Caribe Christian Mission March 2014 newsletter


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Ramirez Caribe Mission newsletter, missionary newsletter, Jane & Chuy Ramirez

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Caribe Christian Mission March 2014 newsletter

  1. 1. MISSIONARIES: FORWARDING AGENTS: COMMUNICATION Jesus and Jane Ramirez Tracey & Geri Chamberlain COORDINATOR: PMB #291 402 NE 15th Avenue Miriam Ramirez P.O. Box 5075 Austin, MN 55912 Cell #815-238-3126 San Germán, PR 00683 Tracey’s cell # (507) 438-7268 (787) 264-3431 Geri’s cell # (507) 440-2936 March 11, 2014 IN  GOD’S  TIME FOR THE first time in a very long time, it truly looks  as  if  God’s  time  for  Taíno Christian Center has come. I know, we’ve  said  it  many  times,  because  God  has  taught  us  to  be  optimists.  Sometimes  it  was hard to find a positive spin when the obstacles kept popping up, but we kept looking at the amazing way that God provided the  plot  of  land  at  an  incredibly  low  cost,  and  we  simply  couldn’t  stop  believing  that  a  the retreat center was going to happen someday. Maybe God was waiting for Félix López to retire. He’s  in  his  early  50s  and  ready  to  spend  his  newly  freed-up time and energy on Taíno Christian Center. We have obtained from former board members most of the documents that we were needing; the current board is getting financial records organized; and we have agreed on a much simpler construction plan that could, conceivably, result in having basic facilities in place by the end of the year. Wow! One disappointing thing that Félix (who has, through his former job, excellent connections in local government) has learned is that it will probably be impossible for TCC to sell Chuy and me the acre of land where we had planned  to  build  our  home.  There  may  be  ways  around  this,  but  that’s  a  matter  for  future  consideration. For now, Chuy  and  I  need  to  find  somewhere  else  to  live,  so  that  the  house  we’re  in  can  be  remodeled.  And  the  sooner  the   better!  So  that’s  #1  on  our  prayer  list  right  now.  We  don’t  want  to  move  far  from  the   camp, and we can’t  afford   to pay very much rent. I’m  sure  God  has  a  place  in  mind  and  will  lead  us  to  it! THANKS! AND ALSO PLEASE! WE CAN never  say  “thank  you!”  enough  to  our  wonderful  forwarding  agents  who’ve  been  with  Caribe   Christian Mission practically forever. Tracey and Geri have been faithful friends, far beyond the call of duty. We trust that they will always be our friends, but the time has come for us to release them from their service as forwarding agents. It has been nearly a year since Geri retired, and they deserve to retire from service to our mission as well. Of course, this means that we need for someone else to step in! We very much need someone who can keep our financial  records.  It’s  not  a  huge  job,  but  it  is  vital  that  we  have  a  representative  in  the  U.S. Geri can teach a new person what he or she needs to know. Is anyone interested in helping us out? Perhaps a couple, or a small group at one of our supporting churches, could work together. We really, urgently need someone who could commit to do this job for at least one year, starting in June 2014. PLEASE, if you are interested in becoming more involved in missions, consider this way of serving. PLEASE contact us or our daughter Miriam, or contact Geri directly to find out more about what the job entails. If this appeal has struck any sort of chord with you, PLEASE pray about it and let God lead you. And THANK YOU for considering it, even if you have to decide that this is not your area of service. CARIBE CHRISTIAN MISSION
  2. 2. FLURRY OF BAPTISMS IN TOA BAJA WE ARE thrilled to report that 2013 ended up with about 15 baptisms at the Toa Baja Christian Church in Levittown. Most of them are students at Puerto Rico Christian School and their families. This English-speaking congregation is growing fast and badly needs to rent or (preferably) buy a larger meeting place. We feel strong ties to this work, since Chuy is in regular contact with these kids and their parents. Please add them to your prayer list. The preacher is Brian Smith. ANNUAL  LADIES’  RETREAT The Yauco ladies. The one on the left is Dr. Mary, next is Mirta, a friend and neighbor of Miriam's, (not the Ramirez’s   daughter) who has gone to the last 4 retreats with us. Then there's María, Miriam and Bruni, whom we still claim. (She sang with us AND with Caparra Terrace.) The ladies of the various Christian Churches on the island have made it a tradition to have a retreat every February. It is a wonderful weekend of worship, bible study and fellowship. Each year, the ladies take turns planning the retreat activities, but it ALWAYS includes special music from each group. Here is a collage, put together by Christy Gidley highlighting the shared worship.
  3. 3. NEW BIBLE STUDY CHUY HAS recently begun to meet with several families in our neighborhood (up in the mountains where we hope to build the camp). The first week there were about 15 people, and two more families joined in for the second meeting. So far Chuy is showing filmstrips about Bible history and the history of the Church. The fourth filmstrip reveals God’s  plan  of  salvation.  The  people  seem  very  interested  and  are eager for Chuy to return from a short trip to Mexico so that they can continue. Is God leading us to start a new congregation in our neighborhood, now that things are looking up for the retreat center  (camp)?  We’ve  been  concentrating  most  of  our  efforts  on  Puerto  Rico  Christian School and the Yauco Christian  Church,  but  things  are  beginning  to  move  with  the  camp.  Things  are  changing!  We  don’t  know  what   are  lives  are  going  to  be  like  a  year  from  today,  but  we’re  excited  to  find  out! As I write to you, Chuy is in the final stretch of an 18-day visit to Mexico. He attended the Bilingual Christian Convention at his alma mater, Colegio Bíblico, in Eagle Pass, Texas, and is now visiting various family members. He’s  currently  in  the  lovely  city  of  Monterrey,  where  he  still  has  a  favorite  aunt  and  uncle  living,   along with many cousins. Chuy with his younger brother Victor. Do not be fooled by his serious demeanor. He’d probably insist that I say he is dad’s  MUCH   younger brother! *photos and captions added by Miriam Ramírez Chuy, his sister Griselda, her grandson and Victor. TOWER OF GRANDCHILDREN Most grandparents dote on their grandchildren, Chuy and Jane are no exception. Here are the kids helping to celebrate Great Grandpa Price Barnes’ 93rd birthday. From the top: Abigail (9), Ethan (6), Jordan (14) and Emily (4).