Insight Resources Intl June 2014 newsletter


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news from the ministry of Insight Resources International in Mozambique, Philippines, Hong Kong

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Insight Resources Intl June 2014 newsletter

  1. 1. Insight News Greetings in Christ to all our friends and supporters! God has been doing great things with IRI in Mozambique and around the world. We are very excited by the opportu- nities he has provided, and the fruit we are seeing. Thanks again for your support and encouragement over the years. Al has arrived in Mozambique. He and Leonard are travel- ing around the Chimoio area, visiting various church and local leaders so that Al can get a first-hand update of eve- rything that has been going on. Al is extremely excited about the changes that have been occurring in Mozambique. The nationals are taking ownership of more and more projects, and continue to work on new ways to help both the kingdom and their local communities to grow and pros- per. Our partners are gaining a very positive reputation from local leaders as well, as they are seen as a force for positive change and development. This is creating a greater and greater witness for the nationals, who are still struggling with issues of dependency and feelings of helplessness left over from the colo- nial era and the following civil wars. Al and Leonard are also preparing for the arrival of two temporary team mem- bers. We have volunteers from the U.S. who are heading to Mozambique to work with Al and Leonard as they continue to encourage the Mozambique people to think conceptually about their culture, their environment, their lives, and the kingdom. Before our visitors arrive, however, there is the matter of our truck to conclude. If you have been friends of IRI for more than a year, you have probably heard of the trouble we have had with our vehicles. When Al and Velma arrived in Mozambique in 2009, they needed to find a vehicle so that they could visit their contacts and friends in the communities surrounding Chimoio. Unfortu- nately, the vehicle we found was a used (and abused – Mozambique is rough on vehicles) Nissan Terrano that was the only thing we could find for our budget at the time. While it did serve as transportation for a year or so, it had several problems, especially in the suspension system, which we had to regu- larly repair and eventually replace. Finally, we took the car to a specialty shop in Johannesburg, South Africa to see if they could help. The shop completely rebuilt our suspension, and we were finally hopeful that the vehicle could real- ly become a reliable asset. Sadly, this was not to be, as on our return trip to Mozambique, the transmission was destroyed. After over a year of attempted repairs that never took, we finally gave up. In 2013, we started collecting funds for a new truck that would be strong enough to survive the Mozambican roads, and be easy to repair with parts that could be found in Mozambique. Our ideal goal was a Toyota Land Cruiser, which is incredibly tough, and has dealerships in Mozambique, which means any repairs could be done in the country. This truck would serve as transportation for Al, Leonard, and other VOLUME 8 ISSUE June 14 06 Insight Resources International, Inc. Copyright © 2014 Growing Human Potential One Worldview at a Time Mailing Address PO Box 2937, Mills, WY 82644 Nichols’ Notes Nampula Gurúè Northern Niassa Province & Lichinga Tete Selva Manica Mussacumbira Nhamazara Chimoio Our Old Nissan Terrano New Toyota Hilux
  2. 2. Mission Activities June— Jason settles in to his new home in Spokane, WA. June 24— David Center (IRI Board member) and Jeff Gill (Associate minister-Northside Christian Church) leave for Mozambique. Donations may be received through PayPal at our web site below. Shopping on line? Your shopping can ben- efit IRI. 2 ways to help….. 1. Raise money for Sa- fari Insight Mission just by searching the Internet with (powered by Yahoo), or shopping online with Good- WE are still listed as Safari Insight Mission w/ Good Search/Shop 2. AmazonSmile just pick Insight Re- sources Internation- Page 2  I.R.I. Office: (307)-277-4639 Email:  I.R.I President: Al Corson Email:  I.R.I. Secretary: Velma Corson (307) 277-4639 Email:  Insight Seminars: Jason Nichols - (307)269-0145 & Vice-President Email:  I.R.I. Promotions: Jack Harper - (918)355-5523 2631 E. Albany #A, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 Email:  Nichols Notes cont. workers in Mozambique. Leonard also wanted to use the truck to help with IRIs local economic development projects by using it to transport goods to market. The proceeds from some of this work could also help to pay for maintenance on the vehicle. It was a good plan, but a Land Cruiser is an expensive vehicle – nearly $100,000 U.S. to buy a new one in Mozambique (used vehicles are often well- used, and we wanted to avoid a repeat of the previous vehicle’s performance). We were planning to get the new truck in July of 2013, but political unrest in Mozambique and personal issues with Al and Velma prevented Al from getting back before now, and Leonard was uncomfortable buying a vehicle for the first time without someone there to help him navigate the sales talk and find a good ve- hicle for a good price (apparently, car dealers are the same the world over). Since Al has returned, he and Leonard have located a suitable vehicle in Beira. While we did not make our $100,000 goal, we have raised enough money to buy a new Toyota Hilux. The team will be head- ing to Beira this month to finalize the purchase, and bring the Hilux to Chimoio. We are confident that