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CCDM Oct 2012

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Ccdm oct 2012

  1. 1. OCTOBER 2012 ServantTheCan Life be an Amusement Park?
  2. 2. From Our Executive Director ChristianForrest Gump’s assessment of life that it’s “like a box Churchesof chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna Disabilityget” is almost scriptural. The Bible is clear that we are Ministryhere today and gone tomorrow. Do not boast aboutwhat you are going to do tomorrow, we are but amist. Gary W. Spangler PresidentWhen I first saw this month’s cover picture, I thought, Carol Hundley“Wouldn’t it be great if everyday were a day at the Administrative Asst.park?” My next thought was, “Why not?” If we put P.O. Box 310our trust in God, then we should be as excited about Louisville, TN 37777-0310every day as if that’s where we live. Here are a few 865.984.5178things I would suggest to you, as well as our residents, ccdmonline.orgto think about it. RiverwoodWhen your day begins, you should be excited about Campuswhat’s ahead. I remember someone said, “When Rhonna Sanfordyou get up in the morning, you have a choice. You Director of Servicescan either approach the day with a positive attitudeor you can be the most boring person in the world.” CCDMSo the first thing to do is to hop out of bed like a kid Board ofheading to the amusement park. Hey, you are a Directorschild of God, act like it! Does that remind you ofPsalm 118:24? Walt Dooley Edwin GriffinNext, give each day your best. I remember going to Cecil Howard Lynn HowardKing’s Island as a boy and my first goal was to ride Bart Jonesevery ride and then see how many times I could ride Scott Kentmy favorite. Just like life; live it to the fullest. I believe Bill McLendonit was Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple who said, Drew Mentzer Richard Mullineux“Live every day like it was your last and one day Webster Olgesbyyou’ll be right.” So give it everything you have. Does Roy Rowthat sound like Philippians 3:14? Dale Sikes Wayne SpanglerThen at the end of the day, you are going to be so Directors Emeritustired — but it will be a good tired; thinking about all Ziden Nuttthat has been done to glorify God and seeking the Wayne B. SmithHoly Spirit’s direction around every corner. That’s a Sam Stonegood feeling to have. Is that what Paul meant whenhe wrote 2 Timothy 4:7 (continued on next page) 2
  3. 3. I guess you could say life is like living at the amusement park aslong as you’re living each day with our Lord. Next time you thinklife is tough, think about that first drop on the roller coaster thenlet out a scream of joy that the Holy Spirit lives in you and that ourGod will never forsake you. Woo hoo!!!!! Report from the NACCWe had a great time at the North American Christian Convention this year, and it was great to see the dis- ability commu- nity being a part of the conven- tion. 2012 marked a re- newed ap- proach by pro- viding respite care, a special project, the adult trike race Gary Spangler & his dad, (an event to Wayne, working at the raise awareness Gary Spangler and Reggie booth. for the Disability Hundley getting instructions Community), for the Trike Race. and CCDM sponsoring the disability workshop. It was our privilege to have Harmony Hensley with Key Ministry in Cincinnati, Ohio, as our special speaker. A big, “thank you” goes out to Jeff and Lisa Hall, who were ready and willing to work the exhibit, allowing me to be Harmony Hensley with involved in other Jeff and Lisa Hall . opportunities. 3
  4. 4. Needed: New Van! Mileage on the 2006 Chevy van Mileage on the 1999 Ford vanThe pictures above are the odometers of our 15 passengervans. That’s a lot of miles when most of those miles are“around town driving,” and both vans are costing a lot ofmoney for repairs, maintenance and fuel consumption.These are the vans that are used to transport our residentsto their jobs, to church, and on “field” trips.Over the next few months, we will be looking for ways toraise the $25,000 we need toreplace one of them. We willbe reaching out in the com-ing days and ask that you bein prayer for us. We have re-ceived our first $1,000, so weare on our way. Here are some pictures of the style of van that we need. 4
