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Electronic Press Kit for Pastor Dharius Daniels and the Kingdom Church of New Jersey

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Pastor Dharius Daniels & Kingdom Church

  2. 2. KCNJ PAVING THE WAY FOR A NEW GENERATIONEWING, NJ – DECEMBER 30, 2010- Radical, Fresh, New, Breath-taking, Love and aGiving Church are only a few sample words that parishioners would use to describe thisexceptional Ministry located in New Jersey. Kingdom Church, “One Church with twolocations” has been paving the way for a new generation of Christian Churches Nationwide.As one of the fastest growing ministries in under five years, it’s no wonder they have beenreceiving accolades through changing their community and providing innovative and realisticservices and programs to reach the masses.KCNJ, located in the heart of New Jersey provides a balanced organization that not onlycaters to a mass congregation of over 5000, but also to the greater NJ community at large.Over the past few years, Pastor Dharius Daniels a prolific speaker, entrepreneur and visionaryleader has initiated and launched some of the greatest programs to hit the Eastern shore.Some of their notable mentions in their short history since opening in 2005 include:  Raising 30,000 in scholarship funds to give to high school seniors  Holding the cities first ever “Krunk Fest/Youth Carnival” where kids participated “The Key to life is from all over the city leadership.  Giving away a brand-new car to a church parishioner during “Radical Love Week” Everyone has to  Holding a back-to-school bash where KCNJ gave away over 1000 back packs to lead at least one members and community children in NJ person…yourself.  Opening the 2nd location to Kingdom Church located in Burlington, NJ As a matter of fact,According to Daniels, “The Key to life is leadership. Everyone has to lead at least one before one canperson…yourself. As a matter of fact, before one can effectively lead others, they must effectively leaddevelop the discipline to lead themselves.” Dharius Daniels and the Kingdom Church arecommitted to helping each person acquire the spiritual stamina it takes to handle your greatest others, they mustleadership responsibility…you! develop the discipline to leadTo learn more about KCNJ and the current work they are doing in the community and across themselves.”the country, visit them online at KCNJ - DHARIUS DANIELSKingdom Church is a vibrant ministry located in the heart of Ewing, New Jersey. Godprovidentially arranged the organizing of this flock that would passionately pursue the agendaof His Kingdom.The mission of this ministry is to advance the agenda of God’s Kingdom through bringing in,breaking free, and building up.
  3. 3. A t thirty-one years old, Dharius Daniels is a gifted leader who touches many lives. As the Senior Pastor and founder of Kingdom Church in Ewing, New Jersey, Pastor Daniels’ ministry impacts people of all ages, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds. In underfive years the ministry has grown to over 4500 members and a number of auxiliaries. The A BOUT PASTORexpansion has reached both members and the community at large impacting FinancialFitness, Health and Wholeness, Kingdom Care and a number of others which has become thecornerstone of KCNJ. All of these auxiliaries provide meaningful and relevant ministry to DHARIUSaddress the diverse needs of the congregation and the community. As a result, KingdomChurch is a vibrant and growing ministry that is “Breathtaking.” At Kingdom Church, Pastor DANIELSDaniels is equipping his congregation to make a meaningful impact within and beyond thewalls of the church.Pastor Daniels is the president and founder of the Kingdom Community DevelopmentCorporation (CDC). Through Kingdom CDC, he built an institution that directly addressesareas such as literacy, poverty and poor health. Some of the foundation programs include,“The Read, Write and Run” program which is designed to build up the community by tearingdown barriers concerning adult illiteracy and the “Dollars and Sense” program focuses onteaching teens how to become economically informed and financially savvy so that they canbe wise managers over their material resources. Similarly, The Kingdom CDC also has asolid record of increasing community political participation through its voter registrationcampaign. In 2008, the CDC has carried out its first back to school event where almost onethousand backpacks filled with school supplies have been provided to children in thecommunity along with games, activities and entertainment. Kingdom CDC is still on themove and has an initiative that is being developed to address adults through a multifacetedprofessional development programPastor Daniels has developed a Breath Taking Ministry concept that describes the standard ofexcellence at Kingdom Church: a standard of excellence that is apparent in his commitmentto not only ministry and community, but also education. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degreefrom Milsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, and a Master of Divinity degree fromPrinceton Theological Seminary in Princeton, NJ. Currently, he is pursuing a Doctorate ofMinistry degree at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.As a result of his commitment to Kingdom work, he has played an intricate role in assistingpastors in planting churches and duplicating his initiatives over the past five years. Becauseof the multitude of pastors seeking insight and guidance, he has focused his leadership andpassion towards and developing the Kingdom Mentorship Network (KMN) which will serveother leaders as they pursue their calling. His vision for the KMN is to be a bridge from“Kingdom desire to Kingdom integration,” that will further equipped Kingdom mindedleaders with the tools needed to enhance every aspect of life and ministry.He is married to Shameka Daniels, and they are the proud parents of two sons Dharius Sethand Gabriel Micah Daniels. He has dedicated his life to the work of ministry, which isinseparable from community involvement and development. “The way you change acommunity is to change the people in it.” This is the philosophy of Dharius Daniels, butmore importantly it is a principle by which his life is guided.
  4. 4. KINGDOM CHURCH MILESTONES AND TIMELINESAugust 14, 2005 – Kingdom Church held its first worship in the War Memorial Building.There were over 1,000 people in attendance and over 500 people joined the church on thatdaySeptember 11, 2005 – Pastor Dharius Daniels was installed by his spiritual father, BishopDonald Hilliard Jr.December 31, 2005 – Kingdom Church held its first New Year’s Eve Celebration in thesovereign Bank Arena. There were almost 3,000 people in attendance “People can criticize ourMarch 6, 2006 – Kingdom Church opened its first Administrative Office location in Ewing,NJ methods, but they can never criticizeAugust 13, 2006 – Kingdom Church celebrated the 1st Church Anniversary. our integrity,” heAugust 27, 2006 – Kingdom Church had its opening worship service at 5pm in the current said. “Being asanctuary location in Ewing, NJ. There were almost 1,000 people in attendance pastor people canSeptember 10, 2006 – Kingdom Church celebrated its 1st Pastoral Anniversary services for trust and having aPastor Dharius Daniels church people canNovember 8, 2006 – Pastor Dharius Daniels presented Kingdom Church with the 5 year trust is somethingvision strategy of Bringing in, Breaking free, and Building up. we’re veryDecember 31, 2006 – Kingdom Church had a New ear’s Celebration and its first Baptism at committed to.”the current location wit over 700 people in attendance. The Lord continued to bless Kingdomwith increase and then expanded its worship experience in two services.March 7, 2007 – The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) recorded “Praise The Lord” live - DHARIUS DANIELSat Kingdom Church hosted by Pastor Daniels.June 29, 2007 – Kingdom Church participated in its 1st Scholarship Sunday by giving awayover $10,000 awarded to 12 high school seniors.July 20, 2007 – Kingdom Church had its 1st Kingdom Krunk Fest / youth Conference.Kingdom also had its first Kingdom Karnival with youth from all over the city representingChrist.October 27, 2007 – Kingdom Church had its first Harvest Celebration at the War Memorialwith over 2,000 people in attendanceDecember 23, 2007 – Kingdom Church participated in a humungous Radical Love Deed bygiving away a new car to a member of Kingdom Church
  5. 5. Easter 2008 – Kingdom Church purchased the Krunk Mobile through the Supernaturalgiving SundayJune 27, 2008 – Kingdom Church celebrated its 2nd Scholarship Sunday giving away almost$20,000 awarded to nearly 20 high school seniors to date.August 9, 2008 – Kingdom Church held its 1st Back to School Bash were almost 1,000 backpacks with school supplies were distributed to youthDecember 20, 2008 – Kingdom continued to express Radical Love by creating a programand distributing Christmas gifts to over 20 families at an adopted shelter, Homefront inTrenton.June 28, 2009 – Kingdom Church participated in its 3rd Scholarship Sunday by giving up to$30,000 to nearly 30 high school seniors to date.August 2, 2009 – Kingdom Church had its 1st Ministerial Consecration service of 13individuals licensed as functioning ministers and 9 individuals were ordained as functioningdeacons. “We see vision inMarch 2010 – Kingdom Church launched its 16-week Kingdom academy 102 to assist in thecontinued growth of Kingdom saints 2-D (2 dimensional)March 2010 – Pastor Dharius Daniels was selected by the National Association of which refers toEvangelical as a member of the Board of Directors height and width,April 2010 – Kingdom Church membership reached over 4,000 people but God is calling us to see in vision in 3DApril 2010 – Pastor Dharius Daniels launches the Kingdom Mentorship Network. TheKingdom Mentorship Network (KMN) is a network for pastors and leaders who desire (3 dimensional) inassistance in networking, strategic planning, mentorship, and coaching. height, with, andMay 16, 2010 – Pastor Dharius Daniels announced to Kingdom Church the purchase and depth.”close of our new 11 acre land in Hamilton, New Jersey.June 5, 2010 – Pastor Dharius Daniels announced to Kingdom Church the initiative ofstarting a multi-site worship experience in Burlington, NJ called, Kingdom South. - DHARIUS DANIELSJune 29, 2010 – Kingdom Church participated in its 3rd Scholarship Sunday by giving awayover $19,000 awarded to 19 high school seniors.August 1, 2010 – Kingdom Church launches its Television ministry called “KingdomLiving” on local WMCN television network.September 11, 2011 – Kingdom Church holds its 1st Annual CEFCA Youth and YoungAdult Children’s Church Training Summit.October 7, 2010 – Kingdom Church expands its Kingdom Living Broadcast to the TBNPhiladelphia and greater northeast region.January 2, 2011 – Kingdom Church launches Kingdom South in Burlington, NJ
  6. 6. THE YOUNG PASTOR WHO IS CREATING A BUZZ ACROSS AMERICA WILL BE A FEATUREDGUEST ON THE SYNDICATED TALK-SHOW FLAVAZ OF FAVOR ON HOT 107.5EWING, NJ – JANUARY 7, 2011 - Kingdom Church and Pastor Dharius Daniels is notonly leading the way for a new generation of Christian leaders, but also creating crucialopportunities for a new developing ministry that is generating a massive buzz acrossAmerica. This Sunday, January 9, 2011, Pastor Dharius Daniels will be as a special guest onthe hit new syndicated gospel talk show that reaches 30 markets across America, Flavaz ofFavor with Host Aniah Denise on Hot 107.5.Recently quoted in the New Jersey Times as, “A church that has found its way intocontemporary America in ways few churches have dared,” the syndicated show with AniahDenise, hopes to discuss how a young 31 year-old Pastor has ventured into a seemingly newenvironment, and how he uses his motivation and creation with high-tech influences to sharehis “old-fashion religious” message. “A church that hasKCNJ, located in the hub of New Jersey in Ewing and Burlington is known for its friendly, found its way intoloving and fresh new environment where Daniels leads a very lively service through his contemporaryinsightful series teachings. Each week, Pastor Daniels gives a prolific message and tells a America in waysstory that keeps his 5000 plus members coming back for more. few churches haveYou can learn more about KCNJ, Pastor Dharius Daniels and their current work in the dared”community and across the country by visiting them online at - THE TIMES, NJListen Live Sunday:Flavaz of Favor Gospel Talk ShowJanuary 9, 2011 12:15 ESTwww.WAPZ1250.comAbout KCNJKingdom Church is a vibrant ministry located in the heart of Ewing and Burlington NewJersey. God providentially arranged the organizing of this flock that would passionatelypursue the agenda of His Kingdom. The mission of this ministry is to advance the agenda ofGod’s Kingdom through bringing in, breaking free, and building up.
  8. 8. PASTOR DHARIUS DANIELS AND KINGDOM CHURCH SET TO APPEAR ONTHE INTERNATIONAL PRAISE THE LORD SEGMENT AIRING 3/15/2011NATIONAL, USA – MARCH 11, 2011- Pastor Dharius Daniels and Kingdom Churchmade their first live guest appearance on February 8, 2011 on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s(TBN) Praise the Lord segment televised to over 2 billion people globally. The production isset to air, March 15, 2011 at 10PM EST.Some of the guest to appear on America’s most watched faith and family network includeGuest-Host Dewey Friedel, Actor and Comedian Squire and Louise Rushnell, HormoneSpecialist Dr. Edmund Chein, Pastor Jason Alverez, Brad Smith from the NY Jets, musicalguest Sherry McGee.Leading one of the country’s fastest growing organizations, Dharius Daniels proves thattransforming a community, organization and nation can be accomplished through hope, “If the way we dovision, love, faith and a spirit of Excellency. The remarkable organization with over 5000 church is notmembers and two-locations provides their members with a world-class Church. Since their somethingopening in 2005, Kingdom Church has been translating the gospel through intense worship,immense love and a “Breath-taking” experience. everyone agrees with, that’s OK.Be sure to check your local provider for station information. Different people needCABLE different things. Our growth hereCOMCAST - HOPEWELL, NJ channel 18 is evidence thatCOMCAST - TRENTON, NJ channel 18 what we’re doing is relevant for aVERIZON FIOS - MERCER COUNTY, NJ channel 295 certain group ofNATIONAL PROVIDERS people.”DIRECTV channel 372 - DHARIUS DANIELSDISH NETWORK channel 260GLORYSTAR channel 2SKY ANGEL channel 127BROADCASTWGTW channel 48
  9. 9. “HOPE FOR THE HURTING”- KINGDOM CHURCH PARTNERS WITH THEINTERNATIONAL FEED THE CHILDREN ORGANIZATION TO HELP 400-600LOCAL FAMILIES MARY IUVONE – THE TIMESNEW JERSEY, USA – APRIL 13, 2011 - Pastor Dharius Daniels and Kingdom Churchhas partnered with Feed The Children, an International nonprofit organization, to bring asemi-tracker truck full of supplies and product to help over 400-600 families in need for the“Hope for Hurting” project in Trenton, NJ.Kingdom Church has identified and partnered with several organizations around the city MARY IUVONE – THE TIMESincluding the City of Trenton and Mayor Tony Mack to produce a city wide event. Thesepartner organizations have identified families and kids that will participate in an exciting dayof entertainment, food, motivation and spiritual enlightenment. "What could be more inspiringFeed the Children has been making its way across America and has helped more than 60,000families in cities like Trenton, NJ that have been affected by the nation’s economic upset. than bringing anAccording to the Department of Agriculture, in November 2010, over fifty million 18-wheeler righthouseholds struggle against hunger each day. Of that number 7.2 million children or 23% of into the middle ofall children in America are affected. In New Jersey alone, the number of householdsexperiencing food insecurity increased from7.7% to nearly 11.5% in 2009. the city and putting together a festivalThe “Hope for the Hurting” project is geared towards families who have been most impactedby the economic downturn. Pastor Dharius Daniels and over 200 Kingdom Church volunteers for those in need ofand community