Lifeline Christian Mission Dec 3 2012 ministry news


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Lifeline Christian Mission Dec 3 2012 ministry news

  1. 1. Ministry news from Lifeline   Dear Friends,   Your partnership is impacting thousands of children and families in Lifelines ministry communities.  Your generous prayers, time and gifts are making a difference in Canada, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Navajo Nation, and beyond.  Thank you for being a blessing!  Read on to how see how God is moving through you and Lifeline working together...   Serving Together, The Lifeline Staff    In Canada, Lifelines ministry is to plant churches and send mission teams to assist in the launch of new churches.  In addition, an independent board formed Lifeline Christian Mission Society - Canada to connect Canadians to Lifelines global ministry work in places where Lifeline serves.    Ministry News: Intermountain Church Planting Association out of Boise, Idaho will be a partner with our church plant in Calgary, Canada.   Several potential church plant partners gathered last week to discuss next steps and finalize the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that details the specifics of the partnership.  The anticipated planting date is sometime in 2013.     file:///Users/rhundley/Desktop/render.html[12/5/12 9:20:27 AM]
  2. 2. Ministry news from Lifeline How I can pray & partner with Lifeline: Pray for Gods leading as the staff is being sought for the new church plant! Lifelines portion of the church plant commitment needs your assistance!  If you or your church would like to partner with this project financially, or if you/your church would be interested in a mission trip, email      Lifeline partners with a network of 40+ house churches in Cuba, along with a sports ministry outreach, leadership seminars, and medical outreach.   Ministry News: Right now, there is a Leadership Training seminar in Cuba encouraging and ministering to the house church pastors and leaders!  Lifelines Leadership Development Director Andy Sims is leading the group, who include Pastor Antonio Orellana (Lifelines Ocotillo Christian Church, Honduras), Mark Miller and Lyndon Rivera (both from Indian Creek Christian Church, Indianapolis).  Cuban leader Pastor Eduardo Otero reported that there was also a great amount of loss in Cuba during Hurricane Sandy.  He reported: There were damages in several provinces, Snatiago de Cuba, Gramma, Holguin and Guantanamo. Eleven people died, among them a child of 4 months old. It is believed that more people die, but not reported officially yet. More than 64 000 houses destroyed just in Sanitago de Cuba, no electricity in most places in the East, lack of water and food.  Thank you so much for your prayers. We are praying for Haiti and New York.      How I can pray & partner with Lifeline: Pray specifically for the 4 men who are in Cuba conducting the leadership seminar: pray for safety in their travels, good health, effectiveness in teaching and for those who will attend the sessions. Lifeline is seeking churches and individuals to support the Cuba work.   Lifeline supports 8 churches in Cuba and a budgeted need still exists for about $12,000 per year.   Lifeline began serving the people in El Salvador in 2005.  The ministry work includes a Bible institute to train future church leaders, 35 house churches, 4 principle churches, sports ministries, and a variety of outreach ministries.     file:///Users/rhundley/Desktop/render.html[12/5/12 9:20:27 AM]
  3. 3. Ministry news from Lifeline Ministry News: The new church facilities in Santa Tecla are working out well!  Lifeline still needs funds to cover the increased costs to rent the facility as well as moving expenses that have not been recouped. Specifically about $15,000 a year to cover annual increase in rental and the moving expenses. In October, the first-ever Womens Work Team to El Salvador was held and was successful!  The ladies ministered to the Salvadoran women and youth in Lifelines 4 principal churches and several houses churches.  The ladies led VBS programs for about 400 youth and Ladies Bible Study for 350+ women.  A total of 18 women were blessed to have been part of this trip.  The El Salvadoran women were so loving and welcoming to our team; the children were like kiddies everywhere; and the church leaders culminated every service with the traditional piñata  event.  It is our hope and dream that our next trip will be to do more physical ministry. The people of El Salvador have great physical needs as well as spiritual ones and the children in particular need shoes, socks, undies, clothing, and hygiene items.  The trip ended with Jose Rodriguez having a baptism at the Santa Tecla church Sunday afternoon! The Little Missionaries Program is a youth-focused evangelism ministry that continues to be effective in reaching out to the youth and their families in the various communities where they live.       How I can pray & partner with Lifeline: Lifelines sponsorship program has expanded to include the "Little Missionaries Program" in El Salvador!  For $35 per month you can personally encourage and communicate with a child involved in the program. Contact to learn more about this sponsorship opportunity! Pray and consider how you can be part of an El Salvador work trip in 2013.  A FOCUS Team to visit El Salvador for a short duration of 4 days is being planned to allow people to see the work up-close and learn how they may become involved.  For more information contact  Lifeline launched ministry work in Guatemala in 2011.    Ministry News: Lifelines first church in Guatemala began earlier this year.  One of the graduates of the Bible Institute in El Salvador is helping with the church plant.      How I can pray & partner with Lifeline: Pray for the church leaders and congregation as they reach out to their community     Ministry partners are needed.  An additional $1800 per month is needed to support the ministry work in Guatemala.file:///Users/rhundley/Desktop/render.html[12/5/12 9:20:27 AM]
