Lifeline Christian Mission Nov 12 2012 update feeding the hungry in africa & asia!


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Lifeline Christian Mission Nov 12 2012 update feeding the hungry in africa & asia!

  1. 1. Feeding the hungry in Africa & Asia! Feeding Hungry Kids & Families in  North Korea & Zimbabwe! Lifeline partners with churches and mission organizations to send ABC food - a nutritious rice-based food - to the hungry and malnourished around the world.  Since Lifeline primarily distributes this food in Haiti, Lifeline partners with local missionaries in these countries who can work with the government and then distribute the food to the hungry in their ministry communities.  Recently, Lifeline partnered to ship containers - each filled with 285,000 meals - to Zimbabwe and North Korea!   You can partner in the effort to package and ship ABC food to the hungry around the world!  Learn more at!    285,000 Meals Arrive in  Mushayamunda Village, Zimbabwe! Westerville Christian Church (Westerville, Ohio) recently partnered with Lifeline to ship a container of ABC food to a missionary the church supports in Zimbabwe.  The church, who has worked with the village for many years, knew the need was great.  Once the food arrived, the missionary in Zimbabwe sent Lifeline and the church this note...   We finally got pictures in this morning. The guys in Zimbabwe did not have Internet access for a while. We are truly grateful to our God for all the contributions that were made to make this possible. The villagers, and the village schools will be the recipient of these great gifts. I am told there was a lot of singing and praising God, upon the arrival of the container.[11/13/12 9:32:41 AM]
  2. 2. Feeding the hungry in Africa & Asia! We are truly thankful that the Westerville Christian Church family have continuously allowed themselves to be the voice and the hand of God in a remote village in Africa, which otherwise is unknown in places of power. We are reminded of the story of Elijah and how God spoke to him in a small still voice. This is clearly a sign that God has finally arrived in our village. We have no words with which to explain our deep appreciation for this physical food through which the spirit of the villagers have been fed. Thank you for being the faithful translators of the gospel of our Lord Jesus the Christ. Brothers, we do not know if you realise how the name of your ministry, "Lifeline," is pregnant with meaning. Through your ministry in partnership with Westerville Christian Church, you have unpacked that life to the African villagers in Zimbabwe. Jesus declared that he is the "LIFE". What a way of revealing Christ by giving life to both the body and the spirit. For the next several months this will be deeply appreciated in the homes of "child headed" families. The classrooms are often characterized by hungry kids, and the drought raven homes of the village poor. For the kingdom building, Dereck      Feeding the Hungry in North Korea!   Lifeline also recently partnered with C.Y. Kim of CRAM to ship a container of ABC food to North Korea.  Dr. Kim successfully received the container at Port Nampo and traveled with it back to Pyongyang. The meals will be distributed to aid the victims (mostly children) of the floods which displaced more than 200,000 people in June and July.   The latest population estimates for North Korea are 24.5+ million people, with an estimated 1.5-2 million population in Pyongyang alone. God willing, this will be the first of many meal containers destined there.   "North Korea has suffered heavy floods this year and has little capacity to deal with any more damage," said Kim Hartzner, managing director of Mission East, a Danish aid group which focuses on providing food aid to children.[11/13/12 9:32:41 AM]
  3. 3. Feeding the hungry in Africa & Asia!   "The scale and the magnitude of the disaster has been mind- blowing," he told Reuters in Beijing recently, referring to flooding in late June and the end of July that killed at least 169, leaving some 400 people missing and 212,200 homeless.     "Theyve been through five or six consecutive disasters. It is a long-term problem and the supplies are likely to be very low," he said, adding there was a lack of even basic materials for rebuilding homes, such as concrete and iron bars.     "The damage to the arable land will not have an effect tomorrow or the day after; it will have an effect in two or three months."     We appreciate Dr. Kim and his faithful leadership of CRAMS outreach into North Korea! Lets keep praying that this is just the beginning to provide both physical and spiritual food to the hungry.    Photos:  TOP: Port Nambo CENTER & BOTTOM: C.Y. Kim locates the container of ABC food!   Reaching Indigenous Tribes in Panama in partnership with Project Handclasp Jose Rodriquez, Lifelines Administrator in El Salvador, recently traveled to his home country of Panama where a shipment of nutritious, rice-based food was shipped through Project Handclasp, in partnership with the US Navy.     Jose took this opportunity to distribute food and minister to the low income and forgotten in society.  He also  traveled to the Guaymi and Kuna Indians, who are indigenous tribes, to distribute the food and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jose reported:   Many poor families received food to feed their children and many people listened to the preaching of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I did worship to God in a house in Soloy in Chiriqui, they are Guaymi Indians. They were very happy and they wanted to know[11/13/12 9:32:41 AM]
  4. 4. Feeding the hungry in Africa & Asia! more. This is a home where the Christian church never had worship before. Two people accepted Jesus Christ as personal Savior in this moment.  Some brothers and friends helped me with the work of Gods work.     Food for Disaster Victims in Haiti meeting emergency needs Each year, Lifeline ships millions ABC food meals to Haiti, which are served in Lifelines ministry work (schools, childrens homes and nutrition programs) and distributed to 50+ mission organizations.  Since Lifeline is a recognized mission organization in Haiti with a government granted franchise that qualifies for duty free status, Lifeline also partners with many organizations - Kids Against Hunger, Meals from the Heartland, Outreach International, Impact Lives, Stop Hunger Now, and Food for Kidz - to ship food to Haiti.     But when disaster strikes, additional resources - above and beyond the general ministry need - are imperative to meet the immediate needs of the people.   While Hurricane Sandy didnt directly hit Haiti, the country was slammed with heavy rain, causing mudslides and rivers to surge.  Homes, family gardens, animals and farms were washed away in a torrent of water.  The basics of food and water were needed more than ever.     Shipping containers filled with ABC food had been just released from customs, which enabled Lifelines Haitian staff to prepare relief bags filled with ABC food and other necessities.  These relief bags were distributed to families who needed emergency assistance.  Lifeline also increased the amount of clean water from our well that we regularly make available to the public.   Another update specific to disaster relief in Haiti will be coming soon! Serve the Hungry:  Host Your Own Food Packing Event![11/13/12 9:32:41 AM]
  5. 5. Feeding the hungry in Africa & Asia! Lifelines ABC food ministry enables churches, organizations and communities to come together with a single purpose: pack food for hungry kids around the world!  Its a great event for all ages to be involved with.  Impact the hungry and engage your church, organization, community, or school and host your own food packing event!  Each event is customized to meet the needs of your group.   Learn how you can make an impact at  While your Lifeline food packing event includes the shipment of the food, often the generously donated food that Lifeline receives from other organizations requires shipping money to be raised separately.  You can help us send this much needed food by taking the Quarter Back Challenge!  See if you can handle it - visit!    ------------------------------------------------------------------ --------   Discover more about Lifelines ministry work at Join the conversation on Facebook and  Twitter Forward email This email was sent to by |   Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy. Lifeline Christian Mission | 921 Eastwind Drive, Suite 133 | Westerville | OH | 43081[11/13/12 9:32:41 AM]