I am Abby Young, and I have been helping Expressions of Emmanuel since January. I am a
homeschool graduate of 2013, and I ...
information and tools with Steve. Besides sharing with the DeafNation Expo, we also shared
DVDs with the Trinity Baptist D...
Rock Deaf Baptist Fellowship and Mike Rinker and family. Mike invited them because the
young adults’ class had been using ...
Vonda has been busy with the outreaches, social media outreach, preparing a few more
Christian songs and many more Bible l...
Williams is a young man who attends DCC. We are so glad to have them, and are looking
forward to teaching them, and all th...
We are very thankful to the Deaf Christian Ministries Foundation of the Midwest as they
are sponsori...
“Mark of the Lamb” Christian Music by Branded (Duplication costs needed $1399.33)
“Something More” is Christian Music albu...
A Note from Vonda: The Lord has blessed us with many opportunities to share His love. We look at a full and
wonderful sche...
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Expressions of emmanuel spring 2014 newsletter


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Expressions of emmanuel spring 2014 newsletter

  1. 1. I am Abby Young, and I have been helping Expressions of Emmanuel since January. I am a homeschool graduate of 2013, and I took classes in ASL from Ms. Vonda as my language in school. I talk with my hands already, so sign language was a natural choice for me. I have known the Hamiltons for twelve years, and was excited when they asked me to help out for awhile. Now I am finishing my time with Expressions of Emmanuel as it is time for me to go work at Camp Thurman, a wonderful kids’ camp where I serve every summer. I have been sending out monthly updates, but we have realized that not everyone has been able to see or read them. Here are some of the highlights from the past few months. OUTREACH AND MISSION PRESENTATIONS REPORT This Spring EOE was able to share at three DeafNation Expos in Jacksonville FL, Kansas City MO, and Dallas, TX On each of these occasions, Vonda was able to share devotionals and Christian songs on the DeafNation stage. In each of these locations, Steve and Vonda and various volunteers shared one free DVD and tracts with each family or church that stopped by. This is a key part of the mission work as it allows EOE to share the Gospel with the masses, while personally sharing encouragement with individuals at the booth. Early this Spring EOE had to reorder three of our DVDs, 3000 copies. Over this last school year approximately 7000 Gospel DVDs have been distributed. While in Florida we stayed at the home of Dale and Lynn Dickison. Dale and Steve have been friends since Kindergarten. Dale is also a professional videographer, so he shared helpful
  2. 2. information and tools with Steve. Besides sharing with the DeafNation Expo, we also shared DVDs with the Trinity Baptist Deaf Church, Southpoint Community Church Deaf Ministry, the Promised Land Deaf Church, and the religious education classes at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. Everyone was very pleased to fellowship and receive DVDs. The Southpoint Deaf Ministry reported that the Deaf school youth were overjoyed to receive their Gospel DVDs. In Florida, they also shared with and were warmly welcomed by Keystone Heights Christian Church. Dawn Fluornoy volunteered and helped at the DeafNation booth. It was also a joy to see Steve’s sister, brother-in-law, and niece while were in Florida. (Cathy, Steve, and Elisheba Van Winkle) In March, the Hamiltons were invited to share at a Deaf women’s retreat in Kansas City. They were able to teach, learn, worship, and fellowship with many Deaf women from the Kansas and Oklahoma area. Vonda was one of the three retreat speakers. James and Carol Cox welcomed them to stay at their house so that the Hamiltons would be able also to share at the DeafNation conference and with the Deaf in the Kansas City area. They enjoyed visiting with a small group and dinner at Overland Park Christian Church (Jess and Debbie Neal). Both Vonda and Selah also were happy to visit with some of the CODAs (children of Deaf Adults) from that church. In July, Vonda, Selah, as well as Caleb Hardwick will travel to Kansas City to share with the youth at Overland Park Christian Church and share a special program for the CODAS. They also look forward to sharing with Northland Deaf Church in Kansas City. While the Hamiltons were in Kansas City they also shared a character development class at the Kansas School for the Deaf. We also enjoyed sharing programs at the Deaf International Baptist Church and the Deaf Liberty Baptist. Diana Flickner, Carol Cox, and Billie Collier helped at our booth. They enjoyed fellowship with everyone while we were in the Kansas City area. Next they shared at the DeafNation Expo