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Sheffler update

  1. 1. Sheffler Update[4/16/2013 4:26:23 PM]Sheffler UpdateMarch-April 2013 Ivory Coast Christian MissionEquipping Leaders to Train More LeadersBob & Connie Shefflersponsors ofChristian Leadership Training InstituteGrassroots Leadership DevelopmentDear Friends and SupportersThis update covers two months because it is already mid-April. I left for the National EasterConvention in Ghana on March 25 and returned April 6. I am just now getting over a sinus infectionand caught up on administrative work for Ivory Coast Christian Mission. The update is long withmany photos, so please take time to read all of it and see how God is working. WHAT A GREAT CONVENTION!Subscribe Share Past Issues RSSTranslate
  2. 2. Sheffler Update[4/16/2013 4:26:23 PM]      The National Easter Convention was great with over 1,500 in attendance at the main sessionsand probably over 2,000 total attendees.  I visited with church leaders I had not seen since 2008. Ilearned what is happening nationwide among the Christian Churches in Ghana. Enoch Nyador,Director of Ghana Christian Mission, had a powerful message on Friday morning. Stephen Ofori,Director of Christian Leadership Training Institute and Overseer of the Fellowship of ChristianChurches had a powerful message on Easter morning.     The Convention was held in the open air on the grounds of an elementary school. People satunder canopies surrounding an open area where the Christians danced during worship and praiseservices. The Christian Leadership Training Institute had a canopy where leaders could purchaseteaching materials and TEE teachers could discuss their classes with Godfred Mintah theirsupervisor. 
  3. 3. Sheffler Update[4/16/2013 4:26:23 PM]      It was exciting and encouraging to introduce Alan Rabe and Derrick Price to the Ghanaianleaders and their culture. Alan is from The Crossing church in Quincy, Illinois. He is semi-retiredand heavily involved in the missions ministry of the church. He served with Food for the Hungrybefore teaching at Hope International. He continues to teach on-line classes and has set up adiscipleship training program for the church. Alan and his wife, Linda, have been involved inmission work since 1977. They went to Haiti the year Connie and I started our mission career inLiberia. Alan focuses on spiritual development, community development and servant leadership.His presentation at the convention was an encouragement to all the leaders. There are indicationsthat Alan may become more involved with the Lords work in Ghana.
  4. 4. Sheffler Update[4/16/2013 4:26:23 PM]      Derrick Price is a serious Christian from The Crossing in Quincy. He is a young entrepreneurwith his own construction company. In August he will marry a young lady who will soon graduatefrom Wheaton College. Derrick related well with the young Ghanaian leaders at the convention.     Sherwood Oaks Christian Church of Bloomington, IN supports three different mission in Ghanaincluding the Christian Leadership Training Institute. Brad Pontius, minister of outreach, was at theconvention with his wife Gail. They also visited with Terry Ruff, former minister of outreach atSherwood Oaks, and his wife Amy. Terry and Amy are facilitating oral methods to take the Gospelto unreached people groups in northern Ghana who cannot read nor write. They promote farmingmethods that will enable poor families in dry climates to have more food. This was the first nationalconvention for Terry and Amy and they were well received.
  5. 5. Sheffler Update[4/16/2013 4:26:23 PM]      I am currently on the board of directors of three missions working in Ghana, one of which is theChristian Leadership Training Institute. This trip gave me an opportunity to become more involvedin the other two missions (Training Tomorrows Leaders and Ghana Christian Mission) and see howI, as a board member, can be of greater service to the other two missions.     The National Easter Convention brought together churches and missions from all over thenation to share, encourage and support one another. The convention was planned by a committeeof the Fellowship of Christian Churches and hosted by the Christians in the Saboba area. TheFellowship of Christian Churches is an obligation-free association made up of representatives fromChristian Churches and Christian Church missions in Ghana. The association promotes fellowship,unity, youth ministry and urban church planting.      An unexpected blessing was meeting Rod and Beth Hasler. They are members of SherwoodOaks church and counselors for Wycliff Bible Translators. They accompanied Brad and GailPontius to visit friends in Tamale, Ghana. We discovered that we know some of the same people inLinton, Indiana and grew up not very far apart.     Alan Rabe, whom I mentioned earlier is an on-line professor for Judy Fish, a missionary withCMF who has done some work in Ghana, now lives within three miles of Connie and me and isdoing graduate work with Hope International. It is indeed a small world, especially when we areactive in the Lords work on an international level! NIGERIA     Sunday Ude reports that four teachers are conducting eight TEE classes among the ChristianChurches in the Cross River State with a total of 93 students. Also, eight new students haveenrolled in the Cross River Bible College in Calabar. On weekends, Sunday takes these students toremote locations to start new churches. A new church is being planted 200 miles from Calabar inthe Ikom Local Government Area on the border between the nations of Nigeria and the Cameroon.The ground work is being laid with community activities and the Jesus film. One person involved inwitchcraft burned his charms. 
  6. 6. Sheffler Update[4/16/2013 4:26:23 PM]Baptisms:
  7. 7. Sheffler Update[4/16/2013 4:26:23 PM]Witnessing:     We thank God that funds are on the way to purchase a new Toyota HiLux 4X4 crewcab pickup.The pickup will be used to take the Bible college students for church planting work in remote areasof the Cross River State of Nigeria and to oversee TEE classes. We thank you and God for yourgenerous donations which made this possible. ETHIOPIABrother Eshete Belete with the Great Commission Movement (GCM) in Ethiopia reports that theirpilot project to set up TEE classes and demonstrate their effectiveness has been successful. ThreeTEE courses are translated into Amharic and two have been printed. Literature and TeachingMinistries is raising funds to print the TEE course books. The pilot project in Assella has expandedcitywide and GCM plans to start TEE classes in other cities. Also, TEE classes will be used to trainleaders for 22 churches started in the Borano area through the GCM Mission and Church PlantingMovement. Seminars will be held to train group leaders (teachers) for the TEE classes. We thankGod for this encouraging report. We pray that these TEE classes will strengthen the establishedchurches and be a blessing to the leaders of the new churches planted in Borano. IVORY COASTRoujee Morris reports that the TEE classes at Anono are going well. There were six baptisms in thechurch last month. Roujee and his wife Juliet plan to be at the graduation of their son Easton in theUSA on May 18. Pray that they can get visas to go. PRAISE AND PRAYER REQUESTS:1. Thank God that we and ACM International (Ed Nichols) have received sufficient donations topurchase the 4X4 crewcab pickup for the work of Sunday Ude in Nigeria.
  8. 8. Sheffler Update[4/16/2013 4:26:23 PM]2. Thank God for the successful pilot TEE project in Ethiopia and its potential to strengthen thechurches through expansion to other cities and church planting movements.3. Thank God for the wonderful National Easter Convention in Ghana and its blessings offellowship, unity and cooperation for the growth of the Lords Kingdom.4. Pray for Gods blessings on the Lords work in Ghana. Pray for the Ghanaian leaders, themissions and their efforts to demonstrate a strong Christian witness that will draw more into HisKingdom.5. Pray for the growth and expansion of the TEE method of leadership development in Ethiopia.6. Pray that Roujee and Juliet Morris will be able to travel to the USA and attend their sonsgraduation from university training.7. Pray for me as I seek Gods will on how I can strengthen the work in Ghana as a board memberon three different missions working in Ghana. forward to a friend Copyright © 2013 Ivory Coast Christian Mission, All rightsreserved. unsubscribe from this list | update subscription preferences