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Krause   pacific rim -- typhoon relief & recovery efforts
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Krause pacific rim -- typhoon relief & recovery efforts


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology

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  • 1. From: Darryl Krause <> Date: December 6, 2013 at 8:14:48 PM EST Pacific Rim Ministries To: Carol Krause <> Subject: Carol Krause Darryl & Typhoon Relief and Recovery Efforts-003 Reply-To: Darryl Krause <>>> Typhoon Relief and Recovery Efforts! Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and gifts towards our efforts to help those in need recover from the great typhoon of November 8, 2013. The destruction was more than rst assessed and it will be a long and difcult road for many as time goes by! Carol is attaching some recent pictures of our efforts to help people rebuild their homes and lives. We also hope, if funds are available to help people with emergency food as very little outside help has come this way where we are located. People have lost their animals, and other sources of food and many are now unemployed and so have no way of purchasing food. Supplementary food helps people bridge a widening gap of involuntary hunger as they strive to rebuild their lives. We try to provide a parcel of suitable food for each family in need and of course have seen these numbers on the increase even though the typhoon was a month ago. We, as well as most of the areas hit in the Central Philippines are still without electric power and services. Our thanks to those who have already sent extra gifts to us through our Forwarding agent and also we thank other who still plan on or can send some help for us to use in what has been called the greatest typhoon ever to hit land in the history of recorded weather events. Please pray for us as we continue to serve the Lord if often trying circumstances. Serving the Lord with Love for the Lost, Darryl & Carol Krause Pacic Rim Ministries ail - Fwd: Typhoon Relief and Recovery Efforts-003 wd: Typhoon Relief and Recovery Efforts-003 3 Mrs. Joanne McKenzie PacicAgent: Ministries Rim Forwarding Mrs. Joanne McKenzie P.O. Rim Ministries Box 323 Pacic P.O. Box 323 Weston,43569 Ohio 43569 Weston, Ohio https://m 12/10/2013 9:51 AM
  • 2. wd: Typhoon Relief and Recovery Efforts-003 https://m