we will be able to use this new vehicle to glori- fy the kingdom, and help the people of Mozambique take control of their lives. We want to thank everyone for their help and support during this fundrais- er—we know it took longer than ex- pected, but in the end, God has blessed us. Once we have the vehicle in hand, Al and Leonard will be working with our U.S. volunteers to continue to coach the people in the Chimoio area. They will also be traveling to visit other national partners, and generally helping out wherever Leon- ard thinks help is needed. If anyone wants to join us in Mozambique next year, please contact us, so that we can make arrangements. It is not hard to find work to do in Mozambique, and helping others learn to help themselves and grow in Christ is one of the most rewarding jobs I have experienced. As mentioned last month, once Al finishes the summer in Mozambique, he will be traveling to the south pacific to work with some of our new friends there. We will have more on that work as the summer progresses, as our plans are constantly up- dating according to the needs to of the ministry. I will also be visiting Hong Kong in October to work with our board member, Kitty, and to visit Ken Smyth’s family and church. In the meantime, I am moving to Washington state to pursue some part time work, and build stronger connections with our friends and supporters in the Pacific Northwest. Please pray for Al and Leonard as they continue their work in Mozambique, for me as I begin building relationships in the Northwest, for our volunteer team as they assist with Al and Leonard, and for Velma as she supports all of us from our office in Wyoming. God bless you, and have a great summer. Jason Donate with and Jason, Al, and Vel
  3. 3. Visit us on the web at Financial Partners Page 3 Please send your donations to: Insight Resources International PO Box 2937 Mills, WY 82644 Insight Resources International PO Box 2937 Mills, WY 82644 Raising special funds over the regular monthly costs for the upcoming trip Fall of 2014 Then Al will fly from Mozam- bique to Hong Kong. Al, and Linda, will fly Round trip Hong Kong to Philippines Tickets will cost $350 per person Due to financial and cultural con- cerns the trip to Myanmar is being modified . Al and Linda will work with our friends in Myanmar to follow up on the training they received last year in the Philippines and pro- mote the development of the In- sight program in Myanmar. Al will fly to Alaska for 2 months then back to the lower 48 in the end of January 2015. Leonard and I went out to Makate yesterday by invitation. The pastor called and said we are having a awards meeting. Please come. So we drove the 50ks out to the remote community and found out that through the ABC thinking skills coaching Leonard had been doing with the Pastor and his wife, she took this to the other women in the community and started some businesses by contacting the government and using exist- ing business programs the government offers for free. So what did this accomplish? Elimination of fatalism, stronger self-identity, greater under- standing of relationships, cash flow for the community, they were able to build a church building, develop more land for farming, and seek better education in the area through their contacts with the government. The pastor for the first time in his 15 year of ministry can discern between his animism and Christian belief, and understands how they are different. Transformation is an intense process that can not be taught. Oh the awards was the women receiving their share of the profits from the busi- ness they had developed. (each woman invested a portion of profits back into the business) They gave all success to God realizing his guidance in their success. Al Corson 5:10am Jun 14 Praises to the LordPraises to the LordPraises to the Lord For the Toyota HiluxFor the Toyota HiluxFor the Toyota Hilux For the transformation happeningFor the transformation happeningFor the transformation happening in Makatein Makatein Makate For Leonard, George, Tito, and JoseFor Leonard, George, Tito, and JoseFor Leonard, George, Tito, and Jose For the Subaru Outback donated to IRI forFor the Subaru Outback donated to IRI forFor the Subaru Outback donated to IRI for use here in the States by Jason.use here in the States by Jason.use here in the States by Jason.
  4. 4. The greatest thing that you can do for Insight Resources In- ternational is to actively pray. We be- lieve that Prayer is the cornerstone of this ministry and without it we cannot stand against Satan’s at- tacks. InsightResources International,Inc. POBox2937 Mills,WY82644 Get our Newsletter via Email To get our newsletter via email please email with your information. The newsletters is mailed from Please put this in your approved list. Please notify us of any address changes so you do not miss receiving our newsletters. Growing Human Potential One Worldview at a Time PAGE 4  Please continue to pray for the growth of those in Hong Kong, Philippines, Myanmar, and Mozambique.  Please pray for Al, Jason and Leonard as they travel in the coming months.  Pray for Leonard, Jose’, George, and Tito as the Country of Mozambique is still in Political Unrest.  Pray for Kitty Ho in Hong Kong as see develops contacts & initiates opportunities for de- velopment.  Praise for our faithful supporters. We thank you all. Prayer Partners Please Pray for these Things: Please pray for Leonard in Mozam- bique as he coaches others. Contact Us: I.R.I. Office: (307)-277-4639 Email:  President & Insight Seminars: Jason Nichols - (307)269-0145 Email:  I.R.I Vice-President: Al Corson Email:  I.R.I. Secretary: Velma Corson (307) 277-4639 Email: