Lifeline Christian Mission 3-11-2013 ministry updates from around the world


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Lifeline Christian Mission 3-11-2013 ministry updates from around the world

  1. 1. Ministry updates from around the world!   Dear Friends,    Its exciting to see God change lives, impact families and influence communities through your partnership with Lifeline!  Your prayers, financial gifts, volunteer time and more are sharing Gods love with the people and communities where Lifeline directly ministers.  And youre also touching lives around the world through strategic partnerships & initiatives Lifeline forms with missionaries beyond Lifelines communities!   We pray that these ministry updates below encourage and stretch your faith!   Serving Him together, The Lifeline family   CANADA In Canada, Lifelines ministry is to plant churches and send mission teams to assist in the launch of new churches.  In addition, an independent board formed Lifeline Christian  Mission Society - Canada to connect Canadians to Lifelines global ministry[3/11/13 1:04:20 PM]
  2. 2. Ministry updates from around the world! work in places where Lifeline serves.      Ministry News:  Lifeline has been a catalyst to connect several churches in Canada and Intermountain Church Planters Association out of Idaho to form a network to plant a new church in the Calgary, Alberta area sometime in 2013/2014.  Currently, a potential candidate for the lead church planter is scheduled for assessment in May.  Two leaders from Canada, Rick Scruggs from Bow Valley   Christian Church and John Nicholson from Rosscarrock Church of Christ (who is also a Lifeline-Canada board member) will visit Ohio on March 21-22 to share part of the Calgary story.   Your Partnership: As part of our church plant commitment, Lifeline is raising funds and organizing mission teams to assist with the launch. Contact if you would like additional information to be part of this new venture to the spiritually hungry in Canada. Pray for Gods will to be revealed for the new church: lead church planter, location, and all the other details.     CUBA Lifelines work in Cuba is unique in many ways.  Because of the political tensions between our two countries, Lifelines involvement in Cuba is much different than in other countries.   We have partnered with Eduardo Otero, a Cuban national, who leads a thriving ministry of New Testament Christians spread across the island.  This partnership includes a network of 70+ house churches, along with a sports ministry outreach, leadership seminars, and medical outreach.   Ministry News:  Last November, Andy Sims (Lifelines Leadership Development Director), Mark Miller, Lyndon Rivera (both from Indian Creek Christian Church, Indianapolis) and Antonio Orellanna (Lifeline pastor from Honduras) led a leadership seminar near Havana with many of the pastors/leaders who work with Eduardo.  The government has allowed few ministries other than the Catholic Church to[3/11/13 1:04:20 PM]
  3. 3. Ministry updates from around the world!   own facilities, so Eduardo has spread the Word through 72 house churches. During their visit, Andys team visited house churches that met in government apartments, small homes, converted garages - anywhere they could find space to gather and worship.  Many of the pastors were bi- vocational, yet new leaders are being developed and more house churches are being launched regularly. In May, Bob DeVoe and Andy Sims will return to Cuba to visit the Baracoa/Guantanamo region on the far side of the island. Lifeline currently supports 8 of the Cuban pastors/house churches and will be exploring new ways to partner with Eduardos work .  Our prayer continues to be that the shifting political climate will open new doors for the Gospel in Cuba.  Lifeline is laying a strong foundation with Eduardo in Cuba and will be ready whenever new opportunities emerge.    Your Partnership:   Pray for the Cuban people, the house churches, the leaders, and the outreach ministries that are impacting communities. Churches and individuals are needed to support the work in Cuba.  Lifeline supports 8 churches, and a budgeted need still exists for about $12,000 per year.    Lifeline began serving the people in El Salvador in 2005.  The ministry work includes a Bible Institute to train future church leaders, 41 house churches, 5 principle churches, sports ministries, and a variety of outreach ministries.        Ministry News:  Bob & Gretchen just returned from here and had great visits to the 5 main principle churches.  A highlight for them was to visit the new mountain community church at La Cumbrita El SALVADOR which can only be reached by 4x4 vehicles.  It is the "Principle Church" that will be fed from other mountain community House Churches.   The house churches are continuing to grow and multiply with many accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior!  Lifelines International Bible Institutes in El Salvador and Honduras are growing and doing better than ever.   Some students are now living on site, at both locations.     Three people were just baptized yesterday: Juancito (11), Melvin (11) and Rony (17 years old). Keep them in your prayers.   Your Partnership:[3/11/13 1:04:20 PM]