that was held in Dallas. Cloudi, Selah and six other DCC students(Caleb Hardwick, Cal Westland, Cory Williams, Joshua Smith, Chloe Fahs, and Garrison) helped with manning, setting up, and tearing down the booth. We were so blessed to have many wonderful opportunities to share the Good News at all three of these expositions. We are so thankful for all who helped. We are glad that we were able to send Christian DVDs and tracts with each family. Each DeafNation conference normally has 3 to 4 thousand attending. Locally the Hamiltons enjoyed sharing about the mission work of EOE with Hillcrest Christian church in February. They also continued teaching sign language classes to the local Christians in Bonham. Dacie Bradley has learned so well that she is able to interpret for Cloudi and others. EOE also holds fellowship activities and services at the mission house. Tracey Harris, Brenda Lambert, and Breana Lambert (Brenda’s granddaughter) are Deaf ladies who are regularly involved with EOE’s local activities. The Hamiltons seek to bring Christian encouragement and Biblical teaching to their local Deaf friends. The Hamiltons went to Austin the week of May 4th to 8th to share with Mike Rinker and the young adults at the Texas School for the Deaf. They enjoyed visiting and sharing at the Solid
  3. 3. Rock Deaf Baptist Fellowship and Mike Rinker and family. Mike invited them because the young adults’ class had been using EOE’s “TEENGAGER” and “Fresh Bread” DVDS, and they requested that they visit. Pastor Mark and Carol Seeger warmly welcomed them to stay at their home. They assisted Pastor Mark Seeger by sharing in the Texas School for the Deaf Jr. High and High school Bible classes. They also shared with Jennifer Ceyennes and the elementary Deaf students from TSD. In addition they shared on Wednesday night with the Jesus Lutheran Deaf Church. While in Austin they also had a treasured visit with Mayme Schnaekel, who was one of Vonda’s preschool students. Vonda recalls how Mayme loved to study the Bible and sing praises to God when she was young. God really blessed their time. The summer is full of many ministry and outreach opportunities. The Hamiltons will be traveling to Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alaska (Selah as the church camp there got her a ticket to go help), Kansas, and many places in Texas. We are glad to have so many opportunities to share the love of Jesus with those who need to know Him. FAMILY REPORT On May 12th , the mission house was struck by lightning. We are so thankful to God for His provision for us, because there was no significant damage. We thought for a few minutes that Steve’s hard drive and back up hard drive were destroyed, but we prayed, and then he called his friend Dale, who helped him know what to do. We are so thankful, several years’ worth of work, our lives, and the mission house could all have been lost. Days later we realized that the house was hit right by the main gas line to our house, but amazingly God preserved our lives and the mission house. It is wonderful to note the evidence of God’s incredible love and care for us. We are very thankful. The mission house porch has been in desperate need of repair ever since 2002. (You had be careful if you walked on it that you did not fall thru!) We are so thankful to God that it is being fixed! Now it will be a nice place for Bible studies and fellowships. A few times this Spring Steve visited a chiropractor who believes that Steve has a mild form of fibromyalgia as well as possibly Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, so we have been working towards eating gluten free. Steve is super hardworking and productive, but has times that these problems bother him. He has been doing a lot of wonderful editing and ministry with the outreaches. Please pray for him. Both Steve and Vonda are thankful to celebrate 8 years of marriage on June 2nd .
  4. 4. Vonda has been busy with the outreaches, social media outreach, preparing a few more Christian songs and many more Bible lessons to be videotaped, and her one-a-semester Master of Ministries Intercultural Studies courses. The material that she has been learning has been beneficial to the mission work. So far she has made all A’s. Vonda was also grateful that her precious college friend, Norma King came to visit on Norma’s 50th birthday weekend. Norma wanted to celebrate by helping with the Mission house front flower bed. The two had a wonderful time visiting and working together. Andres lives in Dallas and has been very busy with a volleyball league. We enjoyed seeing him right before his birthday and Mother’s Day. He is seeking more college and a stable job. Please pray for him. Selah just completed her first year at Dallas Christian College. She learned so much, and made great friendships. She served as one of the