Local mission sends supplies to help battle ebola


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FAME recognized by Indianapolis news for contributions to fight against Ebola outbreak

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Local mission sends supplies to help battle ebola

  1. 1. Local Mission Sends Supplies To Help Battle Ebola http://www.wfyi.org/news/articles/local-mission-sends-supplies-to-help-battle-ebola[8/19/14, 3:49:44 PM] SUPPORTCONTACTVIEW SCHEDULESLISTEN NOW Member Supported Join Now 84° NEWS • LOCAL NEWS / AUGUST 15, 2014 Local Mission Sends Supplies To Help Battle Ebola JILL SHERIDAN Volunteers at a warehouse on Indy’s southeast side are working to pull and pack medical supplies headed to W. Africa where the Ebola outbreak rages on.   FAME is a local medical mission that sends supplies to countries around the world.  Director of Mission Resources, Bruce Geoffrion says health workers who are treating patients stricken with Ebola will use items they’re packing this week. "Gloves, masks, protective gowns and things like that," says Geoffrion. "Also, needles and syringes for blood draw, they have to test every patient." The World Health Organization released a statement Monday saying that the recent surge has stretched all capacities in West Africa including supplies of protective equipment.  One hundred seventy health care workers have been infected in these countries where the health systems are already weak. FAME relies on donations and volunteers like Andy Schamerloh who says the epidemic half a world away still hits home with the illness of Hoosier native Dr. Kent Brantly, who is with Samaritans Purse and being treated with an experimental drug. "It is kinda scary especially with the connection to Indiana and Dr. Brantly being from the southside," says Schamerloh. "But now we're able to help, instead of just worrying about it, we're able to do something by sending the supplies that they need." This will be the fourth shipment FAME has sent out since last week.  Calls for help from other missions around the country have prompted the group to start preparing for even more shipments in the coming months.  The death toll from the worst ever outbreak of the virus is at more than 1,000 people. READ MORE  VIEW MORE ARTICLES LOCAL NEWS PUBLIC AFFAIRS EDUCATION ARTS & CULTURE HEALTH Health HEALTH / AUGUST 12, 2014 Ebola Shuts Down The Oldest Hospital In Liberia Ebola has claimed another victim. Reeling from the loss of staff and unable to cope with the deadly virus, St. Joseph's Catholic Hospital has closed its gates. MOSTLY CLOUDY NEWS PROGRAMS EVENTS SUPPORT SERVICES ABOUT WFYI WFYI SHOP LOCAL NEWS Search