  4. 4. Ministry updates from around the world! Pray for the new church in El Salvador: La Cumbrita.   Pray for the students in the Bible Institutes: their character, spiritual growth, leadership, and witness to the communities they serve.  Lifeline launched ministry work in Guatemala City, Guatemala, in December of 2011.     Ministry News:  Even though Christian Church roots go back 40 years in this beautiful country of nearly 15 million persons, there were only three churches, so there are many people who need to hear about Gods love!  Starting our first house church was   possible since Carlos, our Honduras Administrator, was raised close by, and Jose, our Administrator for El Salvador, is just a few hours away.   Guatemalan who graduated A from Lifelines International Bible Institute in El Salvador helped with the initial start up.   Were really excited because Deybee, one of our Bible Institute professors, has answered Gods call to move to Guatemala City with his new bride to head up Lifelines work there.  Praise the Lord!   Your Partnership: Pray for Deybee and his wife as they begin ministry work here.  Pray for the church and ministry to the community. Pray for additional funding; were still about $1,000 per month short in funding this outreach.[3/11/13 1:04:20 PM]
  5. 5. Ministry updates from around the world! HAITI Lifelines mission work began in Haiti 30+ years ago!   Today, Lifeline continues to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the Haitian people through 14 churches, 12 Christian schools, 2 health clinics, nutrition clinics, disaster relief, childrens homes, home building, feeding 14,000 daily, and more.      Ministry News:  In the past few weeks, many have accepted Jesus as their Lord and have been baptized.  In Grand Goave and Deuxieme Plaine, the pastors have baptized over 100 people this year!   In Haiti, 82 "Homes for Haiti" have been funded so far in 2013! Twenty-three of these homes have been constructed to date. In 2012, we constructed 88 homes, so praise God for all those folks who have chosen to partner with us and bless the Haitian people with new homes.     A great Leadership Seminar just concluded in Haiti!  Watch your Inbox for more about this in an upcoming ministry email! Construction on our carport in Haiti is nearing completion and its looking good.  This represents our last earthquake reconstruction project at our Grand Goave campus.  Note: In Port au Prince at the Mahotiere Childrens Home, we still need to complete the repairs on the 3rd floor, which were also damaged in the earthquake. Recent changes in the customs process will hopefully help our containers, which are filled with ABC food (packaged by you!), important ministry goods and relief items, to be released in a more timely manner.   Your Partnership:   Pray for the Grand Goave Childrens Home in Haiti as construction progresses.  Pray for the children who will eventually call this their "home," the staff that will serve the children, etc. Pray for our chicken coop project in Haiti.  The first group of 10 "farmers" have run into some obstacles and delays.  We are taking a slow and cautious approach initially in order to work out all the details necessary for long term success.  Pray for patience, clarity and resilience as these innovative ideas take root.[3/11/13 1:04:20 PM]
  6. 6. Ministry updates from around the world!   In 1986, Lifeline began ministry work in Honduras.  Today, the ministry includes a Childrens Home for girls, 7 principle churches, a health clinic, Bible Institute, and 2 Christian schools.    HONDURAS Ministry News: The girls at the Omoa Childrens Home are doing great! Karlita, who has special needs, has dramatically improved over when she first came to us.  We also have a tutor who helps our girls with their homework every afternoon, which has been a blessing. High School at Ocotillo, Honduras is off and running and the Middle School at Gonzales also started in February.  Praise the Lord!  Jose Guillermo (37), Carol Julissa (12), Daniela (11), Maria Luisa (34), and Julio Alberto (59) were recently baptized  at Choloma Christian Church!   Baptisms also took place in February at Gonzales Christian Church. Lifelines International Bible Institute in Honduras is taking shape with better facilities that can house full-time students. A new church, led by Pastor Antonio Paz, has also been   launched in that same location to serve the surrounding communities.   Your partnership: Gretchen just returned from Honduras and took about 285 photos of new students who will be available to sponsor! Perhaps you or a friend would love to sponsor a new student in Honduras!  Learn more at  Pray for the churches in Honduras who are working together to raise money (~$3,000) to complete construction on the church building in Las Brisas de Occidente.   Pastor Marc Antonio is doing a tremendous work in this area and this expanded building is desperately needed.   Pray for additional funding ($3-5,000 per year) to cover the expanding Bible Institute and new church being planted in   Honduras.   A new lawn tractor has been purchased for Honduras for CaryHill; we have acres of grass and for many years it has been cut by hand. We are attempting to raise $3,100 to cover the cost of this tractor, shipping and delivery expenses.   The Omoa Childrens Home is in desperate need of furniture for the activity center/living room; it is basically empty. We are attempting to raise about $5,000 to furnish this room.  (we have received $1800 of this to date)[3/11/13 1:04:20 PM]