Freshman Class representatives of the student body. Her first semester, she did volunteer tutoring and then was hired on a part time basis for the Spring semester. She loved tutoring. She also was awarded the Freshman award for being the Freshman with the highest GPA. We are really grateful to the Lord for His blessings upon her this first year at DCC. She is currently in Nepal on a mission trip, and she will return one day after her 19th birthday. See the report below of some highlights of what the Lord has done in Nepal. Cloudi has had a wonderful school year. She was chosen as the Junior class Homecoming Princess. She is very studious and appreciates her school interpreter, Nancy Gray. She helps teach the sign language classes with Dacie Bradley and Miss Vonda She enjoyed the prom and was thankful for a close friend of our family, Alex Smith coming from Tulsa to escort her. She is excited to advance to the State 4-H Roundup where she will compete in the Share the Fun Choreographed Routine competition, signing and dancing to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. She helps cook for the family. She is especially happy to have her friend, Drue Kirk here to help her work on mission house projects. Next year she will be a high school senior. She also likes to go when she gets a chance to self-defense class. INTERN REPORT This summer is filled with so many outreaches and ministry opportunities. In May, our two summer interns moved in! Joshua Bayless is a young man who lives in Sherman, TX, and Cory
  5. 5. Williams is a young man who attends DCC. We are so glad to have them, and are looking forward to teaching them, and all the ways they can help Steve. They have already learned so much, both about editing and sign language. They completed already the wonderful editing of the songs “Here I am to Worship”, “So Good to Me”, “Jesus, You’re Beautiful”, and “I Turn to You”. Today they are helping video 11 devotionals with Vonda. Next week they will video 4 songs that Selah and Cloudi and a group of teens will sign. They will also video many other Bible lessons, a few songs, and a promotional video over the course of the summer. We are also thankful for Drue Kirk who moved in to serve with EOE until June 21st . She is helping with grip work, assisting in cooking, house service projects, as well as helping serve at church camp in Louisiana. NEPAL REPORT In April, the Hamiltons were planning on sharing and fellowshipping at a Deaf church Mesquite. The church had some challenges, so they weren’t able to go there. We were disappointed, especially because there wasn’t another church to share at on such short notice. They heard about several churches meeting together to fellowship and a have service in the afternoon, after the DeafNation, so they decided to attend this instead. They met many wonderful people, but the biggest blessing of all was a group of Deaf Christians Nepalese refugees were there. This was exciting as God had blessed Selah to amazingly already meet with missionaries with the Deaf to Nepal who urged her to connect with the Deaf in Nepal. So meeting the Nepalese Deaf was another provision to help her prepare to meet the Deaf on her Nepal mission trip. This meeting of the refugees was a reminder that God is involved in every aspect of ministry. On two occasions, Miss Vonda and Selah visited with the refugees and they learned some Nepalese sign language. EOE was able to donate a set of DVDs to this group of refugees to encourage their faith. Later On May 13th and 15th , Ms. Vonda went and trained the DCC team who were going to Nepal with Selah. She trained them to be able to best serve the deaf at the Nepal school for the deaf, and also was able to teach them other pointers about visual and dramatic teaching about Jesus cross- culturally. While researching Bible resources for Selah to take to Nepal, we found that Group Publishing has something they call the Bible Big Book. These are wonderful resources for both hearing and deaf people. Group Publishing donate five books and we ordered others for her to take. They are big picture books with many Bible stories presented in a bright and colorful way. EOE also sent over 300 tracts to be shared with the deaf in Nepal. Many raving reports have been received about the effective evangelism and encouragement that they have shared. The DCC team served at a Hindu deaf school, where they had total freedom to share the gospel. They gave out tracts and shared Bible lessons with the teens and children there. They responded with so much enthusiasm and excitement. Pray for them to receive Jesus, and be strong even in such an anti-Christian environment. Selah was also able to share with two deaf factories, where the Gospel was so well received that they blew her kisses as she left. Please pray that all will come to accept Christ.
