church. Please pray that Pang will continue to seek the Lord at her new home in Chiang Kham. Home With A Heart Children’s Home It’s exciting to see God working in the hearts of the young girls in our children’s home. Pastor Kim and his wife Fern are doing a wonderful job in showing God’s love, acceptance, and grace to each of the children. The children are very excited now, because they will start a new school year with new books and uniforms in May. Thank you for your sponsorship that makes this children’s foster home possible. God bless you. In Christ, Phillip Parker Relief and Development - Thailand Donate - Checks-Please write a check made payable to "Victory44 International" and send to PO Box 447, Max Meadows, VA 24360 USA. All contributions are tax deductible. Credit Card/Paypal-Please visit and click the Donate button. This links to a paypal website where you can donate via credit card or paypal account. Thank you so much for your gift. Victory44 "helping people see, experience, and respond to the love of God through Jesus Christ around the world." Pang dressed up for a school event in Chiang Mai International Jeremiah 23:23-24 “Am I only a God nearby and not a God far away? Can anyone hide in secret places so that I cannot see him? Do I not fill heaven and earth?” declares the Lord. Chiang Kham First Church Our family with Pang in Phayao