Chats with the spratts 4th quarter 2013 and 1st quarter 2014 page order


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Chats with the spratts 4th quarter 2013 and 1st quarter 2014 page order

  1. 1. Chats with the SprattsJohn and Madonna Forwarding Agent: Normanda Christian Church c/o Mrs. Larry Alderfer P.O. Box 8 Tipton, IN 47072 Phone: 765-947-5237 Field Address: John & Madonna Spratt P.O. Box 89 Puerto Cortes Honduras, Central America Cell Phone: 011-504-98596475 E-mail: 4th Quarter, 2013 and 1st Quarter, 2014 Our Apologies We do apologize for being so late with another newsletter. Our only excuse is that we are getting older and slower! John’s Surgery John had been having pain and swelling in his right knee for some time, so we arranged an ap- pointment with Dr. Benitez, an Orthopedic Surgeon recommended by our friends, Chepe and Chela Canahauti. The surgeon who did Madonna’s knee replacements is getting older and later we learned he was sick. Dr. Benitez arranged for John to have arthroscopic surgery on February 28th. He allowed Madonna to be in surgery, and it was interesting to see via a television-like screen how he went inside the knee to clean out the cartilage. He gave us some as a souvenir. John did well and we came home the following day. We couldn’t make our first ap- pointment after the surgery due to our road being blocked with water across it in places and the buses were on strike, too. Madonna removed the one su- ture and we finally saw the doctor again on March 17th. Dr. Benitez was pleased with how John was walking, put a knee brace on, told him to stop us- ing the cane, continue exercising on the stationary bicycle and to walk more. John’s pain is much less and he continues to do well. Thanks to all of you who prayed. Christmas Eve Service Once again, Madonna had help from some of the young Christian girls from the congregation in mak- ing the popcorn balls. Our friends, Chepe and Chela Canhauti, do- nated the ap- ples and we made nearly 200 popcorn balls to share with those who attended. Our minister, Reyno Her- nandez, led the service and the build- ing was full to overflowing with some standing at the back. The youth did several dramas that the people al- ways enjoy. And, to make room for more people, some of the children sat on the steps in front of the pulpit. Hermano Marlon Velasquez gave the Christmas mes- sage this year. (See more pictures on top of page 2.) Angie Czrolina, Keiri, Nolvia and Quelin, the young ladies who helped Madonna make popcorn balls.
  2. 2. Hermano Reyno presiding at the Christmas Eve Service. The youth doing one of their dramas. The many children sitting on the steps in front of the pulpit. Marlon Velasquez preaching. Baby Dedication At the end of the service, Marvin Jimenez and Zaira Lara dedicated their new baby girl to the Lord. They asked Madon- na to stand with them and she shared a scripture from Psalm 27. Marlon Velasquez, Marvin’s uncle, also participated. Marvin Velasquez, Madonna, Zaira Lara, holding their daughter, Marlon Velasquez and Reyno Hernandez, our minister. How About Some Iguana For Dinner? A treat for the Honduran people is iguana, and Yeilson, one of our young Christian men, recently found a big one for his family to eat. Madonna tried it once and it wasn’t too bad, but not something that she want- ed to eat again. John wasn’t interested in trying it. Yeison Jimenez with the big iguana he caught.
  3. 3. Can You Find The Pick-up? One day when we were traveling in San Pedro Sula, we saw this pick-up loaded down with bags of plastic soda bottles. This is a common sight as we travel to the city. They sell the plastic bottles for recycling. A pick-up loaded with plastic bottles. Emily Romero Emily is the daughter of Oscar and Bessie Avilez de Romero and a joy to her family. She entertains us at Sunday School. One day she kept circling around the minister as he was teaching the Sunday School lesson. Need- less to say, the little ones aren’t disciplined in church. She is the granddaughter of Her- mana Eva, M a d o n - na’s clinic helper and the niece of Madon- na’s nurse, Hermana Gilma. Emily Romero Faithful Hermanas The women continue to meet each Thursday afternoon. Recently we met at Hermana Eva’s home. She had been sick with bronchitis and had not been able to get to Church. The women enjoy singing at these meetings. Left to right: Martha Guerrero, Blasina Licona and Alejandrina Castellino. The Miracle Baby Idania Velasquez with her son, Junior Omar, and her daughter, Kendra. Idania Velasquez had been told she could not have any more chil- dren after her daughter, Kendra was born. But God still provides miracles and her son, Junior Omar, is one of those. Her husband, Omar is in jail for killing a man in self-defense, so this is a difficult time for the fam- ily. Omar is a Christian, but had a problem controlling his temper. The good thing that has come from this is that he has turned his prob- lem over to the Lord. Fortunately, the family of the young man he killed recognized the problem their son had and do not blame him. He is hoping to get out of jail soon. Madonna holding Junior Omar.
  4. 4. Thanksgiving 1. For John’s recovery from arthroscopic sur- gery and for a good doctor. 2. For the good Christmas Eve Service. 3. For Marvin and Zaira dedicating their new daughter to the Lord. 4. For our faithful Christian women. 5. For the miracle of the birth of Junior Omar. 6. For the blessing of having fresh fruit. Prayer Requests 1. Pray that John will continue to do well after his ar- throscopic surgery. 2. Pray that the church will continue to grow in number and in Spirit. 3. Pray for Omar Diaz that he will be released from jail and that he will seek God’s forgiveness for taking the life of another man. 4. Pray for Sisi Limas who was recently baptized and for her family situation. Her parents are separated and have not been faithful for some time. Pray for Leslie and Anibal. 5. Pray for Maribel Hernandez who suffers from AIDS. She is back in Church again. 6. Please continue to pray for the salvation of Marco Ale- jandro, Fredi, Ismael, Lorena, David, Azucena, Japhet, Marilyn, Eliphat, Fani, Dilcia, Jose Angel, Marlen and Reynaldo. 7. Please continue to pray for those who need to return to the Lord: Gustavo, Antonio, Anibal, Leslie, Dayana and Yolani.Abundance of fruit. Mission Services 2004 E. Magnolia Ave. Knoxville, TN 37917 Return Service Requested Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Knoxville, TN Permit #374