GNPI 2014 winter news
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GNPI 2014 winter news



Good News Productions Newsletter, ministry news, mission newsletters

Good News Productions Newsletter, ministry news, mission newsletters



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GNPI 2014 winter news Document Transcript

  • 2. MIKE’S THOUGHTS When our kids left home, Karolyn and I freshened up their rooms with new paint and rearranged some furniture. The bedrooms became a guest room and an office because that better met our needs and kept things functional. The Schrage address and family were the same, but things looked a bit different. Our New Look - Well, the Good News Productions, International family has done some refreshing as well. You’ll notice a new look to our Website, our newsletter, and even our name. Our new logo reflects what we’ve been calling ourselves for some time now, GNPI. The ministry is the same, but the shortened name is easier to remember, allows us to be more consistent, and creates brand equity among a new generation interested in global evangelism. Digital Communication - Communicating regularly has never been easier. We’re capitalizing on that to quickly provide updates from around the world and to be good stewards of our resources. We now offer digital gift receipting and a new weekly email. In addition to our latests stories of impact, the email includes our regular prayer reports, now called Group 5•16. Sign up to receive digital communication at Encourage your family, friends, and mission team members to sign up as well. Vision Night 2014 - GNPI’s March banquets have always been a blessing. We’re building on that blessing at this year’s event by sharing our vision for the future and providing an opportunity for you to invest in that vision. The event will be a bit different this year; we have even refreshed its name: Vision Night. In addition to Joplin, we are offering Vision Nights in Indianapolis and Phoenix, where large pockets of GNPI supporters live. We want to make it easier for current and potential partners to see how God is using GNPI to make a global impact. Our special guest this year will be Regional Director Manee Massey from our GNPIDamoh, India, regional center. You will hear first-hand how God is working through our teams in India to accelerate global evangelism. Find out locations, dates, and times for all three events, and register at GNPI’s mission has always been bold, but we’re breaking new ground. With God’s help, we are building a solid foundation to prepare for what we feel will be our best year ever!
  • 3. eCommunication Saves GNPI a Bundle Richard Wright, who has managed GNPI’s finances for more than 30 years, said, “Every month we have to put $500 on the postage meter to mail receipt letters and other correspondence. But, this December we didn’t have to add any postage! This is the first month that this has happened.” Part of the reason is because many of our donors and supporters have begun receiving communication from GNPI electronically. Thank You! You saved GNPI significant expense at the end of the year, a time when every penny counts. Your stewardship in this way allows us to support more evangelism projects in our centers, projects like what you will read about in the next pages… It’s never too late to switch. Please email to receive electronic receipts and communications. Or, sign up at THE EURASIAN DREAM UPDATE: WE MET OUR GOAL! Thanks to you and Southeast Christian Church’s generous dollar-for-dollar match, GNPI has fulfilled it’s commitment to raising $200K toward its Multi-Purpose Resource Center in Ukraine. CONSTRUCTION IS UNDER WAY $0 “The good news is - it is half funded already! Just GNPI RAISED in one year! Isn't it amazing?! $200K Oh, God is good! May His name be glorified!" -Sergei Golovin Halfway $2.2 million
  • 4. “You Are Free to Go, I Can No Longer Detain You” A 6-Minute Reminder (Music Video) An Old Song Made New Meet Liam & Ruby If you are viewing this new see their corresponding b the links to all these blog
  • 5. The Global Gospel in India It’s Not What You Think Ringfinger Confessionals Our Journey to The Distant Boat ewsletter electronically, you may click on any of these blog titles to blog entries. If not, you may go to and find gs. Remember, there’s so much great content being added weekly!