partners hope that this event will bring relief, hope and provide some a little hope?"necessities to families, individuals and kids as they continue to build strong and healthyfamilies in their communities they serve. - RAMONE H.For more information about the “Hope for the Hurting” project, visit KCNJ online atwww.kcnj.orgEvent Info:April 16 201110AM- 4PMMill Hill Park205 E. Front StreetTrenton, NJ 08608 MARY IUVONE – THE TIMESAbout Dharius DanielsAt thirty-one years old, Dharius Daniels is a gifted leader who touches many lives. As theSenior Pastor and founder of Kingdom Church in Ewing, New Jersey, Pastor Daniels’ministry impacts people of all ages, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds. In just fiveyears, there are over 5000 members and a number of auxiliaries, such as Financial Fitness,Health and Wholeness, and Kingdom Care, which provide meaningful and relevant ministryto address the diverse needs of the congregation and the community. At Kingdom Church,Pastor Daniels is equipping his congregation to make a meaningful impact within and beyond MARY IUVONE – THE TIMESthe walls of the church. MARY IUVONE – THE TIMES
  10. 10. CELEBRATE HOLY WEEK 2011 WITH KINGDOM CHURCH OF NEW JERSEY.ONE CHURCH WITH TWO LOCATIONSNATIONWIDE, USA – APRIL 20, 2011- Join Pastor Dharius Daniels and Kingdom Churchas they prepare a special week of observance activities during Holy week and celebrateResurrection Sunday on Easter. The week will be packed with outreach, motivation, spiritualempowerment and constant reminders of God’s faithfulness and promises.HOLY WEEK ACTIVITIESWednesday, April 20, 2011Holy WednesdayGuest speaker- L. Spenser Smith7PM ESTBaptism and Communion services followingFriday, April 22, 2011Good Friday Service ”Your life orGuest speakers- Bishop E. Jenkins, Bishop “arrow” is notJohn Vaughn & musical guest Elder Carl JenkinsKingdom Church - Ewing, NJ were you intended,Sunday, April 24, 2011 but it is where youResurrection Service (Easter Sunday) aimed it, because3 services- 9AM & 12PM @ Ewing, NJ location10:30AM @ Burlington, NJ location. Zig Ziglar says that if you aim atPastor Daniels will also begin a new sermon series entitled, “Run Tell That.” For moreinformation on Kingdom Church and Holy Week activities, visit KCNJ online: nothing, you will hit every time.”ABOUT KCNJKingdom Church is a vibrant ministry located in the heart of Ewing & Burlington NewJersey. God providentially arranged the organizing of this flock that would passionatelypursue the agenda of His Kingdom. The mission of this ministry is to advance the agenda of - DHARIUS DANIELSGod’s Kingdom through bringing in, breaking free, and building up. Kingdom Church: “It’sBreathtaking”ABOUT DHARIUS DANIELSAt thirty-one years old, Dharius Daniels is a gifted leader who touches many lives. As theSenior Pastor and founder of Kingdom Church in Ewing, New Jersey, Pastor Daniels’ministry impacts people of all ages, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds. In just fiveyears, there are over 5000 members and a number of auxiliaries, such as Financial Fitness,Health and Wholeness, and Kingdom Care, which provide meaningful and relevant ministryto address the diverse needs of the congregation and the community. At Kingdom Church,Pastor Daniels is equipping his congregation to make a meaningful impact within and beyondthe walls of the church.
