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SvL brochure

  1. 1. The Home ofSocial Video Insight
  2. 2. Unruly Social Video Lab:The Home of Social Video InsightSocial video advertising is and finally measuring theone of the most engaging campaign’s success viaand effective formats advanced social mediaof digital marketing. analytics.Emotionally powerful,interactive and easy to share, Social video advertisingsocial video advertising can campaigns generated moreamplify conversations at than 8 billion user-initiatedspeed and scale. views in 2011, a figure that is set to double in 2012Unruly’s Social Video Lab - (source: Unruly’s Viral Videothe only one of its kind in Chart) as more brandsthe world - helps brands to invest in a format thatunderstand, measure and delivers engaged audiences,increase the ROI of their authentic conversations andsocial video ad campaigns earned media. The socialbased on customised and video distribution model willexclusive insight. drive greater ROI from your paid, earned andOur suite of research owned channels.products and technologieshelp advertisers toformulate their entirecampaign strategy. Fromproviding insight into thebrand’s success to date, totesting content for earnedmedia potential, through Video 1194M shares into distributing the video millionsto relevant publishers, Facebook profiles in millions 560M 512M Twitter profiles in millions 251M
  3. 3. Science of SharingA recent Unruly study This is before the impact • here was a 14% increase Tmeasuring the effectiveness of peer to peer sharing in the enjoyment of aof social video advertising (or recommendation) video when that videofound that it is highly is included. Once this is was recommended, versuseffective, providing strong taken into consideration, those who had discoveredbrand uplift. the benefits to brands are it by browsing furthered. • eople who enjoyed PAcross ten different adverts • Brand recall and brand a video were 97%the research revealed that: association rose 7% among more likely consider• verage brand A viewers who have been purchasing the product favourability was 58% recommended a videos featured in the video than +55% uplift vs. non- ( versus viewers who found those who didn’t exposed control sample) it by browsing• verage brand association A • 73% of respondents who was 47% viewed a recommended +53% uplift vs. non- ( video recalled the brand exposed control sample) when prompted versus• verage purchase intent A 68 % of viewers who had was 46% browsed the video directly +103% uplift vs. non- ( exposed control sample) We’re moving from a time when advertising was something to be avoided on TV to a time when it’s something to be shared online. It’s very much a transitional phase. Advertisers are spending more and more money on television despite the fact that audiences are continuing to shrink. But I think what’s happening is that television is in the process of moving from the primary medium to a support medium. Sharing videos and other forms of messages is going to become the primary medium in the future. Frank Rose, Author of The Art of Immersion and journalist at WiredBook your tailored Lab session now to:• nalyse your success to date versus the competition A• uild a solid social video strategy which maps onto your marketing plan B• oadtest your content R• eveal the most effective distribution footprint for your content R• easure and improve the ROI of your social video campaigns M Strategy Video creation Video activation Analytics
  4. 4. What can we do for you: Bespoke solutionsUnruly delivers content evaluation, social video distributionand social media analytics to Fortune 100 brands and theiragencies. We fully customise your experience based on yourspecific needs throughout your campaign journey.Step 1Social Video StrategySocial Video Health Check Social Video 101 Social Video SnapshotIf you are thinking about Still trying to get your We analyse the keyincorporating social video head around social video emotional triggers andinto your next campaign then advertising? Book a day’s content themes in yourstart with your Unruly Social training session specifically industry that are makingVideo Lab Health Check to designed for you and your videos a hit or a miss. Wecompare how your videos team. It is delivered by social extract this insight, and helpare performing against your video experts so you can you create your campaigncompetitors’ content. get up to speed with the strategy based on your latest developments in the customer’s needs, your KPIs industry, whatever your and your overall marketing experience level. strategy. Advertisers want to know more about what a “share” means, what a “like” means, how many people are viewing their video, what kind of mood they’re in and how they can do better next time. The BA ad ‘London Calling’, which features planes going through the streets of London and across Westminster Bridge, is shareable to me. I can put my postcode in it and see the plane going down the road where I live. So I think making it personal means it’s more shareable. This takes us full circle to how people are consuming the internet and sharing it. Very, very exciting times. Guy Phillipson, Chief Executive of the Internet Advertising Bureau UK
  5. 5. Step 2Social Video CreationContent Workshop Emotional IntensityIf you’re in the process of Measurecreating a new video or Scientific research hascannot decide which piece found that emotionalof content to lead with, intensity has a direct impactthen join us for a pre-testing on sharing behaviour, whichworkshop. We will run drives significant upliftcreative testing on your in brand metrics, word-content to analyse if it is of-mouth marketing andgoing to engage audiences purchasing behaviour.before you invest budget By measuring the level ofin producing the video and emotions people feel whiledisseminating it online. watching an advert, we can predict a video’s potential shareability before it is even launched.In doing so, marketers can Using our emotional 88% of viewers enjoyedproduce a video that their intensity testing alongside TNT’s ad, with 60% likelyaudiences really want to eye tracking, biometric to share it. The clip has awatch and talk about with testing and facial share to view ratio of 1:9,their peers, which enables recognition technology, with people focusing onbrands to keep audiences we can find out how your the logo for 3.99 secondsengaged with their owned video content scored in (69% of the total durationmedia channels (be they comparison to other videos it was visible).on Facebook, proprietary in your sector or your ownwebsites, YouTube or videos. With our Unrulyelsewhere) as well as Social Panel, blogger andearned media. consumer focus groups at your fingertips, you can discover best practice for developing your content marketing strategy. What really impressed me about the Social Video Lab was the Emotional Intensity Index, the fact that Unruly is working on technology that makes it possible to help clients understand how to create a successful video. Everyone is trying to create the next big video, the next big 10 million YouTube views, but it’s almost like a stab in the dark. With all this technology and all this research being made available you might be able to create an successful viral video that works and that’s really cool. Helena Stone, publisher of
  6. 6. Step 3Social Video ActivationUnruly’s global audience This massive audience Unruly’s audience reachreach, as measured by is accessed through a continues to grow atComscore Media Metrix, is combination of the Viral pace through innovative917 million monthly unique Video Chart and M.E.M.E partnerships with companiesusers. This reach is achieved technology, which is used that enable consumersthrough 14,000 media to generate the ideal to enjoy and share videopartners giving access to distribution plan to engage across the social web. We’ll4 million properties across your target audience. In make sure your we placemultiple platforms and addition to this Unruly your content on the rightdevices conducts multi-lingual platforms to get you in front outreach with influencers of your target audience. and bloggers in native language, developing strong local relationships and building buzz on the ground - which is how we deliver so much earned media value.
