Craig & katy bennett, mission vanuatu - april 2014


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Craig & katy bennett, mission vanuatu - april 2014

  1. 1. (continued over) It is a little late, but Happy Easter! We really enjoyed celebrating the resurrection of our Savior with our church family and friends in Illinois. As I think about the joy that the women must have felt when they arrived at the tomb and heard those wonderful words “He is not here, he has risen, just as he said,” I can’t help but think about the many Ni-Vanuatu who have never had the opportunity to hear about the resurrection of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:6a). It is our goal, our vision, and our prayer that one day soon we will see a day when there is no one in Vanuatu who doesn’t have the opportunity to read the resurrection story and every other story in the Bible in their own language! Join us in praying that God will use us to make that vision a reality! Over the last two weeks we have traveled across 5 states and visited 2 churches as well as lots of friends and family. It is getting harder and harder for us to say goodbye as we know that we are probably saying goodbye for the next three years. However, as each day passes we are getting more and more excited about our impending departure for Vanuatu and the work God has for us there! Please pray for us and for our families and friends as we say many tearful good-byes over the next few weeks. It is so exciting for us to see the hard work of training and preparation over the last six years finally begin to come to fruition. So much has happened since we committed ourselves to service in Vanuatu back in the summer of 2008. During the last 6 years we have experienced 4 homes, 1 college and 3 graduate schools, numerous seminars and workshops, an internship in West Africa, and so much more as we have prepared for the work God has called us to in Vanuatu. We are so glad that each of you have decided to join us for this journey and see where God takes us. As our preparations to leave for Vanuatu draw to a close, a whole new chapter in our lives is opening—life on the mission field. With our training behind us, only 2 obstacles stand in our path to Vanuatu: obtaining our visas and gathering partners for the remaining financial support needed for our ministry. It is our intention to leave for Vanuatu at the end of June so we must work quickly to make the final preparations in order to leave on time. On April 28 our visa applications will go in the mail and begin their journey to Vanuatu. We have had the benefit of observing our partners, the Thompsons, apply for their visas over the past few months. Having watched this process, we feel confident that our application will have all the necessary t’s crossed and i’s dotted in order to be approved quickly! Please pray that there will be no delays in the granting of our visas. Ask God to prepare the way for our paperwork and for our arrival. Also, the Thompsons leave for Vanuatu on May 14. Please pray that God will give them safe travel and ease their adjustment to life in Vanuatu. Financial Update The second obstacle to our departure for Vanuatu is receiving the necessary support for our ministry. It is our intention to leave for Vanuatu at the end of June. Currently, we are receiving 70.5% of our ministry’s needed support, but in order purchase our airline tickets, Pioneer Bible Translators requires that we have partners committed to giving 90% of our ministry’s monthly support needs. If you are already a part of that 70.5%—THANK YOU!!!! We are so blessed and humbled by your generous giving and we are so glad to be working alongside you to bring God’s word to Vanuatu. If you have been considering joining our ministry through financial support but haven’t made a decision, now is the time! As you know, a few months back we announced our 46 Families for 46% Strategy for gathering partners to support our The Bennetts: Serving the Bible-less in Vanuatu This photo is from our 2008 internship in West Africa that led us to commit ourselves to service in Vanuatu. April 2014
  2. 2. Contact Us! To Send a Gift: Craig and Katy Bennett Make checks payable to PBT 623 Charlie Hicks Rd Mail to our forwarding agent: Jonesborough, TN 37659 Pioneer Bible Translators Phone: 423-741-8066 c/o Steve Leach Email: 623 Charlie Hicks Rd Jonesborough, TN 37659 In His Service, ministry. Since we began, 1 church, 1 memorial fund and 15 families have joined our team. In addition, 5 families have increased their giving, filling a total of 22 of the 46 spots! We are still looking for 24 more families, churches, businesses, or memorial funds to join us in our ministry through a monthly, quarterly, or annual commitment at one of the following amounts: 5 partners at $180 per month (or $540 quarterly or $2160 annually) 6 partners at $90 per month (or $270 quarterly or $1080 annually) 7 partners at $60 per month (or $180 quarterly or $720 annually) 3 partners at $30 per month (or $90 quarterly or $360 annually) 3 partners at $15 per month (or $45 quarterly or $180 annually) If making an on-going commitment seems daunting to you, we still have a need for one-time gifts to help with the start-up costs of moving to Vanuatu and beginning our ministry. As you know, the need for native-language Bible translations in Vanuatu and our ministry there is not something that we take lightly. We want you to know that when you commit to join our ministry that the money you give isn’t just a tax-break, it is an investment in the lives and salvation of the Ni-Vanuatu people. Please prayerfully consider whether God might be leading you to join us in bringing his life giving words to Vanuatu! Maria’s Bibles Matching Gift A few months ago we shared with you the oppportunity that Maria’s Bibles Memorial Fund offered of matching 10 gifts of $33.33 per month. So far, 9 of these 10 matching gifts have been claimed but there is 1 left. If you would like to “double your dollars” by committing to give $33.33 per month and having it matched by Maria’s Bibles, please let us know, there is 1 opportunity left! We Want YOU to Send Us Your Picture!! Last month we wrote to you about our desire to have photo of each of you to take to Vanuatu with us. These photos will help us as we think about you, pray for you, and tell Elijah about you as he grows up. Please take a moment to send us a photo of yourself. Digital or print makes no difference, and it doesn’t have to be fancy. You can even snap a shot with your cell phone and send it to us at 423-741-8066. The Word for the Month “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5 wyl*u* Wnm@olv= rs^Wm Wnyt@n{ou&m@ aK*d%m= Wnu@v*P=m! ll*j)m= aWh 53.5 Why`u=v^y+ Elijah dressed as his favorite superhero: Batman! Craig and Katy Bennett