Sheffler Ivory Coast Update June 2014


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news from the ministry of the Ivory Coast Christian Mission

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Sheffler Ivory Coast Update June 2014

  1. 1. Sheffler Update[6/6/14, 9:05:06 AM] Sheffler Update June 2014  Ivory Coast Christian Mission Equipping Leaders to Train More Leaders Bob & Connie Sheffler sponsors of Christian Leadership Training Institute Grassroots Leadership Development Dear Friends and Supporters   TRACTOR PROJECT:      We want to thank all of you who helped with the Tractor Project. The donations from churches and individuals ranged from $25 to several thousand dollars each. Last month, we were within $1,000 of our goal so we went ahead and sent the funds so Daniel Marley and the church could have the funds to purchase the tractor and the equipment in time for the farming season. I am happy to announce that the remaining $1,000 has been covered.      I will be meeting with Daniel Marley on June 16 at Tamale. His village is too far from Tamale for me to go there to see the equipment. He will bring me photos of the tractor and the equipment they purchased. Look for the photos in July's update.   TRIP TO GHANA:      Last month, I probably confused you by saying I was making a trip to Ghana next month and then ended the paragraph by saying I leave on May 10 and return May 19. The fact is that I leave June 10 and return June 19.      We have been concerned that Dan Hutchinson, chairman of the Board of Ivory Coast Christian Mission, would get his new passport and visa in time to travel with me. We thank God that Dan received his passport last Saturday and he will receive his passport with a Ghana visa this week.      We will participate in the annual board meeting of the Christian Leadership Training Institute on June 13-15. Ivory Coast Christian Mission has four members on the board. We have some important things to discuss in the meeting and that is the main reason for Dan Hutchinson to accompany me on this trip. Wayne Meece, who is also on the board of the Institute, will meet us in Chicago and we will travel together to Ghana.      We will fly to Tamale in northern Ghana on June 16 and return to Accra on June 17. In Tamale we will meet with Daniel Marley and Kingsley Laryea, church planters who receive financial help through Ivory Coast Christian Mission. Subscribe Share Past Issues RSSTranslate
  2. 2. Sheffler Update[6/6/14, 9:05:06 AM]      We will also meet with Austin and Amanda Ganyo, missionaries with Training Tomorrow's Leaders who live in Tamale, the fastest growing city in Ghana. Austin supervises church planters in northern Ghana that were established by David Kalb while he was working in Ghana. David and Barbara Kalb are now living in the USA, but continue to raise funds for the church planters through their new mission Training Tomorrow's Leaders. They recruited Austin to supervise and encourage the workers. The work is growing with new churches being planted in Ghana and the next-door country of Togo. Land has been purchased for Austin to start a church in Tamale. I am chairman of the board of this new mission and will discuss some items of business with Austin.      Back in Accra on June 18, I plan to meet with the officers of the Fellowship of Christian Churches - a voluntary organization of the Christian Churches in Ghana that plans conventions, youth retreats and preachers' retreats for the churches. They recently changed their name to the Restoration Christian Church. Dan and I fly out of Accra on the night of June 18 to return to the USA.   GHANA Discussion with leaders at Salaga seminar      Eric Afful and Stephen Ofori held leadership seminars in Borae, Kumdi and Salaga on May 6-14 and at Ada and Agave on May 26-31. They taught the history of the Restoration Movement that led to
  3. 3. Sheffler Update[6/6/14, 9:05:06 AM] the slogans and principles of the movement. They also discussed leadership development issues and church growth principles.      The Fellowship of Christian Churches in Ghana is changing its name to the Restoration Christian Church in order to clarify its identity. The fellowship is a voluntary organization that plans conventions, youth retreats and preachers' retreats.      In the seminars, they explained the following slogans of the Restoration movement: 1. The Church of Jesus Christ on earth is essentially, intentionally and constitutionally one. 2. No book but the Bible. 3. No creed but Christ. 4. Where the Scriptures speak, we speak; Where the Scriptures are silent, we are silent. 5. In opinions, liberty. 6. In essentials, unity. 7. In all things love. 8. We are Christians only, but not the only Christians.   ROOF PROJECT:      Our next project is for the church planting work of Kingsley Laryea. The church in Chamba has managed to build, up to roof level, a nice cement block building for worship. They still need $3,000 to put on a roof and install doors and windows.      The church members have sacrificed and are now discouraged because it is not finished and their fund have run out. The building has been sitting for more than a year without a roof or any progress on the construction. The church is located in a strategic city surrounded by many villages where other churches have also been planted. Ivory Coast Christian Mission has taken on the project of raising $3,000 so they can finish the building and use it for worship.     PRAISE AND PRAYER REQUESTS:   1. Thank God that the Tractor Project is fully paid for.   2. Thank God that Dan Hutchinson received his passport and visa in time to travel to Ghana with Bob. 3. Thank God for the successful leadership seminars on the Restoration Movement principles. 4. Ask that God bless the trip to Ghana and the meetings that Bob and Dan will be involved in.
  4. 4. Sheffler Update[6/6/14, 9:05:06 AM] 5. Ask God to bless the tractor project in Ghana to provide help for the farmers and also provide funds to plant more churches. 6. Pray that the church in Chamba will be able to finish their building and use it for worship and evangelism. 7. Pray for America. We need leadership in our government that is wise and godly. We need more Christian leaders who will stand up for what is right and moral.     forward to a friend  Copyright © 2014 Ivory Coast Christian Mission, All rights reserved.  unsubscribe from this list | update subscription preferences