  7. 7. Step 4Social Video AnalyticsDeep Insight Analysis across the Globe say into customer behavior. WeMarketers are struggling to they are not geared up to can measure consumer’s prekeep up with the challenge manage ‘big data’. We’re and post viewing behaviour,of extracting meaningful committed to solving this including metrics, such asanalytics from the ‘big data’ problem. Our real-time impact on brand uplift,deluge which they face analytics cut through data sentiment and purchaseacross multiple channels rapidly and structures it, and 70% of CMOs providing strategic insight We’re building a predictive model to help clients harness the explosion in social video. Sharing content across the web has risen over 200% in the last 12 months and has tremendous benefits across all brand metrics, from positive uplift to purchasing behaviour. The Lab is the premier facility for clients wanting to make their content fit for sharing. This combined with the vast proprietary data we own on the performance of past campaigns will help clients transform the ROI of their social video campaigns. Dan Best, Director of Planning at UnrulyPeer to Peer NetworkingEngage with your peers at our exclusive networking events, gain access to our latest researchfrom the lab and discuss the findings with like-minded people in the industry. Find out howothers are using great social content and how it translates across multiple territories. Lab Report Share of Voice All Time Shares Shares Year to Date All Time Technology All Time Social Video Brand one 18,6% 83% Most Shared: Googles Project Glass One Day Most Shared: Volkswagens The Force Brand two 3,7% 0,1% Brand three 52,5% 7,4% 1,004,048 Shares 5,547,018 Shares Brand four 25,2% 9,4% Action Attention Advocacy Awareness Benchmark Click Through Rate Completion Rate Replay rate Interaction Rate Shares Share/View Average in Telecommunications 7,99% 62,90% 2,93% 12,57% 146,850 1:130 Brand one campaign 6,40% 46,53% 0.02 9,34% 448 1:5857 SVL Emotional Intensity Score Funny Sexy Cool Cute Moving Important Shocking Controversial Random Inspirational Unruly Social Index Score Highest Score (Dramatic Surprise) 7.8 4.0 7.2 4.1 6.0 4.6 4.0 5.3 6.9 3.1 8.1 Overall Average 4.3 3.1 5.5 3.6 3.0 4.1 3.7 3.0 4.4 3.3 5.2 Brand one campaign 6.0 4.8 4.9 3.8 2.3 3.3 1.6 2.1 3.3 2.8 4.9 Bloggers Consumers I prefer to share things that feel integrated: that Focus Group integrate with my message to my readers, and with the As much as I might want to share a piece of content, Im not going to leave my social bubble feel of the site. I like a brand to be flexible, for that to find it. It has to come to where I share content in the first place; then Ill watch it and pass integration to happen it on The client overall has performed strongly within the VVC this year due to Olympics/Hola content. In the MEME benchmarking it is the share-to-view
  8. 8. Find out more insight@unrulymedia.comThe Technology Behind The LabThe Unruly Viral Video Chart Unruly’s proprietary Media The technology in the Social(VVC) has been the definitive Engagement Measurement Video Lab blends the datasource for video sharing data Engine (MEME™) is the most from these our own in-around the globe since 2006. powerful and established house technologies to giveIt has gathered the largest social video distribution you access to the deepesthistorical data set of sharing and tracking technology analytics in the industry. Ourbehaviour on the social web, platform in the industry. dedicated research teammeasuring share of voice and Unruly has delivered, tracked distills this data to presentcampaign effectiveness. and audited 1.65 billion you with the insight you video views via MEME, across need to make your marketing 2,000+ successful social decisions. Understanding the video campaigns since 2007. science behind sharing gets you the best results for your investment.About UnrulyFounded in 2006 and with Using our proprietary brands since 2007. Milestoneoffices in New York, San technology platform, MEME campaigns include T-Mobile’sFrancisco, Chicago, Detroit, (Media Engagement and Life’s for Sharing series,Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Measurement Engine), we Evian’s global Roller BabiesParis, Amsterdam, Stockholm have delivered, tracked hit, Old Spice’s “Man Yourand Sydney, Unruly is the and audited 1.65 billion Man Could Smell Like”global platform for social video views, across 2,000+ campaign and Coca-Cola’svideo advertising. successful social video Happiness series. campaigns, for over 400Awards Winner Best Content Winner Digital Winner Fastest Distribution Service Innovator of the Year Growing Companies in Europe, Ranked #18