The Jennings Jazz May 2014


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news from Brian & Comfort Jennings in Ghana

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The Jennings Jazz May 2014

  1. 1. THE JENNINGS JAZZ, MAY 2014 e-Bulletin of Brian and Comfort Jennings, Serving Jesus’ Kingdom through Education and Action in Ghana, Supported by the Fellowship of Churches of Christ based at Ghana Christian University College, Accra, Ghana, West Africa Dear Friends, ...let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matt. 5:16 Over the last few months we have seen the Lord work wonders in our lives! It has even been hard to keep up and record everything He has been doing. We simple want to praise Him out of our wonder at His work! GHANACU GRADUATE: NELSON AWINTIA In this edition of the Jazz it gives me great pleasure to introduce Nelson Awintia. Nelson graduated from Ghana CU in September 2012. He is currently the Head pastor of Bethel Family Chapel Assemblies of God in Tema, just east of Accra. Nelson has a wide youth ministry within the Assemblies of God and hosts a radio programme focusing on prayer on one of the local FM Stations in the city of Tema. Nelson makes the following comments concerning his experience at GhanaCU: My calling into ministry, though from a very humble beginning, has been growing from grace to grace. There are heights and altitudes my ministry would never have reached if not for the fact that I attended Ghana Christian University College. I have gained so much knowledge that, by the grace of God, I am applying in my ministry. My ministry has seen tremendous improvement and advancement since I graduated. This stems from the invaluable contributions the University made in my life. I believe there are heights God wants to take those whom He has called in ministry to but without the knowledge of God, He would probably not use them to make manifest such glory of His power and that knowledge is exactly what the college offered me. Studying Christian Ethics with Dr Jennings has really enhanced my world view, broadened my scope and ability to handle ethical issues in the ministry. My training at Ghana CU has really equipped me to be able to prepare a curriculum for the various departments in the church as well as prepare study materials for new converts, solid foundation class among others. In fact, my approach to things in ministry has taken a different turn... Members of my congregation and many outsiders have attested to the fact that my approach to issues has changed drastically. One time at a board meeting one of my deacons remarked, " the school you attended has sharpened your ministry and taken it to a new dimension." Another person after listen to my preaching said, "Pastor, you were on top of the subject!" In short, I must admit that Ghana CU has help transformed my life and ministry in no small way. May God bless all the hard working faculty members and Ghana CU. Sincerely, Ghana CU is the best! Nelson is in great demand in the Assemblies of God in Ghana as a speaker for youth conferences and retreats. Recent he spoke at a service organised by an Accra based radio station as their annual " Family Consecration Service”. Over twelve thousand people attended the program. I am also pleased to report that Nelson is also committed to lifelong learning as on top of all of his other activities he is studying for a Masters’ degree in Theology at one of the local seminaries. DEVELOPMENTS IN GHANACU Reviews and Audits Most of my (Brian’s) time over the last two years has been invested in enhancing the quality of GhanaCU. We are currently completing our first cycle of internal quality reviews in which we indentify our own achievements and challenges and focus on developing solutions to our most critical priorities. This approach will enable us to build improvements that we own for ourselves. All of this work paid off recently. At the end of March GhanaCU hosted an ‘Academic Audit Panel’ from the National Accreditation Board (Ghana’s equivalent of the Quality Assurance Authority for Higher Education). The panel conducted a review of our organisational structures, admissions policy, assessment standards and our quality processes (rather like an OFSTED inspection.) We had a very constructive interaction with the Audit Panel while they were with us and now we have their report. The Panel’s findings are overwhelming positive, including a commendation of our ‘effective Quality Assurance Unit. Our only serious concern is related to entry qualifications some of our final year students, so we shall have to make a case for them in our response. Overall this is a very positive report and affirms the quality assurance and enhancement measures that we are putting in place.
  2. 2. COMFORT’S CAUSES CAMFED Entrepreneurship Programme In February Comfort was a member of a panel that selected participants for the CAMFED young women entrepreneur scheme in Tamale, the capital of Northern Ghana. Comfort reports that she was impressed by the passion of the young women to become entrepreneurs by developing their own business ideas. They are so committed to growing these ideas to develop enterprises that will not only make them independent but also help their families and provide opportunities for others. Comfort subsequently provided a four week training experience for three of these young women in beads accessories. Two of her trainees have already started their own businesses. SKOLL World Forum From the 9th to 11th of April Comfort travelled to Oxford where she attendant the SKOLL Forum for Social Entrepreneurship where she participated in a seminar on ‘Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Ambitions of Women’. Comfort was able to share her experiences of becoming an entrepreneur through curiosity, perseverance, courage, through the help of mentors who encouraged and supported her, and through making the most of the opportunities God gave her. Comfort comments that the SKOLL Forum was ‘...a great opportunity to meet likeminded people from around the world who are contributing to the challenges surrounding us by giving back to society. I was inspired and empowered! I know that I’m on the right path – the only way is to give back. I want to share my story to inspire women and youth to change the world together.’ Follow this link to listen to Comfort’s presentation: world-forum-2014/sessions-2/unlocking-entrepreneurial-ambition-women/?play=unlocking- entrepreneurial-ambition-women#videos UK VISIT: SEPTEMBER Our big news is that we shall be visiting the UK together in September. We hope to spend about three months visiting family, friends, supporting partners and anyone else who would like to see us! If you would like us to visit to share our ministry with your group or congregation during this time do contact us, either directly or through Tim Herbert. PRAYER POINTS Thanksgiving:  For Nelson Awintia’s Ministry  Positive outcome from Academic Audit Exercise  Comfort’s participation at the SKOLL World Forum  Progress of Camfed Young Women Intercession:  Nelson’s continuing ministry as a Senior Pastor and Youth Minister  Positive outcome from National Accreditation Board for some of our final year students  Comfort’s continuing work as an economic and social entrepreneur through her company, Ele Agbe  Successful UK Visit Our Ghana contact details are: PO Box DD48, Dodowa, Greater Accra Region, Ghana; Mobile +233 543567100 email: All contributions should be made out to the Fellowship of Churches of Christ and sent to Tim Herbert, 46 Wingate Close, B30 1AA.; Tel.: 07916 708538; email: Please print and distribute this bulletin to anyone who you think might be interested! If you feel you are receiving this email in error please, let us know at once and we will remove you from the distribution list. We don’t want to be responsible for any spam! Grace and Peace, Brian and Comfort