  11. 11. MINISTRY 2011 CALENDAR KINGDOM CHURCH: IT’S BREATHTAKINGJULYSERIES: SHIFT7/7 Pastor Daniel’s Birthday7/10 Pastor Daniels 32nd Birthday CelebrationAUGUST (CHURCH ANNIVERSARY)SERIES: SENSATIONAL 68/3 Pre/Anniversary Worship Concert (Artist: Jonathon Nelson)8/5-6 Church Anniversary Fellowship Night (Outdoor movie/ministry volunteers appreciation “Habakkuk said to8/7 Kingdom Church 6th Anniversary Super Natural Sunday write the vision and make it plain,8/15-19 Kingdom Church sponsors Push The Rock Basketball Camp at Donnelly Homes (boys ages 7-11) therefore you can not transport aSEPTEMBERSERIES: vision that you can not translate.”9/4-11 Family and Friends SundayOCTOBER (PASTOR’S ANNIVERSARY)SERIES: TBD - DHARIUS DANIELS10/5 Pastor Pre/Anniversary Celebration10/9 Pastor Daniels 6th Anniversary Celebration10/29 KA: Super Saturday / Trunk or TreatNOVEMBERSERIES: TBD11/4-5 Covenant Couples: The Great Escape RetreatDECEMBERSERIES: TBD12/21 Worship: Christmas with Kingdom12/25 Christmas Worship Service, 9am12/31 S.O.S. Sunday on Saturday Services 6pm, 8pm, 10pm (No Service tomorrow) KA: Super Celebration
  12. 12. PASTOR DHARIUS DANIELS 2011 APPEARANCE SCHEDULEEmpowerment Temple Good Shepherd Baptist ChurchPastor Jamal Bryant Pastor Jeffrey L. Reaves Sr.4217 Primrose Ave. 2223 S. Carter RoadBaltimore, MD 21215-3305 Petersburg, VA 23803Friday, April 22, 2011 Friday, July 29, 20117:00pm 7:00pmFaith Harvest Church New Hope Community ChurchBishop Randy Borders Pastor Ethan Olgetree1001 Buffalo St. 4170 West Greens RoadShelby, NC 28150 Houston, TX 77066Friday, May 6, 2011 Sunday, August 28, 20117:00pm 8:00am, 10:00am, & 12:00pmCross Roads Community Church Christian Love Worship CathedralPastor Christopher Hartwell Bishop George E. Gibson II3350 Manvel Road 813-15 W. Lehigh Ave.Pearland, TX 77584 Philadelphia, PA 19133Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Sunday, September 18, 20117:15pm 5:00pmCalvary Revival Church-Peninsula Union Baptist Church of South RiverPastor Raymond J. Johnson Pastor Jeffrey Broughton119 29th Street 76 Washington StreetNewport News, Virginia 23607 South River, NJ 08882Tuesday, June 21, 2011 Friday, November 11, 20117:00pm 7:30pmGreater Allen A.M.E. Cathedralof New YorkPastor Floyd H. Flake110-31 Merrick BlvdJamaica, NY 11433Friday, July 22, 20117:00pm
  13. 13. PASTOR DHARIUS DANIELS TOP SELLING SERMON SERIES3D VISION CD CASE“Where there is no vision, the people perish:” While this is a popular proverb, the term visionis still widely misunderstood. In this eye-opening sermon series Pastor Dharius Daniels givesa clear understanding of what real vision is, how it’s developed, and the importance of havingyour own. Vision gives you guard rails for your life, and knowing the truth about vision willincrease your fruitfulness in ministry, quality of life, and ultimately renew your passion tofulfill God’s purpose for your life. If you are looking to understand the vision of your church,establish vision for your family and your career, this is the series for you. It time for you tosee in 3D.RUN TELL THATIt’s so easy to spread the word to your peers about great food, new movies, new apparel buthave you ever stopped to think that it’s equally as simple to share the good news of JesusChrist and how He made your life worth living? In this fresh new sermon series entitled RunTell That; Pastor Dharius Daniels unlocks revelatory knowledge on the truth aboutevangelism. This series is guaranteed to re-ignite your passion to share with others how yourrelationship with God increased your quality of life.The book of Matthew tells us that we are the salt of the earth and it’s vital that we don’t loseour savor. This series also helps you understand your universal calling to be a witness and bethe salt of the earth. Here is your head start to fulfilling purpose! Now is the time for you toRun Tell That!OVERFLOWTired of living from check to check, or maybe you’re tired of not being able to care foryourself or for your family? Truth is, our life is full of transient seasons and challenges butthey should not be perpetual states. Here at Kingdom Church we are declaring and walking ina season of OVERFLOW- where you’ll encounter the God who is more than able to provide,He’s the God of MORE THAN ENOUGH. Its another breath taking sermon series that willcorrect and liberate the imprisoned mentality to understand money and how it impacts ourlives. Pastor Daniels will explain crucial principles on giving, managing, and addressidiosyncrasies. Get ready to come empty before the King and leave filled to OVERFLOW.SHIFT CD CASEHow many opportunities have you missed in life simply because you weren’t attentive, ormaybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time? It’s time for you to SHIFT!Pastor Dharius Daniels begins another breath taking series entitled SHIFT that is essential tothe body of Christ. God gives us a window of opportunity that can be missed. It is ourobjective to seize these moments, seeing as though we never really know exactly what wemiss when we fail to respond. Pastor Daniels will provide revelatory principles on honor,
