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Arizona Reservation Ministries Nov 2012 newsletter november

  1. 1. ARIZONA RESERVATION MINISTRIES 2002 CELEBRATING 10 YEARSPROVIDING GOD’S ARMS AROUND THE RESERVATION 2012 Volume 11 issue 4 November, 2012MEET MARCUSIn January of 2012, Marcus Dewey’s mother-in-law arrived in a Short-Term MinistryTeam from Indiana. We were excited to have this team join us, not knowing thatGod’s plans would be so much larger!Marcus and his wife, April have lived in Globe for several years; April works for theSan Carlos Apache Tribe’s Game and Fish Department as a Senior Wildlife Biologist.Marcus grew up on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, graduating in 2005 from GlobeHigh School, and then served 6 years in the US Army. When “mom/mother-in-law”arrived from Indiana, Marcus and April joined in the fellowship a few evenings around the dinner table with thisteam and the ARM team. Because he had lots of experience driving big equipment, driving our Church Bus waseasy for him. From last January until his college classes resumed this fall, Marcus had become our extra, orsubstitute bus driver. The kids and teens who attend their Church Bus were drawn to his big grin and gentleheart. When we received word that we would need someone to cook for the teams of volunteers the Lordcontinues to send, Marcus asked if he might be able to serve as our breakfast cook. He shared that he wantedto keep helping ARM, even though his college courses would now restrict him from regularly driving the ChurchBus. His first breakfast was October 5th. We thank GOD for introducing us to Marcus, and providing an ARMteam member who is such a blessing.PIZZA PARTY TO CELEBRATE SUMMER’S ENDAs another school year began, the ARM team, who weekly serve through our children’s and youth ministries,held a Pizza/Movie party on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Many parents now attend the Church Bus withtheir children. We had no idea just how many would join in the fun! We thank God for providing studentsfrom Gilbert AZ’s Bios Christian Academy, as over 150 came and devoured 20 pizzas! After a short devotion,the movie (Soul Surfer) began. God knew that technical difficulties would unfold, so that the movie timeabruptly ended. (Please pray for God to provide a video projector with capable audio soon. ) The weatherwas unseasonably temperate, and the location of the party “just happened” to have a great playground. All of usheaded outside to run, swing, slide and play, providing just the right end to a wonderful celebration. THIS QUARTER’S WORK GROUPS As always, we thank God for those He sends to assist us for a short visit. Bios Christian Academy has come to help on Thursdays with our Church Bus. An afternoon when their extra ARMs are a huge answer to prayer as over 80 children typically participate in ministry. Some people arrive for a few days. Thanks to the Youells and Bjorks from Sun City West, AZ forreturning to catch up our Short Term Ministry scrapbook, teach a craft with the ladiesassociated with ARM, frame in a window that had been replaced when high winds destroyed anold one, and much more. Grace Church, and New Annointing of Mesa AZ came to help oneweekend, working to complete one of the homes we pray to have a House Blessing for soon.As this is written, we are excited to welcome other groups who plan to assist us for a weekend/week before theChristmas season begins. Our 2013 calendar is available on our web site. Already, we thank God for the sixteengroups that are preparing to join us! YOUR help would be a blessing as well! GOD’S ARMS AROUND THE RESERVATION
  2. 2. PASTORS APPRECIATEDARM is blessed to come alongside many pastors on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. With an unemploymentrate on this reservation that exceeds 75%, most of these Faithful Servants must rely upon an income as their wifeworks, or they themselves work an additional job to make ends meet for their families. Heating, electric andother bills associated with their congregation are constantly a matter of prayer. Maintenance needs are one wayARM has been able to provide assistance. We have also provided Vacation Bible Schools in connection withtheir “tent-meetings”/Revivals so that young families join in and hear the Gospel while their children have age-appropriate activities nearby. Confidential counseling, hugs, prayers and more have been given in love as theseWarriors so faithfully fight for the Gospel on a Reservation where the evil one is so active. A resource library isavailable at our offices for their use as well. October is nationally known as “Pastor Appreciation Month.” OnFriday evening, October 19th, we welcomed many of these men and women of God to dine with us, hear a wordof encouragement both as a devotion, and as our team simply shared with them, receive the DVD “Courageous”and a gift certificate to a popular restaurant in town, and spouses receiving a rose. The highlight of the eveningwas when each ARM team member laid hands on one family each; praying as God led. Tears, and hugs wereevidence that the partnership we pray to always provide was a blessing. As in all aspects of this ministry, Godorchestrates as He wills. The twelve that joined us were not only blessed, but a tremendous blessing to us aswell. A Survey was given to each Shepherd, listing various things ARM has done in the past for other leaders ofBible-based churches. Please pray for the Lord to provide for the needs of these servants, and for our team toprovide ARMs to encourage them as needed.As the evening drew to a close, an animated conversation unfolded. One of these churches had been blessedwith a donation of insulation, and another for a foundation. They are growing, but needed walls. This pastsummer, a “microburst” of wind blew the walls apart on a shed where donated walls were stored on ARM’sproperty, the roof blown into the nearby tree. These walls are vulnerable to the elements, so we were prayingfor God to provide someone that could use them, and untimately save them. Once again, God is leading andproviding; both for this ministry, and for His servants that faithfully serve throughApache-led churches.CONSTRUCTION CONTINUESAs this publication is composed, it is our prayer to hold two ‘House Blessings’before year’s end. These celebrations