  5. 5. Spiritual Growth InitiativeThere is often a misunderstanding about people with dis-abilities. Too many people place a level of value that de-pends upon their disability. The president/executive directorfor the first 25 years of our ministry, Dr. Jim Pierson felt sostrongly about changing that attitude that he even wrote abook about the value of people with disabilities titled, NoDisabled Souls. He clearly and definitively made the casethat people with disabilities have abilities, express the sameemotional feelings of love, joy, sadness, and needs just likethose without a labeled disability, and most importantly,they have souls and they have value — so much valuethat they need a Savior just as much as everyone else.We want to see our Riverwood family rejoice in learningfrom the Scriptures. We want to see people experience thepeace that comes with study. We believe the Bible directsus to learn who God is and what He wants us to do, andtherefore we must learn from scripture.We are blessed to have asenior at Johnson Universitywho will be developingwhat we call our “SpiritualGrowth” initiative. Hername is Lynne Brown. Weare excited about the fu-ture of this program andwe are pleased to wel-come her into the River-wood family.Please keep Lynne in yourprayers as she works to de-velop this program and Lynne Brownsearches for volunteers tohelp with its implementation. 5
  6. 6. The TrikeAt this year’s NACC in Orlando, Florida, CCDM , as well astwo other ministries, were blessed with a new “trike.” This isthe trike that was used in the great Trike Race! It now callsRiverwood home and is here to provide hours of enjoyment for our residents. Christy and Don check out the new trike. Kenny, Glenna (and George the Monkey) are ready to go! Our Residents Birthdays October 16th Tom, Jr. 25th Kenny November 14th Gary Lee 20th Paula 20th Glenna December 22nd Carol 27th Brenda Thank you for remembering our residents on their birthdays! They do appreciate the cards that you send. Please mail your cards to our residents at: Riverwood Campus 3123 Pride Road Louisville, TN 37777 6
  7. 7. Gifts to Remember June 1— August 31, 2012 In memory of: Given by:Tilley Bashinski Peggy McCordWynelle Caudelle Peggy McCordClara Judd Russell and Barbara Bender Julianne & Cecil Blakely Kelly & Mary Bosworth Irene Cook Mary Ruth Denisar Danny & Joanne Elam Eric and Linda Ellis Keena Finney Haynie Girls William and Wendy Judd Carolyn Leaf Maxine Leffler Kristie Lester Betty Lyon Cynthia and Jay Littlejohn Joe and Susan Marino Martin & Kay Matthews Allen & Barbara Mendenhall Glen and Jacqueline Paine Irene Parker J. Richard & Mary Alice Quinton Russell & Janet RosenbergerLarry Stewart Gene and Carole KimbrellMary Stewart Waddell Gene and Carole KimbrellWalter and Warren Wilson Fred and Barbara WilsonAb and Fylma Witt Jim and Mary WittDave Zetty Peggy McCord Gifts to Honor In honor of Given by:Robert Grasham Gene and Barbara GrashamPeggy McCord Buddy BrittGlenna Sandefur Paul and Suzie Greene Tim and Ann Sandefur Mary Helen Sandefur Mortons Gap Christian ChurchGary W. Spangler Jack and Dot PickettWayne & Ida Spangler Jack and Dot Pickett 7
  8. 8. Won’t you help us? For as little as $25 a month, YOU can help to sponsor a resident at Riverwood. We have four (4) residents who need financial assistance. If you, your Sunday school class, or small group would be interested in helping one of our residents, please call us at 865.984.5178, email us at or write to us at the address below. We will send you a picture and infor- mation about the person you are sponsoring. Won’t you help us to help them?? Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PaidThe Servant Knoxville, TN Permit #573 Return Service Requested andRiverwood CampusP.O. Box 310Louisville, TN 37777865 - 984 - 5178www.ccdmonline.orgVolume 4 Number 1October 2012