  14. 14. order, and vision involvement. He’ll delve deep into the life of Moses, deal with Murmuring,talk about Manna, Money and Miracles. We are certainly in for a treat. So if you’re tired ofmissing opportunities and you’re ready to move when God says move, then you are geared upto SHIFT!LET’S STAY TOGETHER CASE BACKRelationships are the foundation to every advancement in life, and if mishandled, it can setyou up for a lifetime of heartache and heartbreak. If you are you single, dating, or married,this sermon series is a must-have for you! Lets Stay together is a powerful series ofmessages from Pastor Dharius Daniels that covers a gamut of relational issues that are gearedto help you strengthen your relational IQ. This sermon series will provide clarity, insight, andkingdom principals that will help you build lasting Godly relationships.RELATIONSHIP 101Has the management or mismanagement of relationships played into the successes or failuresof your endeavors? If so this series is a must-have for you. Relationships are the foundationto every advancement in life, and if they are mishandled, it can be detrimental for you. Thisseries focuses on teaching you to become relationally intelligent, not just in one, but in all ofyour relationships. Throughout your lifetime, you will forge many different types ofrelationships, and in this series, Pastor Dharius Daniels provides biblical principles to helpyou maintain healthy relationships and tools to purge the unhealthy ones. Successful peopleare able to foster, coach, protect and support healthy relationship and after finishing thisseries you’ll be able to do just that.WANTED – CD CASEWhen God gets ready to use you he does not have to obtain permits from the local townshipto begin construction on your life, nor does he need permission. There is an invisible stampon your forehead and the words there are WANTED! Yes, you are wanted. In the challengingsermon series, Pastor Dharius Daniels goes on an in-depth exposition of Jonah. Jonah was afugitive on the run. God was ready to use him in great ways, but Jonah was not willing tosurrender. Just like Jonah, God wants to use you, and as you know, God always gets what hewants. You are a Kingdom fugitive on the run, but by the end of this sermon series, you willbe ready to turn yourself in. You are WANTED.LOVE-A-LUTION - CD CASE1 John 4: 8 tells us that “God is Love,” and his love is very different from human love. Hislove is unconditional, unrestrained, and uninhibited. It is not based on feelings or emotionsand does not change from one moment to the next. He doesn’t love us because we areloveable or because we always make him feel good. He loves us because he is love, and hisexpectation and call is that we be conduits of that same love to others. In this life changingsermon series, Pastor Dharius Daniels teaches that revolutions always start withrevelations. Once we get the revelation that of how much God loves us, we can’t help but
  15. 15. express that love in our dealing with others. As Christians this should be our brand, and bythe end of this sermon series, you will join the movement and become a part of this Love-A-Lution!KISS OF DEATHIn this series Pastor Daniels teaches that all of us will experience the same kiss of betrayalthat Jesus did. If we dont manage this reality in a healthy and holy way we can end up bitterand burned by the hurt others have caused us. This teaching will equip you with tools youneed to find forgiveness and new life after you have received the kiss of death!STORMS, THORNS AND CROSSESIn this inspiring series Pastor Daniels teaches key principles to help us manage thechallenging times in life. In this 3 part teaching you will learn that not all challenges are thesame; some are storms that are seasonal situations created by our own decisions; others arethorns that are working for our spiritual benefit, and others are crosses that we all must carryfor the Kingdoms sake. In this perspective altering teaching you will learn to distinguishbetween the three and learn how to respond in each of them.Purchase all products online at