  6. 6. UPCOMING DVD PROJECTS We are very thankful to the Deaf Christian Ministries Foundation of the Midwest as they are sponsoring the “EIGHTEEN” album. They are enabling us to purchase the licenses for the songs and the costs for the duplication of 1000 DVDs. We praise God for their help to answer our prayer for this Christian DVD to get into the Hands of Deaf teenagers and Deaf people of all ages. Steve and the interns have a few more songs to complete as well as the cover. We are awaiting the license paperwork to be complete as well. We have to order the DVDs in batches of 1000 to get a good rate. We hope to get several DVDs produced this year. We need other sponsors to help us with duplication costs. (& sometimes license costs when we do not have gratis usage.) Would you, your church, your family, or your Sunday school class consider sponsoring a DVD production? If you do, we can put your name in the credits, if you wish. Here are some titles that we would like to produce in the near future: “EIGHTEEN” = Everything is God’s, Hope, Trust, Enjoy Everyday Now! (Sponsored by the Deaf Christian Ministries of the Midwest) “Ha! Devil, you’re a LOSER! Sharing the love of JESUS in Hawaii and Alaska. (KIDS album) Part 1 LOL” (Duplication costs needed=$1399.33) “Ha! Devil, you’re a LOSER! Sharing the Love of Jesus in Hawaii and Alaska. (KIDS album) Part 2 Belly Laugh” (Duplication costs needed=$1399.33) “The Last Frontier” Digging deeper into God’s Word, seeking to treasure Christ, our families, and Heaven. Songs of Sara Groves in Alaska. (Duplication costs needed=$1399.33) “Two Feet Forward” Ten songs from a wonderful music group with the same name videotaped in Alaska. (Duplication costs needed=$1399.33) Shalom Bible Lessons From across Israel Part One (Duplication costs needed=$1399.33) Shalom Bible Lessons From across Israel Part Two (Duplication costs needed=$1399.33)
  7. 7. “Mark of the Lamb” Christian Music by Branded (Duplication costs needed $1399.33) “Something More” is Christian Music album reminding us that we can have so much more joy and hope if we live for Jesus, and that there is something far better waiting for us in Heaven. (Duplication costs needed=$1399.33, plus licensing costs between 5 to 6 thousand dollars) Please pray for the EOE team as they edit, video, learn sign language, and engage in mission outreaches and events. We believe that these will be powerful tools and opportunities to bring people to Christ. Pray for EOE to find an administrative assistant and as I move on to camp and college in the fall. Please also pray for a regular team of editors to continue to produce many other DVDs from the large amount of material that they have already taped. Thanks so much for your partnership. Your support is vital. Please pray for EOE using the calendar included, as well as make plans to visit them if they are in your area. God bless you! Abby Young Expressions of Emmanuel Please pray for these upcoming events EOE Summer 2014 June 6-10, Training of teens to sign 4 songs and videotaping at Pecan Grove June 11-13. College Station DVDs to the deaf, Cloudi advances to the State 4-H Share the Fun! June 13-28, Selah represents EOE at Greatland Christian Camp and Alaska churches June 14th , Potential Deaf outreach in Shreveport, LA June 15th , EOE Mission presentation to Westview Christian Church, Shreveport, Louisiana June 15th -20th , Louisiana Christian Church Camp, EOE mission Presentation June 20-28th , Deaf Teens & Deaf Kids camps at Loving Hands Ranch in Sulphur Ok, DVD distribution. June 22nd , Cache Christian Church, Cache, OK July 20th , Northland Deaf Church in Kansas City, mission outreach July 21-25, Outreach program for CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults) (Selah, Vonda, and Caleb Hardwick serving) Overland Park, Kansas July 27th , Mission presentations at Fairland Christian Church AM, Woodland Christian Church PM July 28-August 3rd , Visiting friends, Deaf, and supporters in the Tulsa area August 3rd , EOE mission presentations AM Northside Christian Church in Broken Arrow, OK, PM at Lakeview Christian Church in Mannford, OK. August 8-10. Mission outreach with Signs of Love Deaf Church in Hot Springs Arkansas August 13th . Possible Deaf Ministry Training in Fort Smith, Arkansas
  8. 8. A Note from Vonda: The Lord has blessed us with many opportunities to share His love. We look at a full and wonderful schedule. We know that your partnership of prayer, giving, and service has made this possible! We praise God and thank you! Our normal operating funds are critically low, so not only do we need to raise funds for the production of these DVDs, we seriously need funds to help with the operating costs of the outreaches. We feel a heavy burden to share Christ, and with a heavy schedule, there have been significant costs. Please pray for one supporter who had a job change and is having surgery, so had to stop her support. We know God is at work in this mission. We know He will make a way. Please pray, serve, and give as the Lord leads you! Thank you for your partnership. We love you! Love in Jesus, Steve and Vonda, Selah & Cloudi. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Become a new supporter! Expressions of Emmanuel trust that all of you who receive our letter are supporting us already in your prayers. Thank you! If God leads you to become a financial supporter please fill in the form below and mail it to us. If you already support us, thank you! Yes, I/we _________________________ would like to become a regular supporter of Expressions of Emmanuel, Missionaries with the Deaf. With a donation of: monthly (_) yearly(_) one time donation(_) other _________ In the amount of $10.00 (_) $15.00 (_) $20.00 (_) other $___,____,____.__ Make Checks payable to: Expressions of Emmanuel Expressions of Emmanuel 903.583.6143, cell: 903.449.6328 VP: 903.449.4086 Website:www.expressionsofemmanuel.com Facebook: Vonda Bland Hamilton & Expressions of Emmanuel Youtube channel: expressionsemmanuel Email: vondabland@msn.com Expressions of Emmanuel PO Box 62, Ector, TX 7543 Return Service Requested