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  • 1. Greetings From Botswana, Zimbabwe and the Lees Botswana Zimbabwe Christian Mission May 2014 Vol 26, Number 1
  • 2. Greetings! all our friends and supporters in the U.S. You may wonder why I said “all our” instead of “all my.” It is because since my last news letter I have gotten married. My wife is a Zulu African lady from South Africa. Her name is Lindiwe Yvonne Mkhize and we met in South Africa while I was on holiday in that country. She is a grandmother of two grandchildren, and has three adult children of her own. Her husband died some nine years ago. Lindiwe is a quite remark- able woman. She raised her three children as a single mother living in a four-room house and working as a domestic worker fulltime, bak- ing and selling cakes for extra income from her home. She not only fed and clothed her three children, but also put all three through school right
  • 3. through to matric on a very small salary -- quite a remark- able achievement. Lindiwe will add a new dimension to Botswana Zim- babwe Christian Mission. As a black lady, she has a special raport with the black people. She is a Zulu linguist, which is a language understood by the Ndebele-speaking people in Zimbabwe. And, as a grand- mother, she knows how to get along with children young and old. She has met some of the AIDS orphans and their “mothers” already and there is a good connection there. We ask you to pray earnestly for Lindiwe and I as we cement our relationship and go about the Lord’s business. Lindiwe understands and speaks English very well, and I can understand and speak quite a bit of her language. Listen-
  • 4. ing to us talk to each other will be quite an education for Americans!! We are planning on coming over to the U.S.the middle of July through the end of August, so you will be able to meet Lindiwe and interact with her then. Our work will continue to be in Zimbabwe where I preach on a regular basis. We also have a Bible Study in our home every week. Support for AIDS orphans and supporting destitute old folks continues to be a very important part of our outreach. There are thousands of AIDS orphans in that country, who depend almost entirely of charity from organizations like B.Z.C.M to survive. Old folk are also very much neglected and at risk. Shelter, clothing and food just does not get to them un- less they are taken care of by some charitable organization.
  • 5. They are at a very real risk of starvation and exposure. Because Zimbabwe has to import virtually all the food and clothing and everything that sustains life, goods are very expensive and difficult to get. Cost of living is very high and the average wage earner has a very difficult time bal- ancing the budget. Zimbabwe has a ninety percent unem- ployment rate, so anyone employed has a lot of mouths to feed. Lindiwe and I look for- ward to meeting you all in a few months’ time and sharing with you all. We love you all and ask that you please pray for us. Richard and Lindiwe
  • 6. Our Board of Directors Art Hammond (Chairman) Kennesaw, GA Sheryl Massey (Treasurer) Marietta, GA Mary Gail Manes Acworth, GA Troy Hammond Pittsburg, PA Our Forwarding Agent Art Hammond 4216 Glenlake Pkwy. Kennesaw, GA 30144 Field Address Richard & Lindiwe Lee PO Box 11 Musina, 0900, RSA, Africa E-mail: Tel/Fax: 263-9-251555