Gebhard Newsletter Aug 2014


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News of ministry in West Africa

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Gebhard Newsletter Aug 2014

  1. 1. HALA TANDO News about Lele believers We’ve recently come back to the capital city where we are participating in our August West Africa branch meeting. As we finish up our meeting here, we want to update you about several situations happening among Lele believers. Pastor Jonas’ mother sufferes apparent stroke. Just before we left the village, we found out that the mother of our lead translation rough-drafter fell ill due to a suspected stroke. Jonas’ mother, Jeanette, was among the first Leles to accept Christ. Please pray for her and the family who are going through a very difficult time. Pray that God’s love would shine in the lives of these servants of him. Two groups of believers sprout up in southern villages. Recently we met with a pastor from the southern part of our region who has been visiting different Lele villages. He’s done a bit of evangelism in those villages and now at least two villages are responding. In one of the villages, there are about 30 believers. In another villages there about 45 who are even building a new church building. This is the village that all stood up and cheered a few years ago when they learned we were translating books in the Lele language. God is doing something incredible among the Lele people. August 2014News about the Gebhard family’s work with the Lele people in West Africa ‘Finally brothers and sisters, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored as happened among you.’ 2 Thessalonians 3:1 Jonas and his mother, who suffered a stroke in early August. Pray  Bible Translation—Pray that we would quickly move through the Luke exegetical correction process and consultant checking this year. We want to get this important book about the life of Christ into the hands of the Lele people.  Kids’ Schooling—Our children will be starting their school courses at home very soon. Pray that they have a smooth transition into the school year again.  Lele Church Expansion— Pray for villages where new believers are organizing churches. Pray for unreached villages that don’t yet have a church.  Hemorrhagic fever outbreak in W. Africa— Pray that the disease would stop spreading and for those suffering from the illness. SUNDAY GREETINGS—After church service, village kids often hang around our house.
  2. 2. Transformed Lives Through God’s Word In Every Language Contact Financial Contributions*: PBT- Gebhard P.O. Box 10184 Terre Haute, IN 47801 *Donations to our ministry with PBT should be made out to “Pioneer Bible Translators”. Overseas Address: Marc and Tina Gebhard Traducteurs Pionniers de la Bible 030 BP 5 Kipe, Conakry REPUBLIC OF GUINEA West Africa E-mail: Phone: (011-224)-622-177-842 (011-224)-656-689-054 Thank you for partnering with us to reach the Lele and other Bible-less peoples around the world. We value your faithfulness to our ministry with Pioneer Bible Translators. A Lele CAT IN THE HAT? Lele books coming soon to language near you. By Marc Gebhard The Lele literacy program is moving forward, thanks to the groundbreaking efforts of Beth Kallenberger (formerly Beth Ramos) and local Lele literacy specialist Elie Camara. Elie has been working on several health booklets for the Lele people recently—books about hygiene and prevention of the common maladies one often finds here in West Africa. In addition to health books, Elie has been working on Lele primer books. Very soon, we’ll be able to start printing beginner reading books for Lele learners. The other day I was telling Elie about Dr. Seuss books—how they take simple words and rhyme them to help new readers to learn in a fun way. I was in a jolly mood and started rattling off a few funny sounding Lele examples. He thought that sounded like a fun way to learn to read. Hmm… Will we one day have our own contextualized version of a book like “The Cat in the Hat” in Lele? Maybe. I think we’re stumbling on a key principle in literacy work. Make it interesting for your readers. People love good stories and rhymes. People love books about subjects that are pertinent in their every day lives. Health books and other community development books are important parts of improving the lives of the people, but stories and books about things important in the culture will get people to read. My imagination is pretty big. I’m having a visions of cookbooks, children’s story books, fiction, parables...all sorts of literature. If we create a big interest in reading, more people will want to read. And if more people learn to read, God’s word becomes accessible to them. As we continue putting the Bible into Lele, pray also that a real fascination with reading would crop up among the people. MƆƆ WO I ƝƐRƐ MATANGA KAMA TUMBƐNO MA? - Fɔ i ne i bolɛ lako yii saniɲarɛ la,ane safuna la yane i wo dɔmin kɛ ka demɛsɛno makaran wo la ne ano kera wo waati ma. - Ka to fanan i kola ane i la faanino,ka ano magbala telɛ la yulɛ la,dui ma ma de. - A bɛnda ka kabinɛ sin bokɛ tina lakola ane sali,ka I bolɛ lako safuna la ne i bɔra bokɛ tina. - Mɔɔ kakan ka tɛlɛno danda saniɲa rɔ ane ka ano matanga, an nakoe tanke ano ma cɛndiya. BRINGING THE BOOKS— Elie Camara and sonMarc.