  • 6. WHERE LOVE IS FOUND by Matt Brock, Director of Development I’m not just new to GNPI, I’m new to global missions. Sure, I’ve been a part of churches all of my life and have heard of the good work so many are doing around the globe. But, when you haven’t been up-close and personal with global missions, I think something gets lost in translation between your head and heart. Even though I’ve been at GNPI for more than six months, a recent trip to Mexico was my first opportunity to visit one of our nine regional centers. Intellectually I was prepared for the trip and to meet my fellow GNPI team members in Piedras Negras. I have to say, though, I wasn’t ready emotionally. I was incredibly struck by the different life our friends lead just across the border. I noticed significant poverty and found myself feeling uneasy as we drove through neighborhoods and heard stories of violence and gang activity. Among the obvious differences, I saw one thing I knew very well. Though I don’t know OUT THERE, THERE’S NO LOVE. his last name, I met Raymond at the home of “Mama Rosa.” As we enjoyed homemade chile rellenos after a morning worship service, I was struck by the genuine love, companionship, and contentment shared by the people around the table (there were about 25 people in the house for lunch). Raymond sat next to me, and as we talked he said, “I love this family. You know why? In here you feel the love. Out there,” he said pointing toward the front door, “There’s no love.” IN HERE YOU FEEL THE LOVE. A pretty simple statement, but a very profound example of what we’re trying to do at GNPI around the world. The love we experience through Jesus Christ is recognizable wherever it’s present, wherever you go. Whether good conditions or bad, safe or troubled, we’re trying to add more people to God’s family because that’s where love is found. Read an expanded version of Matt’s experience at:
  • 7. GNPI PARTNERSHIPS GAIN TRACTION THROUGHOUT AFRICA Networking and partnership have always been among the core values of GNPI. Africa provides a perfect visual example of how these values translate into action. One great example is the relationship between GNPI-Uganda and LivingStone International University (LIU). GNPI is on the ground floor of a university that was established to produce leaders who impact their world for Christ. By teaching media courses at LIU, GNPI-Uganda is empowering the next generation to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology. Check out a short video highlighting this partnership by accessing the blog page at In northwest Africa, GNPI is partnering with a young, enthusiastic evangelist from Ghana who is starting new churches through another partnership with a ministry called Gifts for the Nations. GNPI supplied the Solar Kit that Kpowbie Daniel is using to share Christ with people, in some cases for the first time. Kpowbie is pictured below at a church he started in an area entrenched in voodoo. Talk about changed lives... In Kenya, a media ministry called Africa Inland Mission asked GNPI-Kenya to help with a feature film project called The Distant Boat. Showing concern for those within our own circle comes natural to most of us, but obedience to Jesus demands so much more. The love of Christ and his Great Commission compels every Christian to actively participate in sharing the whole Gospel with the whole world. The Distant Boat is a moving story of one man’s obedience to God’s call in his life to “go” to a region of Africa that is mostly Muslim. The film is encouraging, motivating, and mobilizing the African church to answer the call to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Find The Distant Boat at:
  • 8. 21,000 MILES More than 21,000 miles– if you could use them up any way you wanted, where would you go? After the winter we’ve had in Joplin, Hawaii or Cancun sounds great to some of us. It’s pretty amazing to think that you could fly round-trip to both of these tropical locations and still have miles left over. Jason Miller, NOMaD coordinator for GNPI, traveled about 21,000 miles last month. Jason facilitated training in three separate, strategic locations. Through specific audio and video training, designed to equip ministry leaders to use media and technology, our hope was to multiply our impact in India. Jason reported that we were able to advance each team well down the road toward effectively using these tools to tell their corner of the world about Jesus. We thought we’d take you on a whirlwind tour of Jason’s travels. First stop: Central Java in Indonesia. (Indonesia has a larger Muslim population than any country in the world.) 21,0 Jason went to meet a team that was waiting to be trained in audio recording. John had located some studio space to use, and Jason helped them prepare to produce The Global Gospel in an Indonesian language. The team learned quickly and is now seeking “the voice” for the project. Along the way, Jason discovered a very special Indonesian connection. MUSLIM POPULATION Indonesia has a larger Muslim population than any country in the world. The studio space John secured was owned by Eko (pronounced Echo), a Christian who traveled from Indonesia to the Midwest more than 20 years ago to attend college. Eko wanted to know God’s will for his life but did not feel called to preach. While in Joplin, he toured Good News Productions, International. He loved what he saw and thought, “I can produce Christian media for my people in Indonesia.” And he has! In fact, he owns four studios! Eko is very excited going forward to partner with the inspiration for his life’s work, GNPI. FROM INDONESIA TO DAMOH, INDIA Thirteen men eagerly awaited Jason’s arrival at the regional center in Damoh. Converging from seven cities and three Indian states, these men were ready to participate in level one NOMaD training. The excitement among the group was so great that by the end of the first day they were already editing their first project! Jason accomplished in about eight days what he expected to take ten, but even that amount of time, according to one trainee, wasn’t long enough. He said, “This training is good for our team. I want to keep Jason here forever.”