  7. 7. Ministry updates from around the world!   For 40+ years, Navajo Trails Mission, Inc ministered to the Navajo people near Winslow, Arizona and in October 2011 Lifeline assumed administration and oversight of the mission work. NAVAJO NATION  Ministry work includes a Christian Church, Christian School, homeless/street ministry, and community outreach.    Ministry News:  The Red Sands Christian School had their State Fire Marshall inspection and the school passed with no issues to fix.   Did you miss our email in February about new plans for the Navajo ministry?  Youll find that important update at our website  under our "News" section.     Progress continues as we plan and update Lifelines Dilkon campus for summer work teams and ministry work.   A mens work team will prepare the Dilkcon facilities.   The team is also helping to raise funds for the needed repairs there.   Your Partnership: Pray for the work at Lifelines Dilkon campus: the safety of the workers, progress of the work, funds needed to be donated, etc.     In the past few months, Lifeline began ministering to the people in Panama through 3 house churches to the Guaymi Indians.[3/11/13 1:04:20 PM]
  8. 8. Ministry updates from around the world!   As part of their multi-country trip to visit the Lifeline mission sites, the DeVoes just visited Panama. Panama is the home country of Jose Rodriguez, Lifelines Administrator in El Salvador. They flew to Panama City then drove 7 hours to David City, where they met with Joses family and visited one of the 3 house churches to the indigenous/Indian people.     Bob & Gretchen attended a worship service on the Reservation where a house church to the  Guaymi (pronounced "Why Me") people usually has about 40 people in attendance.  Over 200 people came, and the services went from 7 pm to 6 am the next morning!  The women and their daughters dress in their traditional Guaymi clothing, and the men wear straw hats.     The 3 leaders for the house churches attended and Brother Silvio led in the traditional Indian music chants.  A professional guitarist led the worship. (His guitar sounded like a banjo/guitar combination.)  The people there are very   reserved but friendly, especially the women and children.  This was the first-time that the DeVoes attended a new church/house church where the men far outnumbered the women. (In the Guaymi culture, the men are the head and PANAMA they are very involved.)     It was also interesting to see the similarities in custom to the Navajo in Arizona.  For example, the handshake:  The Navajo and Guaymi shake with a very limp hand.  The chanting of the traditional music was another similarity.  But when the traditional music part concluded, traditional Christian praise and worship music began and the  Guaymies really got into it! These are beautiful people who need Jesus and Lifeline is blessed to take the Gospel to them.     Brother Serafin, a dear friend and long-time acquaintance of Jose Rodriguez, works out of David City and oversees this work under Jose.     Your Partnership: Pray for the 3 new house churches in Panama and their communities.   Pray for wisdom and discernment for future work in Panama     Lifelines purpose is rooted in the passion to engage Christians in the Great commission by connecting people to serve!   Ministry News:  This March, Lifeline kicked off our 12th annual peanut butter drive! Over 350,000 jars of peanut butter have been donated[3/11/13 1:04:20 PM]
  9. 9. Ministry updates from around the world! and collected by you through these drives to feed hungry   and malnourished kids and families in Haiti!  Thank you! We anticipate moving into a different warehouse space in the same warehouse complex within the next month or so.  We are thankful that we have the ability to ship out several containers during this time, too, so we dont have to move things twice! Your Partnership: Help kids in Haiti receive the nutrition they need; collect "PB 4 HAITI"!  Be part of Lifelines Peanut Butter Drive or donate other needed nutrition items.  Pray for the volunteers and staff as they work to ship much needed items to the ministry field, and prepare to move to the new warehouse.                          Discover more at  STAY CONNECTED            Forward this email This email was sent to by |   Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy.[3/11/13 1:04:20 PM]
  10. 10. Ministry updates from around the world! Lifeline Christian Mission | 921 Eastwind Drive, Suite 133 | Westerville | OH | 43081-3363[3/11/13 1:04:20 PM]