Pacific rim ministries krause - april 18, 2013


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Pacific rim ministries krause - april 18, 2013

  1. 1. April 18, 2013 Chapel Building on target!We continue to see progress in the construction of the new native style chapel for Kalibo Christian Church(Church of Christ). This chapel is being built in a culturally resistant region of the Philippines that is considereda pioneer area. The construction of the chapel is going well and we have so far been able to get all the build-ing construction materials bought and delivered as needed. There is little space to store these materials and sothey are bought as we go along to make sure they are not taken from the building site. We also have to ensurethe many bags of cement are kept dry since this will affect their suitability for posts, foundations and eventu-ally the large concrete slab that will become the floor of the chapel building. Everything has to be done by handand this includes the mixing of the cement. The builders have to be watched as they are not always focused onwhat they are doing and we have a target time to get the building done since the longer it takes the more it willcost since the workers are paid daily.There is a lot of interest from people living in the area of the new chapel as well as other people passing by.The church is now well known in this area of Kalibo and so it is a good chance to keep in touch with the manypeople who have been reached through our outreach, typhoon relief and feeding programs. Lots of the childrenwe have had coming in the past are growing into teenage years and so we are witnessing to them as they dropby. Some have offered to so some of the labor as there is always something that needs to be done.Our V.B.S. (Vacation Bible School) is scheduled for May and we hope a lot of the building will be done by then.Junior Narvaretes is now working with our native evangelist Rey during the two months of summer vacation hehas from Bible College. He is learning a lot of things since there are often very little opportunity for “hands on”ministry experience during the school year because of the structure of the classes. We hope he can help recruitkids for V.B.S as well as some teachers and helpers for the one week program. It has been very hot with littlerain for a number of months and so we hope the weather improves soon so that everything does not dry up.We have dug the water pump area for the well and so the church will not have to pay town water rates which arenow very high because they require a minimum usage monthly charge which is far more than the church willuse.Please continue to pray for our construction project (Building for Eternity). We thank those who have givensome extra gifts lately towards the cost of the building and welcome additional finishing gifts as we are nowprogressing in the construction very quickly.Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, financial gifts and interest towards this project and other thingsCarol and I are doing in the Philippines of the Pacific Rim to proclaim the message of Jesus to some of the lostsouls living in our region.Sharing the Love of Jesus with Joy and resolve,Darryl & Carol KrausePacific Rim MinistriesU.S. Mailing Address:Darryl & Carol KrausePacific Rim MinistriesP.O. Box 323Weston, Ohio 43569E-mail: or