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My presentation at San Diego PHP meetup group for April 2014.

My presentation at San Diego PHP meetup group for April 2014.



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San Diego PHP Craft CMS San Diego PHP Craft CMS Presentation Transcript

  • Lets talk about Craft! Presented by Jason McCallister
  • No, no - not that kind of Craft…. this kind…
  • intro • Developed by Pixel & Tonic ( • Makers of popular ExpressionEngine add-ons Playa, Matrix and more. • Version 2.0 was released on April 1st • Built on Yii ( • Twig Template Engine (
  • a few features • One-click updating • Live Preview • Matrix • Responsive Control Panel • Sections and Channels • Entry types
  • different.. • Built completely around your content - assumes zero about your website and content (no required files or templates - or even fields!) • Support on Google Plus and via email directly from the developers • Element Types
  • element types “File systems manages files. iPhoto manages photos. iTunes manages media. Blogging systems manage entries. And content management systems manage… “content”. But what is “content”? Historically it has meant “entries…”
  • element types “While other content management systems are busy managing entries, Craft manages elements. Everything in Craft – your site’s users, assets, categories, tags, globals, even Matrix blocks, and of course, entries – they’re all elements. That’s why everything is so consistent in Craft. It’s not that entries and users both individually have custom field support, it’s that they share the same system-wide custom field support that’s available to all elements. Same with relations, and a slew of other things.”
  • element types “…People expect more and more out of their websites. Even “simple” content-only sites aren’t so simple anymore. It’s not just about entries having custom fields; it’s about custom fields everywhere – on assets, users, categories, tags, even custom fields within custom fields (a la Matrix). We’ve been at the forefront of the custom field craze at P&T – our FieldFrame for ExpressionEngine ignited it…”
  • craft/config/db.php ’server' => 'localhost', 'user' => ‘awesome_squirrel', 'password' => ‘Sup3rSEcritP@$$‘, 'database' => 'myAwesomeCoolDB', /** only required configuration for installation */
  • craft/config/general.php ‘omitScriptNameInUrls' => true, 'cpTrigger' => ‘the-cloud’, 'siteUrl' => ‘‘, 'fileSystemPath' => ‘/path/to/folder’, 'devMode' => true, /** more */
  • multi-env general.php return array( ’*' => array( 'omitScriptNameInUrls' => true, 'cpTrigger' => ‘secretAgentMan' ), 'mydevwebsite.local' => array( 'devMode' => true, 'environmentVariables' => array( 'siteUrl' => 'http://mydevwebsite.local', 'fileSystemPath' => ‘/path/to/mydevwebsite.local’ ) ),
  • multi-env db.php return array( '*' => array( 'tablePrefix' => 'prefix', ), ‘domain.local' => array( 'server' => 'localhost', 'user' => 'user', 'password' => 'password', 'database' => 'dbnamegoeshere', ), ‘' => array( 'server' => getenv('DBHOST'), 'user' => getenv('DBUSER'), 'password' => getenv('DBPASS'), 'database' => getenv('DBNAME'), )),
  • twiggy, twig, twig…
  • OMG UNICORNS! “..its like a magical walk down candy lane with unicorns…”
  • resources Straight Up Craft Craft Cookbook
  • exit; the boring part is now over….
  • thank you! Jason McCallister or @theMcCallister