  • 9. By the end of the training period, ten new projects had been produced. Each team is being mentored by a staff member from Damoh. The teams have been asked to generate a list of four project ideas they would like to work on. FROM DAMOH TO DELHI BY TRAIN Two men in Delhi were able to pick up with Jason where they recently left off. The three spent time together last year in person and via the Internet, but at that time they did not have the equipment they needed. A special camera and software were delivered before Jason arrived. He spent time explaining the most effective way to use the equipment and trained them to use software to maximize the effectiveness of their productions. They worked on a video testimony during Jason’s visit that will be shared among the urban youth. 13 TRAINED S LE ,000 M I IN INDIA Pray for the NOMaD trainees all over the world as this project continues to gain momentum. Most of the people we work with wear multiple ministry “hats” but want to use media to supplement and accelerate the evangelistic work they do. Join us in praying that God will fan the flame inside them with diligence and effective action to produce culturally relevant media. Pray for creativity, opportunity, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading. Also, pray for safety as some work in areas where Christians are not viewed favorably. “THIS TRAINING IS GOOD FOR OUR TEAM. I WANT TO KEEP JASON HERE FOREVER.” -TRAINEE IN DAMOH Why do we travel tens of thousands of miles to further equip nationals to produce Christ-centered media? Simple. The seeds we plant will grow. As more people are trained and the Gospel message is scattered, fruit will emerge in God’s time. God said to Isaiah, “So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”
  • 10. GNPI RESOURCES MULTIPLY OUTREACH Since 89% of the people in U Tun’s SE Asian village are born into Buddhist families, it was unusual that he was born into one that was Christian. Even with that heritage, though, early in his life U Tun chose a path that enslaved him to alcohol and violence. In fact, he did whatever he had to do to get liquor. His choices became criminal, and eventually led him to prison. Even as he found himself at a low point, things got worse. While in prison, U Tun’s wife passed away. When he was finally was released from prison, U Tun found himself at an important fork in the road. He described the situation. “After I got out of jail I had nothing to do. I got throat cancer. I went to a monastery and the monk gave me medicine for my throat. I did not even remember to pray to God. My previous boss knew my weaknesses: that I had no money, I had cancer, nowhere to live, and my wife’s death. He offered me a large sum of money to kill his rival. I felt that I had no choice.” Having decided to follow through with the unthinkable, on the night he entered the home of this man to murder him, U Tun heard him praying. He listened for a while; then he put his knife away. Surprisingly, instead of calling the police, the man welcomed U Tun, and they talked about God. U Tun didn’t use his knife, but his heart was pierced. He began attending church with this man he had planned to kill! He began wanting to tell others about God, but was fearful because he didn’t know how. TP, director of GNPI-SE Asia, came to his church one Sunday and taught about how to evangelize the unreached. TP gave U Tun one of the booklets produced by GNPI in SE Asia. After reading it, U Tun felt empowered to speak about Christ. Since then, he has brought 40 people to the church and 10 of them have been baptized. “I am not afraid to preach the Gospel now,” U Tun said. “When the Holy Spirit works inside you, you do not want to be just quiet. You want to speak. I will be preaching the Gospel of Jesus until I die.”
  • 11. UNI-WHAT? When we were deciding to feature estate planning information in this newsletter, the Unitrust was suggested. Marsha Bacon, our communications coordinator, said, “Uni-what? I’ve never heard of that word.” Perhaps you’re in the same boat. Long names of strange sounding tools overwhelm you. Don’t worry about the names, though. Listen to what you can do through an estate gift: You can receive income for life and a charitable tax deduction, while providing a significant future gift to GNPI. These conversations can seem a bit daunting, we know. So, this month we’ve decided to tackle just one tool and share a bit about how it works. Head to GNPI’s Website and you’ll find a short interview with David Duncan. David works with GNPI through the Steward Partnership. If you’re looking for estate planning counsel, David is ready to assist. He’ll help you learn how to leave a legacy for your family and the charities that mean much to you. Call us at 417-782-0060 today, and we’ll help you make the greatest impact possible, even if pronouncing the names of the estate planning tools takes practice.
  • 12. PAID PERMIT 35 JOPLIN, MO 64801 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION U.S. POSTAGE Curious and quirky siblings explore and discover topics like missionaries, cultural relevance, and more - all while raising money to send GNPI Solar Kits to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology! To see the trailer or to order your free DVD for your summer VBS, go to GNPI P.O. Box 222 • Joplin, MO 64802-0222 417-782-0060 • • Audited by: Mense, Churchwell, and Mense (financial statement available upon request) RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED Accelerating Global Evangelism Through Media and Technology PO BOX 222 JOPLIN MO 64802-0222 +