  4. 4. Ministry news from Lifeline Lifelines mission work began in Haiti 30+ years ago!  Today, Lifeline continues to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the Haitian people through churches, schools, nutrition program, disaster relief, childrens homes, and more.    Ministry News: The school year is in full swing in Haiti!  Visitors from the U.S. brought books in Haitian Creole for the students.  And the schools continue to improve educationally: meetings with Lucson Desrosiers, Lifelines Christian Education Director, bring continued improvements in education and Bible curriculum standardization; and help from Debbie Steiner, a Reading Specialist, who shared her expertise.   Together, we strive to improve the education in Haiti.  Hurricane Sandy did major damage and many in Lifelines ministry were impacted.  Disaster relief continues and many are being helped. Relief has taken the form of distribution of food, clothing, new homes, and cash grants. This will continue for several months as some of the areas hardest hit are also the ones most distant and difficult to reach.  This week food, money, clothing and more goes to the Gonaives and Torbeck areas.  Much damage at Laregal occurred too. Bob & Gretchen DeVoe participated in distributions to multiple communities.  Recently, the Haitian pastors and church leaders had the opportunity to attend the Global Leadership Conference in Haiti. Many sponsors chose to send money to their sponsored children for their text books that they need each September.  That money has been distributed and the students are getting their books.  The first 9 of 10 chicken coops of our "Chick Chalet"  Poultry Project are being constructed, allowing the grip of poverty to loosen on these small business owners!     Its been a few months since the "official" ground breaking service for our Childrens Home in Grand Goave and the subsequent earth moving to prepare for the building foundations. Work continues on the home with coming work teams.   In September, the Haiti Mens Team installed the underground plumbing.  We are getting a little closer to reach out to those 76 children who will live in the Childrens Home to love and care for as they are nurtured and trained in His ways.       How I can pray & partner with Lifeline: The goal to get people out of tents and into a Lifeline home is being pursued through Haitian staff working with school students to determine living conditions and prioritize need for a home.    You can donate a home for a Haitian family through our "Home For Christmas" drive!  Contact for information. Pray for the pastors and church leaders in Haiti as they minister to their congregations and impact their communities.       file:///Users/rhundley/Desktop/render.html[12/5/12 9:20:27 AM]
  5. 5. Ministry news from Lifeline In 1986, Lifeline began ministry work in Honduras.  Today, the ministry includes a Childrens Home for girls, 7 churches, a health care clinic, Bible Institute, and 2 schools.   Ministry News: At Ocotillo Christian School, the decision has been made and the licensing paid for to expand the school to include 10th grade, and then God willing, well add subsequent grades going forward each year, until the school goes through high school.  Likewise, 7th Grade has been added at Gonzales Christian School.  The Annual Womens Work Trip to distribute the Christmas gifts sponsors sent to the children was a huge success!  In addition to distributing the gifts, the ladies held VBS at 5 outpost church locations and held a Ladies Bible Study at 5 of the 7 Lifeline churches.   Recent tropical rains caused a lot of heavy rain and flooding, but we are praising God that none of the Lifeline properties, including the Childrens Home at Omoa or the churches, sustained any water or wind damage. Well soon receive an Allis Chalmers "C" tractor that has been completely rebuilt, including new paint and rubber, that will serve us in Honduras We are thankful that the Honduran pastors and church leaders had the opportunity to attend the Global Leadership Conference in Honduras.      How I can pray & partner with Lifeline: Pray for the teachers and students in the Bible Institutes.  The Bible Institute provides an opportunity for youth and adults in Lifelines local congregations to develop the leadership skills that God has given them to meet the needs of the church, to strengthen leadership, and to support the growth of new churches throughout Central America. Sponsor a child in Lifelines Christian schools!  For $35 per month you can personally impact an impoverished child. Children available to sponsor immediately are available on Lifelines website:    For 40+ years, Navajo Trails Mission, Inc ministered to the Navajo people near Winslow, Arizona and in October 2011 Lifeline assumed administration and oversight of the mission work.  Ministry work includes a Christian Church, Christian School, homeless/street ministry, and community outreach.  In October, we hosted the last work team of the year.  All the teams have been a huge blessing...the property/buildings look great, the community was impacted, and relationships were built.file:///Users/rhundley/Desktop/render.html[12/5/12 9:20:27 AM]
  6. 6. Ministry news from Lifeline Lives in the church, school and community are being impacted for Christ, and relationship continue to strengthen.  This year there have been 9 baptisms at Red Sands Christian Church! Red Sands Christian School continues to improve the education for the students.  Computer science is now offered with the addition of new laptops and internet capabilities.  And we have begun the conversation with ACSI for our Christian School Accreditation as a mission school to the Navajo; the process will take approximately 3-5 years.    How I can pray & partner with Lifeline: Pray with us as we continue to seek direction as we move forward with Gods plans; we dont want to get ahead of God, but simply follow His lead. Weve run into numerous building code issues that need to be addressed and repaired. Donations to cover these unexpected expenses are greatly appreciated.  Contact if your would like to assist with these expenses. Lifelines purpose is rooted in the passion to engage Christians in the Great commission by connecting people to serve!   Ministry News: Lifelines ABC food packing events have been a great connection with churches and individuals!  Weve helped to coordinate over 60 ABC food events this year with thousands of people getting involved!  Child sponsorship is a key part of Lifelines ministry to help connect people to Great Commission opportunities and give them a personal way to be involved.  We give thanks for our thousands of sponsors! What a blessing!  For the past 3 years, our large warehouse space in Columbus, Ohio has been donated to us. How I can pray & partner with Lifeline: Host an ABC Food packing event!  Youll find the details at  Host a sponsorship drive at your church!  Individuals, classes, Bible studies, etc can sponsor a child.  Contact or visit for more details on the sponsorship program.   file:///Users/rhundley/Desktop/render.html[12/5/12 9:20:27 AM]
  7. 7. Ministry news from Lifeline Discover more about Lifelines ministry work at Join the conversation on Facebook and  Twitter   Forward email This email was sent to by |   Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy. Lifeline Christian Mission | 921 Eastwind Drive, Suite 133 | Westerville | OH | 43081file:///Users/rhundley/Desktop/render.html[12/5/12 9:20:27 AM]