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Corson jan 2014 newsletter

  1. 1. VOLUME 8 ISSUE Insight News 01 January 2014 Corson’s Concepts Northern Niassa Province & Lichinga Tete Selva Nampula Manica Gurúè Mussacumbira Nhamazara Chimoio Hong Kong Mozambique Mailing Address Change: PO Box 2937, Mills, WY 82644 Insight Resources International, Inc. Copyright © 2014 Growing Human Potential One Worldview at a Time IRI wants to wish everyone a new prosperous 2014. We at IRI are looking forward to this new year for several reasons. First and foremost is our announcement that as of February 2014 Jason Nichols is stepping into the position of President of Insight Resources International and Al Corson will step into the Vice President position. This will do several things. The biggest thing that will happen is taking IRI to the next level of operation. Jason will be available to work with and in many types human resources development work in Hong Kong and USA. Jason is working on projects in Hong Kong with Kitty, and in the process of developing projects in the USA. Al is working with Leonard on projects in Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. They (Al and Leonard) will be traveling together to Hong Kong to meet with Linda Smyth of Cross Cultural Missions and do final planning before traveling on to the Philippines. In the Philippines they will be holding seminars and works shops and coaching workshops in several churches in the northern part of the country plus introducing Leonard to Inductive Bible Study (IBS) type of bible study. This work will be done in September, and the first week or so of October, then they will travel back to Hong Kong for debrief of Philippines work with Linda and preparation for work in Myanmar. They will then travel to Myanmar on November 1st to hold a pre seminar workshop, a seminar and coaching exercise in a seminary and work with new churches for the month of November. The work in Philippines, Myanmar and Hong Kong is a joint effort with Cross-Cultural Missions in Hong Kong. Because of this the cost of this part of our work will be over and above our regular needed operations expenses. We need some major onetime help to accomplishes what God has put before us through outside invitations. We have many people ask just what is it that we do? I want to share with you some communications we have recently received from a few of those people IRI has worked with in the countries mentioned. Keep in mind most all of the people that you will hear from are believers in Christ. This is from a Pastor in Mozambique: The IRI organization (ABC thinking) teaching resulted in me accepting new ideas. The difference between donor Missionaries and organization IRI is that donor Missionaries teach only to pray and ask God to do miracles or wonders in man but IRI organization says that God has given us the power to do any kind of job that exist and when I heard these words I became very happy and my life has changed because of the ABC thinking. This is from another Pastor in Mozambique: I work as a pastor, merchant and peasant. The IRI organization teaches on ABC thinking; controlling our environment, preserving and taking responsibility for what God has given us and how to think about the concept of time, tell the truth, also respect our friends and accept what others do, everything in its proper time .
  2. 2. Corson’s Concepts cont. Mission Activities February — Al will be traveling in Kansas, Indiana, Oklahoma, March— Al will be in Missouri February— Jason will be in Indiana and continuing in Lincoln Christian University in Illinois. We are now scheduling for speaking engagements starting in January 2014. Please contact us for Dates and times. We would love to speak with you and/ or your missions committees. Our PayPal button on our website is now working again. Donations may now be received at: m Shopping on line? Your shopping can benefit IRI. 2 ways to help….. 1. 2. Raise money for Safari Insight Mission just by searching the Internet with (powered by Yahoo), or shopping online with WE are still listed as Safari Insight Mission w/ Good Search/Shop AmazonSmile just pick Insight Resources International. Page 2 I am writing this letter because IRI teaching has affected me more positively than other organizations and missionaries. Other organizations and Missionaries only teach about spiritual beliefs and donors donate money only but the IRI organization (ABC thinking) teaches; how to think -develop ideas and know-how, individualism, learning to do things by yourself and think by yourself. One should not feel ashamed of doing menial jobs since one needs the income for survival. This one is from an American participant I attended the IRI seminar in the Philippines in March 2013 with follow-up coaching in Hong Kong during the two months following. The extreme differences in thinking styles between cultures was fascinating, especially in its application to Christian missions and evangelism. The idea that miscommunication of the Christian message has been widespread and chronically unnoticed (with tragic consequences) is of terrific importance. Laying a better foundation so that actual communication can take place between speakers and listeners will affect my future participation and support of missions and evangelism. Within my own church setting, I am slower to assume that the ideas expressed (especially by the preacher and Sunday school teachers) are the ideas received by the listeners. I try to use more ways to confirm an accurate reception of any message. (For example, asking a listener to express the idea in question in his or her own words.) On a personal level, the IRI seminar challenged me to be more accepting and tolerant of other’s views. Now I am deliberate in trying not to reject another’s ‘crazy’ idea out of hand, but rather, make a serious attempt to figure out where that person is coming from. What an improvement in relationships this makes. This is another key concept that I was reminded of and very deeply impressed with the importance of: relationships between people. I believe that taking part in the IRI seminar has improved the relationship I have with my wife, my children, brothers and sisters in the church and even complete strangers. I appreciate the wisdom and effort of the IRI team members. I fully support their work and hope that you will give them the time to share their valuable ideas with you. This one is from a