allow the recipients, their families, and ourteam to gather to thank God for HIS great provision. The reminder is shared notonly about the provision of this particular home, but the one Christ is preparing asour permanent residence. An engraved Bible, hand-made quilts and a photo albumof those who labored on their home are all given as we share a meal together.Three more homes have been “weathered in” in anticipation of our Spring Short-Term Ministry Teams’ assistance. One other home is already occupied, although basic drywall and bare floorsprovide little comfort as the temperatures drop and this is their only hope of a home; even today. This familyapproached us nearly a year ago. Their single-wide mobile home had lost exterior siding in a storm. Someonetook advantage of their need, voiced their desire to help, and then removed the remainder of the siding. Ninepeople were living in this sub-standard home…with only half of a roof! The difficult element for ARM’sparticipation in this provision is its location. In order to work on this home, nearly an hour’s drive from ARM’soffice is necessary. The need is so great! Please join us in praying for the Lord to provide the funding andlaborers to complete these and others homes as God wills. Each home typically requires approx. $20,000 tocomplete. All funds and labors are provided by donations and volunteers as led by God.We are so grateful for your prayers regarding our Bridge Project! The previous County inspector was replacedby another man who allowed an extension on our permit, saving thousands of dollars. Because of excessiveerosion in the creek bed, he has added a new step to the completion of this large project. We are now requiredto lay 48 feet of rock-filled gabion baskets to the creek bed, six feet deep. This task will require renting heavyequipment to dig the trench, and then hand-placing those rocks as they are sifted from another area of ourproperty. Word cannot express how grateful we are to those who have prayed us through this project,provided funding or their ARMs to assist us. We need your prayers, we need your funds, and we need yourlabors. Thank you!
  3. 3. WHAT ARM NEEDSAs the economy has continued its slow descent, we are humbly grateful that the Lord has provided all things so that wecould continue to faithfully serve Him here on the San Carlos Apache Reservation! With news of many ministriesclosing their doors during these challenging times, we are keenly aware of the responsibility we have to serve as Godleads, and utilize His provisions as He wills. ARM’s finances are tight. Unfortunately, funds were not available to pay our‘A-Team’ (Apache Construction Team) the majority of the past two months. Our gas bill alone exceeds $2,000 eachmonth to run our Church Bus to the Reservation a minimum of four afternoons each week, and our constructionvehicles as they trek to complete homes. Insurance, utilities, etc. have risen here as in your budget as well. We trulythank God for those who sacrificially give so that this ministry may continue! Those partnerships are so precious to us.We also whole-heartedly believe that those who pray regularly for us are our critical partners as well. We simply askthat you would pray for others to begin to support this ministry, in whatever capacity they may be able. We know thatGod provides through His people. Please pray for that provision to arrive soon.As mentioned in previous publications, some forms of support are not as costly for our donors. Those who regularly use a search engine to locate information on their computers could bless us by switching to “” and making us the selected recipient of your donations. We would then receive 1 cent per search! We are still collecting used cell phones and have received funds lately that have been a blessing to us for our children’s/youth ministries. Contact our offices for a simple and free way to donate them for us. To our Arizona Partners, we are once again qualified to receive your Arizona Tax Credits as a ministry who benefits the “working poor” within the State of Arizona. Your receipt from us may allow you to receive back funds as a tax credit on this year’s taxes at next spring’s tax time. If you paid $200. For a single person and up to $400 for a joint return would apply. We ask that you would speak with your employer about their Matching Gifts program. Many companies will match donations their employees make, multiplying your gifts and blessing ARM.Of course, your financial gifts are always welcome. As we eagerly wait for the Lord to provide additional ARM teammembers, it is our prayer that many will come from the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Because their home churchesare part of a Nation whose unemployment exceeds 75%, their pay comes primarily from ARM’s general funds (until Godprovides partners in this practical provision.) PRAYER REQUESTS ARM ALSO NEEDS TEAM MEMBERS!  Please keep the People of San Carlos in We are praying for the Lord to send faithful servants prayer as temperatures get so cold and to fill the positions of: the cost to heat a home so high.  For the health of ARM team members  Mechanic and Tribal spiritual “siblings.”  Church Bus Driver  For the Lord to provide servants to join  Children’s Ministers the ARM Team soon and wisdom with  Youth Ministers applicants.  Construction supervisor  For ARM’s finances as we seek to  Book keeper faithfully serve the Lord and for wisdom with all that the Lord provides.  Work Team Cook/host  For the new leadership as elections have  Office worker occurred. Truly, the field is “white unto harvest.” Just as Jesus  For wisdom as we represent Christ in prayed, we, too, pray for God to send workers soon. new…and old ways. A more complete list of prayer requests is located on our website under “Ways to Pray”
  4. 4. ARIZONA RESERVATION MINISTRIES NON-PROFIT US POSTAGE P.O. BOX 2393 PAID GLOBE AZ 85502 GLOBE, AZ PERMIT # 90 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED ARIZONA RESERVATION MINISTRIES 8435 SOUTH SIX SHOOTER CANYON ROADGLOBE AZ 85501 928-425-8449 FAX: 928-425-3173 WWW.AZREZ.ORGAZREZMINISTRY@HOTMAIL.COM JOIN US ON FACEBOOK AT FRIENDS OF ARIZONA RESERVATION MINISTRIESYou can receive this publication electronically and join those that are helping ARM save printing and postage costs! Simply email or call us. Thank you!