Jan march acm update 2013.


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Jan march acm update 2013.

  1. 1. 1 FEBRUARY BIBLE CONFERENCE Pao Shan, China The inscription on the memorial reads, “IN LOVING MEMORY. JAMES O. FRASER 1886-1938. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news. WITH DEEPEST LOVE;REMEMBER YOU ALWAYS—THE LISU CHURCH.” And in Chinese, “Erected by the ChristianChurch in the Lisu Autonomous County of Weixi on 15 March 2004” Pao Shan lies near the Burma border and is where James Fraser began his monumental ministry to the Lisu at the beginning of the 1900’s. It was here that Fraser witnessed huge numbers of Lisu come to the Lord through their own efforts in evangelizing among their tribe resulting in entire villages being saved. It was also here that Fraser developed the Lisu orthography and began work on providing the Lisu with the Scriptures in their own language beginning with the book of Mark and culminating in the first completed Lisu New Testament in 1936 by Allyn Cooke and his committee. In 1992, the Chinese government officially recognized the Fraser script as the official Lisu alphabet. He also developed the number note system for the Lisu hymnal before being taken from this world when died of cerebral malaria. It is on the shoulders of such great servants of the Kingdom that we stand and are able to carry on the ministry among the Lisu to JAMES FRASER MEMORIAL this day.
  2. 2. 2 And it is to this area that I finally arrivedafter repeated requests from Brother Jayza Khin.Jayza is a graduate of formerly Madras Collage ofEvangelism; now Lakeview Bible College andSeminary in India, and a very faithful minister ofthe Gospel working in Rangoon. He is makingtremendous inroads in reaching the Burmesethrough a Bible tract ministry as well astranslating Bible teaching material for the Lisu.He organized the entire conference near PaoShan and does not even own a vehicle! Inattendance were 67 preachers, elders, deaconsand teachers representing nearly 30congregations from as many villages along theborder area between China and Burma. Many Brother Jayza Khin and family Rangoon, Burmawalked days to be able to attend the conferenceand sat on the hard wooden stools of the village church for 5 days from 8 in the morning until after 10:00at night with breaks only for lunch and supper. As tired as I was from the grueling teaching schedule, Iwas buoyed by their eagerness to learn and study Gods Word with such intensity and commitment. Jesse staying warm with some of the conference attendees during break During the Q&A sessions I was surprised by many questions which are probably rooted inremnants of a very legalistic system that was instilled in them from early missionaries and fromthe authoritarian society in which they live. They were very eager to learn more about Law vsGrace and seemed profoundly struck by the fact that all the legal demands of the law were nailedto the cross through Christ and that salvation is not based on our works. Besides seeing such aneagerness to study God’s word, I am motivated to try and fill some of the gaps in theirunderstanding of the doctrine of grace as well as in the role and responsibility of churchleadership and will try to put together some teaching materials for them in these areas.
  3. 3. 3 While there, I shared several copy pages from our newly translated Gospels. They were soeager to get a first glimpse of the new translation and were amazed at how readable and easy tounderstand it was. Having seen this reaction first hand, I am very excited to get the new StudyBible to them. We are in the midst of negotiating the printing cost and hope to have it to theprinters in the near future. plating up” meals using leaves for the Jerwang/Tarung Bible School This month, Brother Yonatan and his team of 3 evangelists left for the China-Burmaborder from Myitkyina to begin a new evangelism effort and Bible training among the Jerwangand Tarung tribes with support from ACM. It is a rugged area with no modern infrastructure soour evangelists will have to carry everything they need in packs and walk for 8-10 days to reachthese people. With the Lord’s help, we hope to establish a short term Bible school base in order totrain believers from both sides of the border. A Jerwang himself, I have known Brother Yonatansince his childhood and have great confidence in his ability and commitment to do this work. Weestimate a need of about $500 each month to sustain this ministry that will be used towarddeveloping and organizing 6 week long Bible training schools and purchasing simple things suchas pots and pans and dishes for the students who will attend. This is an extremely remote andimpoverished area where they do not have access to shops or stores.
  4. 4. 4 LBI graduate, Dorcas, with her family Last week, we celebrated with 11 graduates and their family and friends at LBI. For most,our graduates are the first in their families to wear a cap and gown. A spirit of excitement andpride was palpable as nearly 500 Lisu and Lahu villagers came to support and celebrate our newgraduates and honor them with bouquets of flowers and brightly colored leis. Also heartwarmingwas to see poor villagers slipping 20 and 100 baht notes into a congratulatory handshakes in thereceiving line. A traditional Lisu feast with rice and sides wrapped in banana leaves capped off theday long celebration. Sosthenes and Susanna
  5. 5. 5 Sosthenes, a gifted young Lisu preacher from China, received LBI’s top honor whichrecognizes the graduate with outstanding character and leadership qualities in addition to astrong academic record. Sosthenes and his wife, Susanna, have already returned to their homewhere he will serve as an ordained minister and oversea 9 different village congregations.Sosthenes shared the following in his own words, “We are very grateful for the chance you gave usto study at LBI. Our favorite classes were with Bro. Philip Fish and Bro. Jesse. We learned so manythings in and out of the classroom at LBI from how to plan and organize large events like theChristmas conventions which requires months of planning to participating in LBI’s villageevangelism program which was one of my favorite activities.” We are thrilled to have suchdedicated students as Sosthenes and Susanna and pray for them and with them as they eagerlyreturn to minister to the Lisu in China. EE-Thai and Ta-Mee at their reception One of our new graduates also got married at LBI the weekend following graduation.Eethai is a Lahu girl who spent an entire year at LBI first learning Lisu so that she could beadmitted as a student. “I am from a poor village family so when many students in my class leftbecause LBI required a lot of work, I was not afraid to work hard and am now happy to begraduating.” At 4 feet 4 inches, she is a fearless dynamo of a girl with a quick mind, and we expectto see some great things from her in the future. Eethai is currently in charge of our library but alsois very talented in music and movement. She would like to get more training in how toincorporate choreography and music into worship services and special presentations at largerChristian gatherings. We will look into what type of training might be available for her. If you
  6. 6. 6might have an interest in sponsoring her, please let us know. Eethai’s husband, Tahmee, is also anLBI alumni and in charge of our campus maintenance. We are grateful for another year of ministry opportunities both at LBI and through newevangelism efforts in Burma and China. Thank you for being a part of ACM’s ongoing efforts toreach the unreached, build up the body, and prepare new leaders for the Kingdom. At this juncture, we earnestly ask our friends and supporters to pray with us regardingfollowing ministry needs. *A used pickup truck for Jayza Khin for ministry use in Burma ($5000.00) *Living link for Bro. Jayza Khin family - ($500.00 per month) *Jerwang/Tarung evangelism ($500.00 per month) *Sosthenes and Susanna ministry to the Lisu in China ($350.00 per month)Prayer needs: *New Jerwang/Tarung evangelism *Negotiations for Bible printing. Pray that God will lead us to a right printing company for a right price.Yours in His Service,Jesse Yangmi