participant in the Philippines: I have attended the Insight Resources International seminar (IRI) in March this year, 2013, which was rendered, at that time, in Batangas, Philippines, by Al Corson, Jason Nichols and David Centre. Though the seminar was mentally and somehow emotionally challenging for me – because it was like I was dissecting myself (figuratively of course), I have found the teachings and coaching very helpful and empowering. Three of the things I have learned from the seminar which, I believe, are the basic intangible, internal “keys” in understanding oneself and others are; 1) a person’s worldview, thinking style or reasoning greatly – if not wholly – affects how he views himself, acts and makes decisions, and how he views and interacts with others and his surroundings, 2) the importance of building (genuine) relationships, 3) and that  I.R.I. everything is relational. These three keys are themselves, relational – overlapOffice: (307)-277-4639 ping, connecting. Email:  I.R.I President: theCorsonthink, though it is mine and I (can) control it, was pervasively My reasoning, or Al way I Email:  I.R.I. Secretary: Velma Corson (307) 277-4639 influenced, whether ascribed or acquired, by many things such as my culture, Email: my upbringing, my experiences and even my country’s history – which became a worldview.  Insight Seminars:affectedNicholsform habits, whether good or bad, beneficial or And my worldview Jason how I - (307)269-0145 & Vice-President Email: to others. Attending and participating detrimental to myself, or in IRI significantly helped me understand(918)355-5523 or how I think, in a deeper way, like my worldview  I.R.I. Promotions: Jack Harper tracing the root cause of all given causes (as what I have previously said, it was like 2631 E. Albany #A, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 dissecting myself). At of myself and my first, thought that I was already “aware”  Donate with and
  3. 3. Page 3 thinking which my actions and decisions are partly based (the other part, which I admit, was sometimes based on emotions or feelings), but I have found myself startled by discovering “parts of me”, like certain habits, which I had thought I knew and understood already but actually not. One personal example was why I felt inferior or, should I say intimidated when I am around foreigners and dealing with them, especially with Americans (at that time, there was only one American which I felt completely comfortable with and that was Ken Smyth. It is because of, I believe, our relationship – which is a manifestation of (2) that building genuine relationships with people breaks any barrier and Ken did that to me.) even though I knew deep inside that it was not intentional, and that I should not be “feeling” like this because we are all equal, but dispite of that, I would still end up feeling and acting like it. It was indeed a habit. A habit that, I would say, formed by me unconciously. And with the help of IRI, I was personally able to trace the “root causes” of such thinking – which led to feeling, then a habit – and that were; (1) my country’s history of being colonized by other countries for many years, and that mentality of being inferior had been passed on from generation to generation through education system, child upbringing, culture, traditions, medias, etc... which were all influenced or affected by such happening, and (2) my personal experiences in life. And that whole process of intensively understanding our worldview, our thought process, or the way we think and “why” we act in such ways, and tracing back “where” our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, our habits are coming from would essentially, vitally help us to effectively change, and be transformed into better individuals, better Christians in comparison with our old ones. And that “transformation by renewing of your mind” in Romans 12:2, is I believe, basically talks about this. I hope this helps you understand what IRI does. People have knowledge, what is lacking is the abiliy to apply that knowledge and develop it into comprehension. We have many more letters to share with you over this next year and from time to time we will put one or two of them in our newsletters. It is important to realized every parible that Jesus taught was a world view concept. God is well honored when his children have control over his creation as he intended. See you next month Al Financial Partners Please send your donations to: Insight Resources International PO Box 2937 Mills, WY 82644 Raising special funds over the regular monthly costs for the upcoming trip Fall of 2014 Al—funds to fly from USA to Mozambique May 2014 He will be there for about 2-3 months. Then Al and Leonard will fly from Mozambique to Hong Kong. Al, Leonard, Linda, will fly Round trip Hong Kong to Philippines 2 team members will fly round trip from USA to Hong Kong to meet up with the rest of the team for the Myanmar portion. Al, Leonard, Linda, 3 team members from Philippines, and 2 team members from USA will fly round trip from Hong Kong to Myanmar December Leonard will fly back to Mozambique. Al will fly to Alaska for 2 months then back to the lower 48 in the end of January 2015. Visit us on the web at Insight Resources International PO Box 2937 Mills, WY 82644
  4. 4. Prayer Partners Please pray for Al and Jason as they teach others. Please Pray for these Things: PAGE 4  Please continue to pray for the growth of those in Hong Kong, Philippines, Myanmar, and Mozambique.  Pray for Al and Jason as they meet and plan for the upcoming year. The greatest thing that you can do for Insight Resources International is to actively pray. We believe that Prayer is the cornerstone of this ministry and without it we cannot stand against Satan’s attacks.  Pray for Leonard, Jose’, George, and Tito as the Country of Mozambique is still in Political Unrest. Get our Newsletter via Email To get our newsletter via email please email with your information. The newsletters is mailed from Please put this in your approved list. Please notify us of any address changes so you do not miss receiving our newsletters. Growing Human Potential One Worldview at a Time    Insight Seminars: Jason Nichols - (307)269-0145 & Vice-President Email: I.R.I President: Al Corson Email: Email: I.R.I. Secretary: Velma Corson (307) 277-4639 Contact Us: I.R.I. Office: (307)-277-4639 PO Box 1030 Torrington, WY 82240 Insight Resources International, Inc. Email: