Take off to proffessional bultering


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Take off to proffessional bultering

  1. 1. Mr King is a United Kingdom resident, he wasbone and brought up there. He owns one of the biggest foot wear brands in the world. He is a widower as Mrs king passed on three yearsago and left him with little Mr king who is seven years old now. He takes his son with him most of the time especially when schools are on a break. Every time he comes to South Africa he stays with us at the hotel. Mr King prefers a non smoking room and his favorite room is the pent house room 420, otherwise superior room 416 as he prefers the yacht facing rooms .Mr king has his own personal linen designed for him by the hotel because of his frequent stays at the hotel. He has a phobia about entering a room and look straight to the bathroom as this has to do with the wife‟ death. So always ensure that his room has a bathroom away from the entrance. Mr king loves red wine, his favorite being pinot noir, he loves Heineken and Peroni . He loves cheese and his favorite is plain chevin that is from goat milk. His best restaurant is Vitsig in Constantia. He enjoys cold play music, The Parlotones and local musician Henry Ate being
  2. 2. Mr King Junior is seven years old and is doing grade three at Cecil John Rhodes primary school. He lovesgames, hence he spends most of the time on his play station.He is a very pleasant and disciplined young man who takes instruction very well. However his only challenge is what to eat and when, he requests for wrong foods at the wrong times, like ice cream in the morning before his breakfast. He goes to bed every day by 20:30pm after a bed time story, andhe sleeps lightly such that a slightest noise wakes him up. The suite should be on do not disturb until he wakes up, I will have to work as discreet not to make sounds.
  3. 3.  Mr king‟ hotel
  4. 4. Executive Housekeeper Head Maintenance Linen manager housekeeper manager Butler Florist supervisors Co-ordinator Room Turn down Public areaattendants and team attendants Housemen
  5. 5.  Boundaries are imaginary lines we establish around ourselves to protect our souls, heart and mind from the unhealthy or damaging behavior of others. They tell us what is and what is not our business . Learning to set good boundaries is part of the process of developing a good personal identity. As I work for my Kings following is the boundaries I will adhere to;Emotional boundaries This will mean I have to manage my emotions and not show to the kings how I feel. As a good butler I should portray Excellency at all times. I should not get emotionally attached to the Kings such that I neglect the other guests or Kings, also such that when they leave the hotel I feel saddened.Financial Boundaries Having excellent control of the petty cash that they may possible give to me. Ensure that all the records for the expenditure are available and the receipts. If I take Mr King Junior out I should have proof of his spending so as to account to his father. I should never make personal use of even the smallest amount from the Kings‟ money.Domestic Boundaries Having respect for others need for privacy. Not using another‟ property without permission. With permission from Mr King to use his property, I would not do it so as to maintain the boundaries.Time Boundaries Check with the kings when they would like their next service so as to avoid being around them and clustering their time boundaries. Ensure they have your contact number and make them know you are around and will be at their service at their will. This will ensure you go to the room expectedly for turndown, early service at their convenience without interfering with the Kings. My job is to protect Mr King‟ sanctuary, to support his requirement for a quite time.
  6. 6. How should I serve my employer What is expected of me You have a principal responsibility to implement and administer the policies of and  Perform my duties diligently, impartially programs of your employer. You may hold and to the best of my ability. Observe views different to your employer, but such views must not interfere with the relevant occupational health and performance of your duties. Always work in safety requirements. My activities the best interest of your employer than personal interest. outside work should not diminishHow should I serve the public confidence in me or ability to perform Treat all people fairly, with courtesy and my duties. sensitivity. Act with propriety and be able to demonstrate this in relation to any advise or How should I treat private information service you offer.  Never make public comment on theHow should I treat my colleagues Respect and seek professional opinions of hotel or about the and any staff colleagues in their areas of competence and member. acknowledge their contribution. Treat staff fairly and involve them in decisions that affect them
  7. 7.  Never ask or give an impression that you are expecting a tip or an autograph Never say you don‟t know as an answer to a guest Never chew gum or nibble on food in guest areas Smoking in guest areas is prohibited Never sing , hum or whistle while on duty and keep your voice as low as possible. Never slouch or lean on furniture, always stand and walk attentively Never use the guest facilities for example, telephone, bathrooms, Tv etc Never discuss or make any statements or talk to the media about matters concerning our guests. Never lie to the guest
  8. 8.  Smooth servicing and supplying of guest areas in and out of the hotel. Overseeing staff under my management including hiring, training and couching, performance reviews Drawing up manuals for the gadgets in the hotel. Compiling SOP and training documents. Regular interaction with other departments to ensure compliance with guest needs. Ensure efficiency, harmony and moral is maintained through out . Organization and orchestration of guests events
  9. 9.  Laundry and ironing Shoe shine Packing and unpacking In-room breakfast and beverages Seeing to special requests Special turndown services Pouring of baths Pillow menu Bath menu Function coordinator for your guests May travel away from the hotel with the guest
  10. 10. Mr king loves the South African protea flower hence the butler hasto ensure that on arrival and on the duration of his stay there will be fresh arrangements
  11. 11.  Guests flagged for “express check-in” are asked to sign in and we hand them their keys. They are not required to give passport details or payment/ credit card information. Welcome Back (corporate) guests do not even sign in! They just walk in and we give them a key. No drinks are offered and no rooming done. The butler will meet them in the room. When Mr king brings King Junior, The Family is welcomed by the Butler at the Reception and taken straight up to their Suite where the check-in will take place. We will have the register and credit card machine already set-up in the room, including the welcome drinks.
  12. 12. On arrival depending on the weather and the Kings preferences Iwill prepare welcome drinks that will be in their suite entrance table
  13. 13. These platters will be refreshed during the duration of the stay
  14. 14.  In a hotel set up there is stores and service areas on each floor for all items, however I will keep the following in the room pantry Cleaning material e.g dish washing liquid, dish towels, table linen, rubber gloves, multi purpose cleaner, oven cleaner, small floor brush and scoop. Crockery, Cutlery, Glasses and somethings for entertainment e.g cock skewer, bottle opener, trays Different cooking utensils, pots ,pan, serving dishes
  15. 15. Mr king loves the TWG teas and Lavazza coffee and Mr King junior enjoys hot Chocolate.
  16. 16. -in the small compartment at the front of the box ,place two Lavazza hot chocolate sachets -in the big back compartment place the TWG teas, which are; -Morrocan mint, -vanilla bourbon, -English breakfast, -French early grey, -Chamomile and 1837 black***this set up will be easy for me but especially the kings when they want to make coffee for themselves without me.
  17. 17. I will always set two tables for them one on the balcony and the other indoors
  18. 18. - -On arrival I will offer the unpacking service to the kings The closet shall be packed with shirts,trousers , jackets all hang up on correct hangers-The hangers will be of cider wood, shirts will be on plain hangers according totheir colors in their own closet, pants will be on clip hangers, coats and suit jackets to be hang on coat hangers.--T shirts and shorts will be neatly folded and packed according to colors.
  19. 19. -I will pack the suit cases putting the heavy items to the bottom and lighter items to the top. -To ensure that his shirts , pants and formal suit jackets do not crease , I will use rolled up tissue paper and place this on folds. --his shoes I will pack against the edges of the suit case building up , socks to beplace in the spaces between the shoes or inside the shoes. --the jackets with volume I will pack on top lastly so as to add more protection to the other items inside in case Mr King „ Bags are not handled well at the airport no breakages inside should happen.
  21. 21. .This is the Kings „ bathroom togetherwith some towel folds that shall beused to fold their towels by the butler-on turn down ensure the towel heateris switched on to ensure warm towelsfor the late bath-run an excellent bath with the help ofthe Spa
  22. 22. 1) Switch on all the lights. Go to the balcony and 7) Place the foot mats next to the bed and the check for dirty and used crockery or empties. slippers, Logos on the same side . Clean up the area. 8) Place the glass still water ,scotch glass and the chocolate in line front of the bed side lamp. The2) Close the door and ensure its locked. Close the Cleaning at your convenience card and pen to be voils and curtains properly to Prevent any light nearest the bed on the bed side table. rays from coming in. 9) Ensure the bathroom , shower and toilet is clean and fully supplied before laying out the bath and3) Empty all the bins and wipe them clean with the shower carpets. white lappie and GP, Pick up any dirt on the carpet . 10) Check the mini bar area if it is clean and cocktail bag is empty, ensure all the supplies on the4) Turndown the bed according to the number of guests coffee station meet the requirement. All crockery and kettle to be clean. in the room. 11) Switch on the bed side lamp, Switch on the towel rail4) Switch on the Television to the required channel and heater and switch off all the other lights. volume.5) Place the DSTV guide on the bed5) If there is any Kings sleep wear fold it neatly and place on the pillows. pair up shoes and place where visible to the guest and nearest where they were. Tidy the clothing.
  23. 23. Fun activities like ginger bread man decorationwill be done ,kiddy linen will be used, gown and slippers of his size shall be put in
  24. 24.  Switch on lights  Make the bed Check if the safe is locked  Pore water from the electric kettle Open curtains and windows into your red bucket , refill the Strip the room ,balcony, coffee kettle with fresh 1litre of water(if station and bathroom the room is occupied) Sock all the glasses and crockery  Start cleaning the room from right in your plastic basin with warm to left or left to right ,top to bottom soapy water. starting on the side with the Soak the bathroom bathroom. Take all rubbish and dirty items to  Supply the areas as you go, the service areas attention to detail is most vital. Fetch all clean supply and  Vacuum from the furthest point of amenities from service area the room to the entrance.  Dust surfaces  Close the doors and ensure they are locked.  Switch of everything in the room except for the mini bar.
  25. 25. Prevent cross contamination (to take germs from one area to another) PURPOSEEnsure the To ensure quality safety of cleaningeveryone,at all times
  26. 26. Chemical and Hazardous Material Register Potential MS Estimate Active PPE Health and hazardousN Manufactur DS Environmental Disposalo volumes ingredien Yes/ Safety rating of. er Yes/ Concerns means on site t No concerns material (Low, No Medium, High) Housekeeping Department12345
  27. 27.  Red- used only to clean the toilet area with the toilet bowl cleaner or disinfectant Green- for cleaning all the wash areas used with the multipurpose cleaner Blue-used in general areas with multi purpose cleaner or window cleaner Yellow-is for dry cleaning ,that is dusting used with furniture creams
  28. 28. Mr king usually requests for lunch set up or dinner for his meetings with his business associates
  29. 29. Mr king loves whisky and I will wow him by organizing a whiskytasting section in the yacht as they cruise to relax with his friends
  30. 30.  The butler will carry the bags to the car she would have booked. See them off from the room, opening the lift doors for them. Wish them a safe and pleasant journey, open the car doors for them. Stand aside a wave goodbye as they drive away.
  31. 31. Information to put in the bulter‟is as follows,
  32. 32.  06-7:00 morning glory 7-8am briefing with housemen &attendants 8-8:30 briefing with supervisors 8:30-14 checking all the kings rooms 14:30-14:45 prep for afternoon tea 15- 16:30 afternoon tea for the kings 16:30-16:45 briefing with turndown staff and handover from day shift
  33. 33. Emergency response plan in case of a bomb threat or terror threat Emergency response plan in the case of a fire Emergency response plan in case of a medical emergency
  34. 34.  Did an employee escort the guest to his/her room?  Did employee explain any complex technical aspects Did the employee introduce themselves of the room (i.e.  electric curtains, audiovisual equipment, shower Did the employee engage in polite, unobtrusive controls, conversation with the guest?  Did employee advise how the internet could be Was the employee‟s speech clear and use of English accessed in the room (i.e. via Wi-Fi or cable) and adequate to be fully understood? give their contact number Did the employee ascertain if it was the guests first  Did employee point out location of in room bar and visit to the hotel mention any complimentary offerings (if applicable)? and if it was were the locations of the restaurants, bars and health Did employee mention the valet/laundry services? spa/fitness facilities pointed out (should be offered  Did employee point out any master switches for as opposed to automatic for returning guests)? lighting (if applicable)? And repeat their contact Was the key card operation explained (where number again required)?  Did employee point out location of hair dryer Once at the room did the employee offer the option Did employee point out directory/room service of a room orientation? menu? Did the employee point out heating/air-conditioning  Did employee point out in room safe? controls?  Did the employee offer any additional service before departing  (i.e. pressing, coffee/tea, etc.) and offer their acontact
  35. 35.  Was carpet/tiles/wood flooring clean and free of  Was waste paper basket clean and in good stains? condition? Were all walls, doors, baseboards clean and free of scuffs?  Were curtains/voiles clean and properly Was room at a comfortable temperature on arrival fitted? and free of odor? Was bed neatly arranged and clean  Was a note pad, pen/pencil available next to each telephone in the room? Was the head board clean and in good repair? Was bed made with clean linen, which was free of  Were wardrobes/drawers clean and free of stains or tears with the guest name on it any scuffs, dust or debris?  Was television clean and correctly tuned in? Was all upholstered furniture clean and free of stains?  the clocks in the room ,did they all display the correct time and were they synchronized Were all furniture surfaces clean and dust/smear within two minutes of each other? free?  Were all light fixtures in bathroom and Were all picture/door/mirror frames clean and dust bedroom working properly and were they free? clean and dust free? Were all windows/mirrors/chrome/metal surfaces clean and free of smears?
  36. 36.  Was servicing completed by 16h00 each day or within two hours of hanging/activating the please  Were the guests clothes folded/neatly arranged service my room sign  Was the room generally tidied with all hotel Did the employee knock on the door/ring the doorbell and if required  amenities returned to their places wait ten seconds, and then knock on the door/ring the doorbell again  shoes paired? before entering the room? If a do not disturb sign was present was a calling  Was all change or jewellery left untouched? card/door knob card left under/on the door or a message left on the telephone?  Were any used glasses or room service soiled plates and cutlery removed from room? If the employee was encountered was he/she well presented and did they greet the guest with a smile  Were any used laundry bags/lists replaced and use the guest‟ name  Did employee draw curtains fully and neatly? If guest was present in the room during servicing, did  Did employee empty waste bins and ashtrays and the employee offer/arrange to return at a later return to their original position convenient time? Was carpet/tiles/wood flooring freshly vacuumed/mopped and free of any debris? Was bed neatly made with a clean linen which was free of stains or tears and was the bedspread/throw and decorative cushions replaced?
  37. 37.  Laundry check list Departure check list Public areas check list Pool check list Functions check list Valet check list
  38. 38.  Nationality Purpose of visit Company name and position if a corporate guest How many times they have come Preferred arrangements of their room Smoking or non smoking room and their favorite smokes Amenities already given, special ones preferred Their preference in butler service Activities engaged in , restaurants visited with comments on out comes Issues and concerns and how it was resolved in the past. Clothes sizes and dietary requirements Next of kin name and contacts Doctors phone numbers and addresses Long distance area codes
  39. 39. ****Apologize, offer to rectify and never justify, move on to complete the glitch form Glitch Report – Internal Document Distribution List: > Today’s Date: Time: Department(s) where Glitch originated: Reported By: Guest Name & RM No: Arrival Date: Departure Date: Description of Glitch: Corrective Action Taken: (Confirm any previous correction action taken) Revenue / Cost Implication Follow-up Action by HOD: Guest Reaction / Attitude: How To Avoid Glitch Profiled – Yes / No
  40. 40.  Supervisor Job Description Housemen Job Description Pool attendant Job Description Public areas Attendant Job Description Room attendant job Description Turndown attendant Job Description Co- Coordinator6‟ job description
  41. 41. All my staff will be trained as follows to bring awareness
  42. 42. Global warming is when the earth heatsup (temperature rises).  It happens when the greenhouse gases ( carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxideand methane) trap heat and light from the sun on the earth‟s atmosphere, which increases the temperature.
  43. 43.  It is a measure of the impact our activities have on the environment ,in particular climate change. It relates to the amount of green house gases produced in our day to day lives through burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation.
  44. 44.  Give suggestions how you, as an individual can make a positive difference to save the planet
  45. 45. -Your life style – heating, air conditioning, appliances and lighting set up. -Your Habits –switch off, recycling, showering instead of bathing. -Green technology – solarheating, photovoltaic (PV) panels or renewable energy. -Use of public Transport -Business travel with your car and flying.
  46. 46. What Do You Think We AsA Hotel Are Already DoingRight To AchieveSustainable Operations ?
  47. 47.  Every time you switch on a light, drive your car, run water or put out your rubbish you are making a decision that affects the environment. Natural resources ,water, coal, oil, land and fresh air will run out if we use them up at a rate faster than they can be replenish themselves.
  48. 48. Room attend ants CHECK SHIFTS DAILY MON TUE WED THUR FRID SAT SUNDATE 11 12 13 14 15 16 17OCC 107 85 85 83 69 61 59STAFFING 15 12 12 12 10 9 81st FloorAmanda E O E O O E ENohlahla E E E E E O ORoxanne LV LV LV LV LV LV LVVuyiseka O O E E E E O
  49. 49. MO WE MO WE MO SUN N TUE D THU FRI SAT SUN N TUE D THU FRI SAT SUN N 1 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30Occupancy 90.91 86.8 82.6 90.1 81 71.9 74.4 95.9 89.3 99.2 84.3 86.78 71.9 77.7 72.7 74.4Arrival 25 22 17 23 19 17 17 48 14 17 15 16 14 11 21 12Deperature 23 20 17 13 29 28 25 12 22 9 33 13 35 10 28 10Sup needed E/L 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 5/2 -8 E/8 E/8 E/8 Main E/8 off off off E/8 E/8 off E/8 E/8 E/8 off off 0 E E E E 07-20 off L L off off E E E 07-20 off EKIM -1 L off L L L L off off L L L L L L L offLaeeqah 0 E 07-20 off off E 07-20 off off E E E E E E off LANDY -2 off L off E E E E E E E 07-20 off off off E E -2 E E 07-20 off E E E 07-20 off off E E 07-20 off off off 2 off E E 07-20 off off E E E 07-20 off off E E E ERELIEVER SUP E off E E E E E E E off 07-20 off E E 07-20